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Books 5/90

103365. Kargil Vijay: Musharraf Ka Jhooth Kuch Jude Hue Mudde (Hindi) by Bar
103366. Indian Defence Review Jan- Mar 2008 Vol 23.1 by Bharat Verma
103372. Sanghiya Pranali: Ek Parichay (Hindi) by George Anderson
103374. Afghanistan: The First Faultline War by Vsm Brigadier Gd Bakshi
103385. Chinese Views of Future Warfare by Michael Pillsbury
103390. JEHAD by Subroto Kundu
103480. Sofa Cum Bed by Sanjib Chattopadhyay
103490. Amaar Katha (Bengali) by Alauddin Khan
103495. Gharoa Ranna by Sadhana Mukherjee
103498. Niramis Ranna by Sadhana Mukherjee
103505. Mukh Dheke Jay Bigyapane by Shankha Ghosh
103553. Saat Taka Baro Ana (Bengali) by Sanjib Chattopadhyay
103555. Ek Bag Sankar (Bengali) by Sankar
103556. Sunila Gangopadhyayera sreshtha kabita (Bengali Edition) by Sunil Gangopadhyaya
103557. Vaishnodevir Darbarey (Bengali) by Sancu Maharaj
103558. Premer Galpa (Bengali) by Buddhadev Guha
103560. Tistaparer Brittanta (Bengali) by Debes Roy
103561. Sankha Chiler Dana (Bengali) by Tapan Bandyopadhyay
103562. Agun Jwalechhilo (Bengali) by Mahasweta Devi
103564. Charan Chhunye Jai (1) (Bengali) by Sankar
103566. Bangali Babu (Bengali) by Sanjib Chattopadhyay
103567. Nursing Research by Basavanthappa
103568. Subhasha Mukhopadhyayera sreshtha kabita (Bengali Edition) by Subhash Mukherjee
103571. Saktira kachakachi (Bengali Edition) by
103572. Charitraheen (Bengali) by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaya
103573. Subhada (Bengali) by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaya
103574. Natghar by
103576. Manimanik by
103577. Manda Meyer Upakhyan (Bengali) by Prafulla Roy
103578. Tina kuri dasa (Bengali Edition) by Asok Mitra
103580. Self Learning Course in Astrology by V K Choudhry
103581. Ichthyology by L P Poznanin
103582. India and Its Army by Rajesh Kadian
103584. Kashmir Tangle: Issues and Options by Rajesh Kadian
103585. Managing by the Numbers by David H
103587. How to Reduce Costs and Improve Profits by Harry E
103590. Tools of the Bull by Charles J
103591. Stock Market Probability by Joseph E Murphy
103594. Non Stop Winning on the Stock Market by Carter
103595. Continuous Improvement and Measurement for Total Quality by Dennis C
103597. Documentary Letters of Credit and Collections by Raghu
103599. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by John Magee
103600. Mathematics of Technical Analysis by Clifford
103603. Corruption in India: Agenda for Action by Samuel Paul S Guhan
103604. Income Tax Dictionary by R N Lakhotia
103605. Implementing TQM by Joseph R
103606. In Search of Wonder by Sachidananda Mohanty
103607. Encyclopedia of Asian Culture by P N
103609. Historical Dictionary of India by Surjit
103610. Mapping Cultural Spaces: Post- Colonial Indian Literature in English- Essays in Ho by Nabar
103616. Atlas and Survey of South Asian History by Karl J
103617. Marketing: Key to Business Success Today by Parkinson
103624. Income Tax Tips for Investors by R N
103625. Careers In Hotel Management by Arun
103626. Careers in Law by Pt
103628. Balance Sheets: Contents, Analysis and Interpretation by H R Danii
103633. Careers in Armed Forces by Gurbir
103636. How to Study in America by A B
103637. Tax Planning Through Trusts and Wills by R N
103640. How to Apply for Bank Loans by Raghu
103643. My Life and Politics by S Nijalingappa
103645. Geographical Dictionary of India by B L C
103647. US Immigration and Citizenship by Allan
103648. TQM: Leadership for the Quality Transformation by Richard S
103649. TQM: Management Processes for Quality Operations by Richard S
103650. TQM: Mechanics of Quality Processes by Richard S
103651. TQM: Quality Training Processes by Richard S
103661. Tax Planning of Personal Investments by R N
103663. Getting a Job in America by Roger Jones
103671. New Tax Rules for Perquistes by R N Lakhotia
103688. The Mga Business Quiz Book by Bijay Bhujbal
103694. E- Business Essentials by Bruce Durie
103730. Corporate Tax Planning Handbook by R N
103745. 51 Tips for Saving Income Tax by R N Lakhotia
103746. 51 Income Tax Tips for Investors by Lakhotia Subhash
103751. A to Z of Jainism by Kristi L
103757. How To Save Income Tax Through Tax Planning by R N
103758. Income Tax Kaise Bachaayen (Hindi) by R N
103759. Taxpayer to Taxsaver by A N
103760. Personal Investment and Tax Planning Yearbook by N J
103761. How to Save Tax on Your Salary and Perquisites by R N
103762. Income Tax Guide for the Taxpayer by R N Lakhotia
103763. Tax Free Incomes and Investments by R N
103764. How to Save Tax on Capital Gains by R N
103766. 51Tips for Saving Income Tax by R N
103776. Income Tax Kaise Bachaayen (Hindi) by R N
103777. Roopaya Kahaan Invest Karein (Hindi) by R N
103781. Income Tax Guide for the Taxpayer(A. Y. 2009- 10) by R N Lakhotia
103782. How to Save Tax on Capital Gains (A. Y. 2009- 2010) by R N Lakhotia
103787. Personal Investment and Tax Planning Yearbook by N J
103802. Steroids: Concepts, Chemistry and Functions 1st Edition 1989 by Kalsi P S
103803. Introduction to the Study of Literature Reprint 2007 by Hudson Henry William
103806. Fortunes in Formulas Reprint 1994 by Hiscox Gardners
103807. Marketing Salesmanship and Advertising Reprint 1987 by Deshpande
103810. Fish Nematodes from South Asia, 1st Edition 1989 by Sood M L
103819. English Literature 1st Edition 1988, Rep. 97 by Herford C H
103821. English Idioms Reprint 2000 by Dixion
103823. Coleridge Reprint 1997 by Humphry House
103825. Elementary Book- Keeping and Principles of Accounts Rep. 1988 by Fieldhouse Arthur
103828. Advanced Personnel Management 1st Edition 1988 by Ahuja K K
103832. Indian Thoughts and its Development, 1st Indian Edition 1989 by Scheweeitler Albert
103836. Experimental Psychology: An Introduction, 2007 by Postman Egan
103840. The Modern World: Ten Great Writers, 1st Edi. 1989 by Bradbury Malcolm
103847. Geography of the Himalaya, 1st Edition, 1992 by Ahmad Enayat
103848. All About Weed Control 1st Edition 1991, Rep. 2004 by Subramaniam S
103853. Relax and be Successful 1st Edition, 1989, Rep. by Hewitt James
103855. The Importance of Living 1st Edition, 1989 Rep. 1994 by Yutang Len
103856. New Dictionary of Thought 1st Edition 1989, Rep. 2000 by Tryon Edwars D D
103858. Transformation of Sikhism Reprint 1998 by Narang Gokul Chand
103862. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Rept. 1992 by Ahuja K K
103863. Poultry Production 3rd Edition 1992, Rep. 2008 by Singh R A
103872. Introduction to Panchayati Raj and Community Development in India, 2nd Edi. 1993 Rept. 1996 by Dass Harihara
103884. The Gospel of the Guru- Granth Sahib Reprinted 1998 by Greenless Duncun
103890. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel
103892. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Twain Mark
103898. The Jungle Book by Kipling Rudyard
103899. t Kidnapped by Stevenson Roberi Louis
103902. Treasure Island by Stevenson Roberi Louis
103904. Comprehensive College Botany Vol. II, 1st Edi. 1999 Rep. 2003 by Ravinder Nath
103910. Pediatric Practice 2nd Edition 1998 by Daljit Singh
103919. A Course on Numerical Analysis 2nd Edi. 1998, Rep. 2008 by Das R N
103927. Arms and the Man by Shaw Bernard
103929. Basic Accounting Problems and Solutions, 1st Edi. 1998 by Narang K L
103931. Modern Approch to Chemistry Vol II, 2nd Edi. 1998, Rep. 2005 by Barua S
103933. Keynes and Post Keynesian Economics 6th Edition 1997 Reprint 2008 by Rana A S
103934. Analytical Geometry of Quadratic Surfaces 1st Edition 1986, Rep. 2007 by Sahu D C
103936. Social Change: Themes Perspective 1st Edition 1993 Rep. 2005 by Mohapatra N K
103937. Principles of Modern Marketing 1st Edition 1998 by Amanat Ullah Mohammed
103941. Double Entry Book Keeping (All India) , 8th Edition 1998 Reprint 2001 by Saxena K K
103949. War and Peace by Tolstoy L
103954. International Transportation: Law of Carriage by Air by G S Sachdeva
103955. Political Economy of the Third World Countries by D Thakur
103956. Organisation and Management of Public Enterprises by K R P Singh
103957. Financial Management in Public Undertakings by Y G Rao
103958. Sri Aurobindo and Vedanta Philosophy by S Pandey
103959. Concentration of Economic Power and Monopolies in India by V K Agarwal
103960. Nationalisation and Growth of Indian Banking by A S Chawla
103961. Law and Practice of Restrictive Trade Practices in India by M P Jain
103962. Planning for Economic Growth of Third World Countries by D Thakur
103964. Television Industry in India by P Kumar
103965. Regional Development Banks and Industrialisation by L K Bansal
103966. Trade Union- Management Relations in India by S D Tripathi
103967. Managerial Business and Finance by K Chopra
103968. LongTerm Fiscal Policy and Planning in India by R K Sinha
103969. Trends & Challanges to Indian Political System by V Grover
103970. Studies In Islamic Law, Religion And Society 01 Edition by
103971. Books by
103972. Indo- Soviet Co- operation and India's Economic Development by R S Singh
103973. Urban Politics and Administration by R Tahseen
103974. Industrialization and Development Banking by Cp Sharma