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Books 57/55

1268101. The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia by Michael Glazier
1268111. Onesimus: Finding the Significance of a Slave by Robert Atkins
1268131. Believing in a Revealing God: The Basis of the Christian Life by Gabriel Moran
1268133. Visual Theology: Forming and Transforming the Community Through the Arts by Robin M Jensen
1268137. The Two Targums of Esther by Bernard Grossfeld
1268161. God Encountered: A Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology by Frans Jozef Van Beeck
1268172. Post-Exilic Prophets by Eileen Schuller
1268178. Seventy Times Seven: Sin, Judgment, and Forgiveness in Matthew by Thomas Buckley
1268182. Foundational Theology by M John Farrelly
1268212. The Didache: Text, Translation, Analysis, and Commentary by Aaron Milavec
1268217. Hildegard of Bingen: An Integrated Vision by Anne H King Lenzmeier
1268232. Travel Narrative-II (Luke 13:22-17:10) by Herman Hendrickx
1268233. One Right Reading?: A Guide to Irenaeus by Mary Ann Donovan
1268239. Texts, Rocks, and Talk: Reclaiming Biblical Christianity to Counterimagine the World by John R Lanci
1268243. Worship Music: A Concise Dictionary by Edward Foley
1268255. Dictionary of Christian Biography by Michael J Walsh
1268258. The God of Israel and the Nations: Studies in Isaiah and the Psalms by Norbert Lohfink
1268265. Images of God in the Old Testament by Mary E Mills
1268274. Authority in the Church by David J Stagaman
1268283. Conscience and Prayer: The Spirit of Catholic Moral Theology by Dennis J Billy
1268288. The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia by Michael Glazier
1268311. Options on Atonement in Christian Thought by Stephen Finlan
1268322. The Promise of Obedience: A Ritual History by Leon F Strieder
1268323. A Commentary on the General Instruction of the Roman Missal: Developed Under the Auspices of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy and Cosponsored by the by Edward Foley
1268324. The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer: Trinity, Christology, and Liturgical Theology by Bryan D Spinks
1268346. Mystagogy: A Theology of Liturgy in the Patristic Age by Enrico Mazza
1268353. Worship in the Early Church: Four- Volume Set: An Anthology of Historical Sources by Lawrence J Johnson
1268355. Reformed, Anglican, Lutheran, and Wesleyan Rites: A Comparative Study by James F Puglisi
1268356. Contemporary Rites and General Conclusions by James F Puglisi
1268360. Lectionary for Masses with Children: by Liturgical Press
1268363. Lectionary for Masses with Children: by Liturgical Press
1268378. Liturgy for the New Millennium: A Commentary on the Revised Sacramentary by
1268389. Clip Art for Feasts and Seasons, Celebrations and Service by Gertrud Mueller Nelson
1268391. Dynamic Equivalence: The Living Language of Christian Worship by Keith F Pecklers
1268396. Toward Ritual Transformation: Remembering Robert Hovda by Gabe Huck
1268410. Reforming the Liturgy: A Response to the Critics by John F Baldovin
1268411. Baptism Today: Understanding, Practice, Ecumenical Implications by Thomas F Best
1268416. Music for the Twelve Days of Christmas: Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's in the Loop by J Michael Thompson
1268417. Rite of Committal, the Catholic Cemetery, Cremation by Richard Rutherford
1268418. The Chant and Spirituality of Christmas by J Michael Thompson
1268419. Spirituality of the Psalms by
1268420. Spirituality of the Psalms by
1268421. Music for the Year of Luke: Hymns, Chant, and Anthems for Ordinary Time, Cycle C with CDROM by
1268422. The Easter Procession: Encounters with the Risen Christ by J Michael Thompson
1268423. Walk in My Ways by Psallite
1268424. Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Music from Psallite: The Collegeville Composers Group by Paul F Ford
1268425. A Psallite Triptych: Sacred Songs for Liturgy and Life by Liturgical Press
1268426. Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton by Morgan Atkinson
1268427. Israel's Story: Part One by Clifford M Yeary
1268428. Letters from Prison (Formerly Paul's Captivity Letters): 10 Sessions by Roy Goetz
1268429. Letters from Prison (Formerly Paul's Captivity Letters): 10 Sessions by Roy Goetz
1268430. Parables of the Kingdom by Liturgical Press
1268431. Parables of the Kingdom--Part Two: 6 Sessions by Dan Hennessey
1268432. Hebrews: 7 Sessions by
1268439. The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century by Liturgical Press
1268440. To the Ends of the Earth: A Detail from Acts by Liturgical Press
1268447. Howard University: The First Hundred Years 1867-1967 by Rayford W Logan
1268505. Amazons of Black Sparta: The Women's Regiment of Dahomey by Stanley B Alpern
1268582. Social Work with Addictions by James G Barber
1268621. Postmodernity and Its Discontents by Zygmunt Bauman
1268647. The Luddite Rebellion by Brian Bailey
1268657. Feminist Debates: Issues of Theory and Political Practice by Jo Campling
1268752. Staging a Revolution: The Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Chelkowski, Peter J.
1268821. Law, Culture, and Ritual: Disputing Systems in Cross- Cultural Context by Oscar G Chase
1268826. Global Sociology by Robin Cohen
1268878. Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: The Unconscious Meanings of Crime and Punishment by Martha Grace Duncan
1268905. From Slavery to Freedom: Comparative Studies in the Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery by Seymour Drescher
1268925. Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War by Thomas De Waal
1268942. Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness by Shari L Dworkin
1269030. Sinai: The Site and the History: Essays by Morsi Saad El Din