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Books 59/46

1311751. Bislama Reference Grammar by Terry Crowley
1311755. Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World by Victor H Mair
1311756. Handmade Culture: Raku Potters, Patrons, and Tea Practitioners in Japan by Morgan Pitelka
1311757. The Mists of Ramanna: The Legend That Was Lower Burma by Michael A Aung Thwin
1311759. Surf Science: An Introduction to Waves for Surfing by Tony Butt
1311769. Strangers in the South Seas: The Idea of the Pacific in Western Thought by Richard Lansdown
1311770. Defining Chu: Image and Reality in Ancient China by Constance A Cook
1311775. Bridges to the Ancestors: Music, Myth, and Cultural Politics at an Indonesian Festival by David D Harnish
1311781. Swords, Oaths, and Prophetic Visions: Authoring Warrior Rule in Medieval Japan by Elizabeth Oyler
1311793. Challenging Past and Present: The Metamorphosis of Nineteenth-Century Japanese Art by Ellen P Conant
1311795. The Dwarf by Cho Se Hui
1311798. Leaving Paradise: Indigenous Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest, 1787-1898 by Jean Barman
1311802. Lost Generations: A Boy, a School, a Princess by J Arthur Rath
1311804. Ogyu Sorai's Philosophical Masterworks: The Bendo and Benmei by John A Tucker
1311806. House Home Family: Living and Being Chinese by Ronald G Knapp
1311810. Women Critiqued: Translated Essays on Japanese Women's Writing by Rebecca L Copeland
1311819. The Logic of Nothingness: A Study of Nishida Kitaro by Robert J J Wargo
1311820. Gateway to Japan: Hakata in War and Peace, 500-1300 by Bruce Loyd Batten
1311821. Cult, Culture, and Authority: Princess Lieu Hanh in Vietnamese History by Olga Dror
1311822. Japan's Medieval Population: Famine, Fertility, and Warfare in a Transformative Age by William Wayne Farris
1311823. Spirit Matters: The Transcendent in Modern Japanese Literature by Philip Gabriel
1311824. ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese by Axel Schuessler
1311831. A Dictionary of Cantonese Slang: The Language of Hong Kong Movies, Street Gangs and City Life by Hutton, Christopher
1311832. Japanese Horror Cinema by Jay Mc Roy
1311833. Traditional Techniques in Contemporary Chinese Printmaking by David Barker
1311835. Donors of Longmen: Faith, Politics, and Patronage in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Sculpture by Amy Mc Nair
1311844. A Few Good Men: The Bodhisattva Path According to the Inquiry of Ugra (Ugrapariprccha) by Jan Nattier
1311849. The Traditional Ceramics of Southeast Asia by Mick Shippen
1311854. Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement, & Political Manipulation at America's Largest Charitable Trust by Samuel P King
1311855. Asian Settler Colonialism: From Local Governance to the Habits of Everyday Life in Hawai'i by Candace Fujikane
1311861. Our Great Qing: The Mongols, Buddhism, and the State in Late Imperial China by Johan Elverskog
1311868. The Dog Shogun: The Personality and Policies of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi by Beatrice M Bodart Bailey
1311869. The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations by Bryan J Cuevas
1311870. How to Behave: Buddhism and Modernity in Colonial Cambodia, 1860-1930 by Anne Ruth Hansen
1311879. Strangers in the South Seas: The Idea of the Pacific in Western Thought by Richard Lansdown
1311906. Map of O'ahu: The Gathering Place by James A Bier
1311907. Cultivating Original Enlightenment: Wonhyo's Exposition of the Vajrasamadhi-Sutra (Kumgang Sammaegyong Non) by Jr Robert E Buswell
1311911. Korea's Twentieth-Century Odyssey by Michael E Robinson
1311915. Pacific Encounters: Art & Divinity in Polynesia, 1760-1860 by Steven Hooper
1311920. We Fought the Navy and Won: Guam's Quest for Democracy by Doloris Coulter Cogan
1311926. Waiting for Wolves in Japan: An Anthropological Study of People-Wildlife Relations by John Knight
1311928. Ka Lei Ha'aheo: Beginning Hawaiian by Alberta Pualani Hopkins
1311936. Reference Map of Oceania: The Pacific Islands of Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia by James A Bier
1311938. The Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, and the Chinese Martial Arts by Meir Shahar
1311947. Ha'ena: Through the Eyes of the Ancestors by Andrade, Carlos
1311949. Routes and Roots: Navigating Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures by Elizabeth M Deloughrey
1311953. The Book of Honu: Enjoying and Learning about Hawai'i's Sea Turtles by Peter Bennett
1311963. Japan's Colonization of Korea: Discourse and Power by Alexis Dudden
1311967. The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora by Brij V Lal
1311970. Empire of Great Brightness: Visual and Material Cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644 by Craig Clunas
1311977. Fundamental Spoken Chinese by Robert Sanders
1311982. Colonial Legacies: Economic and Social Development in East and Southeast Asia by Anne E Booth
1311984. The Attractive Empire: Transnational Film Culture in Imperial Japan by Michael Baskett
1311989. Buddhism and Taoism Face to Face: Scripture, Ritual, and Iconographic Exchange in Medieval China by Mollier, Christine
1311991. American Aloha: Cultural Tourism and the Negotiation of Tradition by Heather A Diamond
1311992. Prophet Motive: Deguchi Onisaburo, Oomoto, and the Rise of New Religions in Imperial Japan by Nancy K Stalker
1312000. Faith and Practice by Jay Sakashita
1312002. Nippon Modern: Japanese Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s by Mitsuyo Wada Marciano
1312012. Making Sense of AIDS: Culture, Sexuality, and Power in Melanesia by Leslie Butt
1312014. Eating Identities: Reading Food in Asian American Literature by Wenying Xu
1312015. Tonga: A New Bibliography by Martin Daly
1312023. Tour of Duty: Samurai, Military Service in Edo, and the Culture of Early Modern Japan by Constantine Nomikos Vaporis
1312029. Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawai'i? by Jon M Van Dyke
1312032. Maui: Reference Maps of the Islands of Hawai'i by James A Bier
1312034. We Fought the Navy and Won: Guam's Quest for Democracy by Doloris Coulter Cogan
1312059. Ancient Chinese Divination by Stephen L Field
1312063. Making Sense of AIDS: Culture, Sexuality, and Power in Melanesia by Leslie Butt
1312065. Kokota Grammar by Bill Palmer
1312066. Aozora: Intermediate-Advance Japanese Communication-2nd Ed. by Noriko Fujii
1312067. Mau Moko: The World of Māori Tatoo by Awekotuku, Ngahuia Te
1312069. How Zen Became Zen: The Dispute Over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China by Morten Schlutter
1312086. Ancient Chinese Divination by Field, Stephen L.
1312090. The Growth Idea: Purpose and Prosperity in Postwar Japan by Scott O Bryan
1312104. Tourism in Southeast Asia: Challenges and New Directions by Michael Hitchcock
1312114. Documenting & Revitalizing Austronesian Languages by Victoria Rau
1312134. Imperial- Way Zen: Ichikawa Hakugen's Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics by Christopher Ives
1312146. Natives and Exotics: World War II and Environment in the Southern Pacific by Judith A Bennett
1312164. Voices from Okinawa: Featuring Three Plays by Jon Shirota by Jon Shirota
1312169. The Family Circus by Request by Bil Keane
1312170. Ideals Valentine by Ideals Publications Inc
1312171. Ideals Thanksgiving by Ideals Publications Inc
1312172. Ideals Christmas by Ideals Publications Inc
1312173. Ideals Mother's Day by Rathjen, Melinda
1312175. Ideals Christmas by Ideals Publications Inc
1312176. Easter Ideals 2009 by Edited
1312181. Where Is Mommy? by Edited
1312183. Me N' Dad a Scrapbook Journal by Edited
1312185. Hands-On Highlights Rebus Fun: Animal Tales with Other by Ideals Publications Inc
1312187. 52 Weeks to a Positive Life by Norman Vincent Peale
1312188. One Baby Jesus with Sticker by Patricia A Pingry
1312189. The Story of Christmas with Sticker by Patricia A Pingry
1312190. A Snowman Named Just Bob by Moulton, Mark Kimball
1312192. Today Is Christmas! by P K Hallinan
1312193. Today Is Halloween! by P K Hallinan
1312198. Leo: A Baby Lion's Story with DVD by Kathleen Duey
1312201. The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Robert Snyder
1312202. Today Is Easter! by P K Hallinan
1312204. Two to Cuddle by Eileen Spinelli
1312206. Jingle Bells by Jeffrey Ebbeler
1312213. The Story of Noah by Patricia A Pingry
1312214. The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A Pingry
1312215. The Story of the Good Samaritan by Patricia A Pingry
1312216. Poems for Father by Kea, Elizabeth Bonner
1312217. Poems for Grandmother by Kea, Elizabeth Bonner
1312218. Mi Primer Libro de Oraciones by Kea, Elizabeth Bonner
1312219. Poems to Comfort: Thoughts to Encourage by Glenda Puhek
1312221. The Story of Jesus by Patricia A Pingry
1312222. Meet George Washington by Pingry, Patricia A.
1312223. Meet Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A Pingry
1312227. Story of Saint Patrick's Day by Patricia A Pingry
1312230. Here Comes Peter Cottontail! by Steve Nelson
1312232. The Story of the Ten Commandments by Patricia A Pingry
1312235. Jolly Old Santa Claus by Patricia A Pingry
1312237. La Historia de la Pascua/The Story Of Easter by Patricia A Pingry
1312238. The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore
1312240. La Historia de Navidad by Patricia A Pingry
1312241. La Historia de Noe by Pingry, Patricia A.
1312242. La Historia de los Diez Mandamientos by Patricia A Pingry
1312245. La Historia de los Diez Mandiamentos= The Story of the Ten Commandments by Patricia A Pingry
1312246. My Daddy and I by P K Hallinan
1312250. The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell
1312252. The Story of Samson by Patricia A Pingry
1312254. The Story of Adam and Eve by Patricia A Pingry
1312256. La Historia de Jesus / La Historia de Jesus by Patricia A Pingry
1312257. I'm Thankful Each Day by P K Hallinan
1312258. Poems for Teachers by Ideals Publications Inc
1312259. Poems for Gardeners: A Joyful Bouquet by Ideals Publications Inc
1312261. Guideposts for the Spirit: Christmas Stories of Faith by Julie K Hogan
1312263. His Mysterious Ways: Miracles of Prayer by Gourse, Leslie
1312265. Guideposts for the Spirit: Stories to Comfort the Soul by Hogan, Julie K.
1312266. Stories of Dogs and the Lives They Touch by Peggy Schaefer
1312267. Stories of Cats and the Lives They Touch by Peggy Schaefer
1312268. The Power of Kindness for Teens by Ideals Publications Inc
1312269. Guideposts for the Spirit: Stories of Courage by Ideals Publications Inc
1312270. Love by Peggy Schaefer
1312271. Faith by Norman Vincent Peale
1312272. More Stories of Cats and the Lives They Touch by Peggy Schaefer
1312273. More Stories of Dogs and the Lives They Touch by Schaefer, Peggy
1312274. The Best of Guideposts: A Collection of Stories from America's Favorite Magazine by Ideals Publications Inc
1312275. Hope by Peale, Norman Vincent
1312276. Joy by Norman Vincent Peale
1312277. The Best of Guideposts Christmas: A Collection of Christmas Stories from America's Favorite Magazine by Ideals Publications Inc
1312278. Gratitude by Peale, Norman Vincent
1312279. Seeds of Faith: Peace by Peale, Norman Vincent
1312280. Daily Guideposts: Daily Inspiration for Our Men and Women in Uniform by Ideals Publications Inc
1312281. Seeds of Faith Library by Norman Vincent Peale
1312283. Recipes and Wooden Spoons by Judy Baer
1312284. The Simple Home: A Faith-Filled Guide to Simplicity, Peace, and Joy in Your Home by Sharon Hanby Robie
1312285. A Simple Christmas: A Faith-Filled Guide to a Meaningful and Stress-Free Christmas by Sharon Hanby Robie
1312287. Praying for My Life by Marion Bond West