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Books 66/5

1463102. From Babylon to Rastafari: Origin and History of the Rastafarian Movement by Douglas R A Mack
1463103. The Willie Lynch Letter: And the Making of a Slave by Kashif Malik Hassan El
1463106. The Art of Mackin' by Tariq King Flex Nasheed
1463108. The Holy Piby by Robert Athtyi Rogers
1463112. World Directory of Pesticide Control: by Elstrom
1463113. New Museology by Peter Vergo
1463115. Renaissance Bodies: The Human Figure in English Culture C. 1540-1660 by Lucy Gent
1463125. Nicolas Poussin: Dialectics of Painting by Oskar Batschmann
1463127. The Cultures of Collecting by John Elsner
1463136. Health and Illness: Images of Difference by Sander L Gilman
1463139. Kazimir Malevich: The Climax of Disclosure by David Moos
1463142. From Berlin by Armando
1463143. Fruitful Sites: Garden Culture in Ming Dynasty China by Craig Clunas
1463146. The Peasant of Portugal by Thomas De Quincy
1463147. Anomalous Phenomena of the Interregnum by Anonymous
1463156. Spinning & Weaving by Gauldie, Enid
1463158. London's New River by Robert Ward
1463159. Feeding London by Richard Tames
1463160. London's Coffee Houses: A Stimulating Story by Antony Clayton
1463161. Chingford Past by Barbara Ray
1463162. The Chelsea Book Past and Present by John Richardson
1463163. A History of Islington by Mary Cosh
1463165. Lost Childhood and the Language of Exile by Judit Szekacs Weisz
1463166. N'Drea: One Woman's Fight to Die Her Own Way by Andrea
1463167. The Augur's Daughter by Sybille Haynes
1463172. The Black Pharaohs: Egypt's Nubian Rulers by Robert G Morkot
1463177. King James VI of Scotland and I of England by Bryan Bevan
1463178. The Garden in Ancient Egypt by Alix Wilkinson
1463179. After the Pyramids: The Valley of the Kings and Beyond by Aidan Dodson
1463180. After the Pyramids: The Valley of the Kings and Beyond by Aidan Dodson
1463183. O Horrable Murder': The Trial, Execution and Burial of King Charles I by Robert B Partridge
1463184. Napoleon's Proconsul in Egypt: The Life and Times of Bernardino Drovetti by Ronald T Ridley
1463192. Set for a King: 200 Years of Gardening at the Royal Pavilion by Mike Jones
1463195. Recipes: A Notebook for Cooks by Sara Mathews
1463196. Far and Away: A Notebook for Travellers by Grace Polk
1463202. Timepiece by Shinebourne, Janice
1463204. Eldorado West One by Samuel Selvon
1463205. Highway in the Sun: And Other Plays by Samuel Selvon
1463210. Butterfly in the Wind by Lakshmi Persaud
1463214. The Second Shipwreck: A Study of Indo-Caribbean Literature by Poynting, Jeremy
1463222. Dictionary of International Biography by Melrose Press
1463226. Modernism and Nationalism: Literature and Society in Scotland 1918-1939: Source Documents for the Scottish Renaissance by Margery Palmer Mc Culloch
1463234. The Akita by Ringpress Books
1463235. Labrador Retrievers Today by Ringpress Books
1463236. The Complete Australian Cattle Dog by Holmes, John
1463238. Yorkshire Terrier by MacKay, B.
1463239. Westies Today by Derek Tattersall
1463240. Shih Tzu by Gurney, Dorothy
1463243. German Wirehaired Pointers Today by Pinkerton, Sharon
1463244. Gordon Setters Today by Jose Baddeley
1463246. German Shorthaired Pointers Today by David Layton
1463247. Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback by Peter Nicholson
1463250. Italian Greyhounds Today by Ringpress Books
1463251. The Complete Border Collie by Ringpress Books
1463252. The Complete St. Bernard by Ringpress Books
1463253. Complete Basenji by Ringpress Books
1463254. The Chinese Shar Pei Today by Juliette Cunliffe
1463255. The Russian Tragedy by Alexander Berkman
1463256. Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker
1463258. Hungary 56 by Andy Anderseon
1463259. Government Is Violence by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy
1463260. Internationalists in France During the Second World War by Pierre Lanneret
1463264. Color of the Sky by Peter Cowan
1463265. Red Rover All Over by
1463266. Sky Poems by
1463268. Autobiography Writers St by
1463269. Hills of Apollo Bay by Peter Cowan
1463270. Newspaper of Claremont Street by Elizabeth Jolley
1463271. Stars in Nights to Come by Kenneth Gasmier
1463272. Cleared Spaces Clear by
1463273. No Substitute by Terri Ann White
1463274. Knockabout Slouch Hat by
1463275. Arthur Corunna's Story: My Place for Young Readers Part 2 by Sally Morgan
1463276. Sally's Story: My Place for Young Readers Part 1 by Sally Morgan
1463277. Mother and Daughter: My Place for Young Readers Volume 3 by Sally Morgan
1463278. Homing by
1463280. Fall of Dice by
1463281. Western Australian Writi by Bruce Bennett
1463282. An Australian Compass by Bruce Bennett
1463283. Crush by
1463284. Wanamurraganya: The Story of Jack McPhee by Sally Morgan
1463288. Olympic Architecture by Patrick Bingham Hall
1463291. Canberra Architecture by Andrew Metcalf
1463294. Biodiversity of Mediterranean Ecosystems in Australia by Hobbs, R. J.
1463296. California Hot Rodder by Jay Carnine
1463298. Flathead Fever by Mike Davidson
1463299. How to Build the High- Performance Street Flathead by Mike Davidson
1463300. Custom Auto Electrickery: How to Work with and Understand Auto Electrical Systems by Frank Munday
1463301. Turbo Hydra-Matic 700r: Practical Reference Book for the 700r4, 4l60 and 4l60e Transmissions by Ted Robinette
1463302. Australia's Hot Rod Pioneers by Larry O Toole
1463304. Classic Hot Rod Style: Traditional Hot Rods with a New Millennium Make- Over by Larry O Toole
1463306. Radical Hot Rods by Larry O Toole
1463309. Australia's Hot Rod Heritage by Larry O Toole
1463310. Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara Picture Vocabulary by Goddard, Cliff
1463313. Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara to English Dictionary: Revised Second Edition by Goddard, Cliff
1463314. Women's Gathering and Hunting: In the Pitjantjatjara Homelands by Bryce, Suzy
1463315. A Learners Wordlist of Pertame by Swan, Christobel
1463320. An Elementary Warlpiri Dictionary: Revised Edition by Kenneth L Hale
1463322. Ikuntji: Paintings from Haasts Bluff 1992-1994 by Strocchi, Marina
1463324. Aboriginal Ex-Servicemen of Central Australia by Bray, George
1463327. Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara Pocket Dictionary by Ellis, Lizzie
1463329. Bushfires and Bushtucker: Aboriginal Plant Use in Central Australia by Latz, Peter
1463332. John Horbury Hunt: Radical Architect 1838-1904 by Peter Reynolds
1463338. Heaven by Keddie, Gordon
1463345. The Irish Statute Staple Books 1596-1687: With CD-ROM with CDROM by Jane Ohlmeyer
1463350. Wes Montgomery by Adrian Ingram
1463359. Frozen Assets by Judy Clive Ponsonby Fane
1463360. Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Libido Theory by Humberto Nagera
1463364. To Woman in Love: A Book of Letters by Barry Long
1463367. Film Style and Technology: History and Analysis by Barry Salt
1463368. Moving Into Pictures by Barry Salt
1463372. Liverpool Printed Tiles by Anthony Ray
1463373. Roland Batchelor Watercolours and Drawings by Patricia Jarrett
1463374. A History of the Fastnet Lighthouse by James Morrissey
1463377. Occult Dangers Explained - Safely by Doug Harris
1463378. Always Being Ready: Practical Help for Christians to Be Ready to Talk to Those in Cults about the True Jesus by Doug Harris
1463379. Awake! to the Watchtower by Doug Harris
1463387. Life After Death - Living Proof by Tom Harrison
1463389. Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena by Katie Halliwell
1463393. The Clinician's Guide to Linguistic Profiling of Language Impairment by Martin J Ball
1463396. Asceticism in Buddhism and Brahmanism: A Comparative Study by Ryokai Shiraishi
1463398. Baby Lore: Superstitions and Old Wives Tales from the World Over Related to Pregnancy, Birth and Babycare by Rosalind Franklin
1463399. Nurse at the Trenches: Letters Home from a World War One Nurse by Agnes Warner
1463400. A War Nurse's Diary: Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital by A World War Nurse
1463412. A Dictionary of Cork Slang by Sean Beecher
1463429. Nagar in the Third Millennium B.C. by David Oates
1463430. Women's Activism and Voluntary Activity by Vivienne Batt
1463432. Luftwaffe Fledlings 1935-1945: Luftwaffe Training Units & Their Aircraft by Ketley, Barry
1463435. London Art and Artists Guide by Heather Waddell
1463442. Work, Sex and Rugby by Lewis Davies
1463443. From Empty Harbour to White Ocean by Robin Llywelyn
1463444. Tree of Crows by Lewis Davies
1463445. Freeways: A Journey West on Route 66 by Lewis Davies
1463447. New Welsh Drama I by Afshan Malik
1463448. Exiles by Jacinta Bell
1463449. The Mayor of ALN by James Rourke
1463454. A Passage Through Silence and Light by Raoul Bunschoten
1463456. A Long Walk on the Isle of Skye: The Famous 75-Mile Island Trek by David Paterson
1463463. Excavations on the Wormington to Tirley Pipeline, 2000: Four Sites by the Carrant Brook and River Isbourne- Gloucestershire and Worcestershire by Laurent Coleman
1463464. Critical Vision: The Best of Early Headpress by David Slater
1463466. Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jorg Buttgereit by David Kerekes
1463467. Headpress 13: Plague by David Kerekes
1463471. Marketing in Action: Learning from a Small Country by Aidan O Driscoll
1463473. Pluralism and Unity?: Methods of Research in Psychoanalysis by Marianne Leuzinger Bohleber
1463474. Freud's "On Narcissim: An Introduction" by Joseph Sandler
1463475. On Freud's "Analysis Terminable and Interminable" by Sandler, Joseph
1463478. Identity, Gender and Sexuality: 150 Years After Freud by Fonagy, Peter
1463483. East Anglian Silver 1550-1750: 1550-1750 by Christopher Hartop
1463484. Noble Households: Eighteenth- Century Inventories of Great English Ho by Tessa Murdoch
1463494. The Index of Inr? Artists by E A Wrangham