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Books 58/98

1297051. Rescues! by Sandra Markle
1297055. Barack Obama: Working to Make a Difference by Brill, Marlene Targ
1297058. Napoleon Bonaparte by Elaine Landau
1297059. Joseph Stalin by Jeffrey Zuehlke
1297061. Mark Twain by Susan Bivin Aller
1297067. Travis Pastrana by Savage, Jeff
1297070. Safe Sex 101 by Margaret O Hyde
1297071. Fundamental Baseball by Don Geng
1297072. Wolverines by Sandra Markle
1297086. Emperor Penguins by Patricia Trattles
1297096. Hot Rods by Eric Braun
1297098. Sri Lanka: War-Torn Island by Lawrence J Zwier
1297099. Cyprus: Divided Island by Thomas Streissguth
1297100. Northern Ireland: Troubled Land by Eric Black
1297101. Sudan: North Against South by Lawrence J Zwier
1297102. Quebec: Province Divided by Peter Kizilos
1297103. Shape It!: Magnificent Projects for Molding Materials by Keith Good
1297104. A Personal Tour of La Purisima by Robert Young
1297105. A Personal Tour of Camden Yards by Robert Young
1297108. Spraying Skunks by Kristin L Nelson
1297117. Climbing Tree Frogs by Ruth Berman
1297121. Sneaky Salamanders by Dell'oro, Suzanne Paul
1297122. Flying Brown Pelicans by Welsbacher, Anne
1297123. Waiting Alligators by William Munoz
1297126. Digging Armadillos by Judith Jango Cohen
1297134. Desert Iguanas by Judith Jango Cohen
1297137. Buzzing Bumblebees by Joelle Riley
1297139. Clever Raccoons by Kristin L Nelson
1297141. Hungry Ladybugs by Judith Jango Cohen
1297142. Monarch Butterflies by Laura Hamilton Waxman
1297143. Hunting Sharks by Kristin L Nelson
1297145. Derek Jeter: Surefire Shortstop by Robert E Schnakenberg
1297147. Kevin Garnett: Da Kid by John Albert Torres
1297148. Derek Jeter by Donovan, Sandra
1297149. Terrell Davis: TD! by Jeff Savage
1297150. Kobe Bryant: Basketball Big Shot by Jeff Savage
1297151. Sammy Sosa: Home Run Hero by Jeff Savage
1297152. Venus and Serena Williams: Grand Slam Sisters by Terri Morgan
1297165. Spiny Sea Stars by Christine Zuchora Walske
1297167. Clinging Sea Horses by Judith Jango Cohen
1297176. Polar Bears by Cotton, Jacqueline S.
1297179. The Statue of Liberty by Braithwaite, Jill
1297182. The History of Weapons by Judith Herbst
1297186. The Sun by Robin Kerrod
1297187. Planet Earth by Robin Kerrod
1297188. The Solar System by Robin Kerrod
1297189. Mercury and Venus by Robin Kerrod
1297190. Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors by Robin Kerrod
1297191. Mars by Robin Kerrod
1297192. Jupiter by Robin Kerrod
1297193. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto by Robin Kerrod
1297194. Saturn by Robin Kerrod
1297195. Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs by Don Lessem
1297196. Play-By-Play Field by Kristin Wolden Nitz
1297197. Play-By-Play Figure Skating by Joan Freese
1297198. Play-By-Play Track by Kristin Wolden Nitz
1297199. Play-By-Play Snowboarding by Jon Lurie
1297200. Irish in America by Margaret J Goldstein
1297201. Vietnamese in America by Lori Coleman
1297203. Puerto Ricans in America by Stacy Taus Bolstad
1297204. Russians in America by Alison Behnke
1297205. Mexicans in America by Alison Behnke
1297208. Jerusalem or Death: Palestinian Terrorism by Samuel M Katz
1297209. Massachusetts by J F Warner
1297210. Alaska by Joyce Johnston
1297211. Wisconsin by Gretchen Bratvold
1297212. Washington by E Sandy Powell
1297213. Illinois by Kathy P Anderson
1297214. Colorado by Sara Bledsoe
1297215. Hawaii by Joyce Johnston
1297216. New York by Gelman, Amy
1297217. Puerto Rico by Joyce Johnston
1297218. Minnesota by A P Porter
1297219. New Jersey by Charles Fredeen
1297220. Pennsylvania by Gwenyth Swain
1297221. California by Kathy Pelta
1297222. Arizona by Dan Filbin
1297223. Texas by Kathy Pelta
1297224. Louisiana by Rita Ladoux
1297225. Florida by Karen Sirvaitis
1297226. Alabama by Dottie Brown
1297227. West Virginia by Domenica Di Piazza
1297228. Missouri by Ladoux, Rita
1297229. South Dakota by Sirvaitis, Karen
1297230. Maine by Leeanne Engfer
1297231. North Carolina by Andrea Schulz
1297232. Vermont by Kathy Pelta
1297233. Ohio by Dottie Brown
1297234. Georgia by Rita Ladoux
1297235. Connecticut by Amy Gelman
1297236. Iowa by Rita Ladoux
1297237. Delaware by Dottie Brown
1297239. Indiana by Gwenyth Swain
1297240. Kansas by Charles Fredeen
1297242. Virginia by Karen Sirvaitis
1297243. Michigan by Karen Sirvaitis
1297244. New Hampshire by Dottie Brown
1297245. South Carolina by Charles Fredeen
1297246. Utah by Karen Sirvaitis
1297248. Tennessee by Lerner Publishing Group
1297249. Washington D.C. by Lerner Publishing Group
1297250. Montana by Lerner Publishing Group
1297251. Nebraska by Lerner Publishing Group
1297252. Maryland by Lerner Publishing Group
1297253. Nevada by Lerner Publishing Group
1297254. New Mexico by Lerner Publishing Group
1297255. North Dakota by Lerner Publishing Group
1297256. Oklahoma by Lerner Publishing Group
1297257. Oregon by Lerner Publishing Group
1297259. Cooking the Austrian Way by Helga Hughes
1297260. Cooking the Caribbean Way by Cheryl Davidson Kaufman
1297261. Cooking the Chinese Way by Ling Yu
1297262. Cooking the English Way by Barbara W Hill
1297264. Cooking the German Way by Helga Parnell
1297265. Rhode Island by Lerner Publishing Group
1297266. Mississippi by Lerner Publishing Group
1297269. Cooking the Israeli Way by Bacon, Josephine
1297271. Cooking the Japanese Way by Reiko Weston
1297272. Cooking the Korean Way by Okwha Chung
1297273. Cooking the Lebanese Way by Suad Amari
1297274. Cooking the Mexican Way by Rosa Coronado
1297276. Cooking the Polish Way by Danuta Zamojska Hutchins
1297280. Cooking the Turkish Way by Kari Cornell
1297281. Cooking the Thai Way by Supenn Harrison
1297282. Cooking the Vietnamese Way by Nguyen, Chi
1297286. Cooking the Cuban Way: Culturally Authentic Foods, Including Low- Fat and Vegetarian Recipes by Victor Manuel Valens
1297287. Vegetarian Cooking Around the World by Alison Behnke
1297288. Cooking the Greek Way by Lynne W Villios
1297289. Cooking the Hungarian Way by Magdolna Hargittai
1297290. Arizona by Dan Filbin
1297291. Ohio by Dottie Brown
1297292. Vermont by Kathy Pelta
1297293. Arkansas by Domenica Di Piazza
1297294. North Carolina by Andrea Schulz
1297295. Maine by Leeanne Engfer
1297296. South Dakota by Karen Sirvaitis
1297297. Missouri by Rita Ladoux
1297298. West Virginia by Domenica Di Piazza
1297299. Texas by Kathy Pelta
1297301. Florida by Karen Sirvaitis
1297302. Louisiana by Rita Ladoux
1297303. California by Kathy Pelta
1297304. Pennsylvania by Gwenyth Swain
1297305. New Jersey by Charles Fredeen
1297307. Puerto Rico by Joyce Johnston
1297308. New York by Amy Gelman
1297309. Hawaii by Joyce Johnston
1297310. Colorado by Sara Bledsoe
1297311. Illinois by Kathy P Anderson
1297312. Washington by E Sandy Powell