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Books 49/82

1092151. The Jewish Victims of the Holocaust by Linda Jacobs Altman
1092152. The Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust by Linda Jacobs Altman
1092154. Crimes and Criminals of the Holocaust by Altman, Linda Jacobs
1092155. Impact of the Holocaust by Linda Jacobs Altman
1092156. Niels Bohr: Physicist and Humanitarian by Naomi E Pasachoff
1092157. Alexander Fleming: The Man Who Discovered Penicillin by Salvatore Tocci
1092159. Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President by Ford, Carin T.
1092160. Paul Revere: Patriot by Carin T Ford
1092162. Sacagawea: Meet an American Legend by Ford, Carin T.
1092163. American Women of Flight: Pilots and Pioneers by Holden, Henry M.
1092164. Neil Armstrong: Meet the Famous Astronaut by Barbara Kramer
1092165. Charles Drew: Pioneer in Medicine by Anne E Schraff
1092166. Harry S. Truman by Michael A Schuman
1092172. Split-Second Science Projects with Speed: How Fast Does It Go? by Robert Gardner
1092173. The Nervous System by Martha V Gold
1092174. The Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems by John Coopersmith Gold
1092175. The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems by Susan Dudley Gold
1092177. The Musculoskeletal System and the Skin by Susan Dudley Gold
1092178. Trucks and Big Rigs by Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn
1092184. Bill Clinton by Michael A Schuman
1092186. Derek Jeter: Daring to Dream by Stew Thornley
1092188. The Chicago Black Sox Baseball Scandal by Michael J Pellowski
1092189. The Terrorist Trial of the 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center: A Headline Court Case by Michael J Pellowski
1092190. Super Sports Star Brett Favre by Stew Thornley
1092191. Super Sports Star Randy Moss by Stew Thornley
1092192. Super Sports Star Eddie George by Stew Thornley
1092195. Sinister Snakes by Elaine Landau
1092196. Scary Sharks by Elaine Landau
1092201. Ferdinand Magellan: First Exlorer Around the World by Ar Ene Bourgeois Molzahn
1092202. Henry Hudson: Explorer of the Hudson River by Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn
1092203. Ponce de Leon: Explorer of Florida by Molzahn, Arlene Bourgeois
1092204. Prehistoric Flying Reptiles: The Pterosaurs by Thom Holmes
1092205. Super Sports Star Peyton Manning by Ken Rappoport
1092207. Researching on the Internet Using Search Engines, Bulletin Boards, and Listservs by Gerry Souter
1092208. Bringing Photos, Music, and Video Into Your Web Page by Gerry Souter
1092209. Creating Animation for Your Web Page by Gerry Souter
1092211. You Can Write a Report by Jennifer Rozines Roy
1092212. You Can Write Speeches and Debates by Jennifer Rozines Roy
1092214. Soda Pop Science Projects: Experiments with Carbonated Soft Drinks by Thomas R Rybolt
1092215. You Can Write an Essay by Jennifer Rozines Roy
1092218. Bush V. Gore: Controversial Presidential Election Case by Sergis, Diana K.
1092220. Jonas Salk: Creator of the Polio Vaccine by Salvatore Tocci
1092221. Johannes Kepler: Discovering the Laws of Planetary Motion by Mary Gow
1092223. George W. Bush: The 43rd President by Carmen Bredeson
1092224. John Grisham: Best-Selling Author by Ishizuka, Kathy
1092226. Georgia O'Keeffe: Legendary American Painter by Jodie A Shull
1092227. Laura Ingalls Wilder: Real-Life Pioneer of the Little House Books by Carin T Ford
1092228. E. B. White: Beyond Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little by Litwin, Laura Baskes
1092230. Blackout!: Cities in Darkness by DeAngelis, Therese
1092231. The Stock Market Crash of 1929: Dawn of the Great Depression by Mary Gow
1092233. Dr. Charles Drew: Blood Bank Innovator by Anne E Schraff
1092237. African Mythology by Altman, Linda Jacobs
1092238. Light, Sound, and Waves Science Fair Projects Using Sunglasses, Guitars, CDs, and Other Stuff by Robert Gardner
1092239. Electricity and Magnetism Science Fair Projects: Using Batteries, Balloons, and Other Hair-Raising Stuff by Robert Gardner
1092240. Science Fair Projects about the Properties of Matter: Using Marbles, Water, Balloons, and More by Robert Gardner
1092242. Linus Pauling: Advancing Science, Advocating Peace by Naomi E Pasachoff
1092243. Denzel Washington: Academy Award-Winning Actor by Sara Mc Intosh Wooten
1092244. Super Sports Star Barry Bonds by Thornley, Stew
1092245. Super Sports Star Ken Griffey, Jr. by Stew Thornley
1092246. Super Sports Star Chipper Jones by Stew Thornley
1092247. Highlights from the Hubble Telescope: Postcards from Space by Melanie Chrismer
1092248. The World War II D-Day Invasion in American History by R Conrad Stein
1092249. Super Sports Star Ichiro Suzuki by Ken Rappoport
1092250. Super Sports Star Alex Rodriguez by Ken Rappoport
1092251. Super Sports Star Derek Jeter by Ken Rappoport
1092254. The Revolutionary War and George Washington's Army in American History by McGowen, Tom
1092255. John Cabot: Early Explorer by Mass, Wendy
1092256. Marco Polo: Explorer of China by Feeney, Kathy
1092258. The Perilous Search for the Fabled Northwest Passage in American History by Karen Clemens Warrick
1092268. Steroids, Sports, and Body Image: The Risks of Performance-Enhancing Drugs by Judy Monroe
1092274. The Charles Manson Murder Trial: A Headline Court Case by Michael J Pellowski
1092276. Easter: Parades, Chocolates, and Celebration by Elaine Landau
1092277. Vince Carter: Slam Dunk Artist by John Albert Torres
1092282. Francisco Pizarro: Explorer of South America by Sandra J Kachurek
1092283. Henry Ford: The Car Man by Ford, Carin T.
1092284. James Madison: Creating a Nation by Zachary Kent
1092285. John Adams: Creating a Nation by Kent, Zachary
1092286. All about Braille: Reading by Touch by Laura S Jeffrey
1092287. Albert Einstein: The Giant of 20th Century Science by Hasday, Judy L.
1092288. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Legendary First Lady by Agins, Donna Brown
1092290. The Incredible Submersible Alvin Discovers a Strange Deep-Sea World by Bradford Matsen
1092291. An Extreme Dive Under the Antarctic Ice by Bradford Matsen
1092292. The Incredible Quest to Find the Titanic by Bradford Matsen
1092294. The Incredible Search for the Treasure Ship Atocha by Bradford Matsen
1092297. The Forested Taiga: A Web of Life by Philip Johansson
1092299. The Tropical Rain Forest: A Web of Life by Philip Johansson
1092300. The Dry Desert: A Web for Life by Philip Johansson
1092303. Kwanzaa Crafts by Carol Gnojewski
1092305. Annie Oakley: Wild West Sharpshooter by Elaine Landau
1092308. Jesse James: Wild West Train Robber by Elaine Landau
1092311. Chemistry Science Fair Projects: Using French Fries, Gumdrops, Soap, and Other Organic Stuff by Robert Gardner
1092313. Gouverneur Morris: Creating a Nation by Crompton, Samuel Willard
1092314. Jason Kidd: Leader on the Court by Ken Rappoport
1092315. Bill Pickett: Wild West Cowboy by Elaine Landau
1092320. Hanukkah Crafts by Karen E Bledsoe
1092321. Ray Bradbury: Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Wendy Mass
1092323. George Eastman: The Kodak Camera Man by Ford, Carin T.
1092324. Robert Fulton: The Steamboat Man by Carin T Ford
1092326. Daring Women of the Civil War by Ford, Carin T.
1092328. Lincoln, Slavery, and the Emancipation Proclamation by Carin T Ford
1092329. The Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's Gettyburg Address by Carin T Ford
1092330. African-American Soldiers in the Civil War: Fighting for Freedom by Carin T Ford
1092332. St. Patrick's Day Crafts by Carol Gnojewski
1092333. Christmas Crafts by Fay Robinson
1092335. A Student's Guide to John Steinbeck by Gerald Newman
1092339. Computers: A Magic Mouse Guide by Chris Ward Johnson
1092342. Discovering Dinosaurs with a Fossil Hunter by Judith Williams
1092343. Exploring Space with an Astronaut by Patricia J Murphy
1092345. Investigating Insects with a Scientist by Patricia J Murphy
1092347. Grace Hopper: Computer Whiz by Murphy, Patricia J.
1092348. Garrett Morgan: Inventor of the Traffic Light and Gas Mask by Patricia J Murphy
1092350. Saving Endangered Animals with a Scientist by Williams, Judith A.
1092351. Guglielmo Marconi: Inventor of Radio and Wireless Communication by Victoria Sherrow
1092352. Stephen Hawking: Breaking the Boundaries of Time and Space by John Bankston
1092356. Yo-Yo Ma: A Cello Superstar Brings Music to the World by Chippendale, Lisa A.
1092357. George Washington: Creating a Nation by Perrin, Pat
1092358. Wilma Rudolph: The Greatest Woman Sprinter in History by Schraff, Anne
1092360. Alvin Ailey: Celebrating African-American Culture in Dance by Barbara C Cruz
1092363. Read about Cesar Chavez by Stephen Feinstein
1092364. Read about Sacagawea by Stephen Feinstein
1092365. Read about Abraham Lincoln by Stephen Feinstein
1092366. Read about Helen Keller by Stephen Feinstein
1092367. Read about Martin Luther King, Jr. by Feinstein, Stephen
1092368. Read about George Washington by Aileen Weintraub
1092372. Why Is It Windy? by Judith Williams
1092373. What Does a Teacher Do? by Felicia Lowenstein
1092375. What Does a Dentist Do? by Heather Miller
1092376. What Does a Truck Driver Do? by Lisa Trumbauer
1092377. What Does a Nurse Do? by Lisa Trumbauer
1092378. What Does a Construction Worker Do? by P M Boekhoff
1092381. Exploring Ancient China with Elaine Landau by Elaine Landau
1092384. Exploring the World of the Aztecs with Elaine Landau by Elaine Landau
1092386. Father's Day Crafts by Fay Robinson
1092388. Thanksgiving Day Crafts by Arlene Erlbach
1092390. Chinese New Year Crafts by Karen E Bledsoe
1092391. Mother's Day Crafts by Arlene Erlbach
1092398. You Have the Right to Know Your Rights: What Teens Should Know by Maurene J Hinds
1092400. Weather Science Fair Projects Using Sunlight, Rainbows, Ice Cubes, and More by Robert Gardner
1092401. Planet Earth Science Fair Projects: Using the Moon, Stars, Beach Balls, Frisbees, and Other Far-Out Stuff by Robert Gardner
1092406. Plant and Animal Science Fair Projects: Using Beetles, Weeds, Seeds, and More by Yael Calhoun
1092409. Dave Thomas: Honesty Pays by Barbara Kramer
1092410. Michael J. Fox: Courage for Life by Barbara Kramer
1092414. Gloria Estefan: Never Give Up by Barbara Kramer
1092422. Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones: Disaster & Survival by Ceban, Bonnie J.
1092426. Schenck v. United States and the Freedom of Speech Debate: Debating Supreme Court Decisions by Jodi Icenoggle
1092439. Science Fair Success Using the Internet by Marc Alan Rosner
1092440. Kurt Cobain: Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind by Jeff Burlingame
1092441. A Student's Guide to Ernest Hemingway by Timothy J Pingelton
1092442. A Student's Guide to Arthur Miller by Amy Dunkleberger
1092444. A Student's Guide to Robert Frost by Connie Ann Kirk