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Books 66/1

1462501. Poems to Be Read Aloud: A Victorian Drawing Room Entertainment by Tom Atkinson
1462502. South West Scotland: The Magical Country of Robert Burns, Including Kyle, Carrick, Dumfries and Galloway by Tom Atkinson
1462504. Tall Tales from an Island by Peter Mac Nab
1462505. Highland Balls and Village Halls by G W Lockhart
1462506. Mountain Days & Bothy Nights by Dave Brown
1462507. Bare Feet and Tackety Boots: A Boyhood on the Island of Rum by Archie Cameron
1462508. Tales of the North Coast: The Beautiful and Remote North Coast of Scotland from Melvich to Tongue by Alan Temperley
1462509. Short Walks in the Cairngorms by Ernest Cross
1462510. On the Trail of Robert Service by G W Lockhart
1462512. Rum: Nature's Island by Magnus Magnusson
1462516. The Highland Geology Trail by John L Roberts
1462523. Blind Harry's Wallace by William Hamilton
1462525. Notes from the North: Incorporating a Brief History of the Scots and the English by Emma Wood
1462526. On the Trail of William Wallace by David R Ross
1462528. 'Nothing But Heather!' by Gerry Cambridge
1462529. On the Trail of Mary Queen of Scots by J Keith Cheetham
1462531. On the Trail of Robert the Bruce by David R Ross
1462533. The West Highlands: The Lonely Lands, Including All the Glories of That Land Known as Argyll by Tom Atkinson
1462534. Scotland, Land and People: An Inhabited Solitude by James Mc Carthy
1462535. Mull and Iona: Highways and Byways, the Fairest of the Inner Hebridean Isles and Scotland's Great Centre of "Celtic Christianity" by P A Macnab
1462536. Red Sky at Night by John Barrington
1462538. Shale Voices by Alistair Findlay
1462540. The Quest for the Nine Maidens by Stuart Mc Hardy
1462541. On the Swirl of the Tide by Bridget Mc Caskill
1462543. Scotland: Myth, Legend & Folklore by Stuart Mc Hardy
1462544. Scotland: Land and Power by Andy Wightman
1462547. The Quest for the Celtic Key by Karen Mac Leod Ralls
1462548. Pilgrims in the Rough: St Andrews Beyond the 19th Hole by Michael Tobert
1462549. Milk Treading by Nick Smith
1462550. The Islands That Roofed the World: Easdale, Seil, Luing and Belnahua by Mary Whithall
1462551. Shale Voices by Alistair Findlay
1462554. Scots Poems to Be Read Aloud by Stuart Mc Hardy
1462560. Plaids & Bandanas: From Highland Drover to Wildwest Cowboy by Rob Gibson
1462561. Luath Scots Language Learner: An Introduction to Contemporary Spoken Scots by L Colin Wilson
1462565. Edinburgh's Historic Mile by Duncan Priddle
1462568. Practical Classics on MGB Restoration by R M Clarke
1462569. High Performance Escorts Mk 2 1975-80 by R M Clarke
1462574. From Descant to Treble, Part 2 by Brian Bonsor
1462577. Carl Orff by Werner Thomas
1462594. Forty Hadith Qudsi by Ezzeddin Ibrahim
1462604. The History of a Vendetta by Giorgos Iatromanolakes
1462605. The Angels of Perversity by Remy De Gourmont
1462609. Song of Duiske by John A Ryan
1462610. The Burning of Brinsley MacNamara by Padraic O Farrell
1462612. The Irish Roots Guide by Tony Mc Carthy
1462613. And as I Rode by Granard's Moat by Benedict Kiely
1462616. The Great Famine: Studies in Irish History, 1845- 52 by R Dudley Edwards
1462617. Secret Places of the Shannon by John M Feehan
1462618. The Secret Places of the West Cork Coast by John M Feehan
1462627. Tape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground by Charles Neal
1462628. Wire: Everybody Loves a History by Kevin Eden
1462632. The One and Only: Peter Perrett - Homme Fatale by Nina Antonia
1462633. Digital Gothic: A Critical Discography of Tangerine Dream by Paul Stump
1462635. Lunar Notes: Zoot Horn Rollo's Captain Beefheart Experience by Bill Harkleroad
1462636. Minstrels in the Gallery: A History of Jethro Tull by David Rees
1462637. Dance Music Sex Romance: Prince: The First Decade by Per Nilsen
1462638. Go Ahead John: The Music of John McLaughlin by Paul Stump
1462639. An American Band: The Story of Grand Funk Railroad by Billy James
1462640. Procol Harum: Beyond the Pale by Claes Johansen
1462641. Soul Sacrifice: The Santana Story by Simon Leng
1462642. Opening the Musical Box: A Genesis Chronicle by Alan Hewitt
1462644. No More Mr Nice Guy: The Inside Story of the Alice Cooper Group by Michael Bruce
1462645. Blowin' Free: Thirty Years of Wishbone Ash by Gary Carter
1462646. The Zombies: Hung Up on a Dream; A Biography--1962-1967 by Claes Johansen
1462648. Free at Last: The Story of Free and Bad Company by Steven Rosen
1462649. Kraftwerk: Man, Machine and Music by Pascal Bussy
1462653. In and Out of Focus: The Music of Jan Akkerman and Focus by David Randall
1462654. The Pretty Things: Growing Old Disgracefully by Alan Lakey
1462655. Industrial Evolution: Through the Eighties with Cabaret Voltaire by Mick Fish
1462656. The Sensational Alex Harvey by John Neil Munro
1462657. We Are Devo!: Are We Not Men? by Jade Dellinger
1462658. The Music of George Harrison: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Simon Leng
1462659. Necessity Is . . .: The Early Years of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention by Billy James
1462662. Thin Lizzy: Soldiers of Fortune by Alan Byrne
1462664. Nirvana: The Complete Recording Sessions by Rob Jovanovic
1462665. Gentle Giant: Acquiring the Taste by Paul Stump
1462666. Nantucket Sleighride: And Other Mountain On-The-Road Stories by Leslie West
1462667. U2: The Ultimate Encyclopedia by Mark Chatterton
1462669. America Over the Water: A Musical Journey with Alan Lomax by Shirley Collins
1462670. England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground by David Keenan
1462674. Suicide: No Compromise by David Nobakht
1462679. The God of Hellfire: The Crazy Life and Times of Arthur Brown by Polly Marshall
1462681. Academy Zappa: Proceedings of the First International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology (ICE-Z) by Esther Leslie
1462682. Can Rock & Roll Save the World?: An Illustrated History of Music and Comics by Ian Shirley
1462685. Soft Machine: Out-Bloody-Rageous by Graham Bennett
1462686. Shooting from the Lip: A Compendium of Musicians' Invective, Bile, Vitriol and Wit by Aubrey Mallone
1462690. Culture Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers by Don Letts
1462692. Strange Boat: Mike Scott and the Waterboys by Ian Abrahams
1462694. Bauhaus: Dark Entries by Ian Shirley
1462702. Wharram: The South Manor Area by P A Stamper
1462706. Brotherhood by Gary Spencer Millidge
1462707. Conspiracies by Gary Spencer Millidge
1462708. The Complete Pyrography by Stephen Poole
1462709. Carving Birds & Beasts by Magazine Woodcarving
1462710. The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll C. 1190-1265: Series: The Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin by Philomena Connolly
1462712. Our Good Health: A History of Dublin's Water and Drainage by Michael Corcoran
1462713. The Georgian Squares of Dublin: An Architectural History by Dublin City Council
1462715. Where's Where in Dublin: A Directory of Historic Locations, 1913-1923 by Joseph Connell
1462717. Festinat Senex: Essays in Greek and Latin Literature and Archaeology by John G Griffith
1462725. An Archaeobotanical Guide to Root and Tuber Identification Volume 1: Europe and South West Asia by Jon G Hather
1462730. Whither Environmental Archaeology? by Rosemary Luff
1462733. Archaeology in the Peloponnese: New Excavations & Research by Kenneth A Sheedy
1462740. Traditional Metalworking in Kenya by Jean Brown
1462748. Hypnotherapy: A Practical Handbook by Hellmut W A Karle
1462750. Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete by Mallett, Jef
1462751. The Art of Roland Wakelin by Walton, Leslie
1462752. Guitar Method Book 2 Book/CD: Intermediate by Gary Turner
1462753. Guitar Chords Bk/CD/DVD: For Beginner to Advanced Guitarists by Gary Turner
1462754. Classical Guitar Method Book 1 Bk/CD: For Beginners to Intermediate Students by Jason Waldron
1462755. Fingerpicking Guitar Bk/CD: For Beginner to Advanced Students by Gary Turner
1462756. Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Licks Vol. 1 Bk/CD by Rod Ung
1462757. Slap Technique for Bass Guitar Bk/CD: From Beginner to Professional Level by Stephan Richter
1462758. Tapping Bass Guitar Bk/CD: From Beginner to Professional Level by Stephan Richter
1462759. Rock Jazz Funk Drumming Bk/CD by Jim Latta
1462760. Masterpieces of 19th Cent Bk/CD: For Beginner to Intermediate Students by Jason Waldron
1462761. Popular Classics Vol 1 Bk/CD: Arranged for Classical Guitar by Jason Waldron
1462762. Popular Classics Vol 2 Bk/CD: Arranged for Classical Guitar by Jason Waldron
1462763. Young Beginner Guitar Method Bk 1 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462764. Young Beginner Guitar Method Book 2 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462765. Young Beginner Guitar Method Book 3 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462767. Young Beginner Piano Method Bk 2 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462768. Piano Method for Young Beginners Book 3: With CD by Andrew Scott
1462769. Organ for Young Beginner Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462770. Rock Drumming Bk/CD: From Beginner to Advanced Student by Andy Griffiths
1462771. Young Beginner Recorder Bk 1 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462772. Young Beginner Recorder Bk 2 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462774. Young Beginner Keyboard Method 2 Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462775. Keyboard Method for Young Beginners Book 3: With CD by Scott, Andrew
1462776. Keyboard Method Book 1 Bk/CD and Bonus DVD: Suitable for All Types of Electronic Keyboard by Andrew Scott
1462777. Slide Guitar Licks Bk/CD by Brett Duncan
1462778. Slide Guitar Tech Bk/CD: For Beginner to Advanced Level by Brett Duncan
1462779. Heavy Metal Bass Licks Bk 1 Bk/CD by Stephan Richter
1462780. Heavy Metal Bass Licks Bk 2 Bk/CD by Stephan Richter
1462781. Heavy Metal Bass Guitar Bk/CD: For Beginners to Intermediate by Stephan Richter
1462782. Heavy Metal Bass Techniques Bk/CD: Easy to Advanced Level by Stephan Richter
1462783. Popular Classics Vol 3 Bk/CD: Arranged for Classical Guitar by Jason Waldron
1462784. Popular Classics Vol 4 Bk/CD: Arranged for Classical Guitar by Jason Waldron
1462785. Drum Syncopation Bk/CD: For Beginner to Advanced Level by Jim Latta
1462786. Fingerpicking Guitar Licks Bk/CD by Brett Duncan
1462787. Bass Guitar Licks Bk/CD: From Easy to Advanced Playing Level by Stephan Richter
1462788. Rock Guitar Licks Bk/CD: For Beginning Rock Guitarists by Brett Duncan
1462789. Heavy Metal Drumming Bk/CD: For Beginner to Advanced Student by Jim Latta
1462790. Young Beginner Keyboard Method Supp a Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462791. Young Beginner Keyboard Method Supp B Bk/CD by Andrew Scott
1462792. Young Beginner Guitar Method Supplementary Songbook B Bk/CD by Scott, Andrew
1462793. Harmonica Method Bk/CD: For Beginners by William Lee Johnson
1462794. Blues Harmonica Bk/CD: For Beginners by William Lee Johnson
1462795. Harmonica Method Supplementary Songbook Bk/CD: For Betinners by William Lee Johnson
1462796. Introducing Bass Bk/CD: With 'Easy Read' Tab Notation by Stephan Richter
1462797. Popular Classics Vol 5 Bk/CD: Arranged for Classical Guitar by Jason Waldron