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1281762. The Frankfurt School in Exile by Thomas Wheatland
1281763. The Frankfurt School in Exile by Wheatland, Thomas
1281768. The Face of Minnesota by John Szarkowski
1281772. The Somali Diaspora: A Journey Away by Abdi Roble
1281774. Future Anterior 1.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281775. Future Anterior 2.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281776. Future Anterior 2.2 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281777. Future Anterior 3.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281778. Future Anterior 3.2 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281779. Future Anterior 4.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281790. Little Saigons: Staying Vietnamese in America by Karin Aguilar San Juan
1281793. Reticulations: Jean- Luc Nancy and the Networks of the Political by Philip Armstrong
1281802. Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico by Ramon E Soto Crespo
1281803. Essaying Shakespeare by Karen Newman
1281805. Everything Is Now: New and Collected Stories by Michelle Cliff
1281807. The Once and Future New York: Historic Preservation and the Modern City by Randall Mason
1281814. The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan: Right-Wing Movements and National Politics by Rory Mc Veigh
1281825. Doorstep Democracy: Face-To-Face Politics in the Heartland by James H Read
1281829. Wicked Theory, Naked Practice: A Fred Ho Reader by Fred Wei Han Ho
1281830. Three Gay Tales from Grimm by Wanda Gag
1281832. Socrates and Legal Obligation by R E Allen
1281833. The Mind and Art of Victorian England by Josef L Altholz
1281834. Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660- 1800 by Howard Anderson
1281835. Man's Quest for Political Knowledge: The Study and Teaching of Politics in Ancient Times by William Anderson
1281836. The Art of Eastern India, 300- 800 by Frederick M Asher
1281840. Merovingian Military Organization, 481- 751 by Bernard S Bachrach
1281841. Balsam Fir: A Monographic Review by E V Bakuzis
1281843. The Sugar Hacienda of the Marqueses del Valle by Ward J Barrett
1281845. Obsessive Images by Joseph Warren Beach
1281848. Tahitian Journal by George Biddle
1281850. Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home by Theodore C Blegen
1281854. Verdi's Aida by Hans Busch
1281855. Animals, Aging, and the Aged by Leo K Bustad
1281858. American Policy Toward Communist Eastern Europe by John C Campbell
1281865. Muslim Spain: Its History and Culture by Anwar G Chejne
1281866. Grain Storage: The Role of Fungi in Quality Loss by Clyde M Christensen
1281868. Molds, Mushrooms, and Mycotoxins by Clyde M Christensen
1281870. The City Man's Guide to the Farm Problem by Willard W Cochrane
1281875. The Reconstruction of Georgia by Alan Conway
1281876. The Welsh in America: Letters from the Immigrants by Alan Conway
1281881. American Interests and Policies in the Middle East, 1900- 1939 by John A Denovo
1281883. Hitler and His Generals by Harold Deutsch
1281885. St. Paul and Epicurus by Norman Wentworth De Witt
1281887. Five Plays from the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis by John Clark Donahue
1281890. Sir Thomas Browne by William P Dunn
1281893. Opera Production II: A Handbook by Quaintance Eaton
1281896. The Continental Model by Scott Elledge
1281917. The Mammals of Minnesota by Harvey L Gunderson
1281951. International Politics: Foundations of the System by Werner Levi
1281958. Excavations at Nichoria in Southwest Greece: Volume III by William D E Coulson
1281962. Ford Madox Ford's Novels: A Critical Study by John A Meixner
1281963. Spring Flora of Minnesota: Including Common Cultivated Plants by Morley, Thomas
1281964. Minnesota in Focus by George Moses
1281966. Cuba: The Measure of a Revolution by Lowry Nelson
1281984. St. Croix Trail Country: Recollections of Wisconsin by William Gray Purcell
1281988. The Quest for Eastern Christians: Travels and Rumor in the Age of Discovery by Francis M Rogers
1282006. Articulate Images: The Sister Arts from Hogarth to Tennyson by Richard Wendorf
1282012. Rebellion or Revolution? by Harold Cruse
1282013. Red Lights: The Lives of Sex Workers in Postsocialist China by Tiantian Zheng
1282018. The Religious Aspects of Swedish Immigration: A Study of Immigrant Churches by George M Stephenson
1282020. The Algae and Their Life Relations: Fundamentals of Phycology by Tilden, Josephine E.
1282027. Problems of Administration in Social Work by Pierce Atwater
1282056. Therapeutic Group Work with Children by Gisela Konopka
1282061. Bibliography of the Sequence Novel by Elizabeth Margaret Kerr
1282083. Populist Revolt: A History of the Farmers' Alliance and the People's Party by John D Hicks
1282098. Niels Henrik Abel: Mathematician Extraordinary by Oystein Ore
1282106. The Revival of Metaphysical Poetry: The History of Style, 1800 to the Present by Joseph E Duncan
1282119. The Settlement of Polynesia: A Computer Simulation by Michael R Levison
1282123. The Nature and Treatment of Hypothermia: Volume 2 by Robert S Pozos
1282127. Selected Essays by Oscar W Firkins
1282129. Studies in the Eighteenth Century Background of Hume's Empiricism by Mary Shaw Kuypers
1282135. The Outcomes of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Research by Jr Theodore Volsky
1282136. Minnesota History by Theodore C Blegen
1282138. We Are All Moors: Ending Centuries of Crusades Against Muslims and Other Minorities by Anouar Majid
1282150. The Networked Wilderness: Communicating in Early New England by Matt Cohen
1282158. Westhope: Life as a Former Farm Boy by Hulse, Dean
1282160. Fishing for Buffalo: A Guide to the Pursuit and Cuisine of Carp, Suckers, Eelpout, Gar, and Other Rough Fish by Rob Buffler
1282166. The Wily Woodchucks by Georgia Travers
1282167. The Bullhead Queen: A Year on Pioneer Lake by Sue Leaf
1282177. Never Trust a Thin Cook and Other Lessons from Italy's Culinary Capital by Eric Dregni
1282184. A Bibliography of English Etymology: Sources and Word List by Anatoly Liberman
1282190. Handbook of Aqueous Electrolyte Thermodynamics: Theory & Application by Zemaitis, Joseph F., Jr.
1282225. Baptist Confessions of Faith by William Lumpkin
1282226. Christian Doctrines: A Compendium of Theology by James H Pendleton
1282227. Church Officers at Work by Glenn H Asquith
1282230. The Meaning of Church Membership by Wayne C Clark
1282232. The New Life by Knight, Allan R.
1282252. Evangelism on Purpose: A Planning Guide for Churches by Richard E Rusbuldt
1282260. Baptist Beliefs by Mullins, E. Y.
1282263. Dedication Services for Every Occasion by Manfred Holck
1282264. Sermons from the Black Pulpit by William D Watley
1282266. The Everyday Evangelist by Duncan Mc Intosh
1282270. The Minister's Handbook by Orlando L Tibbetts
1282273. Activating Leadership in the Small Church: Clergy and Laity Working Together by Steve Burt
1282285. Litanies for All Occasions by Garth House
1282293. Programs for Lent and Easter by Elizabeth Wright Gale
1282296. Bridges of Promise: Taking Steps to Follow Jesus-Leader's Guide by Franklin W Nelson
1282298. For Any Young Mother Who Lives in a Shoe: A Christian Survival Guide by Mary Tobey Marsh
1282300. How Shall They Hear? : Effective Preaching for Vital Faith by Samuel De Witt Proctor
1282303. La Familia de Dios: Un Manual Para Entrenamiento En El Discipulado Cristiano = Family of God by Douglas Beyer
1282304. A Message in a Minute: Lighthearted Minidramas for Churches by William D Wolfe
1282310. Prayers: From Adoration to Zeal by C Welton Gaddy
1282315. Afrocentric Sermons: The Beauty of Blackness in the Bible by Kenneth L Waters
1282317. A Costly Obedience: Sermons by Women of Steadfast Spirit by Elizabeth Smith Bellinger
1282320. Leading Small Groups: Basic Skills for Church and Community Organizations by Nathan W Turner
1282321. Making It Work: Effective Administration in the Small Church by Douglas Alan Walrath
1282322. I Can't Make a Flower by Margaret Spivey
1282324. Peace Ministry: A Handbook for Local Churches by Daniel Buttry
1282327. Being the Body of Christ: A Handbook for Mobilizing Your Congregation by Myrlene L J Hamilton
1282332. Coming Together: The Bible's Message in an Age of Diversity by Curtiss Paul De Young
1282340. How to Recover from Grief by Richard Lewis Detrich
1282342. Church and Family Together: A Congregational Manual for Black Family Ministry by Bernstine, Karen J.
1282353. Reconciliation: Our Greatest Challenge- - Our Only Hope by Curtiss Paul De Young
1282359. Different Kind of Man: Change Male Roles in Todays World by Richard P Olson
1282360. The Church Newsletter Handbook by Jr Clayton A Lord
1282375. This Train is Bound for Glory: The Story of America's Chapel Cars by Norman T Taylor
1282377. Encounters with the Living Christ: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John by Jr Robert B Setzer
1282386. Of Angels, Beasts, and Plagues: The Message of Revelation for a New Millennium by Kenneth H Maahs
1282388. Lifesavers: 20 Quick & Easy-To-Use Bible Lessons for Kids by Susan Reith Swan
1282390. Preaching the Presence of God: A Homiletic from an Asian American Perspective by Eunjoo Mary Kim
1282392. Gospel, Grits, and Grace: Encountering the Holy in the Ridiculous, Sublime, and Unexpected by T Wyatt Watkins
1282395. On the Cross Road: A Daily Devotional for Lent by Joan Trusty Moore
1282416. Breathing New Life Into Lent: A Collection of Creative Worship Resources by John R Pritchard
1282427. Living Water for Thirsty Souls: Unleashing the Power of Exegetical Preaching by Marvin Andrew Mc Mickle
1282428. Bridges of Promise by Franklin W Nelson
1282430. Christian Faith 101: The Basics and Beyond by Steven Tsoukalas
1282433. A Pastor in Every Pew: Equipping Laity for Pastoral Care by Leroy Howe
1282434. Urban Disciples: A Beginner's Guide to Serving God in the City by Jennell Williams Paris
1282437. Breathing New Life Into Lent: A Collection of Creative Worship Resources by John R Pritchard
1282438. Outstanding Black Sermons by Walter S Thomas
1282448. The Pastor's Guide to Weddings & Funerals by Victor D Lehman
1282455. Let Mt. Zion Rejoice! : Music in the African American Church by James Abbington
1282460. Miles Ahead: Devotions from Older Adults by Carol S Pierskalla
1282462. I'll Do the Right Thing by Elster, Jean Alicia
1282475. Exalting the Names of Jesus by William D Watley
1282480. The New Member's Guide by Gordon H Schroeder
1282481. Sound the Trumpet! : Messages to Empower African American Men by Darryl D Sims
1282482. Total Praise: An Orientation to Black Baptist Belief and Worship by Lora Ellen Mc Kinney
1282492. The McKinney Library Features by Judson Press
1282493. Church Administration in the Black Perspective by Floyd Massey
1282494. Sister to Sister: Devotions for and from African American Women by Suzan D Johnson Cook
1282496. The Trouble I've Seen: Eighteen Spirituals by Moses Hogan Chorale
1282498. The Real Deal: A Spiritual Guide for Black Teen Girls by Billie Montgomery Cook
1282509. Sound the Trumpet Again! : More Messages to Empower African American Men by Darryl D Sims
1282510. Getting to Amen: 8 Strategies for Managing Conflict in the African American Church by Lora Allen Mc Kinney
1282513. More Than a Parting Prayer: Lessons in Care- Giving for the Dying by William H Griffith
1282524. Steal Away: Devotions for Baseball Fans by Hugh Poland
1282533. Speak Until Justice Wakes: Prophetic Reflections from J. Alfred Smith Sr. by Sr J Alfred Smith
1282537. The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation by Ralph C Watkins
1282538. Profiles in Black: Phat Facts for Teens by Marvin A Mc Mickle