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Books 58/49

1289739. A History of New Testament Lexicography by D A Carson
1289746. Reconfigurations: Canadian Literatures and Postcolonial Identities by Donelle N Dreese
1289747. Literature, Art, History: Studies on Classical Antiquity and Tradition in Honour of W.J. Henderson by W J Henderson
1289758. Computer-Applications in Music Research: Concepts, Methods, Results by Nico Schuler
1289761. Atopian Limits: Questions of Self, Complexity, and Contingency in Postmodern American Narrative by Salah Moncef
1289767. The Hypercomplex Society by Steve Jones
1289775. The Conspiracy of the Good: Civil Rights and the Struggle for Community in Two American Cities, 1875-2000 by Michael E James
1289780. Belgium: A History by Cook, Bernard A.
1289785. Out of Place: The Writings of Robert Kroetsch by Simona Bertacco
1289786. Legacy and Contribution to Canada of European Female Emigrants by Francoise Le Jeune
1289787. Hitler's Voice: Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Muhlberger
1289792. Paul Auster and Postmodern Quest: On the Road to Nowhere by Yoshinobu Hakutani
1289797. Advertising and Societies: Global Issues by Barbara Mueller
1289800. Image and Education: Teaching in the Face of the New Disciplinarity by Kevin D Vinson
1289801. Canadian Federalism and Quebec Sovereignty: Second Printing by Christopher Edward Taucar
1289803. The Serpent's Part: Narrating Self in Canadian Literature by David Lucking
1289804. Henry de Montherlant (1895-1972): A Philosophy of Failure by Patricia O Flaherty
1289808. Democratic Dialogue in Education: Troubling Speech, Disturbing Silence by Shirley R Steinberg
1289815. Deutsche Sprachinseln Weltweit: Interne Und Externe Perspektiven German Language Varieties Worldwide: Internal and External Perspectives by William D Keel
1289817. Canada in the Sign of Migration and Trans-Culturalism Le Canada Sous Le Signe de La Migration Et Du Transculturalisme: From Multi- To Trans-Culturalis by Ertler, Klaus-Dieter
1289819. Figures D'Europe Images and Myths of Europe by Luisa Passerini
1289820. Restructuring Representation: The Merger Process and Trade Union Structural Development in Ten Countries by Jeremy Waddington
1289834. The Learning Society in a Postmodern World: The Education Crisis by Shirley R Steinberg
1289839. Believing in the Text: Essays from the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow by David Jasper
1289840. John Knox: Reformation Rhetoric and the Traditions of Scots Prose 1490-1570 by Farrow, Kenneth D.
1289842. Pedagogy of Place: Seeing Space as Cultural Education by Stephen M Fain
1289849. After the Market: Economics, Moral Agreement and the Churches' Mission by Malcolm Brown
1289850. Individuation and Attachment in the Works of Isabelle de Charriere by Jelka Samsom
1289852. The Eschatological Implications of ISA 65 and 66 as the Conclusion of the Book of Isaiah by Emmanuel Uchenna Dim
1289858. Enola Gay and the Court of History by Lynda Lee Kaid
1289864. Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Hebrew Scriptures about the Fatherhood of God by Hemchand Gossai
1289868. Italian Cinema: New Directions by William Hope
1289872. New Insights Into Foreign Language Learning and Teaching by Pamela Faber
1289873. Achieving 'At-One-Ment': Storytelling and the Concept of the Self in Ian McEwan's the Child in Time, Black Dogs, Enduring Love, and Atonement by Rudiger Ahrens
1289874. Sino-Theologie Und das Denken Jurgen Moltmanns = Sino-Theology and the Thinking of Jurgen Moltmann by Jurgen Moltmann
1289875. A Normal Distribution Course by Jurgen Gro
1289877. Assistants of Christ and Administrators of God's Mysteries: An Exegetico-Theological Study of 1 Cor 4, 1-5 by Arul Samy Kaspar
1289880. Blood Obsession: Vampires, Genre, and the Compulsion to Repeat by Jorg Waltje
1289883. A Morning After War: C. S. Lewis and Wwi by K J Gilchrist
1289885. Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Spirit: From Plotinus to Schelling and Hegel by John Hendrix
1289895. Lexical Processes in Scientific Discourse Popularisation: A Corpus-Linguistic Study of the Sars Coverage by Mukherjee, Joybrato
1289898. Zadie Smith: Critical Essays by Tracey L Walters
1289908. Between Natives and Foreigners: Selected Writings of Karl/Charles Follen (1796-1840) by Frank Mehring
1289960. Notorious by Herb Ritts
1289961. Bridal Flowers: Arrangements for a Perfect Wedding by William Stites
1289979. Double Jack- In- The- Pulpit, 1988 by Robert Mapplethorpe
1289988. Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, California 1940 by
1289990. Pine Forest in Snow, Yosemite National Park, California, 1932 by Ansel Adams
1289991. Irving Penn: A Career in Photography by Colin Eisler
1289996. Time's River: The Voyage of Life in Art and Poetry by Kate Farrell
1290003. Ansel Adams at 100: A Postcard Folio Book by Ansel Adams
1290004. Physiognomy: The Mark Seliger Photographs by Mark Seliger
1290010. Air and Space: The National Air and Space Museum Story of Flight by Andrew L Chaikin
1290012. The Painted Ceiling by Graham Rust
1290013. Paintings in the National Gallery, London by Augusto Gentili
1290026. The Master Book of the Water Garden: The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Maintaining Water Gardens by Phillip Swindells
1290030. Rolling Stone Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art by Bulfinch Press
1290039. The Sinatra Treasures: Intimate Photos, Mementos, and Music from the Sinatra Family Collection with Other and CD (Audio) by Charles Pignone
1290045. 101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs by Rachael Hale
1290048. Susan Sargent's the Comfort of Color: Inspire * Transform * Create by Susan Sargent
1290070. Gardens to Go: Creating and Designing a Container Garden by Sydney Eddison
1290071. Jamie Drake's New American Glamour by Jamie Drake
1290089. Picture This!: The Inside Story and Classic Photos of UPI Newspictures by Gary Haynes
1290093. A Passion for Collecting: Decorating with Your Favorite Objects by Caroline Clifton Mogg
1290098. Leslie Linsley's Decoupage: Design, Create, Display by Leslie Linsley
1290100. Donghia: The Artistry of Luxury and Style by Sherri Donghia
1290103. Rescue from Domestic Perfection: The Not-So Secrets of Balancing Life and Style by Dan Ho
1290106. Sex Lives of Wives: Reigniting the Passion by Holly H Hollenbeck
1290107. Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey by David Douglas Duncan
1290110. Art of the Chopper II by Tom Zimberoff
1290112. Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder by Sarah Hudson Bayliss
1290116. Coming of Age... All Over Again: The Ultimate Midlife Handbook by Shutt, Buffy
1290122. Big Birthdays: The Party Planner Celebrates Life's Milestones by David Tutera
1290124. Sexual Intelligence by Kim Cattrall
1290134. The New Wood House by Trulove
1290135. The New Glass House by James Grayson Trulove
1290146. International Migration and International Trade by Sharon S Russell
1290148. Strategy for African Mining by John Strongman
1290149. Disbursement Handbook by World Bank Group
1290150. Making Motherhood Safe by Anne Tinker
1290157. What Makes Exports Boom? by Mark J Roberts
1290158. Did Domestic Policies Marginalize Africa in International Trade? by Alexander J Yeats
1290161. Global Economic Prospects and the by World Bank Group
1290162. The Greening of Economic Policy Reform by Mohan Munasinghe
1290163. The Economics of Involuntary Resettlement: Questions and Challenges by Michael M Cernea
1290165. The Role of Government and the Private Sector in Fighting Poverty by George Psacharopoulos
1290169. African Development Indicators by World Bank Group
1290170. Between State and Market: Mass Privatization in Transition Economies by Ira W Lieberman
1290173. Are Financial Sector Weaknesses Undermining the East Asian Miracle? by Stijn Claessens
1290177. The Effects of Hyper- Inflation on Accounting Ratios: Financing Corporate Growth in Industrial Economies by Geoffrey Whittington
1290179. Sector Investment Programs in Africa: Issues and Experience by Stephen P Jones
1290181. Foreign Direct Investment by World Bank Group
1290182. Competition Policy and Mercosur by Malcolm Rowat
1290188. Water Markets in the Americas by Larry Simpson
1290189. WDI by World Bank Group
1290190. Satisfying Urban Thirst: Water Supply Augmentation and Pricing Policy in Hyderabad City, India by R Maria Saleth
1290197. Social Funds and Reaching the Poor: Experiences and Future Directions: Proceedings from an International Workshop Organized by the World Bank. . . (Et by Anthony G Bigio
1290201. Corporations' Use of the Internet in Developing Countries by John A Daly
1290209. Poverty Reduction and the World Bank: Progress in Fiscal 1998 by World Bank Group
1290211. Development Under Adversity: The Palestinian Economy in Transition by Ishac Diwan
1290212. The Global Environmental Benefits of Land Degradation Control on Agricultural Land: Global Overlays Program by Stefano Pagiola
1290214. Reforms in Albanian Agriculture: Assessing a Sector in Transition by Severin Kodderitzsch
1290225. Primary Securities Markets: Cross Country Findings by Anthony H Aylward
1290233. Poland: Complying with Eu Environmental Legislation by Gordon Hughes
1290236. Sample Form of Evaluation Report: Selection of Consultants by World Bank Group
1290245. Managing Disaster Risk in Emerging Economies by Alcira Kreimer
1290247. Russian Views of the Transition in the Rural Sector: Structures, Policy Outcomes, and Adaptive Responses by L Alexander Norsworthy
1290266. Making Sustainable Commitments: An Environment Strategy for the World Bank by World Bank Group
1290270. The Next Ascent: An Evaluation of the Aga Khan Rural Support Program, Pakistan by Charles H Patterson
1290283. Globalization, Growth, & Poverty by Collier
1290286. Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Development: An Evaluation of the World Bank's Performance by Neill D Nugent
1290290. Toolkit for Public-Private Partnerships in Highways CD-ROM: CD-ROM with CDROM by Ppiaf
1290300. Civil Service Reform: Strengthening World Bank and IMF Collaboration by World Bank Group
1290304. Contracting for Public Services: Output-Based Aid and Its Applications by World Bank Group
1290307. Social Funds: Assessing Effectiveness by Soniya Carvalho
1290325. Structural Reforms in Southeastern Europe Since the Kosovo Conflict by Daniela Gressani
1290334. Infrastructure for Poor People: Public Policy for Private Provision by Penelope J Brook
1290335. A Guide to the World Bank by World Bank Group
1290340. Pension Reform in Europe: Process and Progress by Robert Holzmann
1290351. European Integration, Regional Policy, and Growth by Melissa J Stewart
1290352. The Microfinance Revolution: Volumes I and II by Marguerite Robinson
1290360. Reforming Public Institutions and Strengthening Governance: A World Bank Strategy Implementation Update by World Bank Group
1290362. World Development Indicators 2003 CD-ROM Single User with CDROM by World Bank Group
1290363. World Development Indicators 2003 CD-ROM Multiple User with CDROM by World Bank Group
1290367. Global Development Finance with CDROM by World Bank Group
1290368. Global Development Finance with CDROM by World Bank Group
1290377. Agricultura En Nicaragua: Promoviendo La Competitividad y Estimulando El Crecimiento de Base Amplia by World Bank Group
1290385. World Bank Africa Database 2003 CD-ROM: Multiple-User CD-ROM with CDROM by World Bank Group
1290400. World Bank Africa Database 2003: Single-User CD-ROM by World Bank Group
1290419. Private Participation in Infrastructure: Trends in Developing Countries Between 1990 and 2001 by World Bank Group
1290437. Miniatlas of Global Development by World Bank Group
1290446. Postindustrial East Asian Cities: Innovation for Growth by Shahid Yusuf
1290448. Miniatlas de Dveloppement Global: Miniatlas of Global Development - French Edition by World Bank Group
1290453. Informality and the Playing Field in Vietnam's Business Sector by Stoyan Tenev
1290456. World Development Report: Other Views on Making Services Work for Poor People by World Bank Group
1290474. Regulatory Frameworks for Dam Safety: A Comparative Study (French Edition) by Daniel D Bradlow
1290484. Access to Financial Services in Brazil by Anjali Kumar
1290489. World Development Indicators: Single-User CD-ROM by World Bank Group
1290493. World Development Report 1978-2005 with Selected World Development Indicators: Indexed Omnibus CD-ROM Edition (Single User) by World Bank Group
1290494. World Development Report 1978-2005 with Selected World Development Indicators 2004: Indexed Omnibus CD-ROM Edition (Multiple User) by World Bank Group
1290498. Doing Business in 2005: Obstacles to Growth by World Bank Group
1290506. Um Manual de Programas de Prevencao Ao HIV/Sida: A Sourcebook of HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs by Donald Bundy
1290509. Intellectual Property and Development: Lessons from Recent Economic Research by Carsten Fink
1290522. Ivaluation Multipartenaires Du Cadre de Diveloppement Intigri: Rapport de Synthise by John R Eriksson
1290524. Diveloppement Des Qualifications Professionnelles En Afrique Subsaharienne by Richard K Johanson
1290525. Evaluacisn Conjunta del Marco Integral de Desarrollo: Smntesis by John R Eriksson
1290526. Lessons from NAFTA by Daniel Lederman
1290531. Guide to the World Bank by World Bank Group
1290537. Desarrollo Dirigido Por Los Propios Pamses--Evaluacmon Conjunta del Marco Integral de Desarrollo: Conclusiones Extramdas de Estudios Sobre Seis Pamses by John R Eriksson
1290549. Fiscal Sustainability in Theory and Practice: A Handbook by Craig Burnside