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Books 45/136

1010251. Little Triggers by Martyn Waites
1010264. The Coffin Trail by Martin Edwards
1010267. The Pirlie Pig by Anne Forsyth
1010269. Double Take by Mike Ripley
1010274. Evil Intent by Kate Charles
1010276. Constable Along the Trail by Rhea, Nicholas
1010278. No Known Grave by Roberts, Don
1010285. No Cure for Death by Hazel Holt
1010288. Waiting for Katie by Elizabeth Webster
1010291. The Food Detective by Judith Cutler
1010293. Yesterday's Dreams by Jessica Blair
1010296. The Clydesiders by Margaret Thomson Davis
1010299. The Shadow of the Sycamores by Doris Davidson
1010303. The Parliament House by Edward Marston
1010304. Cold Relations by Gerald Hammond
1010305. Above the Bright Blue Sky by Margaret Thornton
1010306. Hit and Run by Cath Staincliffe
1010310. A Dream to Share by June Francis
1010317. Shooting Elvis by Stuart Pawson
1010320. The Little Train Home by Sheila Newberry
1010321. Yorkshire Transvestite Found Dead on Everest by Mike Harding
1010322. More Than a Promise by Janet Woods
1010323. Blood Dancing by Jonathan Gash
1010324. Down an English Lane by Margaret Thornton
1010326. Shadow of Death by Alison Joseph
1010327. Prey Silence by Sally Spedding
1010328. The Railway Viaduct by Edward Marston
1010329. Dead Letters by Gerald Hammond
1010330. VE Day - A Day to Remember by Craig Cabell
1010331. Home to the High Fells by Elizabeth Gill
1010334. A Proper Family Christmas by Jane Gordon Cumming
1010335. Tuesday Night at the Kasbah by Patricia Kitchin
1010336. Reach for Tomorrow by Jessica Blair
1010337. Cypress Grove by Rose Boucheron
1010340. Footprints of the Devil: Murder and Mystery in a Cornish Seaside Village by Olive Etchells
1010345. Dangerous Waters by Jane Jackson
1010346. A Cornish Maid by Rachel Moore
1010348. The Glasgow Belle by Margaret Thomson Davis
1010351. Connie of Kettle Street by Carol Rivers
1010353. Prodigal Daughter by Rachel Moore
1010357. A Dead Question by Hammond, Gerald
1010359. Hammerhead by Ken Mc Coy
1010362. Angel's Share by Ripley, Mike
1010363. Just Another Angel by Ripley, Mike
1010364. Angel Hunt by Mike Ripley
1010366. The Devil's Priest by Kate Ellis
1010368. The Chinese Takeout by Judith Cutler
1010369. The Secret by Gill, Elizabeth
1010371. Passage to Petrograd by Charles Whiting
1010374. Hot Pies on the Tramcar by Newberry, Sheila
1010376. A Flag of Truce by David Donachie
1010379. Soldier of Fortune by Edward Marston
1010380. A True Love of Mine by Margaret Thornton
1010381. A Cotswold Mystery by Tope, Rebecca
1010382. Grief Encounters by Stuart Pawson
1010383. Octavia by Kingston, Beryl
1010385. The Sunday Girls by Reynolds, Maureen
1010386. The Screaming Eagles by Stirling, Duncan
1010387. The Lavender House by Wendy Robertson
1010393. Murder on the Brighton Express by Marston, Edward
1010394. Guardian of the Dead by Roy Lewis
1010395. Angels Unaware by Ripley, Mike
1010396. Last Nocturne by Eccles, Marjorie
1010397. Last Post by Barnard, Robert
1010401. It's One of Ours by Joan M Moules
1010404. Fallen Angels by Wood, Valerie
1010406. The Riddle of the River by Shaw, Catherine
1010407. By Death Divided by Patricia Hall
1010409. Trinidad Street by Patricia Burns
1010410. Cinnamon Alley by Patricia Burns
1010411. Towards a Dark Horizon by Maureen Reynolds
1010418. The Watchful Eye by Priscilla Masters
1010420. Squadron Leader Tommy Broom Dfc by Tom Parry Evans
1010421. The Old Man's Friend by Andrew Puckett
1010425. Loser by Ken Mc Coy
1010427. The Lazarus Strain by McClure, Ken
1010449. Hypertalk and Hypertext: Programming the Interface Graphic in the Macintosh and Windows 3. . . . . . . by A E Stanley
1010455. Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home by Nancie R Finnie
1010468. Radar and ARPA Manual by W O Dineley
1010471. Neurological Problems in Childhood by Gordon, N.
1010474. Understanding and Servicing CD Players by Ken Clements
1010477. Conservation of Furniture by Shayne Rivers
1010502. The Marketing Planner by McDonald, Malcolm
1010506. Motorcycle Tuning - 4 Stroke by John Robinson
1010546. Optic by M H Freeman
1010548. Windows 95 Pocket Book by Sinclair, Ian
1010549. Strategic Marketing Planning by Wilson, Richard M. S.
1010552. Sexuality & Disability by Msc Blackburn
1010566. Wild Card of Desing: A Perspective on Architecture in a Project Management Environment by Allinson, Kenneth
1010567. Telecommunications and Networks by Hussain, H. M.
1010575. Mechatronics, Volume 2: Concepts in Artifical Intelligence by Picton, Philip
1010576. Mechatronics: Designing Intelligent Machines Volume 1: Perception, Cognition and Execution by George Rzevski
1010579. Needs Assessment and Community Lems by Steve Baldwin
1010586. Health Care Policies & Europe: The Implications for Practice by Kathleen Roberts
1010598. Orthopedic Medicine: A Practical Approach by Monica Kesson
1010623. Basic Cartography Volume 3: For Students and Technicians by R W Anson
1010625. Occupational Health Practice by C Edling
1010627. Engineering Instrumentation and Control by W Bolton
1010637. Estimating for Building & Civil Engineering Work by Butterworth Heinemann
1010639. Law and Clinical Risk in Midwifery: The Right to a Perfect Baby? by Jo H Wilson
1010642. Electrical Installation Work by Scaddan
1010645. Introduction to Continuum Mechanics by Lai
1010672. Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care by John Flanagan
1010676. Intruder Alarms: Specification, Installation and Maintenance. by Gerard Honey
1010682. Key Account Management: Learning from Supplier and Customer Perspectives by Malcolm Mc Donald
1010683. Marketing Strategy by Fifield
1010684. Food and Beverage Management by Bernard Davis
1010686. Community Care for Health Professionals by Compton, Ann
1010722. Veterinary Helminthology by Tibor Kassai
1010730. Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards by Peter Urben
1010757. Contact Lenses by Phillips
1010776. Modern Architecture Through Case Studies by Peter Blundell Jones
1010790. Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone by John Ashurst
1010793. Sclera & Systemic Disorders by Pavesio, Carlos
1010818. Orthokeratology: Principles and Practice by Trusit, Dave
1010819. 50 Challenging Spinal Pain Syndrome Cases: A Problem Solving Approach by Lynton G F Giles
1010821. Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivative Analysis by Mark Britten Jones
1010830. Lighting Modern Buildings by Derek Phillips
1010840. Mental Health Nursing: The Art of Compassionate Care by Peter Watkins
1010858. Passive and Discrete Circuits Pocket Book Volume 2 by R M Marston
1010861. The Tear Film: Structure, Function and Clinical Examination by Korb, Donald R.
1010901. RF and Microwave Radiation Safety by Ronald Kitchen
1010907. Exploring Employee Relations by Leat, Mike
1010909. Lacquer: Technology and Conservation by Marianne Webb
1010921. Marketing in Travel and Tourism by Victor T C Middleton
1010940. Pigment Compendium: Optical Microscopy of Historical Pigments by Valentine Walsh
1010942. Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering by R E Smallman
1010950. Practical Electronics Handbook by Ian Sinclair
1010953. Healthy Living Centres: A Guide to Primary Health Care Design by Geoffry Purves
1010970. Faber & Kell's Heating and Air Conditioning of Buildings by Doug Oughton
1010991. Marketing Research by Wong Toon Quee
1011006. Science for Engineering by J O Bird
1011011. Pigment Compendium: CD-ROM by Valentine Walsh
1011012. Self on Audio by Douglas Self
1011020. Culture, Health and Illness by Helman, Cecil
1011047. Victorian Houses and Their Details by Helen Long
1011067. Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management by Alex Khot
1011070. Architectural Supermodels: Physical Design Simulation by Porter, Tom
1011074. Clinical Ophthalmology: A Test Yourself Atlas by Jack J Kanski
1011081. Epilepsy in Primary Care: A Team Approach to Effective Management by Linda Baddeley
1011111. Extractive Metallurgy by Gupta, Chiranjib Kumar
1011118. Intro to Modern Vehicle Design by Smith Happin Smith
1011143. Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation by Clive Beggs
1011151. Construction Business Development: Meeting New Challenges, Seeking Opportunities by Kris Moodley
1011155. Manual of Engineering Drawing: To British and International Standards by Maguire, Dennis
1011165. Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles by C R Robertson
1011172. Critical Moments in Qualitative Research by Debbie Horsfall
1011178. Textbook of Veterinary Medical Nursing by Alan Frederick Edwar Wise
1011184. Oh's Intensive Care Manual by Soni
1011189. Waterbirth: An Attitude to Care by Dianne Garland