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Books 47/78

1046728. Spiritual Transformation and Healing: Anthropological, Theological, Neuroscientific, and Clinical Perspectives by Joan D Koss Chioino
1046751. Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers: Bridging Differences by Joey Sprague
1046761. Fast Food/Slow Food: The Cultural Economy of the Global Food System by Richard Wilk
1046780. Human Remains: Guide for Museums and Academic Institutions by Vicki Cassman
1046811. Understanding Islamic Law: From Classical to Contemporary by Hisham M Ramadan
1046930. Visions of Culture: An Annotated Reader by Moore, Jerry D.
1046969. Priest-Kings of Gor by John Norman
1046970. Tarnsman of Gor by Norman, John
1046975. Outlaw of Gor by Norman, John
1046980. Tides of Valor by Albano, Peter
1046989. Red Dog by Buchanan, James David
1046994. Love in Atlantis by Barrett, Bonnie
1046996. Entering Ephesus by Athas, Daphne
1047006. From a Changeling Star by Carver, Jeffrey A.
1047007. Down the Stream of Stars by Carver, Jeffrey A.
1047013. Converts by Watson, Ian
1047024. The Academy Award's Handbook by Harkness, John
1047037. Slaughter at Buffalo Creek by Cunningham, Chet
1047041. First Tiger by George Harrar
1047046. The Burning by Gunn, James
1047052. The Raging Hearts by Hagan, Patricia
1047053. Shrine of the Desert Mage by Goldin, Stephen
1047055. Comanche Massacre by Cunningham, Chet
1047056. Comanche Moon by Cunningham, Chet
1047072. West Wandering Wind by Garwood, W. R.
1047083. Mind Over Golf by Nieporte, Tom
1047087. Beyond Heaven's River by Greg Bear
1047089. The Witching Hour by Gunn, James
1047097. Journey by Randall, Marta
1047108. The House Sitter by Judith R Parker
1047109. Vessels of Honor by Virginia Myers
1047118. The Celestial Steam Locomotive by Coney, Michael Greatrex
1047124. The Deadly Streets by Harlan Ellison
1047127. From the Land of Fear by Harlan Ellison
1047129. Venus of Shadows by Pamela, Sargent
1047134. Double Feature by Stein, Herbert
1047141. Inside: The Biography of John Gunther by Cuthbertson, Ken
1047147. Grave Secrets by Hendricksen, Louise
1047148. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Taff, John
1047203. The Well by Sirota, Mike
1047216. Mistress of the Morning Star by Lane, Elizabeth
1047221. Silent Voices by Carson, Josephine
1047222. Who Made the Lamb by Painter, Charlotte
1047224. Love Lyrics by Curtis, Mary
1047232. Fair Fatality by Maggie Mackeever
1047235. Widow's Fire by Elizabeth Chadwick
1047238. Sun Priestess by Robbins, Judith Redman
1047240. Treachery of the Demon King by Goldin, Stephen
1047242. Alone in the Valley by Kenneth Waymon Baker
1047244. Dog Star and Other Stories by Carson, Josephine
1047247. Lady Sweetbriar by Mackeever, Maggie
1047251. Young Blood by Stableford, Brian
1047254. Were You Goin, Girlie? by Carson, Josephine
1047262. The Big One by Arnston, Harrison
1047269. China Quest by Lane, Elizabeth
1047270. China Song by Lane, Elizabeth
1047272. Look of Love by Sandoval, Lynda
1047291. Crystal Skull by McGregor, Rob
1047294. Jet Ace by Tedd Thomey
1047296. Snowman by Bogner, Norman
1047325. Parsival or a Knight's Tale by Monaco, Richard
1047332. No Name Girl by Cargill, Linda
1047337. Friend of My Enemy by Hill, Benjamin Eric
1047338. Love Me Again by Burge, Wendy
1047339. The Ranger by Harte, Holly
1047340. The Rocky Mountain Company by Richard S Wheeler
1047343. Cheyenne Winter by Wheeler, Richard S.
1047344. Dark Blood by Thompson, James
1047353. Missouri Son by Kershaw, Henry
1047365. Growing Light by Randall, Marta
1047387. Once and Always by Deane, Alyssa
1047390. Blissful by Estrada, Rita Clay
1047391. Falling for April by Plumley, Lisa
1047395. Racing to Ruin by Brown, Stacy
1047397. Lion of Venice by Jones, Deborah
1047398. Against the Odds by Atlee, Gweneth
1047400. Dark Magic by Stephen, Gresham
1047404. The Cottage by Steffen, Sandra
1047406. Wild and Sweet by Turner, Elizabeth
1047417. Who Dares Wins by Bob Mayer
1047418. A Promise of Roses by Heidi Betts
1047419. Almost a Lady by Heidi Betts
1047420. Cinnamon and Roses by Heidi Betts
1047423. Natural Medicine for Weght Loss by Deborah Mitchell
1047428. Drifter (Pik Lando 1) by William C Dietz
1047432. The Dream Compass by Jeff Bredenberg
1047459. Harlan Ellison's Movie by Harlan Ellison
1047460. Callie's Convict by Heidi Betts
1047461. Hannah's Half- Breed by Heidi Betts
1047462. Walker's Widow by Heidi Betts
1047465. From a Changeling Star by Jeffrey A Carver
1047467. Seas of Ernathe by Jeffrey A Carver
1047480. A Mathematical Approach to Economic Analysis by Peter Toumanoff
1047484. Calculus with Analytic Geometry by Robert Ellis
1047485. Western Image Western Society Search for Security by David Tengwall
1047491. The Sociology of Deviance by Joseph G Weis
1047492. American Government: A Core Approach with CDROM and Free Web Access by Anthony Giardino
1047493. Managerial Accounting: Manufacturing and Service Applications by Arnold Schneider
1047494. Sport in Society: Readings in the Sociology of Sport by Joseph G Weis
1047497. Lone Star Politics by Giardino, Anthony
1047499. Forensic Psychology: The Use of Behavioral Science in Civil and Criminal Justice by Henry F Fradella
1047501. Offender Profiling by Robert D Keppel
1047502. Murder by Keppel, Robert D.
1047509. The Experiential Student Team Consulting Process: A Guidebook for Students, Clients & Instructors by Paul Belliveau
1047510. Accounting: Information for Business Decisions, Volume 1 by John D Bazley