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Books 39/110

871351. No Pets Allowed by Persun, Morgan R.
871352. Medaforce! by Horumarin
871353. Dogs Don't Wear Glasses by Geoghegan, Adrienne
871354. Ragged Bear by Weninger, Brigitte
871356. Buffalo Dreams by Doner, Kim
871357. Volcano!: Disaster by Nicolson, Cynthia Pratt
871358. Spy Stuff by Adrienne Mason
871360. Adventures in the Middle Ages by Linda Bailey
871361. Creating with Fimo by Nicholson, Libby
871362. Matthew and the Midnight Firefighter by Morgan, Allen
871364. My Dog by Baillie, Marilyn
871365. Animals Eating: How Animals Chomp, Chew, Slurp, and Swallow by Hickman, Pamela
871368. Tiger by Whitehouse, Patricia
871369. Wetland Plants by Giesecke, Ernestine
871370. Grandma's Soup by Karkowsky, Nancy
871371. Too Soon for Jeff by Marilyn Reynolds
871372. False Coin, True Coin by Dick, Lois Hoadley
871373. Wings of Gold by Patterson, Lance
871374. Case of the Dognapped Cat by Howard, Milly
871375. Foundling by Hayner, Linda K.
871376. Josepha: A Prairie Boy's Story by McGugan, Jim
871377. I'm Not Convinced by Goobie, Beth
871378. Bye-Bye, Bully: A Kid's Guide for Dealing with Bullies by Jackson, J. S.
871379. Leo the Lop: Tail One by Stephen Cosgrove
871380. Animals by Holub, Joan
871381. Magical Creatures by Joan Holub
871382. Gabby by Stephen Cosgrove
871383. Frazzle by Cosgrove, Stephen
871384. The Grumpling by Stephen Cosgrove
871385. Is This "One of Those Days," Daddy? by Lynn Johnston
871386. Death by Babysitting by Wright, Susan Kimmel
871387. Birch Hollow Schoolmarm by Bender, Carrie
871389. Racing Cars by Philip Raby
871391. Alabama by Brown, Dottie
871392. Statue of Liberty by Braithwaite, Jill
871393. Mountain Biking by Osborne, Ian
871394. Matisse by Mason, Antony
871395. Cliff-Hanger by Gloria Skurzynski
871396. Deadly Waters by Gloria Skurzynski
871399. Storming a Castle by White, Graham
871402. Sinking of the Bismarck by Crompton, Samuel Willard
871403. Nature Unfolds the Mountains and Deserts by Cheshire, Gerard
871404. Turns on a Dime by Lawson, Julie
871405. Circle of Silver by Trottier, Maxine
871406. Magic for Fun by Peter Eldin
871408. What Is Art? Music by Roca, Nuria
871410. With Love by Goodall, Jane
871411. Boy Who Ate Fear Street by R L Stine
871412. Preacher's Kid by Holly, L. A.
871413. My First Boyfriend: An Unforgettable Obsession by Hoang, Hoa X.
871414. Warlock Crystal: An Unexpected Journey by Patton, Rick E.
871415. Losers and Winners by Miller, Frances A.
871416. Mattie's Whisper by de La Croix, Alice
871417. Other 1492: Jewish Settlement in the New World by Finkelstein, Norman H.
871418. Captain of Innocence: France & the Dreyfus Affair by Finkelstein, Norman H.
871419. Magic of the Glits by Adler, Carole S.
871420. Outrageous Women of Civil War Times by Mary Rodd Furbee
871421. Girls Take Over by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
871422. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: The World's Most Amazing Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and OT by Spencer Christian
871423. Soy El Fuego by Jean Marzollo
871424. Live Writing: Breathing Life Into Your Words by Fletcher, Ralph
871426. Geometry Experiments by Winter, Mary Jean
871427. I Felt Like I Was from Another Planet: Writing from Personal Experience by Dresser, Norine
871428. Into the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers' First Flight by Tamson Weston
871430. Hawaii Five-Go! by Francess Lin Lantz
871431. A Pussycat's Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown
871433. Hansel and Gretel by McKay, Sindy
871434. Birthday Ban in Munchkin Land by Ross, Dev
871435. Three Little Pigs by Ross, Dev
871437. World of the Wild West by Peter Harrison
871438. We Shake in a Quake by Givon, Hannah Gelman
871439. Jimmy Johnson by Mogdics, Teresa
871440. Weapons and Technology of WWII by Chorlton, Windsor
871441. Cell Division & Genetics by Snedden, Robert
871442. Alexander Graham Bell by Reid, Struan
871443. Charles Darwin by Fullick, Ann
871444. Marie Curie by Fullick, Ann
871445. Michael Faraday by Fullick, Ann
871446. Thomas Alva Edison by Williams, Brian
871450. St. Augustine by Binns, Tristan Boyer
871451. Life in a Sioux Village by Isaacs, Sally Senzell
871452. Life at Ellis Island by Isaacs, Sally Senzell
871453. Life on the Underground Railroad by Sally Senzell Isaacs
871454. Las Flores / Flowers by Whitehouse, Patricia
871455. Matematicas Con Plantas / Plant Math by Whitehouse, Patricia
871456. Nicky Va Al Doctor by Scarry, Richard
871457. Hotel Pioho's Palace by Walsh, Maria Elena
871458. Terpin by Tor Seidler
871461. Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' by Eileen Spinelli
871462. Prayer for the Opening of the Little League Season by Willie Morris
871463. My Heartbeat by Garret Weyr
871464. Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes
871465. Now You See It! by Capeci, Anne
871466. Horses by Roth, Harold
871467. Mirror of Merlin by T A Barron
871469. Summer by Maurer, Tracy Nelson
871470. In the Chat Room with God by Hafer, Todd
871471. Last Chance Out by Gallagher, Diana
871472. Meanest Teacher by Tada, Joni Eareckson
871473. Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel by Sylvia A Rouss
871474. Too Many Cooks: A Passover Parable by Zolkower, Edie Stoltz
871475. Sammy Spider's First Purim by Rouss, Sylvia
871476. Mr. Crumb's Secret by Phyllis J Perry
871477. Stuart's Run to Faith by Hambrick, Sharon
871478. How to Draw Scooby-Doo by McCann, Jesse Leon
871479. The Rainstick: A Fable by Robinson, Sandra Chisholm
871480. Mother Holly: A Retelling from the Brothers Grimm by John W Stewig
871481. Sleepy Little Mouse by Eugenie Fernandes
871482. People of Michigan by Schonberg, Marcia
871484. Opossums by Whitehouse, Patricia
871485. Rats by Whitehouse, Patricia
871487. Perk!: The Story of a Teenager with Bulimia by Hall, Liza F.
871488. Kids' Book of Wisdom: Quotes from the African American Tradition by Hudson, Cheryl Willis
871491. Bequest by Cooper, Carolyn
871492. Rivers of Judah by Farnes, Catherine
871494. Days When the Animals Talked: Black American Folktales and How They Came to by William Faulkner
871495. Zippity Zoom by Cosgrove, Stephen
871496. Feather Fin by Stephen Cosgrove
871497. Shadow at Sun Lake by Esther Bender
871498. George W. Bush by Marquez, Heron
871499. Minnesota by Porter, A. P.
871500. Alaska by Johnston, Joyce
871501. Tony Hawk by Eric Braun
871504. Dogs and Wild Dogs by Marfe Ferguson Delano
871505. Garden Birds by Terence Lindsey
871506. Nature Unfolds Oceans by Williams, Andy
871507. Flying Ark by Rardell, Graham
871508. Don't Worry about Me, I'm Just Crazy by Godfrey, Martyn
871509. Where Am I?: The Story of Maps and Navigation by Smith, A. G.
871510. What Time Is It? by Smith, A. G.
871511. Edge by Tullson, Diane
871512. Foghorn Passage by Lohans, Alison
871513. Cowboys Don't Quit by Halvorson, Marilyn
871514. Boys & Sex by Joely Carey
871515. Toys/Les Jouets by Clare Beaton
871516. 101 Things Teens Should Know by Lindsay Jackson
871517. What's with My Body? the Girls' Book of Answers to Growing Up, Looking Good, and by Yeager, Selene
871519. Happy Easter, Davy! by Brigitte Weninger
871520. Letter to Santa Claus by Weninger, Brigitte
871522. Nerdfly by Druga-Marchetti, Jacqueline
871523. Wait Until Dark: Seven Scary Sleepover Stories by Shahan, Sherry
871524. Because She's My Friend by Sirof, Harriet
871526. Measurement Mania: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun by Long, Lynette
871527. What Makes the Grand Canyon Grand? by Christian, Spencer
871528. Black Stars of Colonial and Revolutionary Times: African Americans Who Lived Their Dreams by Clinton Cox
871529. Black Stars of the Civil Rights Movement by James Haskins
871530. More Award-Winning Science Fair Projects by Bochinski, Julianne Blair
871531. Science in Seconds at the Beach: Exciting Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes by Potter, Jean
871533. Best Friends Tattoo Scrapbook by Scholastic Press
871534. Lizard Meets Ivana the Terrible by C Anne Scott