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Books 55/94

1228951. What Children Bring to Light: A Constructivist Perspective on Children's Learning in Science by Bonnie L Shapiro
1228952. Nonfiction for the Classroom: Milton Meltzer on Writing, History, and Social Responsibility by Milton Meltzer
1228964. Currents of Reform in Preservice Teacher Education by Ken Zeichner
1228968. Children's Literature in an Integrated Curriculum by Bette Bosma
1228973. Education Through Occupation: Approaches to Integrating Academic and Vocational Education by W Norton Grubb
1228978. Exploring Blue Highways: Literacy Reform, School Change, and the Creation of Learning Communities by Jo Beth Allen
1228984. Reframing Educational Policy: Democracy, Community, and the Individual by Joseph Kahne
1228986. Reaching for a Better Standard: English School Inspection and the Dilemma of Accountability for American Public Schools by Thomas A Wilson
1228989. The Micropolitics of Educational Leadership: From Control to Empowerment by Blase, Joseph
1228993. School Age Care Environment Rating Scale Score Sheet by Harms
1228994. Unraveling the "Model Minority" Stereotype: Listening to Asian American Youth by Stacey J Lee
1228995. Evaluating and Assessing the Visual Arts in Education: International Perspectives by Douglas Boughton
1229002. Multicultural Education, Transformative Knowledge, and Action: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by James A Banks
1229003. The First R: Every Child's Right to Read by Michael Graves
1229011. You Gotta Be the Book: Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading with Adolescents by Jeffrey D Wilhelm
1229015. Observing and Recording the Behavior of Young Children by Nancy Balaban
1229016. Making Progress: Education and Culture in New Times by Dennis Carlson
1229019. Master Players: Learning from Children at Play by Gretchen Reynolds
1229020. Beginning in Retrospect: Writing and Reading a Teacher's Life by Patricia A Schmidt
1229024. City Teachers: Teaching and School Reform in Historical Perspective by Kate Rousmaniere
1229025. Confronting Sexual Harassment by Judith Berman Brandenburg
1229026. Learning from Our Lives: Women, Research, and Autobiography in Education by Neumann, Anna
1229030. Contested Words, Contested Science: Unraveling the Facilitated Communication Controversy by Douglas Biklen
1229036. In Praise of Education by John Goodland
1229037. Dewey and Eros: Wisdom and Desire in the Art of Teaching by James W Garrison
1229039. Making Professional Development Schools Work: Politics, Practice, and Policy by Roberta Trachtman
1229044. Working for Equity in Heterogeneous Classrooms: Sociological Theory in Practice by Elizabeth G Cohen
1229047. Racing with the Clock: Making Time for Teaching and Learning in School Reform by Nancy E Adelman
1229050. Contradictions in Collaboration: New Thinking on School/University Partnerships by Marilyn Johnston
1229053. Bringing Reggio Emilia Home: An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Education by Louise B Cadwell
1229055. Ghetto Schooling: A Political Economy of Urban Educational Reform by Jean Anyon
1229057. Answering the" Virtuecrats" : A Moral Conversation on Character Education by Robert J Nash
1229060. Windows on Learning: Documenting Children's Work by Judy Harris Helm
1229063. Getting to Know City Kids: Understanding Their Thinking, Imagining and Socializing by Sally Middlebrooks
1229067. Sometimes I Can Be Anything: Power, Gender, and Identity in a Primary Classroom by Karen Gallas
1229069. On Higher Ground: Education and the Case for Affirmative Action by Walter Feinberg
1229075. Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World by Patricia G Ramsey
1229077. Struggling for the Soul: The Politics of Schooling and the Construction of the Teacher by Thomas Popkewitz
1229094. The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology by Edward Bruce Bynum
1229098. The Light in Their Eyes: Creating Multicultural Learning Communities by Sonia Nieto
1229100. Charter Schools: Another Flawed Educational Reform? by Seymour Bernard Sarason
1229102. Teaching Other People's Children: Literacy and Learning in a Bilingual Classroom by Cynthia Ballenger
1229107. Ways of Thinking, Ways of Teaching by George Hillocks
1229110. Play and Imagination in Children with Autism by Wolfberg, Pamela J.
1229116. Video Observations for the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale by Debby Cryer
1229122. The Failed Promise of the American High School, 1890- 1995 by David L Angus
1229124. Education and Justice for All: A View from the Back of the Bus by Edmund W Gordon
1229133. African American Males in School and Society: Practices and Policies for Effective Education by James Davis
1229136. The New Science Teacher: Cultivating Good Practice by Deborah J Trumbull
1229139. Classrooms and Courtrooms: Facing Sexual Harassment in K- 12 Schools by Nan D Stein
1229144. Holler If You Hear Me: The Education of a Teacher and His Students by Michie, Gregory
1229145. Holler If You Hear Me: The Education of a Teacher and His Students by Gregory Michie
1229148. Building Family Literacy in an Urban Community by Ruth D Handel
1229150. Reading for Meaning: Fostering Comprehension in the Middle Grades by Barbara Taylor
1229152. Telling a Different Story: Teaching and Literacy in an Urban Preschool by Catherine S Wilson
1229153. Writing in the Real World: Making the Transition from School to Work by Beaufort, Anne
1229157. Implementing Standards-Based Mathematics Instruction: A Casebook for Professional Development by Stein, Mary Kay
1229158. Implementing Standards-Based Mathematics Instruction: A Casebook for Professional Development by Mary Kay Stein
1229159. Catholic Schools at the Crossroads: Survival and Transformation by James Youniss
1229164. Beyond Formulas in Mathematics and Teaching: Dynamics of the High School Algebra Classroom by Daniel Chazan
1229166. Transforming Middle School Science Education by Paul Dehart Hurd
1229170. Education and Emancipation: Theory and Practice in a New Constellation by Scott Fletcher
1229182. Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice by Geneva Gay
1229185. How Students Mis/Understand Science and Mathematics: Intuitive Rules by Ruth Stavy
1229187. Teacher Narrative as Critical Inquiry: Rewriting the Script by Joy S Ritchie
1229194. Teaching Mathematics to the New Standards: Relearning the Dance by Ruth M Heaton
1229195. What Counts as Literacy?: Challenging the School Standard by Margaret A Gallego
1229196. Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents by Deborah Appleman
1229206. Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Challenges to Implementation by Samuel S Wineburg
1229209. Handle with Care: Understanding Children and Teachers; A Field Guide for Parents and Teachers by Richard Bromfield
1229213. Cultivating Leadership in Schools: Connecting People, Purpose, and Practice by Gordon A Donaldson
1229216. Bambini: The Italian Approach to Infant/Toddler Care by Edwards, Carolyn Pope
1229217. Educating and Caring for Very Young Children: The Infant/Toddler Curriculum by Doris Bergen
1229218. Educating and Caring for Very Young Children: The Infant/Toddler Curriculum by Doris Bergen
1229228. Science Teaching/Science Learning: Constructivist Learning in Urban Classrooms by Elnora S Harcombe
1229235. Access to Success in the Urban High School: The Middle College Movement by Harold S Wechsler
1229248. Inquiry- Based English Instruction: Engaging Students in Life and Literature by Richard Beach
1229251. Manufacturing Hope and Despair: The School and Kin Support Networks of U.S.-Mexican Youth by Ricardo D Stanton Salazar
1229257. Developing Inquiry-Based Science Materials: A Guide for Educators by Herbert D Thier
1229259. Conversational Borderlands: Talk with Troubled Teens in an Urban School by Rymes, Betsy
1229268. Reading Lives: Working-Class Children and Literacy Learning by Deborah Hicks
1229273. Children with Special Needs: Lessons for Early Childhood Professionals by Marjorie J Kostelnik
1229278. Widening the Circle: Including Children with Disabilities in Preschool Programs by Samuel L Odom
1229281. Whole-School Success and Inclusive Education: Building Partnerships for Learning, Achievement, and Accountability by Wayne Sailor
1229282. The Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs by Strickland, Dorothy S.
1229284. Developing Educational Leaders: A Working Model, the Learning Community in Action by Cynthia J Norris
1229287. School's Out: Bridging Out-Of-School Literacies with Classroom Practice by Glynda A Hull
1229288. In Search of America's Past: Learning to Read History in Elementary School by Bruce Vansledright
1229291. William James and Education by James W Garrison
1229294. National Standards and School Reform in Japan and the United States by Gary Decoker
1229296. Reading Freire and Habermas: Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Social Change by Raymond Allen Morrow
1229298. Refusing Racism: White Allies and the Struggle for Civil Rights by Cynthia Stokes Brown
1229300. Everybody's Paid But the Teacher: The Teaching Profession and the Women's Movement by Patricia Anne Carter
1229302. Learning to Teach for Social Justice by Jennifer French
1229303. Connecting Girls and Science: Constructivism, Feminism, and Science Education Reform by Elaine V Howes
1229304. Connecting Girls and Science: Constructivism, Feminism, and Science Education Reform by Elaine V Howes
1229306. Standards of Mind and Heart: Creating the Good High School by Peggy Clohessy Silva
1229307. Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding: A Casebook for Educators by Judith Shulman
1229308. Facilitator's Guide--Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding: A Casebook for Educators by Judith Shulman
1229310. Effort and Excellence in Urban Classrooms: Expecting, and Getting, Success with All Students by H Dickson Corbett
1229312. Art and Cognition: Integrating the Visual Arts in the Curriculum by Arthur Efland
1229314. Changing Course: American Curriculum Reform in the 20th Century by Herbert M Kliebard
1229315. School Kids/Street Kids: Identity Development in Latino Students by Nilda Flores Gonzalez
1229317. Comprehensive Reform for Urban High Schools: A Talent Development Approach by Nettie E Legters
1229319. Power and the Promise of School Reform: Grassroots Movements During the Progressive Era by Reese, William J.
1229321. The Testing Trap: How State Writing Assessments Control Learning by George Hillocks
1229323. Whose History? : The Struggle for National Standards in American Classrooms by Linda Symcox
1229328. Embracing Race: Why We Need Race-Conscious Education Policy by Michele S Moses
1229330. Cultural Miseducation: In Search of a Democratic Solution by Jane Roland Martin
1229332. The Glass Wall: Why Mathematics Can Seem Difficult by Frank Smith
1229335. Just Playing the Part': Engaging Adolescents in Drama and Literacy by Christopher Worthman
1229337. Narrative Inquiry in Practice:: Advancing the Knowledge of Teaching by Vickl Kubler Laboskey
1229339. Where Charter School Policy Fails by Amy Stuart Wells
1229341. The Making--And Remaking--Of a Multiculturalist by Carlos E Cortes
1229346. Multicultural Encounters: Case Narratives from a Counseling Practice by Stephen Murphy Shigematsu
1229348. Transforming the Multicultural Education of Teachers: : Theory, Research and Practice by Michael Vavrus
1229350. Standards Reform in High-Poverty Schools: Managing Conflict and Building Capacity by Carol A Barnes
1229355. Creating Schools That Heal: Real-Life Solutions by Lesley Koplow
1229357. Growing Up Teaching:: From Personal Knowledge to Professionalpractice by Frances Schoonmaker
1229359. Teaching Democracy: Unity and Diversity in Public Life by Walter Parker
1229369. Teaching Youth Media: A Critical Guide to Literacy, Video Production & Social Change by Steven Goodman
1229370. American Educational History Revisited: A Critique of Progress by Milton Gaither
1229371. Choosing Choice: School Choice in International Perspective by Joseph Nathan Featherstone
1229373. Why Is It So Hard to Get Good Schools? by Larry Cuban
1229375. Bringing Learning to Life: Stories of Change and Transformation Inspired by Reggio Emilia by Louise Boyd Cadwell
1229378. Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching by Ann Lieberman
1229381. How Social and Emotional Development Add Up: Getting Results in Math and Science Education by Norris M Haynes
1229383. Transforming Teaching in Math and Science: How Schools and Districts Can Support Change by Adam Gamoran
1229385. What Keeps Teachers Going? by Sonia Nieto
1229390. Putting the Children First: The Changing Face of Newark's Public Schools by Jonathan G Silin
1229392. Dear Josie: Witnessing the Hopes and Failures of Democratic Education by Joseph Featherstone
1229394. Teaching Through the Storm: A Journal of Hope by Karen Hale Hankins
1229395. Evaluating Educational Technology: Effective Research Designs for Improving Learning by Geneva D Haertel
1229397. Who Governs Our Schools? : Changing Roles and Responsibilities by Timothy Silver
1229399. Early Child Development in the 21st Century: Profiles of Current Research Initiatives by Jeanne Brooks Gunn
1229406. At the Heart of Teaching: A Guide to Reflective Practice by Grace Hall Mc Entee
1229408. Major Trends and Issues in Early Childhood Education: Challenges, Controversies, and Insights by Joan Packer Isenberg
1229410. Minding American Education: Reclaiming the Tradition of Active Learning by Martin Bickman
1229413. Educating Teachers for Diversity: Seeing with a Cultural Eye by Jacqueline Jordan Irvine
1229415. Teaching in the Knowledge Society: Education in the Age of Insecurity by Andy Hargreaves
1229417. Contradictions in Women's Education: Traditionalism, Careerism, and Community at a Single- Sex College by Judith M Andre
1229419. Rural Voices: Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing by Robert E Brooke
1229421. Give Them Poetry!: A Guide for Sharing Poetry with Children K-8 by Glenna Davis Sloan
1229423. Making Play Work: The Promise of After-School Programs for Low-Income Children by Robert Halpern
1229425. Teaching Visual Culture: Curriculum, Aesthetics and the Social Life of Art by Kerry Freedman
1229429. Room for Talk: Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual Kindergarten by Rebekah Fassler
1229431. Listening: A Framework for Teaching Across Differences by Katherine Schultz
1229433. It's Your Fault!: An Insider's Guide to Learning and Teaching in City Schools by Rexford Brown
1229435. City Schools and the American Dream: Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education by Pedro Noguera
1229437. Teaching Science for Social Justice by Angela Calabrese Barton