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682801. The Aborigines of Australia: Being an Account of the Institution for Their Education at Poonindie, in South Australia (1889) by Matthew B Hale
682802. Shooting on Upland, Marsh, and Stream: A Series of Articles Written by Prominent Sportsmen, Descriptive of Hunting the Upland Birds of America (1890) by William Bruce Leffingwell
682803. The Fire of Spring (1905) by Margaret Horton Potter
682806. The Industrial Section of the League of Nations (1920) by George Nicoll Barnes
682808. Drawing and Manual Training in Punjab Schools (1918) by John Young Buchanan
682809. The Undefeated (1919) by John Collis Snaith
682811. Thoughts and Extracts on Christ and His Kingdom Come (1916) by Juliette Alexander
682812. The Day's Journey (1906) by Netta Syrett
682814. Eulogium on Governor Clinton (1828) by Stephen Simpson
682817. Italy's War for a Desert: Being Some Experiences of a War Correspondent with the Italians in Tripoli (1912) by Francis Mc Cullagh
682818. Dom Francisco Manoel de Mello: His Life and Writings with Extracts from the Letter of Guidance to Married Men (1905) by Edgar Prestage
682820. Sixty-Five on Time (1909) by Jean Katherine Baird
682822. Neighbors (1917) by Florence Morse Kingsley
682823. The Classification of Insects from Embryological Data (1850) by Louis Agassiz
682824. Faith, Hope, and Charity: The Substance of a Sermon Preached at the Dedication of the Catholic Chapel at Bradford (1826) by Peter Augustine Baines
682826. A Princess of Thule (1892) by William Black
682827. Forbidden Ground (1910) by Gilbert Watson
682828. Patience: A Daughter of the Mayflower (1899) by Elizabeth Williams Champney
682829. Sam Blick's Diary (1922) by Stephen Croan Noland
682830. Literature in the School: Aims, Methods and Interpretations (1910) by John Stephen Welch
682831. Brahman: A Study on the History of Indian Philosophy (1900) by Hervey De Witt Griswold
682833. Swiftograph: A Simple Shorthand System for the Million! (1895) by Frederick Fant Abbott
682834. By Mountain, Lake and Plain: Being Sketches of Sport in Eastern Persia (1911) by Roger Lloyd Kennion
682835. Manual for the Solution of Military Ciphers (1916) by Parker Hitt
682836. Songs for Fishermen (1922) by Morris Joseph Morris
682839. Passers-By: A Play in Four Acts (1913) by Charles Haddon Chambers
682841. Glimpses of Nature (1891) by Andrew Wilson
682844. The Squireen (1903) by Shan F Bullock
682846. American Policy in Nicaragua. Memorandum on the Convention Between the United States and Nicaragua (1916) by George Thomas Weitzel
682848. Richard Rosny (1903) by Maxwell Gray
682849. Heroidum Epistulae XIII (1896) by Ovid
682850. Mine Accidents and Their Prevention (1912) by John Huffman Dague
682851. A Bibliography of Canadian Fiction: English (1904) by Lewis Emerson Horning
682854. The Life, Letters and Writings of John Davenant, 1572-1641, Lord Bishop of Salisbury (1897) by Morris Joseph Fuller
682855. Strictly Business (1913) by Henry O
682859. The French Inchoative Suffix, ISS and the French IR Conjugation in Middle English (1912) by John Manning Booker
682861. History of India V1: From the Earliest Times to the End of the Nineteenth Century, for the Use of Students and Colleges (1906) by Henry George Keene
682863. Irish Eclogues (1915) by Edward E Lysaght
682864. Sifted Through: Communications from the Invisible Side of Earth Life as Received by Ida Lewis Bentley (1920) by Ida Lewis Bentley
682865. When We Were Strolling Players in the East (1894) by Louise Jordan Miln
682866. Sir Sidney Lee's New Edition of a Life of William Shakespeare: Some Words of Criticism (1916) by Granville George Greenwood
682867. Legal Ethics and Suggestions for Young Counsel (1906) by Henry Warren Williams
682868. Among the Pimas: Or the Mission to the Pima and Maricopa Indians (1893) by
682869. Representation of the People ACT 1918 and the Redistribution of Seats, Ireland, ACT, 1918 (1918) by Sylvain Mayer
682870. Form of Exercise and Maneuver for the Boat-Howitzers of the U. S. Navy (1852) by John Adolphus Dahlgren
682871. The Disease and Remedy of Sin (1918) by William Mackintosh Mac Kay
682872. Sixty Years in Texas (1908) by Sir George Jackson
682875. Recollections of My Youth (1883) by Ernest Renan
682880. A Moonshiner's Son (1902) by Will Allen Dromgoole
682881. The Overlapping of Attainments in Certain Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades (1918) by Paul Jehu Kruse
682883. Along the Florida Reef (1892) by Charles Frederick Holder
682884. The Boys' and Girls' Book of Science (1881) by Charles Kingsley
682885. The Recording Angel: A Novel (1905) by Edwin Arnold Brenholtz
682886. An Introduction to Protestant Dogmatics (1902) by Paul Lobstein
682887. The Theory of Wages and Its Application to the Eight Hours Question and Other Labor Problems (1892) by Herbert Metford Thompson
682888. Ivan Mestrovic: A Monograph (1919) by Milan Curcin
682889. The Poems of Edmund Waller V2 (1901) by Edmund Waller
682890. Handbook for the Ship's Medicine Chest (1904) by George W Stoner
682891. Missing: A Romance (1896) by Julius Chambers
682893. The Cabinet of Irish Literature V3: Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland (1884) by Charles Anderson Read
682895. Eochaid the Heremhon: Or the Romance of the Lia Phail (1900) by Alfred Morris
682897. Hobs and Gear Hobbing (1914) by John Edgar
682900. Secondary Accent in Modern English Verse: Chaucer to Dryden (1904) by Raymond Durbin Miller
682901. Collected Plays and Poems V2 (1915) by Cale Young Rice
682902. Indian Fables (1901) by P V Ramasvami
682903. Food Economy in War Time (1917) by Thomas Barlow Wood
682904. How Protection Grows (1910) by George Herbert Perris
682905. The Cauliflower (1891) by Arthur Alger Crozier
682906. He for God Only (1903) by Kathleen Caffyn
682907. Nature Study for the Elementary Schools (1906) by Persis K Miller
682908. Through the Torii (1922) by Yone Noguchi
682909. A Civil Servant in Burma (1913) by Herbert Thirkell White
682910. Mother and Father: From in the Morning Glow (1903) by Roy Rolfe Gilson
682913. The Final ACT and Interpretative Commentary Thereon (1916) by James Brown Scott
682914. West Broadway (1921) by Nina Wilcox Putnam
682915. The Habits, Anatomy, and Embryology of the Giant Scallop: Pecten Tenuicostatus, Mighels (1906) by Gilman Arthur Drew
682918. La Guerra Hispano-Americana Ante El Derecho Internacional (1900) by Ernesto Amador Y Carrandi
682919. An Introduction to the Study of Rocks and Guide to the Museum Collection (1909) by Lazarus Fletcher
682920. Aspects of the Hebrew Genius: A Volume of Essays on Jewish Literature and Thought (1910) by Leon Simon
682922. An English Forest (1915) by Arthur Owens Cooke
682924. The Town-Wall Fortifications of Ireland (1914) by James Sturk Fleming
682925. Some Phases in the Development of the Subjective Point of View During the Post-Aristotelian Period (1911) by Dagny Gunhilda Sunne
682930. The Journal of Countess Francoise Krasinska, Great Grandmother of Victor Emmanuel (1899) by Francoise Krasinska
682931. Babs the Impossible (1901) by Sarah Grand
682934. Cristobal Colon y Cristoforo Columbo (1921) by Ricardo Beltran Y Rozpide
682935. Charles II and His Court (1910) by A C A Brett
682937. Joseph Patai's Selected Poems (1921) by Jozsef Patai
682938. The Queen Against Owen (1895) by Allen Upward
682940. Lusitano's Rules for Physicians (1921) by Abraham Levinson
682941. The Mammals of Somaliland (1910) by Ralph Evelyn Drake Brockman
682944. Marie de Medicis and the French Court in the 17th Century (1908) by Louis Batiffol
682945. A Border Battalion: The History of the 7/8th Service Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers (1920) by J Goss
682947. Art and Life (1910) by Thomas Sturge Moore
682949. Bequeathed Mid-Ocean (1914) by Blanche Adelaide Brock
682950. The Book of Boston (1916) by Robert Shackleton
682951. Letters from China and Japan (1920) by John Dewey
682952. Cristoforo Colombo E La Scoperta Dell' America (1892) by Marcellino Da Vezzano
682953. The Railway Revolution in Mexico (1895) by Bernard Moses
682954. The Synopsis of Standard Phonography (1891) by Andrew Jackson Graham
682956. Panama and the Canal (1910) by Alfred Bates Hall
682958. Influencia del Descubrimiento de America: En La Industria y Comercio del Mundo Civilizado (1892) by D Luis Rouviere
682959. Protestantism and Catholicism: In Their Bearing Upon the Liberty and Prosperity of Nations (1875) by Emile De Laveleye
682966. Emendations in Aeschylus: With a Few Others in Sophocles and Euripides, and One in the Gospel of St. Matthew, V., 22 (1894) by Alexander Mason Rogers
682971. Great Schools of Painting: A First Book of European Art (1915) by Winifred Turner
682972. A Short History of Art (1906) by Francis C Turner
682973. The Bench and Bar of the South and Southwest (1876) by Henry Stuart Foote
682975. Goethe and the Conduct of Life (1886) by Calvin Thomas
682976. Classification. Class V: Naval Science (1910) by Charles Martel
682977. The Irenaeus Testimony to the Fourth Gospel: Its Extent, Meaning, and Value (1908) by Frank Grant Lewis
682978. Etching in America (1886) by Ripley Hitchcock
682979. The Complete Works of James Whitcomb Riley V7: Including Poems and Prose Sketches (1916) by James Whitcomb Riley
682981. Famous American Statesmen and Orators, Past and Present V2: With Biographical Sketches and Their Famous Orations (1902) by Alexander Kelly Mc Clure
682982. Der Industriebaron: Geschichte Eines Amerikanischen Millionars (1906) by Upton Sinclair
682983. His Fortunate Grace, Etc. (1904) by Gertude Franklin Horn Atherton
682984. Mark Twain's Letters V2 (1917) by Mark Twain
682985. Cambridge Essays on Adult Education (1920) by Reginald St John Parry
682986. History of the American Nation V8 (1911) by William James Jackman
682987. Hopi Ceremonial Frames from Canon de Chelly, Arizona (1906) by Jesse Walter Fewkes
682988. The Complete Works of James Whitcomb Riley V9: Including Poems and Prose Sketches (1916) by James Whitcomb Riley
682989. Narrative of Johann Carl Buettner in the American Revolution (1915) by Johann Carl Buttner
682990. Thermodynamics of the Steam Engine and Other Heat Engines (1889) by Cecil Hobart Peabody
682993. Medical Partnerships, Transfers, and Assistantships (1895) by William Barnard
682994. Le Marquis de Montcalm 1712- 1759 (1911) by Thomas Chapais
682996. Highways and Byways of the Rocky Mountains (1910) by Clifton Johnson
682997. The Fathers of Confederation: A Chronicle of the Birth of the Dominion (1921) by Arthur Hugh Urquhart Colquhoun
682998. The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian (1920) by Sam Blowsnake
682999. Champions of the Fleet: Captains and Men of War and Days That Helped to Make the Empire (1908) by Edward Fraser
683001. Being the Narrative of Battery a of the 101st Field Artillery (1919) by Brattle Press Publisher
683002. Milton as a Historian (1908) by Charles Harding Firth
683003. Hamilton Fish (1918) by Amos Elwood Corning
683004. Ludlow and Stokesay (1905) by Algernon Gissing
683005. Scottish Life and Character in Anecdote and Story (1911) by William Harvey
683006. Rookie Rhymes: By the Men of the 1st and 2nd Provisional Training Regiments (1917) by Barracks Plattsburgh Barracks
683007. Widow's Wisdom (1909) by Ninon Traver Fleckenstein
683008. The Problem of a National Budget (1918) by William Franklin Willoughby
683010. A Monk of Cruta (1894) by E Phillips Oppenheim
683011. The Belgian Congo and the Berlin ACT (1919) by Arthur Berriedale Keith
683012. Ultima Verba (1902) by Alfred De Kantzow
683013. Tell Your Wife (1886) by Mary A Denison
683015. An Ethiopian History Written in Greek by Heliodorus (1895) by Heliodorus
683016. Bernardino Luini (1908) by James Mason
683017. History of Discovery and Exploration on the Coasts of the United States (1885) by Johann Georg Kohl
683020. Wheat Improvement in Australia (1914) by Frederick Bickell Guthrie
683021. The Landed Interest and the Supply of Food (1880) by James Caird
683022. A Primer of Socialism (1910) by Thomas Kirkup
683024. Recollections of a Lucknow Veteran: 1845-1876 (1906) by John Ruggles
683026. The Position of the Slavonic Languages at the Present Day: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford, November 29, 1910 (1910) by Nevill Forbes
683027. Emile Zola: A Biographical and Critical Study (1893) by Robert Harborough Sherard
683028. Panama: A Personal Record of Forty-Six Years, 1861-1907 (1907) by Tracy Robinson
683029. Panama and What It Means (1913) by John Foster Fraser