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Books 49/77

1091407. Moral Freedom by Nicolai Hartmann
1091427. Experimental Medicine by Claude Bernard
1091443. Moral Intuitions by James Q Wilson
1091465. The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming
1091484. Covering China by Robert W Snyder
1091486. The Marshall Plan in Austria by Gunter Bischof
1091487. Writing Off Ideas: Taxation, Foundations, and Philanthropy in America by Randall G Holcombe
1091490. Involuntary Resettlement: Comparative Perspectives by Robert Picciotto
1091495. De Gaulle: Statesmanship, Grandeur, and Modern Democracy by Daniel J Mahoney
1091498. The Jews in Weimar Germany by Donald L Niewyk
1091513. Private Pleasure, Public Plight by David Popenoe
1091514. What's Next? by Robert Giles
1091516. Family Foster Care in Next Century by Kathy Barbell
1091521. Brain by Gerald M Edelman
1091523. Children with Parents in Prison by Cynthia Seymour
1091527. American Health Care Blues by Irwin Miller
1091529. The Ecological Vision: Reflections on the American Condition by Peter F Drucker
1091531. Therapeia: Plato's Conception of Philosophy by Robert E Cushman
1091534. George Bush by Herbert S Parmet
1091537. Haiti: Best Nightmare on Earth by Herbert Gold
1091538. Equality in Liberty and Justice by Antony Flew
1091542. Reporting the Post- Communist Revolution by Robert Giles
1091553. The Principles of Sociology by Herbert Spencer
1091555. In a Dark Wood: The Fight Over Forests & the Myths of Nature by Alston Chase
1091556. Recent Health Policy Innovations in Social Security by Aviva Ron
1091558. Property Rights by Bernard H Siegan
1091561. Leading Issues in Black Pol Eco (Ppr) by Thomas D Boston
1091569. Activating the Unemployed: A Comparative Appraisal of Work- Oriented Policies by Neil Gilbert
1091574. The Open Church by Michael Novak
1091576. How I Grew by Mary Mc Carthy
1091577. Tales of America by Burl Ives
1091578. The Condor Passes by Shirley Ann Grau
1091582. Critique of Legal Order: Crime Control in Capitalist Society by Richard Quinney
1091614. Routine Activity and Rational Choice by Ronald V Clarke
1091620. The Racing Tribe: Portrait of a British Subculture by Kate Fox
1091634. The Magic Will: Stories & Essays by Herbert Gold
1091641. Humanities & Civic Life by Gabriel R Ricci
1091642. Conservatism: Dream & Reality by Robert Nisbet
1091643. The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand by David Kelley
1091651. City and Nation by Michael Peter Smith
1091652. Social Interaction Systems by Robert Freed Bales
1091655. Professions Work & Careers by Anselm L Strauss
1091668. Age of Television by Martin Esslin
1091672. Grandmothers: The Changing Culture by Geoff Dench
1091686. Traditional Religion & Culture in a New Era by Reimon Bachika
1091687. From Caesar to the Mafia: Persons, Places and Problems in Italian Life (Second Edition) by Luigi Barzini
1091706. Economic Basis of Politics (Ppr) by Charles A Beard
1091707. Conversations with Lincoln by Abraham Lincoln
1091710. Religion of the Semites (Ppr) by William Robertson Smith
1091712. Urban School Factory for Failure (Ppr) by Ray C Rist
1091714. Managing Global Resource (P) Ser V5 by Uma J Lele
1091720. Adam Smith and the Founding of Market Economics by Eli Ginzberg
1091723. Think Tanks and Civil Societies by James G Mc Gann
1091724. The Unknown Max Weber by Paul Honigsheim
1091730. The Dynamics of Anxiety & Hysteria: An Experimental Application of Modern Learning Theory to Psychiatry by Hans J Eysenck
1091738. Psychoanalysis by Clara Thompson
1091743. On Stoic & Peripatetic Ethics Ser V1 (Ppr) by William W Fortenbaugh
1091762. Race & Democracy in Americas V9 (Ppr) by Georgia A Persons
1091763. Icarus Syndrome/Ppr by Carl H Builder
1091769. Justice & the Politics of Memory V33 (Ppr) by Gabriel R Ricci
1091770. Sports Great Shaquille O'Neal by Michael J Sullivan
1091771. Top 10 Professional Basketball Coaches by Ron Knapp
1091772. American Generals of World War II by Ron Knapp
1091773. American Jazz Musicians by Mour, Stanley I.
1091774. The Fifteenth Amendment: African-American Men's Right to Vote by Susan Banfield
1091777. James K. Polk by Alison Davis Tibbitts
1091778. Pablo Neruda: Nobel Prize- Winning Poet by David Goodnough
1091779. Sandra Cisneros: Latina Writer and Activist by Caryn Mirriam Goldberg
1091781. Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Christine Perdan Curran
1091782. American Computer Pioneers by Mary Northrup
1091783. The EXXON Valdez: Tragic Oil Spill by Victoria Sherrow
1091784. The Oklahoma City Bombing: Terror in the Heartland by Sherrow, Victoria
1091785. The Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team by Glen Macnow
1091786. Top 10 College Football Coaches by Ron Knapp
1091787. Top 10 American Men Sprinters by Ron Knapp
1091788. Jeff Gordon: Star Race Car Driver by Paul Steenkamer
1091789. New York Times V. Sullivan: Affirming Freedom of the Press by Harvey Fireside
1091790. Schenck V. United States: Restrictions on Free Speech by Karen Alonso
1091791. American Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers by Claire L Datnow
1091792. The Wright Brothers: Inventors of the Airplane by Wendie C Old
1091793. The Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team by David Pietrusza
1091795. Air Safety: Preventing Future Disasters by Timothy R Gaffney
1091797. International Space Station: A Space Mission by Michael D Cole
1091798. Hubble Space Telescope: Exploring the Universe by Michael D Cole
1091799. Living on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet by Michael D Cole
1091800. Slavery and Abolition: In American History by Linda Jacobs Altman
1091801. Lewis and Clark's Journey of Discovery by Judith Edwards
1091802. Top 10 Baseball Shortstops by Deane, Bill
1091803. Top 10 Jockeys by Betsy Kuhn
1091804. The Alaska Purchase by David K Fremon
1091806. Reconstruction Following the Civil War in American History by Ziff, Marsha
1091810. Top 10 Basketball Scoring Small Forwards by Nathan Aaseng
1091811. Inhalant Drug Dangers by Judy Monroe
1091813. John Quincy Adams by Jane C Walker
1091814. Science Fair Success by Bombaugh, Ruth
1091815. Science Projects about the Science Behind Magic by Robert Gardner
1091817. Science Projects about the Physics of Sports by Robert Gardner
1091818. Science Projects about Solids, Liquids, and Gases by Robert Gardner
1091819. Science Fair Success Using the Internet by Marc Alan Rosner
1091820. Sports Science Projects: The Physics of Balls in Motion by Madeline Goodstein
1091821. Genetics and Evolution Science Fair Projects: Using Skeletons, Cereal, Earthworms, and More by Robert Gardner
1091823. Birth Defects by Lisa Iannucci
1091827. Madam C.J. Walker: Self-Made Businesswoman by Della A Yannuzzi
1091828. Whoopi Goldberg: Comedian and Movie Star by William Caper
1091830. Marian Anderson: Singer and Humanitarian by McKissack, Patricia C.
1091831. Andrew Carnegie: Steel King and Friend to Libraries by Zachary Kent
1091834. The Mighty Midwest Flood: Raging Rivers by Carmen Bredeson
1091835. The Challenger Disaster: Tragic Space Flight by Carmen Bredeson
1091836. Sports Great Michael Chang by Christin Ditchfield
1091838. Adventures with Atoms and Molecules: Chemistry Experiments for Young People by Rybolt, Thomas R.
1091840. The Holocaust, Hitler, and Nazi Germany by Linda Jacobs Altman
1091841. Stephen King: King of Thrillers and Horror by Suzan Wilson
1091842. Kweisi Mfume: Congressman and NAACP Leader by M Elizabeth Paterra
1091844. Animal Experimentation: Cruelty or Science? by Nancy Day
1091845. Nuclear Weapons: More Countries, More Threats by Thomas Streissguth
1091846. Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist by Pflueger, Lynda
1091847. Mary Todd Lincoln: Tragic First Lady of the Civil War by Mary E Hull
1091848. Jim Bowie: Hero of the Alamo by Ann Graham Gaines
1091849. Daniel Boone: Frontier Legend by Pat Mc Carthy
1091851. Creating and Publishing Web Pages on the Internet by Wolinsky, Art
1091852. Sports Great Frank Thomas by Bill Deane
1091853. Top 10 Sports Bloopers and Who Made Them by Jeff Savage
1091854. Top 10 Basketball Shot-Blockers by Jeff C Young
1091855. Top 10 American Women's Olympic Gold Medalists by Christin Ditchfield
1091856. The New York Knicks Basketball Team by Randy Schultz
1091857. The San Francisco Giants Baseball Team by David Pietrusza
1091858. Science Fair Success Using Supermarket Products by Salvatore Tocci
1091860. Science Fair Projects Investigating Earthworms by Lloyd H Barrow
1091861. The Good, the Bad, the Slimy: The Secret Life of Microbes by Sara L Latta
1091862. The Vietnam Antiwar Movement in American History by Anita Louise Mc Cormick
1091863. The Jim Crow Laws and Racism in American History by David K Fremon
1091864. The Little Rock School Desegregation Crisis in American History by Robert Somerlott
1091865. The Pullman Strike and the Labor Movement in American History by R Conrad Stein
1091866. The Louisiana Purchase in American History by Ann Graham Gaines
1091867. NASA Planetary Spacecraft: Galileo, Magellan, Pathfinder, and Voyager by Carmen Bredeson
1091868. John Glenn Returns to Orbit: Life on the Space Shuttle by Carmen Bredeson
1091869. Spacewalks: The Ultimate Adventure in Orbit by Gregory Vogt
1091871. Space Emergency: Astronauts in Danger by Michael D Cole
1091872. NASA Space Vehicles: Capsules, Shuttles, and Space Stations by Michael D Cole
1091873. Space Launch Disaster: When Liftoff Goes Wrong by Michael D Cole
1091875. LSD, PCP, and Hallucinogen Drug Dangers by Judy Monroe
1091877. Tranquilizer, Barbiturate, and Downer Drug Dangers by Michelle M Houle
1091878. Dale Earnhardt: Star Race Car Driver by Paul Steenkamer
1091879. Lemon V. Kurtzman: The Religion and Public Funds Case by Leah Farish
1091880. Cippolone V. Liggett Group: Suing Tobacco Companies by Diana Sergis
1091881. The California Trail to Gold in American History by Green, Carl R.
1091882. The Mission Trails in American History by Green, Carl R.
1091883. Paul Laurence Dunbar: Portrait of a Poet by Catherine Reef
1091884. Depression: What It Is, How to Beat It by Linda Wasmer Smith
1091887. The Death Penalty for Teens by Nancy Day