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Books 42/51

930001. Jane's Air Traffic Control 2007-2008 by David Rider
930002. Jane's Aircraft Upgrades by
930003. Jane's Airport and Handling Agents - Europe by Jane S Information Group
930004. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: USA & Canada by Jane S Information Group
930005. Jane's Airport and Handling Agents - Far East, Asia & Australasia by Jane S Information Group
930006. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: Central & Latin America by Jane S Information Group
930007. Jane's All the World's Aircraft: 2007-2008 by Jackson, Paul
930008. Jane's Ammunition Handbook by Leland Ness
930009. Jane's Armour & Artillery 2007-2008 by Chris Foss
930011. Jane's Avionics: 2007-2008 by Edward Down
930012. Jane's Electro-Optic Systems by Jane S Information Group
930013. Jane's Explosive Ordinance Disposal by
930014. Jane's Fighting Ships: 2007-2008 by Stephen Saunders
930017. Jane's Mines & Mine Clearance: 2007-2008 by King, Colin
930018. Jane's Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Defence: 2007-2008 by Oppenheimer, Andy
930019. Jane's Police & Security Equipment by Jane S Information Group
930021. Jane's Simulation & Training Systems by Ian Strachan
930022. Jane's Space Systems and Industry by Kimberley Ebner
930023. Jane's Urban Transport Systems by Mary Webb
930024. Jane's World Railways: 2007-2008 by Ken Harris
930026. Jane's Aircraft Upgrades: 2008-2009 by Jamie Hunter
930027. Jane's Air Traffic Control: 2008-2009 by David Rider
930028. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: Europe 2008-2009 by Adam Harding
930029. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: USA & Canada 2008-2009 by Adam Harding
930030. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: Far East, Asia & Australasia 2008-2009 by Adam Harding
930031. Jane's Airports & Handling Agents: Central & Latin America 2008-09 by Adam Harding
930032. Jane's Infantry Weapons by Gander, Terry
930033. Jane's Military Communications by Williamson, John
930034. Jane's Airports, Equipment & Services: 2008-2009 by David Rider
930036. Jane's Ammunition Handbook by Leland Ness
930037. Jane's Armour & Artillery: 2008-2009 by Christopher F Foss
930038. Jane's Avionics: 2008-2009 by Down, Edward
930040. Jane's Explosive Ordinance Disposal: 2008-2009 by King, Colin
930042. Jane's High-Speed Marine Transportation by Stephen J Phillips
930043. Jane's International ABC Aerospace Directory: 2008 by Peter Partridge
930047. Jane's Military Vehicles & Logistics: 2007-2008 by Shaun Conners
930049. Jane's Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Defense: 2008- 2009 by Andy Oppenheimer
930051. Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems by Streetly, Martin
930053. Jane's Space Systems and Industry by Peter Bond
930054. Jane's Underwater Technology by Jane S Information Group
930056. Jane's Urban Transport Systems: 2008-2009 by Webb, Mary
930070. Jane's Armour & Artillery 2009/2010 by Jane S Information Group
930077. Jane's High- Speed Marine Transportation 2009/2010 by Stephen J Phillips
930082. Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics 2009/2010 by Shaun C Connors
930089. Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems 2009/2010 by
930092. RAF Bomber Command and Its Aircraft by James Goulding
930093. Messerschmitt Bf109 at War by Armand Van Ishoven
930094. Airborne at War by Napier Crookenden
930095. RAF Bomber Command and Its Aircraft by James Goulding
930096. Lincoln at War, 1944-1966 by Brian Goulding
930097. Bomber Group at War by Chaz Bowyer
930100. Boeing 727: Modern Civil Aircraft by Peter Gilchrist
930102. European Railway Atlas: Scandinavia and Eastern Europe by Ball, M. G.
930104. A Collector's Guide to the Waffen by Robin Lumsden
930105. Lancaster at War: 5: Fifty Years on by Mike Garret
930106. British Aircraft Manufacturers by Gunter Endres
930107. Classic & Warbird Recognition by Peter R March
930108. Flights to Disaster by Andrew Brookes
930109. ABC Boeing 777 by Bruce Campion Smith
930111. Wales by John Price
930112. ABC Civil Airliner Recognition by Peter R March
930113. Third Reich Militaria by Lumsden, Robin
930114. Air War Over Italy by Andrew Brookes
930116. Great Cycle Routes Yorkshire by Dorian Speakman
930117. More Cycling Without Traffic the Midlands & Peak District by Nick Cotton
930119. Battle of Crete by George Forty
930121. Fortress Europe: Hitler's Atlantic Wall: The German Viewpoint by George Forty
930125. The History of the White Star Line by Gardiner, Robin
930126. Great Tractor Builders: Fordson by Allan T Condie
930127. Fighter Command: 1939-45 by Ian Carter
930128. A Collector's Guide to German Medals and Political Awards: The Satellite States by Christopher J Ailsby
930129. 21st Panzer Division: Rommel's Afrika Korps Spearhead by Chris Ellis
930132. Aces and Pilots of the US 8th/9th Airforce by Jerry Scutts
930133. Titanic in Picture Postcards by Robert Mc Dougall
930134. Wire and Walls: RAF POWs in Spangenburg, Thorn, Lubeck and Warburg: 1939-1942 by Charles Rollings
930136. Wolfpacks at War by Jak P Mallmann Showell
930137. WWII German Infantryman at War by George Forty
930138. Third Reich Cloth Insignia by Brian L Davis
930139. Battle for Malta by George Forty
930140. Military Vehicles in Detail #1: SdKfz250/1 to 250/12 Armoured Halftrack by Jonathan Forty
930142. The Balkans and North Africa 1941-1942 by Will Fowler
930143. Russia 1942/43 by Will Fowler
930145. Brandenburg by Westwell, Ian
930146. 7th Armoured Division: The Desert Rats by George Forty
930148. Cunard's Legendary Queens of the Seas by David L Williams
930149. Bulleid 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class by R J Harvey
930150. Panzer Pzkpfw III by Gander, Terry
930151. Light Tanks M5/M51 by Terry Gander
930156. Armageddon Ost: The German Defeat on the Eastern Front 1944-5 by Nik Cornish
930157. Ocean Ships--2004 Edition by David Hornsby
930159. Condor Legion: The Wehrmacht's Training Ground by Ian Westwell
930160. Military Vehicles in Detail 3: Us Half Tracks M2- M3- M5- M9 by Terry Gander
930161. ABC Civil Aircraft Markings 2005 by Alan Wright
930162. ABC Military Aircraft Markings by P Curtis
930165. 101st Airborne in Vietnam: The Screaming Eagles by Simon Dunstan
930166. Channel Islands at War: A German Perspective by George Forty
930168. ABC Air Band Radio Guide by Graham Duke
930171. Tanks & Armour Panzerkampfwagen I & II by Terry J Gander
930174. Underwater Raid on Tirpitz by Peter Howard
930175. Remagen Bridge by Ian Kemp
930176. Pointe Du Hoc by Peter Howard
930179. A Peculiar Occupation: New Perspectives on Hitlers Channel Islands by Peter Tabb
930183. British Railway Coaching Stock in Colour Since 1960: For the Modeller and Historian by Robert Hendry
930187. Passenger Train Operation: For the Railway Modeller by Bob Essery
930188. The IS Tanks IS- 1, IS- 2, IS- 3 by Mikhail Baryatinskiy
930189. Light Tanks: T- 27, T- 38, BT, T- 26, T- 40, T- 50, T- 60, T- 70 by Mikhail Baryatinskiy
930212. Riddles Class 9F 2-10-0 by David Clarke
930220. T- 34 Medium Tank 1939- 1943 by Mikhail Baryatinskiy
930242. Classic Bus Yearbook 14 by Gavin Booth
930253. Football Grounds by Ian Allan Publishing
930274. Locomotives in Detail 9: Br Standard Class 5 4- 6- 0 by Clarke, David
930275. World War Two Armoured Cars by Ware, Pat
930278. Locomotives in Detail 10: Southern Railway Moguls 2- 6- 0 by Peter Swift
930288. Colour in Decoration by Annie Sloan
930291. Jesus of Nazareth by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930295. New Fabric Magic by Melanie Paine
930297. Easy Exercises for Pregnancy by Janet Balaskas
930298. The New Perennial Garden by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930300. The Patio Garden by Hazel Evans
930304. The Low Maintenance Garden by Graham Rose
930307. God Stories by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930310. Elf Hill: Tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Naomi Lewis
930314. How Many Monsters?: A Monster Counting Book by Mara Van De Meer
930316. Taxi! by Simon Garner
930320. Uddhava Gita by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930346. Dutch and Flemish Paintings by Peter Sutton
930357. Walk Britain's Greatest Views by Association, Ramblers'
930363. Colour in Decoration by Annie Sloan
930370. London Gardener by Elspeth Thompson
930384. The Royal Horticultural Society Address Book 2005 by Brent Elliott
930392. Pleasure Garden by Anne Scott James
930398. Journey Through Britain: Landscape, People and Books by David St John Thomas
930416. Rock Climbing in Scotland by Kevin Howett
930420. Westmorland Heritage by A Wainwright
930426. London: Postcard Book by Richard Turpin
930427. London's Parks and Gardens Postcard Book by Sandra Lousada
930432. Treehouses by Adam Mornement
930450. Sticky Wicket by Pam Lewis
930453. Wainwright Pocket Diary 2006 by Lincoln Ltd Francis
930465. British Library Diary 2006 Historic City Maps Hc: Historic City Maps by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930466. National Railway Museum Diary: Exploring Britain by Frances Lincoln Ltd
930489. Year in the Life of Glencoe by Bill Birkett
930503. The Border Line by Eric Robson
930521. British Library Diary: Moments from History by Curators
930523. V & A Diary by Victoria Albert Museum
930524. V & A Diary by Victoria Albert Museum
930525. The Chatsworth Garden Diary by Dowager Duchess Of Devonshire
930534. A Year in the Life of the Duddon Valley by Bill Birkett
930562. World Food Cafe 2: Easy Vegetarian Food from Around the Globe by Chris Caldicott
930581. British Library Diary: Georgian Britain by Frances Lincoln Ltd