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1147501. Improvising Solos for Guitar with CD (Audio) by John E Lawrence
1147507. Stealing Second by Chris Thile
1147508. Crary, Dan - Guitar by Dan Crary
1147510. Tex-Mex Conjunto Classics for Accordion: For Diatonic or Piano Accordion by Gary Dahl
1147513. Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music for Fiddle by Martin Norgaard
1147523. Complete Book of Violin Sonatas - Violin Part by Burton Isaac
1147526. Romantic Period Music for Clarinet by Norman Heim
1147527. 101 Amazing Jazz Bass Patterns with CD (Audio) by Larry Mc Cabe
1147528. J. S. Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites Arranged for Guitar by Stanley Yates
1147533. Matteo Carcassi: 25 Etudes Melodiques Progressives Opus 60 by Carcassi, Matteo
1147536. Pernambuco (Joao Texeira Guimaraes): 11 Famous Choros by Pernambuco, Joao
1147538. Straube, Due Sonate a Liuto Solo (1746) Tablature by Rudolf Straube
1147539. Six Sonates Pour la Guitare Avec Accompagnement de Violon Op. 11: Dixieme Ouverture En Sonate Pour Guitare Et Violon D'Iphigenie En Aulide de Gluck by Pierre Porro
1147540. Christian Gottlieb Scheidler: Two Sonatas for Guitar by C G Scheidler
1147541. Napoleon Coste: The Collected Guitar Works: Volume 7 by Napoleon Coste
1147548. Haydn/Carulli London Symphony: (1st Movement) Arranged for 2 Guitars by Simon Wynberg
1147550. Mauro Giuliani: Six Variations Op. 38: Guitar & Orchestra by Mauro Giuliani
1147552. Johann Sigismund Weiss: Concerto in D Minor for Lute and Strings by Sigismund Weiss, Johann
1147557. Frank Campo: 3 Studies for Guitar Quartet by Frank Campo
1147558. Sonata Per Chitarra by Giulio Viozzi
1147559. 2 Piezas Afro-Antillanas Para Guitarra: Nana Para una Negrita/El Cumbancherito by Ernesto Cordero
1147560. Jose Alberto Kaplan: Sonatina Para Violao by Alvaro Pierri
1147562. O Ginete Do Pierrozinho Modinha by Heitor Villa Lobos
1147569. Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti: Guitarist by Simon Wynberg
1147570. Solo Now!: Original Progressive Guitar Solos in 3 Volumes: Volume 1 by Richard Wright
1147571. Solo Now! Volume 2: Original Progressive Guitar Solos in 3 Volumes by Richard Wright
1147573. The Baroque Book: Intermediate Guitar Solos from the 17th and 18th Centuries by Richard Wright
1147574. One + One Volume 2 Pupil's Part: Graded Guitar Duos for Pupil and Teacher by Chanterelle Ltd
1147575. One + One Volume 3 Teacher's Score with Separate Pupil's Part: Graded Guitar Duos for Pupil and Teacher by Richard Wright
1147577. Petr Eben: 33 Czech Folksongs for Pupil & Teacher Pupil's Part by Peter Batchelar
1147579. 13 Tango Passions for Mandolin and Guitar by Ely Karasik
1147580. International Carols for Flute with CD (Audio) by Costel Puscoiu
1147581. International Carols for Violin with CD (Audio) by Costel Puscoiu
1147583. Old English Hymns by Greg Howard
1147593. You Can Teach Yourself Dobro[ With CD] by Janet Davis
1147607. Under the Moon by Martin Hayes
1147608. Mel Bay Presents My Very Best Christmas, Viola Edition: 17 Viola Solos, Duets, and a Play-Along CD on Christmas Favorites with CD (Audio) by Karen Khanagov
1147612. Children's Graded Fiddle Solos, Volume 1 with CD (Audio) by Carol Ann Wheeler
1147623. The Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Tenor Banjo by Gerry O Connor
1147628. McMeen, El: Acoustic Guitar Treasures by El Mc Meen
1147633. A Fiddler's Book of Scottish Jigs from the 18th & 19th Century Printed Collections by Charles Gore
1147644. You Can Teach Yourself Piano with CD (Audio) by Matt Dennis
1147658. Solos from the Unaccompanied Works of J. S. Bach Arngd Sax by Johann Sebastian Bach
1147660. 12 Spanish Dances by Granados by John Griggs
1147666. Guitar Collection of Roger Hudson[ With CD] by Roger Hudson
1147672. Crossing to Scotland by Abby Newton
1147675. A Tribute to Guitar Masters, Vol. 1 with CD (Audio) by Michele Ramo
1147677. Fun with the Baritone Uke by Mel Bay
1147679. The Student Violist: Beethoven by Craig Duncan
1147680. The Student Violist: Mozart: Viola & Accompaniment by Craig Duncan
1147681. The Student Cellist: Mozart with Other by Craig Duncan
1147682. Approaching Ambidexterity by Ken Meyer
1147684. Fun with the Banjo by Mel Bay
1147685. Fun with the Mandolin by Mel Bay
1147693. Carlos Garcia Tolsa, the Collected Works for Guitar by Carlos Garcia Tolsa
1147694. Kindred Spirits: A Musical Portrait of Scotland's Women by Bonnie Rideout
1147696. The Joy of Flute and Guitar by Janet Marlow
1147699. Easy Accordion Solos[ With CD] by Michael Lorin
1147706. Italian Songs & Arias for Accordion by Gary Dahl
1147713. The Sweetone Tinwhistle by Clarke Tinwhistle Co
1147717. World-Beat & Funk Grooves: Playing a Drumset the Easy Way with CD (Audio) by Betsy Sansby
1147719. Secrets of the Greats: Drumset Exercises for a Professional Sound with CD (Audio) by Rob Silverman
1147724. 21st Century Americana: Intermediate Piano Solos with General Midi Accompaniment with CD (Audio) by Elisabeth L Lomax
1147728. Russian Gypsy Folk Songs by Bibs Ekkel
1147730. Fiddle Tunes for Beginning Cello with CD (Audio) by Stacy Phillips
1147732. Mel Bay's Famous Blues Bass Lines by Larry Mc Cabe
1147739. Essential Fingerpicking Guitar with CD (Audio) by Stefan Grossman
1147741. Singing Rails: Railroadin' Songs, Jokes, & Stories by Wayne Ebsen
1147742. Habaneras, Maxixies & Tangos by Costel Puscoiu
1147747. String Band Classics: Banjo with CD (Audio) by Bob Flesher
1147754. Partita for Flute: Transcribed for Solo Classic Guitar by Johann Sebastian Bach
1147765. Christmas Book by Donald Miller
1147766. Music of the Masters by Donald B Miller
1147768. Solo Pieces for the Beginning Descant/Soprano Recorder by Costel Puscoiu
1147769. Solo Pieces for the Intermediate Descant/Soprano Recorder by Costel Puscoiu
1147780. Three Compositions for Two Guitars by John W Duarte
1147782. The Guitar of Lonnie Johnson with CD (Audio) by Woody Mann
1147787. Jazz Solos, Volume 2: Improvised Solos Over Standard Progressions with CD (Audio) by Frank Vignola
1147795. 12 Spirituals for Piano Solo by Gail Smith
1147804. Bach, J. S. Collection Book One by Johann Sebastian Bach
1147805. Bach, J. S. Collection Book Three by Bach, Johann Sebastian
1147817. Ciclos: Music of the Sephardic Jews for Classic Guitar with CD (Audio) by Daniel Akiva
1147828. Jazz Solos for Piano by Smith, Paul T.
1147834. Children's Recorder Method, Volume 2 with CD (Audio) by Sigurlina Jonsdottir
1147841. Cripple Creek Dulcimer by Bud Ford
1147846. DADGAD: Chords, Scales, and Tuning by Felix Schell
1147847. Rhythmic Aerobics, Volume 2: Drumming for Rhythms of Shuffle, Swing, 6/8 and Odd Time Signatures by Jim Ryan
1147858. Keyboard Songbook Classic by Jeromy Bessler
1147860. Master Anthology of Jazz Guitar Solos, Volume One: Formerly Titled 2000 Jazz Guitar by Multiple Authors
1147861. Ernest Shand: 23 Guitar Solos from Victorian England by Stanley Yates
1147862. 100 Irish Ballads, Volume 1: With Words, Music and Guitar Chords with CD (Audio) by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147863. 100 Irish Ballads, Volume 2: With Words, Music and Guitar Chords with CD (Audio) by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147864. Traditional Irish Flute Solos: The Turoe Stone Collection by Vincent Broderick
1147865. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes, Volume 1 by Claire Mc Kenna
1147866. Ireland's Best Polkas & Slides by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147867. Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes, Volume 1 by Paul Mc Nevin
1147868. Ireland's Best Session Tunes, Volume 1 by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147870. Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment with CD (Audio) by Gavin Ralston
1147871. Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle with Book(s) and CD (Audio) by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147880. Anthology of Popular Brazilian Music of the 19th Century by Carlos Almada
1147885. Tremolo & Octave Harmonica Method[ With CD] by Phil Duncan
1147891. A Bass Player's Guide to Jamming with CD (Audio) by Carl Yaffey
1147892. A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle with CD (Audio) by Paul Mc Nevin
1147896. Vic Juris Inside/Outside: Original Play-Along Modern Jazz Guitar Solos with CD (Audio) by Vic Juris
1147897. The Wonderful World of DAA: Arrangements for the Mountain Dulcimer in DAA Tuning with CD (Audio) by Madeline Mac Neil
1147902. A Dossan of Heather: Irish Traditional Music from Packie Manus Byrne of Donegal for Tinwhistle, Fiddle or Flute[ With CD] by Jean Duval
1147913. Espana: Opus 165 by Albeniz by John Griggs
1147916. Soledad by Laurindo Almeida
1147919. Mel Bay Presents Easy Duets for Soprano Recorder by Costel Puscoiu
1147921. Easy Duets for Flute by Costel Puscoiu
1147932. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes by Clare Mc Kenna
1147933. Ireland's Best Polkas & Slides by Mel Bay Publications Inc
1147934. Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes by Paul Mc Nevin
1147935. Ireland's Best Slow Airs by Mel Bay Publications Inc
1147936. Ireland's Best Session Tunes, Volume 1 by Walton Manufacturing Ltd
1147937. Selected Operatic Fantasies of Mertz by Johann Kaspar Mertz
1147953. Solo Pieces for the Intermediate Treble/Alto Recorder by Costel Puscoiu
1147959. Classics for Electric Guitar: Transcriptions from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century with CD (Audio) by John Kiefer
1147961. Five Popular Persian Ballads for Solo Classic Guitar by Lily Afshar
1147963. O'Carolan's Tunes for Descant/Soprano Recorder by Voss, Richard
1147965. O'Carolan's Tunes for Piano by Richard Voss
1147970. Complete Fantasias of Luys Milan by Milan, Luis
1147972. Baroque Music for Mandolin with CD (Audio) by Robert Bancalari
1147973. Gospel Violin by Bill Guest
1147974. Danse Ce Soir!: Fiddle And Accordion Music Of Quebec by Laurie Hart
1147989. Two to Tango & Millennium Duet: Homage to Chet Atkins with CD (Audio) by Morel, Jorge
1147992. Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar with CD (Audio) by Lasse Johansson
1148000. 25 Great Back-Up Licks for Flatpicking Guitar by Joe Carr
1148001. Mastering the Guitar: Class Method: Class Method Level 1/Beginning Elementary Through 8th Grade by William Bay
1148010. Ernesto Cordero: El Carbonerito with CD (Audio) by Ernesto Cordero
1148021. Easy Celtic Solos for Fingerstyle Guitar with CD (Audio) by Lisle Crowley
1148035. Ragtime Guitar with CD (Audio) by Stefan Grossman
1148036. Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar with CD (Audio) by Stefan Grossman
1148041. Country Blues Guitar with CD (Audio) by Stefan Grossman
1148042. Country Blues Guitar in Open Tunings with CD (Audio) by Stefan Grossman
1148044. Larry Coryell: Jazz Guitar: Exercises, Scales, Modes, & Techniques with CD (Audio) by Larry Coryell
1148046. Blues and Ragtime Fingerstyle Guitar with CD (Audio) by Dave Van Ronk
1148047. Van Der Veen, Derk - Blues and Ballads by Van Der Veen, Derk
1148049. Christmas Angels: A Sugo Holiday Collection by Sugo Music Design
1148050. 121 Fills for Gospel & Country Piano by Danny Crawford
1148052. Mastering the Guitar: Class Method Level 1/Beginning 9th Grade & Higher Education by William Bay
1148053. Guitarra Flamenca Paso A Paso: de Colores/Eclipse/El Rastrillo by Oscar Herrero
1148057. Irish Christmas by Mark Howard
1148071. The Music of the Grateful Dead: Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar with CD (Audio) by Fred Sokolow
1148078. Jammin' the Blues Volume 1 with CD (Audio) by Frank Vignola
1148083. The American Fiddle Method, Volume 2 - Fiddle by
1148085. Rhythm Changes, Vol. 1 with CD (Audio) by Frank Vignola
1148086. Rhythm Changes, Volume 2 with CD (Audio) by Frank Vignola
1148087. Rhythm Changes, Volume 3 with CD (Audio) by Frank Vignola
1148088. The Jovicic Collection: Traditional Slavic, Spanish, and Oriental Melodies for Classic Guitar with CD (Audio) by Jovan Jovicic