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Books 31/40

680851. Gypsying Through Central America (1922) by Eugene Cunningham
680852. Stories by Foreign Authors: Italian (1898) by Edmondo De Amicis
680853. The Renaissance of the Vocal Art (1902) by Edmund John Myer
680854. Applied Psychology: An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Education (1914) by James Alexander Mc Lellan
680855. The Return of Alfred (1922) by Herbert George Jenkins
680856. Our Debt to Antiquity (1909) by Faddej Francevic Zielinski
680857. The Spirit of the International at Berne (1919) by John Wesley De Kay
680858. The Illustrators of Montmartre (1904) by Frank L Emmanuel
680859. The Olympic and Pythian Odes of Pindar (1903) by Pindar
680860. The Last Lady of Mulberry: A Story of Italian New York (1900) by Henry Wilton Thomas
680862. Collegiate Education in Colorado (1874) by Thomas Nelson Haskell
680863. Budd Boyd's Triumph: Or the Boy-Firm of Fox Island (1890) by William Pendleton Chipman
680865. The Duel (1916) by Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin
680866. Analysis of Babbit (1919) by James Brakes
680868. The Later Nineteenth Century (1907) by George Saintsbury
680869. The Leprechaun of Killmeen (1920) by Seumas O Kelly
680870. Christ and Our Times (1894) by William Mac Donald Sinclair
680871. Mountain Wild Flowers of America (1906) by Julia Wilmotte Henshaw
680872. A Kinetic Universe (1903) by John Jones
680873. The Bahai Revelation and Reconstruction: A General Brief Treatise Upon the History and the Spiritual, Social and Economic Principles of This Religious by Charles Mason Remey
680874. Observations of Double Stars: Publications of the Washburn Observatory V6, Part 2 (1892) by George C Comstock
680875. Modes of Statement of Cause of Death and Duration of Illness Upon Certificates of Death (1907) by S N D North
680878. A Binary Canon: Showing Residues of Powers of Two for Divisors Under 1000 and Indices to Residues (1900) by Allan Cunningham
680879. Reminiscences of an Old 'un (1911) by Frank Newton Streatfeild
680880. Diplomatic Documents, 1914, the European War: Documents Relations to the Negotiations Which Preceded Germany's Declaration of War on Russia and on Fra by Of Foreign Affairs Ministry
680881. Balzac (1914) by Emile Faguet
680882. A Memoir of Mrs. Augustus Craven V1, Pauline de La Ferronnays: With Extracts from Her Diaries and Correspondence (1894) by Maria Catherine Bishop
680884. The Monroe Doctrine and Other Addresses (1898) by Alfred Augustus Stockton
680885. Confederate Military History V11: Texas (1899) by Clement Anselm Evans
680888. The Little Book of Laughter (1910) by Wallace Rice
680889. Labor and the Popular Welfare (1893) by William Hurrell Mallock
680890. The Evolution of the Scientific Investigator: Opening Address at the International Congress of Arts and Science at the Universal Exposition (1904) by Simon Newcomb
680891. Verses in Peace and War (1916) by Shane Leslie
680892. Fighting Joe or the Fortunes of a Staff Officer: A Story of the Great Rebellion (1893) by Oliver Optic
680893. Is Life Worth Living Without Immortality? (1910) by Mangasar Mugurditch Mangasarian
680895. The Shepherdess and Other Verses (1913) by Alice Christiana Thompson Meynell
680897. Early Reminiscences of Pioneer Life in Kansas (1886) by James Shaw
680898. Ireland: Its Saints and Scholars (1917) by Joseph Mary Flood
680899. The Cabinet of Irish Literature V1: Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland (1884) by Charles Anderson Read
680900. The Panama Canal and the Commerce of the Caribbean (1912) by Philander Chase Knox
680901. The Masques of Ottawa (1921) by Domino
680902. Theoretical Mechanics: An Introductory Treatise on the Principles of Dynamics, with Applications and Numerous Examples (1897) by Augustus Edward Hough Love
680903. Guide to French Pronunciation and Practical Phonetics (1909) by Philippe De La Rochelle
680906. Depression in the West Indies: Free Trade the Only Remedy (1884) by C S Salmon
680910. Transmission of Radiant Energy by Ophthalmic Glasses (1921) by Charles Sheard
680911. The Flora of the Alps V1: Being a Description of All the Species of Flowering Plants Indigenous to Switzerland (1896) by Alfred W Bennett
680912. The Murmuring Forest and Other Stories (1916) by Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko
680913. Six Lectures on Painting: Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, January 1904 (1906) by George Clausen
680916. Memories of Sixty Years at Eton, Cambridge and Elsewhere (1910) by Oscar Browning
680917. The Coming Individualism (1895) by Alfred Egmont Hake
680919. The Remedy for Unemployment (1909) by Alfred Russell Wallace
680920. Max Hereford's Dream; Derrick Vaughan, Novelist; The Autobiography of a Slander (1891) by Edna Lyall
680921. Sketches from Santalistan (1913) by Mathew A Pederson
680922. Berthold and Other Poems (1878) by Meta Orred
680923. The Rescue (1902) by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
680924. Highways and Byways in Kent (1914) by Walter Jerrold
680925. The Status of the Jews in Egypt (1922) by William Matthew Flinders Petrie
680926. The Fruits of Victory: A Sequel to the Great Illusion (1921) by Norman Angell
680927. Hecuba and Other Plays (1888) by Euripides
680928. The Glamour of Waterford (1921) by Alan Downey
680929. History of the Duroc: A Short History of the Duroc Jersey Breed of Swine (1918) by Robert Jones Evans
680930. The Dry Fly and Fast Water: Fishing with the Floating Fly on American Trout Streams, Together with Some Observations on Fly Fishing in General (19 by
680931. An American Garland: Being a Collection of Ballads Relating to America, 1563-1759 (1915) by Charles Harding Firth
680934. How to Lengthen Our Ears: An Enquiry Whether Learning from Books Does Not Lengthen the Ears Rather Than the Understanding (1917) by Viscount Harberton
680935. The Silent Legion (1918) by J E Buckrose
680938. The Latin Prayer Book of Charles II: Or an Account of the Liturgia of Dean Durel (1882) by Charles Marshall
680940. A New System of Harmony Based on Four Fundamental Chords (1916) by Eduardo Gariel
680941. The Four Corners Abroad (1909) by Amy Ella Blanchard
680943. How to Identify Portrait Miniatures (1904) by George Charles Williamson
680945. The Changeful Earth: An Introduction to the Record of the Rocks (1911) by Grenville Arthur James Cole
680946. A Box of Matches (1904) by Joseph Hamblen Sears
680947. Echoing and Re-Echoing (1878) by Faye Huntington
680948. Grumpy: A Play in Four Acts (1921) by Horace Hodges
680949. Thirty Years of American Finance: A Short Financial History of the Government and People of the United States Since the Civil War, 1865- 1896 (1898) by Alexander Dana Noyes
680952. Aprilly (1921) by Jane Abbott
680954. Walton's Favorite River: Being a Paper Read Before the Gresham Angling Society (1898) by E H Bramley
680955. Suspension Bridges and Cantilevers: Their Economic Proportions and Limiting Spans (1911) by D B Steinman
680958. The Analysis of Copper and Its Ores and Alloys (1916) by George Lincoln Heath
680959. Rachel's Share of the Road (1882) by Kate Waterman Hamilton
680960. On the Edge of the Wilderness (1921) by Walter Prichard Eaton
680961. Contributions to a Psychological Theory of Music: The University of Missouri Studies V1 (1901) by Max Friedrich Meyer
680962. Rudens (1891) by Titus Maccius Plautus
680964. The Stage Door (1908) by Charles Belmont Davis
680966. American Permian Vertebrates (1911) by Samuel Wendell Williston
680967. A Prisoner in Turkey (1920) by John Still
680968. The Call System Versus the Single Tax: A Thesis from a Chapter of Volume Three of the World Question and Its Answer, the Solution of the Problem of Wa by John Edward Bennett
680969. Vengeance as a Policy in Afrikanderland: A Plea for a New Departure (1901) by Francis J Dormer
680970. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles: With Introduction, Translation, Notes and Illustrative Passages (1885) by H De Romestin
680971. Crime and Criminals (1910) by Prison Reform League The
680972. The Adventures of Imshi: A Two- Seater in Search of the Sun (1922) by John Prioleau
680973. Agriculture: Agricultural Education (1904) by De L Agriculture Ministere
680974. A Short History of British Colonial Policy (1905) by H E Egerton
680976. The Art of Distillation (1912) by Wine Trade Club The
680978. Beautiful Birds (1901) by Edmund Selous
680979. Her Fatal Sin (1886) by Mrs M E Holmes
680980. Weaker Than a Woman (1900) by Bertha M Clay
680983. Under the Red Crescent: Adventures of an English Surgeon with the Turkish Army at Plevna and Erzeroum, 1877-1878 (1897) by Charles Snodgrass Ryan
680984. The Ways of War (1917) by Tom Kettle
680986. Dawson '11, Fortune Hunter (1912) by John Tinney Mc Cutcheon
680987. Lida Campbell or Drama of a Life: A Novel (1892) by Jean Kate Ludlum
680988. Magner's Standard Horse and Stock Book: A Complete Pictorial Encyclopedia of Practical Reference for Horse and Stock Owners (1893) by Dennis Magner
680990. The Magic Glasses: A Play in One Act (1914) by George Fitzmaurice
680992. Dreams to Sell (1887) by May Kendall
680994. The Journal of John Mayne: During a Tour on the Continent Upon Its Reopening After the Fall of Napoleon, 1814 (1909) by John Mayne
680995. In the Shadow of the Hills (1919) by George Clifford Shedd
680996. Biographical Sketches of Bath Celebrities, Ancient and Modern: With Some Fragments of Local History (1893) by Jerom Murch
680998. Judaism in Music: Jacques Francois Halevy: A Lecture (1917) by Judah Leo Landau
680999. Reminiscences of Charles West Cope (1891) by Charles Henry Cope
681000. Red Blood and Blue (1900) by Harrison Robertson
681003. Immigration: And Its Effects Upon the United States (1906) by Prescott Farnsworth Hall
681004. Unaddressed Letters (1904) by Frank Athelstane Swettenham
681005. Spanish Maiolica: In the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America (1915) by Edwin Atlee Barber
681007. Lantern Slide Making and Exhibiting (1905) by John A Hodges
681008. Criminology (1914) by Raffaele Garofalo
681010. Long Life in California (1915) by Marion Thrasher
681012. The Epistles of St. John (1920) by Charles Gore
681013. Outlines of Zoology (1895) by John Arthur Thomson
681015. Habits and Characters of British Wild Animals (1920) by Harry Mortimer Batten
681016. Qualitative Differences Between Levels of Intelligence in Feeble- Minded Children (1915) by Louise Ellison Ordahl
681018. A Victorious Life (1910) by Leonora B Halsted
681020. Daniel Webster: An Oration by the Honorable Edward Everett on the Occasion of the Dedication of the Statue of Mr. Webster (1859) by Edward Everett
681024. The Philosophy of Speech (1919) by George Willis
681025. The Dawn of Knowledge and the Most Great Peace (1908) by Paul Kingston Dealy
681028. The Lion of Janina or the Last Days of the Janissaries: A Turkish Novel (1897) by Maurus Jokai
681030. The Miniature Collector: A Guide for the Amateur Collector of Portrait Miniatures (1921) by George Charles Williamson
681031. The Social Problem (1909) by Jacques Judah Cohen
681033. My Trip in the John Williams (1900) by Ralph Wardlaw Thompson
681035. The Man Who Came Back (1912) by John Fleming Wilson
681036. Birds of Swope Park (1920) by Albert E Shirling
681037. Alone in the Purple: A Story of the Last Days of King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1912) by Clarissa Lohde Boetticher
681039. The Red Tavern (1914) by Charles Raymond Mac Auley
681041. Children of Destiny (1903) by Molly Elliot Seawell
681042. Boys of England Angling Guide (1878) by Boys Of England Office
681046. El Ejemplo Americano: El Precio del Tiempo, En Los Estado Unidos (1920) by E Servan
681047. Marion Graham: Or Higher Than Happiness (1890) by Meta Lander
681051. The New Arcadia and Other Poems (1884) by Agnes Mary Frances Robinson
681052. Juan de La Cosa: Estudio Biografico (1877) by Enrique De Leguina
681054. The Story of the Twelve: A Dramatic Poem in Eight Books (1912) by Arthur Hay Storrow
681055. Confederate Military History V2: Maryland (1899) by Clement Anselm Evans
681057. Buddhism and Science (1913) by Paul Dahlke
681059. A Little Garrison: A Realistic Novel of German Army Life of Today (1904) by Fritz Von Der Kyrburg
681060. The Ion of Euripides (1889) by Euripides
681066. Ireland in Pre-Celtic Times (1921) by Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister
681067. Masterpieces of Adventure: Adventures Within Walls (1922) by Nella Braddy
681068. A List of Works on North American Entomology (1900) by Nathan Banks
681070. The Secret Witness (1917) by George Gibbs
681071. By the Deep Sea: A Popular Introduction to the Wild Life of the British Shores (1896) by Edward Step
681072. Miss Armstrong's and Other Circumstances (1896) by John Davidson
681073. Grass of Parnassus, Rhymes Old and New (1889) by Andrew Lang
681074. The Golden Bird (1918) by Maria Thompson Daviess