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1354951. Library of Congress Classification Schedule: Ke, Law of Canada: 2008 by Library Of Congress
1354952. Library of Congress Classification Schedule: KJ-Kkz, Law of Europe: 2008 by Library Of Congress
1354953. Library of Congress Classification. S. Agriculture by
1354954. Library of Congress Classification Schedule: B- BJ, Philosophy, Psychology: 2008 by Library Of Congress
1354955. Library of Congress Classification Schedule: Br- Bx, Christianity, Bible: 2008 by Library Of Congress
1354957. Social Sciences: Library of Congress Classification by Library Of Congress
1354959. The Tyranny of Numbers: Mismeasurement and Misrule (AEI Studies, 528) by Nicholas Eberstadt
1354960. The Tyranny of Numbers: Mismeasurement & Misrule by Nicholas Eberstadt
1354963. The Chinese and Their Future Beijing, Taipei, and Hong Kong by Lin Zhiling
1354966. South Africa's Crisis of Constitutional Democracy: Can the U.S. Constitution Help? by Robert A Licht
1354967. South Africa's Crisis of Constitutional Democracy: Can the U.S. Constitution Help? by Robert A Licht
1354968. Health Care Policy and Politics: Lessons from Four Countries by Robert B Helms
1354970. Financing Entrepreneurs by Cynthia A Beltz
1354971. Beyond Mfn: Trade with China and American Interests by James R Lillie
1354972. Cost Shifting in Health Care: Separating Evidence from Rheoric by Michael A Morrisey
1354973. Reforming Private Health Insurance by Mark A Hall
1354975. The Resistible Appeal of Fortress Europe (Rochester Paper; 1) by Martin Wolf
1354976. On the Other Hand: Essays on Economics, Economists, and Politics by Herbert Stein
1354977. Competition and Monopoly in Medical Care by H E Frech
1354979. American Trade Policy: A Tragedy in the Making by Anne Krueger
1354985. The Effects of Credit Policies on U. S. Agriculture by Peter J Barry
1354987. The Economics of Crop Insurance and Disaster Aid by Barry K Goodwin
1354989. Agricultural Policy Reform in the United States by Daniel A Sumner
1354990. Agricultural Policy Reform in the United States by Daniel A Sumner
1354991. Assessing the Environmental Impact of Farm Policies by Walter Nebeker Thurman
1354993. Rate Regulation of Worker's Compensation Insurance: How Price Controls Increaee Cost by Patricia Munch Danzon
1354996. Using Federalism to Improve Environmental Policy by Henry N Butler
1355000. Congress of Prague: Revitalizing the Atlantic Alliance by Gerald Frost
1355003. Toward Competition in Local Telephony by J Gregory Sidak
1355004. Toward Competition in Cable Television by Leland L Johnson
1355008. Economic Puppetmasters: Lessons from the Halls of Power by Lawrence B Lindsey
1355009. The End of North Korea by Nicholas Eberstadt
1355015. Transition Costs of Fundamental Tax Reform by Kevin A Hassett
1355017. Medicare in the 21st Century: Seeking Fair and Efficient Reform by Robert B Helms
1355021. The Feminist Dilemma: When Success Is Not Enough by Diana Furchtgott Roth
1355022. The Permanent Campaign and Its Future by Thomas E Mann
1355032. Medicare Hospital Subsidies: Money in Search of a Purpose by Sean Nicholson
1355045. Tough Love for Schools by Frederick M Hess
1355046. Income Redistribution from Social Security by Don Fullerton
1355048. Pension Fund Politics: The Dangers of Socially Responsible Investing by Jon Entine
1355051. Regulation and the Natural Progress of Opulence by Sam Peltzman
1355054. Democracy and the Constitution by Walter Berns
1355055. The Business of Health: The Role of Competition, Markets, and Regulation by Robert Ohsfeldt
1355061. Antitrust Consent Decrees in Theory and Practice: Why Less Is More by Richard A Epstein
1355062. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Medicare by Andrew J Rettenmaier
1355064. Footing the Tuition Bill: The New Student Loan Sector by Frederick M Hess
1355067. Biotechnology and the Patent System: Balancing Innovation and Property Rights by Claude E Barfield
1355069. Religion and the American Future by Christopher Demuth
1355070. Markets Without Magic: How Competition Might Save Medicare by Mark V Pauly
1355071. Ground Truth: The Future of U. S. Land Power by Thomas Donnelly
1355073. Making a Killing: The Deadly Implications of the Counterfeit Drug Trade by Roger Bate
1355075. When Altruism Isn't Enough: The Case for Compensating Kidney Donors by Sally Satel
1355076. Why Groups Go to Extremes by Cass R Sunstein
1355077. Innovation and Technology Adoption in Health Care Markets by Anupam B Jena
1355081. Voting Rights- - And Wrongs: The Elusive Quest for Racially Fair Elections by Abigail Thernstrom
1355084. Who We Are: The Values and Princliples That Define American Civilization by Gingrich, Newt
1355091. Lessons for a Long War: How America Can Win on New Battlefields by Thomas Donnelly
1355092. The War in Afghanistan and NATO's Future by Donnelly, Thomas
1355093. Safety and Liberty: Democratic Approaches to Domestic Security by Gary J Schmitt
1355098. Revising Tax Treatment of Employer Provided Health Insurance by Sherry Glied
1355100. Industrial Policy in Semiconduction: Missing the Target by Andrew Dick
1355103. Earnings Inequality: The Influence of Changing Opportunities & Choices by Robert H Haveman
1355104. Three Simple Principals of Trade Policy by Douglas A Irwin
1355105. On Corporate Governance by Michael Novak
1355125. The Islamic Paradox: Shiite Clerics, Sunni Fundamentalists, and Coming of Arab Democracy by Reuel Marc Gerecht
1355126. The Political Economy of World Mass Migration: Comparing Two Global Centuries by Jeffrey G Williamson
1355128. The Future of the United Nations: Understanding the Past to Chart a Way Forward by Joshua Muravchik
1355132. The Health Disparities Myth: Diagnosing the Treatment Gap by Jonathan Klick
1355134. The Challenges of China's Growth by Dwight H Perkins
1355135. Strategic Options for Bush Administration Climate Policy by Lee Lane
1355136. Global Population Aging and Its Economic Consequences by Ronald Demos Lee
1355139. Europe's Coming Demographic Challenge: Unlocking the Value of Health by Nicholas Eberstadt
1355143. Joint Ventures as a Form of International Economic Cooperation by United Nations
1355148. Ocean Container Transportation: An Operations Perspective by Mark Lincoln Chadwin
1355161. The Price of a Constitution: The Origin of Japan's Post-War Politics by Tetsuya Kataoka
1355162. The Politics of Budget Control: Congress, the Presidency, and the Growth of the Administrative State by Marini, John
1355166. Development & Democratization in the Third World: Myths, Hopes, & Realities by Kenneth E Bauzon
1355167. Development and Democratization in the Third World: Myths, Hopes, and Realities by Kenneth E Bauzon
1355172. Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region by P Joenniemi
1355174. Communism in Transition: The End of the Soviet Empire Original Communist Systems & Challenges by Amos Yoder
1355177. Endless Pressure: A Study of West Indian Lifestyles in Bristol by Ken Pryce
1355179. African Violets: Gifts from Nature by Melvin J Robey
1355180. Antique Steins: A Collectors' Guide by James R Stevenson
1355181. Fifty Years of Television: A Guide to Series and Pilots, 1937-1988 by Vincent Terrace
1355183. The Education of Malcolm Palmer by John Wheatcroft
1355184. Lirazel by Louise Cripps Samoiloff
1355185. Particles of Reason: An Introduction to the Medicine of the Soul by Bahram Elahi
1355186. The Man from Buena Vista: Selected Nonfiction, 1944-2000 by Charles Edward Eaton
1355189. The Spirit of Sounds: The Unique Art of Ostad Elahi (1895- 1974) by Jean During
1355190. Building America's Schools and Colleges: The Federal Contribution by Willis Rudy
1355191. The Labyrinth by Charles Edward Eaton
1355193. A History of Jewish Literature by Meyer Waxman
1355194. America Pictured to the Life: Illustrated Works from the Paul Mellon Bequest by George A Miles
1355195. Identifying Training Needs by Leary
1355207. Natural Right and the American Imagination: Political Philosophy in Novel Form by Catherine H Zuckert
1355208. Shadows on Glass: The Indian World of Ben Wittick: The Indian World of Ben Wittick by Patricia Janis Broder
1355225. The Scepter and the Spear: Studies on Forms of Repetition in the Homeric Poems: Studies on Forms of Repetition in the Homeric Poems by Steven Lowenstam
1355239. Congress' Permanent Minority?: Republicans in the U.S. House by William F Connelly
1355244. America Through the Looking Glass: A Constitutionalist Critique of the 1992 Election by Eastby John
1355272. The Culture Industry Revisited: Theodor W. Adorno on Mass Culture by Deborah Cook
1355276. For and Against the State: New Philosophical Readings by John T Sanders
1355314. Dou Donggo Justice: Conflict and Morality in an Indonesian Society: Conflict and Morality in an Indonesian Society by Peter Just
1355337. Enviro-Capitalists: Doing Good While Doing Well by Terry L Anderson
1355355. Reading Peirce Reading by Richard A Smyth
1355357. Transitions from State Socialism: Economic and Political Change in China and Hungary: Economic and Political Change in China and Hungary by Yanqi Tong
1355361. Patriots and Tyrants: Ten Asian Leaders by Ross Marlay
1355365. Her Majesty's Other Children: Sketches of Racism from a Neological Age by Lewis R Gordon
1355369. Ideologies and Institutions: American Conservative and Liberal Governance Prescriptions Since 1933: American Conservative and Liberal Governance Presc by J Richard Piper
1355398. Crossing the Divide: An Insider's Account of Normalization of U.S.--China Relations by John H Holdridge
1355412. Democracy, Education, and Multiculturalism: Dilemmas of Citizenship in a Global World by Carlos Torres
1355420. Hemingway and His Conspirators: Hollywood, Scribners, and the Making of American Celebrity Culture by Leonard J Leff
1355421. Hemingway and His Conspirators: Hollywood, Scribners, and the Making of the American Dream by Leonard J Leff
1355440. World Disorders: Troubled Peace in the Post-Cold War Era by Stanley Hoffmann
1355454. Europe Today: National Politics, European Integration, and European Security: National Politics, European Integration, and European Security by Tiersky, Ronald
1355460. Selves in Time and Place: Identities, Experience, and History in Nepal: Identities, Experience, and History in Nepal by Debra Skinner
1355461. On Faith and Free Government by Palm, Daniel C.
1355486. Pandora's Box: Feminism Confronts Reproductive Technology by Nancy Lublin
1355538. Democracy and Socialism in Republican China: The Politics of Zhang Junmai (Carsun Chang), 1906-1941: The Politics of Zhang Junmai (Carsun Chang), 1906 by Roger B Jeans
1355579. John Dewey: America's Philosopher of Democracy: America's Philosopher of Democracy by David Fott
1355592. The Individual and the Political Order: An Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy by Norman E Bowie
1355611. Perspectives on Equality: Constructing a Relational Theory: Constructing a Relational Theory by Christine Koggel
1355628. An Introduction to African Philosophy by Samuel Oluoch Imbo
1355636. Race- Ing Representation: Voice, History, and Sexuality by Linda Myrsiades
1355645. Ecoviolence: Links Among Environment, Population, and Security by Thomas F Homer Dixon
1355696. Contemporary Theories of Knowledge by John L Pollock
1355707. Reading the New Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy, the Gay Science, Thus Spoken Zarathustra, and on the Genealogy of Morals by David B Allison
1355716. The Context of Judicial Activism: The Endurance of the Warren Court Legacy in a Conservative Age by Frederick P Lewis
1355740. Irreconcilable Differences?: Explaining Czechoslovakia's Dissolution: Explaining Czechoslovakia's Dissolution by Michael Kraus
1355741. Elites, Crises, and the Origins of Regimes by Mattei Dogan
1355747. Hard Choices: Moral Dilemmas in Humanitarian Intervention by Jonathan Moore
1355772. Simone Weil: The Way of Justice as Compassion by Richard H Bell
1355799. Critical Ethnicity: Countering the Waves of Identity Politics by Robert H Tai
1355806. Postpositivism and Educational Research by D C Phillips
1355817. Locked in the Poorhouse: Cities, Race, and Poverty in the United States by Fred R Harris
1355820. Wives, Mistresses, and Matriarchs: Asian Women Today by Louise Williams
1355835. Gender Politics in Global Governance by Mary K Meyer
1355894. Civic Repentance by Amitai Etzioni
1355940. Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discrimination in Military Culture: Discrimination in Military Culture by Mary Fainsod Katzenstein
1355941. China Live: People Power and the Television Revolution by Mike Chinoy
1355942. Boundaries of Faith: Geographical Perspectives on Religious Fundamentalism by Roger W Stump
1355944. Partners or Competitors?: The Prospects for U.S.-European Cooperation on Asian Trade by Richard H Steinberg
1355945. Remaking Europe: The European Union and the Transition Economies by Jozef M Van Brabant
1355947. Cooperation or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait? by Clough, Ralph N.