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Books 48/14

1059457. Christian Science: Women, Healing, and the Church by Deidre Michell
1059478. Love Letters: The Abyss of Loneliness by Michael H Mitias
1059516. Nursing Praxis: Knowledge and Action by Sally E Thorne
1059552. Understanding Urban Unrest: From Reverend King to Rodney King by Dennis E Gale
1059571. I Am Not Your Victim: Anatomy of Domestic Violence by Beth Sipe
1059575. Survey Research for Public Administration by David H Folz
1059579. Group Work with Children and Adolescents: Prevention and Intervention in School and Community Systems by Steven R Rose
1059595. Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research: Challenges and Rewards by Deborah Padgett
1059596. Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research by Deborah Padgett
1059602. Tolerance & Education: Learning to Live with Diversity and Difference by Vogt, W. Paul
1059611. Planned Change Theories for Nursing: Review, Analysis, and Implications by Constance Rimmer Tiffany
1059627. The Adjunct Faculty Handbook by Virginia Bianco Mathis
1059650. Feminist Rhetorical Theories by Karen A Foss
1059651. Feminist Rhetorical Theories by Karen A Foss
1059660. Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment by Richard H Dana
1059672. Creativity and Moral Vision in Psychology: Narratives on Identity and Commitment in a Postmodern Age by Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
1059674. The African American Student's Guide to Surviving Graduate School by Alicia Isaac
1059694. Heroin in the Age of Crack- Cocaine by James A Inciardi
1059699. Surviving Graduate School Part Time by Von V Pittman
1059703. Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge by Ingeman Arbnor
1059710. High- Performing Self- Managed Work Teams: A Comparison of Theory to Practice by Dale E Yeatts
1059719. Completing Graduate School Long Distance by Darrel L Hammon
1059740. Assessing Intelligence: Applying a Bio- Cultural Model by Eleanor Armour Thomas
1059762. Understanding Women's Recovery from Illness and Trauma by Margaret H Kearney
1059770. Cultural Complexity in Organizations: Inherent Contrasts and Contradictions by Sonja A Sackmann
1059772. Filipino Americans: Transformation and Identity by Maria P Root
1059787. Preventing Workplace Violence: A Guide for Employers and Practitioners by Mark Braverman
1059796. Communication Criticism: Developing Your Critical Powers by Jodi R Cohen
1059801. Building Strategy from the Middle: Reconceptualizing Strategy Process by Steven W Floyd
1059805. The Employment Interview Handbook by Robert W Eder
1059813. Shared Beliefs in a Society: Social Psychological Analysis by Daniel Bar Tal
1059823. Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods by Debra A Rog
1059829. Communication Yearbook by Brant R Burleson
1059852. Counseling and Educational Research: Evaluation and Application by Rick Houser
1059856. Social Psychology by Alfred Ray Lindesmith
1059882. Romancing the Honeymoon: Consummating Marriage in Modern Society by Kris Bulcroft
1059905. Workforce Development Networks: Community- Based Organizations and Regional Alliances by Bennett Harrison
1059906. Rural Women Battering and the Justice System: An Ethnography by Neil Websdale
1059917. Problem Solving in Families: Research and Practice by Samuel Vuchinich
1059944. Managing Radical Organizational Change by Karen L Newman
1059966. Cross- Cultural Work Groups by Cherlyn S Granrose
1059969. Reshaping Fatherhood: The Social Construction of Shared Parenting by Anna Dienhart
1060002. Measurement Made Accessible: A Research Approach Using Qualitative, Quantitative and Quality Improvement Methods by D Lynn Kelley
1060023. Constructing Co- Cultural Theory: An Explication of Culture, Power, and Communication by Mark P Orbe
1060025. Electronic Marketing and the Consumer by Robert A Peterson
1060068. Career Theory and Practice: Learning Through Case Studies by Fouad, Editor Elect -. Nadya a.
1060070. Battered Women, Children, and Welfare Reform: The Ties That Bind by Ruth A Brandwein
1060099. Culturally Appropriate Research: African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics by Gerardo Marin
1060133. How to Use Advertising to Build Strong Brands by John Philip Jones
1060144. The Edge of Organization: Chaos and Complexity Theories of Formal Social Systems by Russ Marion
1060171. Stopping Child Maltreatment Before It Starts: Emerging Horizons in Early Home Visitation Services by Neil B Guterman
1060186. Delinquent Violent Youth: Theory and Interventions by Thomas Gullotta
1060194. Synthesizing Research: A Guide for Literature Reviews by Harris M Cooper
1060205. Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life by Barry Glassner
1060206. Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life by Barry Glassner
1060213. Ethnography: Step by Step by David M Fetterman
1060225. Structural Equation Modeling: Foundations and Extensions by David Kaplan
1060248. The Handbook of Social Welfare Management by Patti, Rino J.
1060260. The Postdivorce Family: Children, Parenting, and Society by Ross A Thompson
1060294. The Handbook of Social Policy by Tracy, Martin
1060308. Counseling Multiracial Families by Bea Wehrly
1060314. Close Relationships: A Sourcebook by Clyde Hendrick
1060320. Missing Organizational Linkages: Tools for Cross- Level Research by Paul S Goodman
1060322. Urban Latino Cultures: La Vida Latina En La by Raul Villa
1060345. The Language of Conflict and Resolution by Nelson, Paul E.
1060365. Brands, Consumers, Symbols and Research: Sidney J Levy on Marketing by Sidney J Levy
1060369. Greenspeak: A Study of Environmental Discourse by Ron Harre
1060383. Emotional Labor in the Service Economy by Ronnie J Steinberg
1060384. Emotional Labor in the Service Economy by Ronnie J Steinberg
1060388. Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health by Bryant, Carol A.
1060403. Behavior Change and Public Health in the Developing World by John P Elder
1060417. Hidden Messages in Culture- Centered Counseling: A Triad Training Model by Paul B Pedersen
1060421. Applying Qualitative Research: A Practical Guidebook by Creswell, John W.
1060432. Media and Communication Research: An Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by Arthur Asa Berger
1060446. Persuasion in Society by Herbert W Simons