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100502. REGULATING GLOBALIZATION: Critical Approaches to Global Governance by Pierre De Senarclens And
100504. HOW MAPS WORK: Representation, Visualization, and Design by Alan M Mac Eachren
100509. What Is Anthropology? by Thomas Hylland Eriksen
100511. CHALLENGES IN HUMAN RIGHTS: A Social Work Perspective by Elisabeth Reichert Ed
100514. SOCIAL WORK SKILLS: A Practice Handbook by Pamela Trevithick
100516. SOCIAL EXCLUSION (2nd Edition) by David Byrne
100523. Cultivate a Cool Career (52 Brilliant Ideas) : Guerrilla Tactics for Reaching the Top by Ken Langdon
100530. Pearson Current Events Digest 2007 by Showick Thorpe
100531. Multimedia Fundamentals Vol 1,2/e by Klara Steinmetz Nahrstedt Ralf
100540. Business Communication Today: Eight Edition by John Thill
100548. Heat Transfer Laboratory Manual by Prof Abdul Matheen
100549. Structural Analysis Through Short Questions and Answers by Dr P Perumal
100550. New Approach to CBSE Mathematics IX by R K Bansal
100554. Comprehensive Financial Accounting XI (Hindi Medium) by A S Siddiqui
100559. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics - I (RGPV) by Manish Goyal
100561. Comprehensive Social Science IX Vol - II by S A Siddiqui
100562. Comprehensive Home Science XII by Anju Chauhan
100570. Optical Communications by N Bala Saraswathi
100579. A Textbook of Biotechnology Vol. I by Rehana Khan
100581. Data Structures Using C ++ by N Kasiviswanath
100585. Digital Signal Processing by M S Abdaheer
100586. Computer Graphics by V K Pachghare
100588. Antenna And Wave Propagation by Vijay Kumar Salvia
100589. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (For First and Second Year ,Anna University) by Manish Goyal
100593. Basic Civil Engineering (RGPV) by Rakesh Ranjan Beohar
100603. Comprehensive Physics XII (Hindi Medium) by Raman Chandra Narinder Kumar
100607. Electrical Power System Analysis by B V Rami Reddy
100608. Comprehensive Social Science IX (Hindi Medium) by S A Siddiqui
100611. Algebra Made Easy by Dr N S Yadav
100612. Professional Ethics and Human Values by S Dinesh Babu
100618. Computer Integrated Manufacturing by B S Raju
100620. Theory and Applications of Mechanical Vibrations by Dilip Kumar Adhwarjee
100621. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (BPUT, Orissa) Sem- I by Dr Dillip Ku Dash
100622. Physics for Engineers and Scientists by F Melchert
100630. Comprehensive Biology XI by Dr H K Bhatia
100632. Analysis and Design of Algorithm by Gyanendra Kumar Dwivedi
100633. Comprehensive Social Science IX by S A Siddiqui
100635. Accounting for Management by V R Palanivelu
100645. The Power of Oracle 10 g by Rajeev A Parida
100646. Comprehensive Biology Practical Notebook XI by Dr J P Sharma
100649. Theory of Computation by Dr O G Kakde
100651. Comprehensive Test Papers (File- System) English IX In Two Volumes by R K Gupta
100652. Comprehensive Test Papers (File- System) Vol. I& II English Communicative X by R K Gupta
100653. Comprehensive ICSE Computer Applications by S Kumar
100658. As You Like It by Shakespeare William
100659. A HANDBOOK OF TIBETAN CULTURE: A Guide to Tibetan Centres and Resources Througho by
100660. Forty- one Years in India (2 volumes) by
100661. FIZA YA: Psyche of The Pakistan Air Force by Peter Steinem
100662. The Afghan Turmoil: Changing Equations by Mahendra Ved
100663. Charting the Deep: A History of the Indian Naval Hydrographic Department by Dr Manoshi Bhattacharya
100664. Early Marine Charts of India by Dr Sp Sharma
100672. Golden Algebra by N P Bali
100673. Golden Numerical Anlaysis by R Gupta
100674. Golden Differential Equations by N P Bali
100676. Reinforced Concrete Structures Vol. I by Arun Kr Jain
100682. Waste Water Engineering by Arun Kr Jain
100689. Basic Electrical Engineering (Swami Vivekanand University, BPUT, Orissa) by R K Rajput
100691. Comprehensive Engineering Mathematics - III (M.D.U., K.U., G.J.U., Haryana) by N P Bali
100692. Programming in C by J B Dixit
100694. Physics for Engineers by Rajesh Sharma
100697. Elements of Electronic Instrumentation by R K Rajput
100699. Golden Linear Algebra by Prakash Om
100703. An Introduction to Principles of Digital Communication Engineering by P Sri Hari
100707. Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Information Technology by J B Dixit
100708. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Vol. - I) by
100713. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Vol. - II) by
100728. Magic of ASP. Net with C# by Kumar Sanjeev
100730. Comprehensive Mechanical Engineering by R K Rajput
100731. Comprehensive Laboratory Manual in Biotechnology XI by Dr A Jayakumaran Nair
100732. Basics of C+ + Programming by Nishant Kundalia
100733. A Textbook of Electrical Science by R K Rajput
100757. Elements of Civil Engineering (VTU, Karnataka) by Arun Kr Jain
100761. Comprehensive Computer& Languages by Ashok Arora
100770. Comprehensive Sample Papers English XI by Suraj Bhan Sharma
100771. The Power of C# by Rajiv Parida
100773. A Textbook of Electrical Engineering Materials (U.P. Technical University, Lucknow) by R K Rajput
100774. Basic Electrical Engineering (VTU, Karnataka) by R K Rajput
100778. Comprehensive Workshop Practice (RGPV) by R K Rajput
100781. Comprehensive Experiments and Workbook in Mathematics X by Dr S K Mahajan
100782. Comprehensive Experiments and Workbook in Mathematics XII by Dr S K Mahajan
100784. Comprehensive Engineering Drawing by J R Mehta
100785. Comprehensive Basic Electrical Engineering (RGPV) by R K Rajput
100787. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics - II (U.P. Tech. Univ. , Lucknow) by Manish Goyal
100788. Basic Electrical Engineering by R K Rajput
100790. Surveying and Field Work- II (Hindi Medium) by Arun Kr Jain
100791. The Power of Oracle 9i by Vinod Sharma
100795. Straight To The Point - Flash 5 by Corinne Hervo
100796. Straight To The Point - Photoshop 6 by Corinne Hervo
100800. Keeping Ahead - Linux Administration Kernel Version 2.0 to 2.2 by Bruno Guerin
100806. Keeping Ahead - TCP/IP in the NT Environment by Bruno Ferec
100824. Comprehensive Informatics Practices XI by Ramesh Bangia
100825. Comprehensive Physics II (Paper II) by Dr O P Garg
100826. Comprehensive Projects in Informatics Practices XI by Ramesh Bangia
100827. Comprehensive Engineering Mathematics - I (U.P. Tech. Univ., Lucknow) by Manish Goyal
100828. Excel with Inorganic Chemistry by Dr M K Jain
100830. Comprehensive Project Management by Prof Abdul Matheen
100832. Comprehensive Sample Papers English XII by Suraj Bhan Sharma
100833. Business Systems by Ramesh Bangia
100838. Comprehensive Biotechnology XII by Dr A Jayakumaran Nair
100839. Comprehensive Multimedia and Web Technology XI by Ramesh Bangia
100843. Comprehensive Manufacturing Process- I (VTU, Bangalore) by P M Subramani
100844. A Textbook of Electrical Technology (M.D.U.) by R K Rajput
100855. Elements of Mechanical Engineering (M.D.U.,K.U., G.J.U., Haryana) by R K Rajput
100857. Discrete Mathematics by R Krishna Kumar
100858. Comprehensive Switching Theory and Logic Design by M V Subramanyam
100860. Comprehensive Electronics Engineering Fundamentals by Monish Gupta
100861. Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II by Vivek Pathania
100862. Golden Problems with Solutions in Financial Accounting XII by S A Siddiqui
100863. Comprehensive Physical Chemistry II by Vivek Pathania
100864. Comprehensive Physics III (Paper II) by Dr J K Juneja
100865. Comprehensive Physics II (Paper I) by Dr J K Juneja
100866. Comprehensive Physics I (Paper I) by Dr J K Juneja
100867. Comprehensive Physics III (Paper I) by Dr O P Garg
100869. Comprehensive Physics I (Paper II) by Dr O P Garg
100870. Comprehensive Physical Chemistry III by Vivek Pathania
100871. Comprehensive Physical Chemistry I by Vivek Pathania
100872. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics- III (RGPV) by Manish Goyal
100874. Basic Electrical Engineering (Anna University) by R K Rajput
100881. Physics for Engineers (U.P. Tech. Univ, Lucknow) by Narinder Kumar
100886. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics - II (RGPV) by Manish Goyal
100888. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics - II (Anna University) by Manish Goyal
100890. New Approach to CBSE Mathematics X by R K Bansal
100893. Comprehensive Laboratory Manual in Biotechnology XII by Dr A Jayakumaran Nair
100895. Comprehensive Mathematics XII C by Parmanand Gupta
100900. Operations Research by Col D S Cheema
100901. Comprehensive Fashion Studies XI by Monika Sethi Pooja Khurana
100904. Studio Factory - Flash MX by Arnaud Blanche
100905. Studio Factory- Dreamweaver MX by Christophe Aubry
100907. Studio Factory - Photoshop 7 by Cyril Guerin
100908. Ms-Word 2000 Thumb-Rules and Details by Snigdha Banerjee
100910. Management Concepts for Civil Engineers by K Anbuvelan
100913. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics - II (M.D.U, K.U., G.J.U, Haryana) by N P Bali
100915. Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques by Manish Goyal
100916. Computer Aided Manufacturing (Anna University) by G Shanmuga Sundar
100928. Comprehensive Information Technology IX by Dinesh Maidasani
100939. Comprehensive Environmental Education X by Dr J P Sharma
100940. Mechanics of Fluids by Dr R K Bansal
100946. Electric Circuit Analysis by T V Narmadha
100947. Total Quality Management by Dr S Kumar
100957. Solutions to Algebra and Trigonometry by R S Dahiya
100958. Solutions to Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations by R S Dahiya
100959. Solutions to Vector Analysis and Geometry by R S Dahiya P Parkash
100961. Solutions to Advanced Calculus by P Prakash
100968. Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C by J B Dixit
100970. Programming in C and Numerical Analysis by J B Dixit
100971. Advanced Engineering Chemistry by Dr M R Senapati
100973. Comprehensive Structural Analysis Vol. II by Dr P Perumal
100976. Practical Physics for Engineers by Ashok Kr Mishra
100977. Web Technology by Ramesh Bangia
100978. Illuminating Engineering by Kamlesh Roy