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Books 45/101

1005001. John by Niall Williams
1005002. The Traitor Game: (English) by B R Collins
1005010. A Chapter of Hats: Selected Stories (Translated by John Gledson) by Machado De Assis
1005022. Cathy's Key by Sean Stewart
1005027. The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland
1005033. For Love by Sue Miller
1005034. Cold Cream by Ferdinand Mount
1005043. Hate That Cat (English) by Sharon Creech
1005049. Odd and the Frost Giants (World Book Day edition) by Neil Gaiman
1005051. The Finder by Colin Harrison
1005070. Pavel and I by Dan Vyleta
1005071. John: A Novel by Niall Williams
1005077. The Great Western Beach: A Memoir of a Cornish Childhood Between the Wars by Emma Smith
1005079. Twenty Chickens for a Saddle: the Story of an African Childhood (English) by Robyn Scott
1005100. Harry Potter- the Complete Story (English) by J K Rowling
1005102. The Graveyard Book (English) by Dave Mc Kean
1005103. The Graveyard Book(Signed Limited Edition) (English) by Dave Mc Kean
1005156. Celtic Crosses of Britain and Ireland by Malcolm Seaborne
1005167. The Great Crested Grebe by Simmons, K. E.
1005174. Land Snails of the British Isles by Wardhaugh, A. A.
1005183. Tiled Furniture by Hans Van Lemmen
1005192. Medieval Town Plans by Brian P Hindle
1005213. The Land Speed Record by Tremayne, David
1005219. Egyptian Medicine by Reeves, Carole
1005223. The Morris Minor by Newell, Ray
1005225. Pewter by Charles Hull
1005247. Egyptian Faience and Glass by Paul T Nicholson
1005254. Old Radio Sets by Jonathan Hill
1005258. Weights and Measures and Their Marks by J T Graham
1005259. Scales and Balances: A Guide to Collecting by Graham, J. T.
1005271. Discovering Off-Beat Walks in London by Wittich, John
1005287. Henley and Caversham by Chiltern Society
1005288. Regency Gardens by Mavis Batey
1005294. Egyptian Shabtis by Harry M Stewart
1005305. Garden Sculpture by Michael Symes
1005309. Celtic Coinage in Britain by Philip De Jersey
1005311. Egyptian Temples by Snape, Steven
1005316. Public Parks by Hazel Conway
1005327. Follies by Jeffery W Whitelaw
1005336. Old Televison by Andrew Emmerson
1005344. Ivinghoe and Ashridge by Chiltern Society
1005345. Dolls by Caroline G Goodfellow
1005346. Dolls' House Furniture by Halina Pasierbska
1005348. Medieval Bridges by Martin Cook
1005350. Victoria's Wars by Ian F W Beckett
1005352. Medieval Roads and Tracks by Brian P Hindle
1005354. Gunpowder Industry by Glenys Crocker
1005357. Discovering London Ceremonials and Traditions by Julian Paget
1005367. Marble Clocks by Peter Wotton
1005369. Victorian Carte de Viste by Robbin Wichard
1005371. William Morris: An Illustrated Life of William Morris, 1834-1896 by Richard Tames
1005374. The English Rose Garden by Michael Gibson
1005377. British Tea and Coffee Cups: 1745-1940 by Goss, Steve
1005383. Discovering Roman Britain by David E Johnston
1005386. The Victorian Soldier by David Nalson
1005397. Towns in Roman Britain by Julian Bennett
1005398. Deserted Villages by Trevor Rowley
1005402. The Bean by Jonathan Wood
1005407. The Victorian Hospital by Lavinia Mitton
1005410. Aviation Archaeology in Britain by Guy De La Bedoyere
1005416. Duck Decoys by Andrew Heaton
1005417. Discovering Your Old House by David Iredale
1005423. Discovering English County Regiments by Ian Fw Beekett
1005424. Discovering Prehistoric England by James Dyer
1005426. Four-Wheel Driveand Land-Rover by Nick Baldwin
1005430. Bathroom Ceramics by Munroe Blair
1005431. British Cattle by Porter, Val
1005433. Architectural Ceramics by Hans Van Lemmen
1005434. Mausoleums by Lynn F Pearson
1005435. The Ford Cortina by Graham Robson
1005436. Egyptian Statues by Gay Robins
1005437. Nutcrackers by Robert Mills
1005440. Milestones by Mervyn Benford
1005445. Road Signs by Stuart Hands
1005446. Romano-British Coin Hoards by Richard A Abdy
1005447. Roman Forts in Britain by David J Breeze
1005448. Discovering the Ridgeway by Howard Clarke
1005449. Discovering Your Family Tree by David Iredale
1005450. Photographic Accessories 1890-1970 by Robert White
1005451. Aynsley China by Ashworth, Frank
1005452. Trench Art by Saunders, Nicholas J.
1005453. Spectacles, Monocles and Lorgnettes by Davidson, D. C.
1005454. Medieval Castles by Creighton, Oliver
1005455. Siege Mines and Underground Warfare by Kenneth Wiggins
1005457. The British-Indian Army, 1860-1914 by Peter Duckers
1005458. Steam Wagons by Derek Rayner
1005459. The AA, History, Badges and Memorabilia by Michael Passmore
1005460. Chimneys and Chimney Sweeps by Benita Cullingford
1005461. Stage and Mail Coaches by David Mountfield
1005467. Ladies' Dress Accessories by Johnson, Eleanor
1005470. Mechanical Music by Kevin Mc Elhone
1005473. Mauchline Ware: And Associated Scottish Souvenir Ware by John Baker
1005474. Almshouses by Anna Hallett
1005477. Thatch and Thatching by Jacqueline Fearn
1005485. Heavy Horses by Diana Zeuner
1005490. Real Tennis by Kathryn Mc Nicoll
1005495. Discovering Place-Names: The Origins and Meanings by John Field
1005496. Discovering Famous Graves by Lynn F Pearson
1005500. Follies by Jeffrey W Whitelaw
1005501. The English Rococo Garden by Michael Symes
1005507. The Architecture of Canals by Derek Pratt
1005508. British Military Rifles: 1800-2000 by Peter Duckers
1005510. The Victoria Cross by Peter Duckers
1005511. Staffordshire Figures 1835-1880 by Frances Bryant
1005512. Cameras in Disguise by John Wade
1005513. The Hyksos Period in Egypt by Booth, Charlotte
1005518. Animal Graves and Memorials by Toms, Jan
1005520. Ancient Boats and Ships by Sean Mc Grail
1005521. The Art of Death in Graeco-Roman Egypt by Corbelli, Judith A.
1005522. The Salt Industry by Andrew Fielding
1005524. Old Buses by David Kaye
1005525. Discovering Fortifications: From the Tudors to the Cold War by Bernard Lowry
1005529. Discovering Medieval Houses in England and Wales by Anthony Emery
1005530. Pub Beer Mugs and Glasses by Hugh Rock
1005532. The Victorian Clergyman by Trevor May
1005535. Egyptian Games and Sports by Joyce A Tyldesley
1005536. Discovering British Regimental Traditions by Ian F W Beckett
1005537. The Jaguar by Whyte, Andrew
1005538. Medicine and Healthcare in Roman Britain by Nicholas Summerton
1005539. Tutankhamun's Egypt by Frances Welsh
1005540. The Victorian and Edwardian Sportsman by Richard Tames
1005542. Motor Scooters by Michael Webster
1005546. Early Firearms: 1300- 1800 by Michael Spencer
1005547. Egyptian Scarabs by Richard H Wilkinson
1005552. Britain's Working Coast in Victorian and Edwardian Times by John Hannavy
1005553. London's Bridges by Peter Matthews
1005554. Early Anglo- Saxon Coins by Gareth Williams
1005590. The Victorian Garden by Yurdan, Marilyn
1005616. Native American Arrowheads by Przygoda, Alexander
1005628. Ultra Low Doses by Doutremepuich Doutremepuich
1005631. Advances in Industrial Ergonomics and Safety IV by Shrawan Kumar
1005654. Sliding Mode Control in Electromechanical Systems, 2nd Edition by Utkin, Vadim Ivanovich
1005687. The Psychology of Addiction by Mary Mc Murran
1005698. Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Avhrr by Cracknell P Cracknell
1005716. Gender and Career in Science and Engineering by Evetts Evetts
1005721. Organizing AIDS: Workplace and Organizational Responses to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic by David Goss
1005727. Facility, Location, and Land Use by Chan
1005754. John Dalton's Colour Vision Legacy by Christine Dickinson
1005762. Forensic Toxicology by David M Ossulton
1005763. Radiation Toxicology by Hendry
1005770. Toxicology of Contact Hypersensitivity by Kimber
1005774. Toxicology of Chemical Respiratory Hypersensitivity by Ian Kimber
1005786. Neurotoxicology in Vitro by V Pentreath
1005787. Neurotoxicology in Vitro by Pentreath V
1005800. Desperately Seeking Sisterhood by Corrin, Chris
1005810. Applications and Engineering of Monoclonal Antibodies by David J King
1005829. Computational Psycholinguistics: AI and Connectionist Models of Human Language Processing by Ton Dijkstra
1005830. Warning Design: A Research Prospective by J Edworthy
1005833. Presenting Toxicology Results: How to Evaluate Data and Write Reports by Gerhard J Nohynek
1005886. Water Pollution Biology by P D Abel