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Books 51/26

1128786. Bibliographic Guide to Dance by Gk Hall
1128791. Bibliographic Guide to Latin American Studies by Gk Hall
1128798. Dark Tide of Love by Marianne Harvey
1128800. Wmn Compsr V4 by Sylvia Glickman
1128803. Women Composers: Music Through the Ages by Martha Furman Schleifer
1128805. Volume Set. by Martha Furman Schleifer
1128815. Annual Bibliography of Modern Art by Gk Hall
1128817. Chuck & Buck by Miguel Artera
1128819. Union in Truth- Spec: An Interpretive History of the Restoration Movement by James B North
1128822. Construction Zone by Standard Publishing
1128824. Quest: The Search for Heroes by Cindy Thompson
1128825. Basic Training by Ruth Frederick
1128826. The Young Reader's Bible: 70 Easy-To-Read Bible Stories by Bonnie Bruno
1128827. Power Plays by Dennis Jones
1128828. Exploration... by Bill Mc Coy
1128829. Battleground by Linda K Sibley
1128830. A Family Treasury by Lise Caldwell
1128831. Baby's First Prayers by Muff Singer
1128832. Bible Message Make-N-Takes by Susan Lingo
1128833. Developing a Dynamic Drama Ministry by Lise Caldwell
1128834. Drama for Worship by Curt Cloninger
1128835. Treat Em Right: Tasty Ideas for Encouraging Volunteers, Let Your Volunteers Know How Much They're Appreciated. This Creative Resource by Susan Cutshall
1128840. Jesus No Equal by Steve Miller
1128841. Jesus No Equal: A Passionate Encounter with the Son of God by Barry St Clair
1128842. Teaching That Works by Theresa Hayes
1128845. Ready, Set, Go!: 35 Around-The-Town Adventures with God by Mark Hale
1128846. Noah's Ark by Greg Holder
1128847. The Christmas Story by Holder, Greg
1128848. Where is Little Lamb? by Angie Sage
1128849. Jesus Loves Me! by Standard Publishing
1128850. My Good Night Bible Songs[ With Keyboard and 2 Batteries] by Susan L Lingo
1128851. 101 Simple Service Projects Kids Can Do: Creative Ways to Touch Families, Communities, and the World! by Susan L Lingo
1128852. Video Talks for Kids: 50 Bible Messages Using Video Clips with Video by Patricial Alderdice Senseman
1128853. Embracing the Truth by David Faust
1128857. Edible Object Talks That Teach about Values by Susan L Lingo
1128858. God Loves Baby by Davidson, Alice Joyce
1128860. The Revelation Letters: Preparing Youth Groups for Christ's Return by David Olshine
1128861. Collect-N-Make Crafts for Kids by Susan Lingo
1128862. Collect-N-Play Games for Kids by Susan Lingo
1128863. The Story of Creation by Standard Publishing
1128864. The Miracles of Jesus by Standard Publishing
1128865. Heroes by Greg Holder
1128866. My Little Good Night Bible by Susan Lingo
1128867. Joy Builders by Susan Lingo
1128868. Hope Finders by Susan Lingo
1128871. Treatin' Kids Right! : 70 Sweet Ways to Help Kids Feel Special by Susan Cutshall
1128872. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Standard Publishing
1128873. Dear God, Let's Talk about You by Karen Ann Moore
1128874. What's the Big Deal about My Parents? by Jim Burgen
1128875. Controlled Chaos: Making Sense of Junior High Ministry by Kurt Johnston
1128876. Exceptional Teaching: A Comprehensive Guide for Including Students with Disabilities by Jim Pierson
1128878. Songs of Christmas: Play and Sing 12 Favorite Carols with an Electronic Piano by Standard Publishing
1128879. Interactive Children's Sermons: 52 Messages from the Psalms by Linda Carlblom
1128884. A Child's Book of Parables by Lori Froeb
1128887. Box Office Bible Studies by Jim Eichenberger
1128889. Standard Lesson Commentary-NIV by Ronald G Davis
1128892. Box Office Bible Studies by Jim Eichenberger
1128893. Standard Lesson Commentary- KJV: International Sunday School Lessons by Ronald G Davis
1128894. Standard Lesson Commentary-KJV with CD (Audio) by Standard Publishing
1128900. Easter Programs for the Church by Pat Fittro
1128901. Standard Easter Program Book by Pat Fittro
1128902. 24 Tandem Bible Storyscripts for Children's Ministry by Steven James
1128903. 24 Tandem Bible Hero Storyscripts for Children's Ministry by Steven James
1128914. The Passed Thru Fire Experience by Rick Bundschuh
1128915. Praying from the Gut: An Honest Prayer Journal for Teens by Steven James
1128916. Christmas Programs for Children: 2004 Edition (Shown Above) by Standard Publishing
1128921. My Easter Basket: And the True Story of Easter by Mary Manz Simon
1128922. Hugs in a Lunch Box: For Ages 5-7 with Sticker(s) by Standard Publishing
1128923. Hugs in a Lunch Box: For Ages 8-12 with Sticker(s) by Standard Publishing
1128925. Lordship: The Foundation for Following God by Karyn Henley
1128926. Stewardship: The Foundation for Reflecting God by Karyn Henley
1128931. Let's Shine Jesus' Light on Halloween by Diane Stortz
1128933. Let's Remember Jesus' Birth on Christmas by Standard Publishing
1128934. Let's Show God's Love on Valentine's Day by Greg Holder
1128935. What is Faith? by Standard Publishing
1128936. My Story of Jesus by Jennifer Holder
1128937. I Can Pray! by Standard Publishing
1128938. God Made You Special by Standard Publishing
1128940. Piglet Tells the Truth by Mary Manz Simon
1128941. Kitty Shows Kindness by Mary Manz Simon
1128942. Duckling Is Patient by Mary Manz Simon
1128944. Tiger Forgives by Mary Manz Simon
1128945. Puppy Makes Friends by Mary Manz Simon
1128946. Squirrel Says Thank You by Mary Manz Simon
1128947. Bear Obeys by Simon, Mary Manz
1128950. Knowing the Real Jesus: A 30- Day Devotional by Len Woods
1128952. Finding the Jesus Experience: A 30- Day Devotional by Linda M Washington
1128953. Finding the Jesus Experience: Leader's Guide by Dave Veerman
1128954. Meeting the Jesus Challenge: A 30- Day Devotional by Len Woods
1128955. Meeting the Jesus Challenge: Leader's Guide by Dave Veerman
1128956. Discovering the Jesus Answers Leader's Guide by Dave Veerman
1128957. Preschool Bible Message Make-N-Takes by Susan L Lingo
1128958. Surviving Middle School: How to Manage the Maze by Sandy Silverthorne
1128959. Surviving When You're Home Alone: How to Avoid Being Grounded for Life by Sandy Silverthorne
1128964. Make a Joyful Noise: Play and Sing[ With Electronic Piano Keyboard] by Standard Publishing
1128965. Lift and Look Creation by Gerald Hawksley
1128966. Lift and Look Noah's Ark by Gerald Hawksley
1128968. Bible Story Time with Mr. Bear by Linda Parry
1128969. Prayer Time with Mr. Bear by Linda Parry
1128970. Christmastime with Mr. Bear by Alan Parry
1128974. Connections Bible by Standard Publishing
1128976. Let's Thank God for Freedom by Amy Beveridge
1128977. Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter by Amy Beveridge
1128978. Skate Park Swap: And Other Devos for Guys on the Go by Stephen Sorenson
1128979. Yes, Jesus Loves Me by Sue Williams
1128981. Bedtime with Night- Light by Susan Lingo
1128982. Christmas with Night- Light by Susan Lingo
1128984. Devotions by Dead People: Secrets of Life from Beyond the Grave by Lynn Lusby Pratt
1128987. The Best Thing Is Love by Dandi Daley Mackall
1128988. I'm His Lamb by Dandi Daley Mackall
1128989. Jesus in Me by Dandi Daley Mackall
1128992. My World: Getting to Know Myself and the People I Love by Michael Kast
1128993. My Good Night Storybook: 45 Devotional Stories for Little Ones by Susan L Lingo
1128994. Be Thou My Vision: Devotions Based on Lyrics from Popular Christian Music by Standard Publishing
1128996. Happy Day. Family Treasury by Standard Publishing
1128997. Lamb Is Joyful by Mary Manz Simon
1128998. Lion Can Share by Mary Manz Simon
1128999. Panda Is Polite by Mary Manz Simon
1129000. Koala Does His Best by Mary Manz Simon
1129001. The Severed Head by Lena Wood
1129003. The Ancient Omen by Lena Wood
1129004. The Raven's Curse by Lena Wood
1129005. Word- And- Picture Bible: Level One by Standard Publishing
1129007. Flap- And- Tab Bible by Standard Publishing
1129008. Play- And- Learn Bible by Standard Publishing
1129009. On- My- Own Reader Bible by Standard Publishing
1129010. One Way Bible by Joe Van Severen
1129020. 365 Devotions by Standard Publishing
1129021. 365 Devotions by Standard Publishing
1129022. Easter Programs for the Church by Brynn Robertson
1129023. Standard Easter Program Book by Robertson, Brynn
1129026. Love God by
1129027. Listen to Jesus by Standard Publishing
1129028. Obey God's Word by Standard Publishing
1129029. Easter Programs for the Church by Standard Publishing
1129031. 30 Old Testament Quickskits for Kids by Steven James
1129032. 30 New Testament QuickSkits for Kids by Steven James
1129033. Crazy & Creative Bible Stories for Preteens by Steven James
1129036. NIV Standard Lesson Commentary by Ronald L Nickelson
1129038. 365 Devotions by Gary Allen
1129039. 365 Devotions by Gary Allen
1129040. Standard Lesson Commentary by Underwood, Jonathan
1129041. 2006-2007 Standard Lesson E-Commentary by Standard Publishing
1129042. Believe God's Son by Standard Publishing
1129043. Grow Up in Jesus by Standard Publishing
1129044. Stand Strong in the Lord by Standard Publishing
1129045. Christmas Programs for Children: Poems, Plays, and Programs for a Joyful Celebration! by Brynn Robertson
1129048. Summer Camp by Tracy Carpenter
1129050. Lift and Look Bible Animals by Gerald Hawksley
1129051. Jesus Said, "Go Tell the World," So I've Got a Job to Do by Dandi Daley Mackall