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Books 70/119

1570201. Geschichte Der Neueren Deutschen Philosophie Seit Hegel (1898) by Otto Siebert
1570202. Geschichte Der Philosophie: ALS Einleitung in Das System Der Philosophie (1908) by Walter Kinkel
1570205. Geschichte Der Philosophie Im Grundrisz Dargestellt (1908) by Matthias Hamma
1570206. Get Well, Stop Doddering (1917) by James R Nickum
1570207. Gethsemane and After: A New Setting of an Old Story (1907) by Cyrus Townsend Brady
1570210. Gettysburg and Other Poems (1890) by Isaac Rusling Pennypacker
1570211. Gewinnung, Verabeitung Und Handel Des Bernsteins in Preufsen Von Der Ordenszeit Bis Zur Gegenwart (1887) by W Tesdorpf
1570213. Ghitza: And Other Romances of Gypsy Blood (1921) by Konrad Bercovici
1570214. Ghost- Bereft: With Other Stories and Studies in Verse (1901) by Jane Barlow
1570218. Giacomo Leopardi (1913) by Paul Hazard
1570219. Giacomo Leopardi E I Suoi Canti D'Amore: Saggio Critico (1897) by Andrea Lo Forte Randi
1570220. Giafar: A Tragedy (1907) by Andreas Bard
1570221. Giannantonio Rayneri: Commemorazione (1876) by Giovanni Lanza
1570223. Gideon Brown: A True Story of the Covenant, and of the Persecution in Scotland (1877) by Gideon Brown
1570224. Gideon or Trials of Faith: A Seatonian Poem (1839) by John Murray
1570225. Gijsbert Karel Van Hogendorp, in 1813 (1876) by F Van Hogendorp
1570226. Gilbert, of Colchester: An Elizabethan Magnetizer (1891) by Silvanus Phillips Thompson
1570227. Gilda Mercatoria (1883) by Charles Gross
1570228. Gilda: Roman Contemporain (1892) by Auguste De Saint Aulaire
1570229. Gillets Hemlighet: Comedi I Fyra Akter (1880) by August Strindberg
1570232. Einsame Menschen (1906) by Gerhart Hauptmann
1570234. Gioacchino Taddei: E Le Sue Opere (1860) by Misael Pieragnoli
1570235. Gioachino Murat: In Italia (1899) by Francesco Guardione
1570236. Giordano Bruno: E Le Sue Opere (1907) by Raffaele Cotugno
1570239. Goethe's Italienische Reise: Selected Letters (1894) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
1570240. Goethe's Knabenjahre, 1749- 1759: Goethe's Boyhood, Being the First Three Books of His Autobiography (1881) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
1570241. Goethes Lebensanschauung in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwicklung, Teil 2: Lehrjahre in Weimar, 1775- 1786 (1907) by Christoph Schrempf
1570245. Goethe's Reineke Fuchs: The First Five Cantos (1901) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
1570248. Goethe's Vorahnungen Kommender Naturwissenschaftlicher Ideen (1892) by Hermann Von Helmholtz
1570250. Going Afoot: A Book on Walking (1920) by Bayard Henderson Christy
1570251. Going and Coming as a Doughboy (1920) by Elmer H Curtiss
1570254. Going Value (1914) by Halford Erickson
1570255. Going West (1919) by Basil King
1570256. Gold and Dross (1878) by Edward Garrett
1570257. Gold and Prices (1912) by William James Ashley
1570258. Gold and Silver as Currency, in the Light of Experience, Historical, Economical, and Practical: A Series of Papers (1896) by James Goodwin Batterson
1570259. Gold and Silver Money (1882) by Paul Frederick Tidman
1570260. Gold and Tin Dredging Practice (1905) by Harold Langford Lewis
1570263. Golden Apples of Hesperus: Poems Not in the Collections (1882) by W J Linton
1570265. Golden Friendships: Sketches of the Lives and Characters of True and Sincere Friends (1884) by F L Clarke
1570267. Golden Gleanings: Comprising Poems and Prose Extracts from the Writings of Martin Stoner Newcomer (1891) by Martin Stoner Newcomer
1570269. Golden Nails and Other Addresses to Children (1893) by George Milligan
1570271. Grace Balmaign's Sweetheart (1885) by James Runciman
1570272. Grace Book 1: Containing the Proctors' Accounts and Other Records of the University of Cambridge for the Years 1454- 1488 (1897) by Stanley Mordaunt Leathes
1570273. Grace Book 3: Containing the Records of the University of Cambridge for the Years 1501- 1542 (1908) by William George Searle
1570277. Graecula: A First Book of Greek Translation (1884) by Henry Richard Heatley
1570280. Grain from the Granary: Sermons (1882) by Stephen Jenner
1570282. Grains of Wheat, Part 2: Meditations on the Spiritual Life (1883) by Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell
1570285. Great Britain After the War (1916) by Sidney Webb
1570286. Great Britain and the Dutch Republics (1900) by Times The Times
1570288. Great Britain in Egypt (1920) by Herbert Adams Gibbons
1570290. Great Campaigns: A Succinct Account of the Principal Military Operations Which Have Taken Place in Europe Form 1796 to 1870 (1877) by Charles Adams
1570291. Great Characters of the Old Testament (1920) by Robert William Rogers
1570294. Great Men: Being the Substance of a Lecture Delivered Extempore at the Town Hall, on September 28, 1866 (1868) by Keshub Chunder Sen
1570295. Great Poems of the World War (1922) by William Dunseath Eaton
1570296. Great Principles Associated with Plymouth Rock: An Address (1835) by George Washington Blagden
1570297. Great Steps for Little Scholars: Or Geography Simplified, in Question and Answer, for the Use of Preparatory Schools (1883) by Heywood John Heywood
1570298. Greater United States of North America (1903) by E J David
1570299. Greatness in Literature and Other Papers (1905) by William Peterfield Trent
1570302. Greek Buildings Represented by Fragments in the British Museum (1908) by William Richard Lethaby
1570304. Greek Exercise Book Part 1: Comprising Translation and Reading Exercises (1902) by Adolf Kaegi
1570307. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology V8: Greek Grave Reliefs (1897) by Richard Norton
1570308. Greek Legends (1916) by Mary Agnes Hamilton
1570311. The Greek Liturgies: Chiefly from Original Authorities (1884) by Charles Anthony Swainson
1570312. Half Hours with the Best Composers V4 (1894) by Karl Klauser
1570313. Half Three Score Years and Ten (1918) by Annie Gaskin Stewart Gorgas
1570314. Half- A- Dozen Housekeepers: A Story for Girls in Half- A- Dozen Chapters (1903) by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
1570315. Haliburton, a Centenary Chaplet: With a Bibliography (1897) by John Parker Anderson
1570317. Hallali! (1891) by Henry Rabusson
1570318. Halm Frigyes: Dramai (1908) by Aladar Gyulai
1570319. German Classics V11: Halm's Griseldis (1894) by Friedrich Halm
1570320. Hamid the Luckless: And Other Tales in Verse (1904) by John Payne
1570323. Hamlet Dana- Prins: Sorgarleikur Tragedia Eptir W. Shakespeare (1878) by William Shakespeare
1570324. Gustav Mai- Rodegg, Hamlet- Entdeckungen Eines Schauspielers (1916) by Gustav Mai Rodegg
1570325. Hamlet: From an Actor's Prompt Book (1896) by Herbert Beerbohm Tree
1570328. Handbook of Bible Study: Outlines of Bible Structure and Bible History (1895) by Marguerite Cook
1570329. Handbook of Wood Engraving: With Practical Instruction in the Art for Persons Wishing to Learn Without an Instructor (1881) by William Andrew Emerson
1570330. Hand Spinning and Hand Weaving: A List of References in the New York Public Library (1922) by William Burt Gamble
1570332. Handbook of Artillery for the Auxiliary Artillery (1876) by M F Downes
1570333. Handbook of Christian Evidences (1895) by Alexander Stewart
1570334. Handbook of Church Advertising (1921) by Francis Higbee Case
1570336. Handbook of English and French Terms: For the Use of Military Aviators (1917) by Gilbert Chinard
1570337. Handbook of the 2.95- Inch Mountain Gun Materiel and Pack Outfit (1916) by Chief Of Ordnance Office
1570340. Handbook of Whalley (1884) by Robert Nowell Whitaker
1570341. Handeln Auf Fremde Gefahr (1894) by Josef Unger
1570342. Hanged by the Neck Until You Be Dead: Or Why the Death Sentence Should Be Abolished (1877) by Member Of The New
1570343. Hanging: Not Punishment Enough (1812) by Basil Montagu
1570347. Hannah of Kentucky: A Story of the Wilderness Road (1912) by James Otis
1570348. Hanneles Himmelfahrt: Traumdichtung in Zwei Teilen (1905) by Gerhart Hauptmann
1570349. Hannibal and Katharna: A Drama in Five Acts (1893) by John C Fife Cookson
1570351. Hans Excellens AV Madagaskar: Roman (1916) by Anders Eje
1570352. Hans Memlinc (1901) by William Henry James Weale
1570353. Happiness from Thoughts: And Other Sermons (1891) by James Vila Blake
1570357. Hardtack and Coffee: Or the Unwritten Story of Army Life (1887) by John Davis Billings
1570359. Harmonic Function (1896) by William Elwood Byerly
1570361. Harmonic Part- Writing (1911) by William Alfred White
1570362. Harmony Made Practical: A Comprehensive Treatise (1900) by Otis Bardwell Boise
1570364. Harold and ADA: And Other Poems (1906) by Albert Joseph Heil
1570366. Harp of the Christian Home: Hymns by Living Writers (1876) by Charles Rogers
1570369. Harrington and His Oceana: A Study of a Seventeenth Century Utopia and Its Influence in America (1914) by Hugh Francis Russell Smith
1570372. Harry (1877) by Fanny Wheeler Hart
1570373. Harry Furniss at Home (1904) by Harry Furniss
1570377. Hartley Coleridge (1907) by Arthur Flehinger
1570380. An Answer to John Robinson of Leyden (1920) by
1570382. Has General Grant Genius? (1884) by Private Jones
1570383. Has Oude Been Worse Governed by Its Native Princes Than Our Indian Territories by Leadenhall Street? (1857) by Malcolm Lewin
1570384. Hat Francis Bacon Die Dramen William Shakespeare's Geschrieben? (1883) by Eduard Engel
1570385. Hattatal Snorra Sturlusonar (1881) by Theodor Mobius
1570386. Hattie's Mistake: Or Mothers and Mothers (1882) by
1570388. Have I Solved It? (1891) by James B Lehigh
1570389. Have We a Far Eastern Policy? (1920) by Charles Hitchcock Sherrill
1570390. Havelok (1901) by F Holthausen
1570391. Haverholme or the Apotheosis of Jingo: A Satire (1878) by Edward Jenkins
1570392. Hawaii; Its People, Climate and Resources (1903) by Daniel Logan
1570393. Hawaiki: The Original Home of the Maori; With a Sketch of Polynesian History (1904) by Stevenson Percy Smith
1570396. Hay Fever and Catarrh of Head and Nose: With Their Preventive and Curative Treatment (1901) by E B Fanning
1570397. Hazardous Ground: An Original Adaptation in Four Acts (1868) by Augustin Daly
1570398. Faith and Righteousness: A Memorial of Sumner Ellis, with an Outline of His Life and Ministry (1887) by Clark Rice Moor
1570399. The Colonial Office List for 1879: Comprising Historical and Statistical Information Respecting the Colonial Dependencies of Great Britain (1879) by Edward Fairfield
1570400. He Descended Into Hell: Observations on the Descent of Christ Into Hell (1842) by George Fyler Townesend
1570401. He Fell in Love with His Wife (1886) by Edward Payson Roe
1570402. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep (1880) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1570404. He That Overcometh V2: A Novel (1876) by Fanny Aikin Kortright
1570406. Head Gear: Antique and Modern (1879) by R H Wadleigh
1570408. Heads of a Course of Lectures in Natural History (1782) by Thomas Martyn
1570411. Health and Power Through Right Thinking (1915) by John Wesley Carter
1570412. Health, Wealth, and the Blessing of Friends (1896) by John Lubbock
1570414. Healthful Exercises for Girls (1887) by A Alexander
1570415. Healthology, Health Study, in Three Parts: Healthopathy, the Fasting Cure, Health Treatment (1907) by Irving James Eales
1570416. Hear the Church! a Word for All (1839) by Doctor Of Divinity A
1570417. Hearing Before the Committee on Military Affairs: House of Representatives on H. R. 7117, a Bill to Increase the Efficiency of the Engineer Corps of th by On Military Affairs Committee
1570419. Heart and Soul Culture (1912) by Emily Lorena Coleman Fischer
1570421. Heart to Heart, the Song of Two Nations: With Aftertones and Other Piece (1889) by Ivan Hues
1570422. Heart Voices: In Poetry and Prose (1881) by Harold Swift
1570423. Heart Fellowship with Christ: Meditations and Prayers for Each Sunday in the Year, Including Chapters on Christ in the Christian's Life (1884) by William Poole Balfern
1570424. Heart Tones: And Other Poems (1897) by Dominic O Kelly Branden
1570426. Heart's Kindred (1915) by Zona Gale
1570427. Hearts Undaunted: A Romance of Four Frontiers (1917) by Eleanor Atkinson
1570428. Heartsease and the Rabbits: A Fairytale of Our Own Time (1882) by Emilius Albert De Cosson
1570429. Heathen England: And What to Do for It (1877) by William Booth
1570431. Heathen, Jewish, and Infidel Testimony to Bible Facts, Christianity, Etc. (1883) by George Bate
1570432. Heather and Harebell: A Story for Children (1881) by Emma Marshall
1570433. Heather and Peat (1911) by Alan Duff Stewart
1570438. Heavens Glory, and Hells Horror: Or the Parable of Dives and Lazarus Opened and Applied (1678) by John Hart
1570440. Heavy Odds: A Novel (1896) by Marcus Andrew Hislop Clarke
1570442. Hebrew and Christian Records V1, Hebrew Records: A Historical Enquiry Concerning the Age and Authorship of the Old and New Testaments (1877) by John Allen Giles
1570443. Hebrew Beginnings: Old Testament Narratives, Part I (1909) by Edna Hodgkins Stebbins
1570444. Hebrew Gramma (1877) by Alexander Meyrowitz
1570446. Hebrew Ideals, Part 1, Genesis 12- 25: From the Story of the Patriarchs, a Study of Old Testament Faith and Life (1906) by James Strahan
1570448. Hebrew Inscriptions: From the Valleys Between Egypt and Mount Sinai (1875) by Samuel Sharpe