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Books 48/14

1059457. Christian Science: Women, Healing, and the Church by Deidre Michell
1059478. Love Letters: The Abyss of Loneliness by Michael H Mitias
1059516. Nursing Praxis: Knowledge and Action by Sally E Thorne
1059552. Understanding Urban Unrest: From Reverend King to Rodney King by Dennis E Gale
1059557. Principles of Statistical Data Handling by Fred Davidson
1059571. I Am Not Your Victim: Anatomy of Domestic Violence by Beth Sipe
1059575. Survey Research for Public Administration by David H Folz
1059579. Group Work with Children and Adolescents: Prevention and Intervention in School and Community Systems by Steven R Rose
1059595. Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research: Challenges and Rewards by Deborah Padgett
1059596. Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research by Deborah Padgett
1059602. Tolerance & Education: Learning to Live with Diversity and Difference by Vogt, W. Paul
1059611. Planned Change Theories for Nursing: Review, Analysis, and Implications by Constance Rimmer Tiffany
1059627. The Adjunct Faculty Handbook by Virginia Bianco Mathis
1059650. Feminist Rhetorical Theories by Karen A Foss
1059651. Feminist Rhetorical Theories by Karen A Foss
1059660. Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment by Richard H Dana
1059672. Creativity and Moral Vision in Psychology: Narratives on Identity and Commitment in a Postmodern Age by Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
1059674. The African American Student's Guide to Surviving Graduate School by Alicia Isaac
1059681. Finding an Academic Job by Karen Sowers Hoag
1059694. Heroin in the Age of Crack- Cocaine by James A Inciardi
1059699. Surviving Graduate School Part Time by Von V Pittman
1059703. Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge by Ingeman Arbnor
1059710. High- Performing Self- Managed Work Teams: A Comparison of Theory to Practice by Dale E Yeatts
1059719. Completing Graduate School Long Distance by Darrel L Hammon
1059740. Assessing Intelligence: Applying a Bio- Cultural Model by Eleanor Armour Thomas
1059762. Understanding Women's Recovery from Illness and Trauma by Margaret H Kearney
1059770. Cultural Complexity in Organizations: Inherent Contrasts and Contradictions by Sonja A Sackmann
1059772. Filipino Americans: Transformation and Identity by Maria P Root
1059787. Preventing Workplace Violence: A Guide for Employers and Practitioners by Mark Braverman
1059796. Communication Criticism: Developing Your Critical Powers by Jodi R Cohen
1059801. Building Strategy from the Middle: Reconceptualizing Strategy Process by Steven W Floyd
1059805. The Employment Interview Handbook by Robert W Eder
1059813. Shared Beliefs in a Society: Social Psychological Analysis by Daniel Bar Tal
1059823. Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods by Debra A Rog
1059829. Communication Yearbook by Brant R Burleson
1059852. Counseling and Educational Research: Evaluation and Application by Rick Houser
1059856. Social Psychology by Alfred Ray Lindesmith
1059882. Romancing the Honeymoon: Consummating Marriage in Modern Society by Kris Bulcroft
1059905. Workforce Development Networks: Community- Based Organizations and Regional Alliances by Bennett Harrison
1059906. Rural Women Battering and the Justice System: An Ethnography by Neil Websdale
1059917. Problem Solving in Families: Research and Practice by Samuel Vuchinich
1059944. Managing Radical Organizational Change by Karen L Newman
1059947. The New Regional Economies: The Us Common Market and the Global Economy by William R Barnes
1059966. Cross- Cultural Work Groups by Cherlyn S Granrose
1059969. Reshaping Fatherhood: The Social Construction of Shared Parenting by Anna Dienhart
1060002. Measurement Made Accessible: A Research Approach Using Qualitative, Quantitative and Quality Improvement Methods by D Lynn Kelley
1060023. Constructing Co- Cultural Theory: An Explication of Culture, Power, and Communication by Mark P Orbe
1060025. Electronic Marketing and the Consumer by Robert A Peterson
1060068. Career Theory and Practice: Learning Through Case Studies by Fouad, Editor Elect -. Nadya a.
1060070. Battered Women, Children, and Welfare Reform: The Ties That Bind by Ruth A Brandwein
1060099. Culturally Appropriate Research: African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics by Gerardo Marin
1060111. Psychological Testing of American Minorities: Issues and Consequences by Ronald J Samuda
1060133. How to Use Advertising to Build Strong Brands by John Philip Jones
1060144. The Edge of Organization: Chaos and Complexity Theories of Formal Social Systems by Russ Marion
1060171. Stopping Child Maltreatment Before It Starts: Emerging Horizons in Early Home Visitation Services by Neil B Guterman
1060186. Delinquent Violent Youth: Theory and Interventions by Thomas Gullotta
1060194. Synthesizing Research: A Guide for Literature Reviews by Harris M Cooper
1060205. Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life by Barry Glassner
1060206. Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life by Barry Glassner
1060213. Ethnography: Step by Step by David M Fetterman
1060225. Structural Equation Modeling: Foundations and Extensions by David Kaplan
1060248. The Handbook of Social Welfare Management by Patti, Rino J.
1060260. The Postdivorce Family: Children, Parenting, and Society by Ross A Thompson
1060294. The Handbook of Social Policy by Tracy, Martin
1060308. Counseling Multiracial Families by Bea Wehrly
1060314. Close Relationships: A Sourcebook by Clyde Hendrick
1060320. Missing Organizational Linkages: Tools for Cross- Level Research by Paul S Goodman
1060322. Urban Latino Cultures: La Vida Latina En La by Raul Villa
1060338. Tune In, Log on: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community by Nancy K Baym
1060339. Tune In, Log on: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community by Nancy K Baym
1060345. The Language of Conflict and Resolution by Nelson, Paul E.
1060365. Brands, Consumers, Symbols and Research: Sidney J Levy on Marketing by Sidney J Levy
1060369. Greenspeak: A Study of Environmental Discourse by Ron Harre
1060383. Emotional Labor in the Service Economy by Ronnie J Steinberg
1060384. Emotional Labor in the Service Economy by Ronnie J Steinberg
1060388. Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health by Bryant, Carol A.
1060403. Behavior Change and Public Health in the Developing World by John P Elder
1060417. Hidden Messages in Culture- Centered Counseling: A Triad Training Model by Paul B Pedersen
1060421. Applying Qualitative Research: A Practical Guidebook by Creswell, John W.
1060432. Media and Communication Research: An Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by Arthur Asa Berger
1060446. Persuasion in Society by Herbert W Simons