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Books 70/84

1564953. Easy Selections from Plato (1900) by Plato
1564954. Easy Spanish Plays (1917) by Ruth L Henry
1564955. Easy Steps in Latin (1901) by Mary Hamer
1564956. Easy Stories and Exercises in German (1895) by A A David
1564957. Easy Whist (1884) by Aquarius
1564959. Eating to Live Long (1920) by William Henry Porter
1564960. Eben Holden's Last Day a Fishing (1907) by Irving Bacheller
1564966. Ecce Poeta (1912) by Egon Friedell
1564973. Ecclesiastical Records: Three Lectures (1920) by Claude Jenkins
1564977. Echoes from My Song Realm (1899) by Frederick Louis Hildreth
1564978. Echoes from Naples and Other Poems (1888) by Holcombe Ingleby
1564980. Echoes from the Beat V3: A Collection of Poems (1908) by Dell Hair
1564983. Echoes of Cheer (1912) by John Kendrick Bangs
1564986. Echoes of St. Margaret's Church, at Huttoft (1882) by George Bryan
1564987. Echoes of Spoken Words (1877) by Samuel Augustus Tipple
1564988. Echoes of the Great Exhibition (1851) by Joseph Turner
1564991. Echoes of Truth: Sermons and a Short Selection of Prayers (1886) by Edmund Martin Geldart
1564996. Economic and Social History of Chowan County, North Carolina, 1880- 1915 (1917) by Warren Scott Boyce
1564997. Economic History of England (1914) by Milton Briggs
1564999. Economics of Liberty (1916) by John Beverley Robinson
1565000. Economisti Contemporanei Italiani: Enrico Cernuschi (1876) by Salvatore Cognetti De Martiis
1565001. Eddastudien, Theil 1 (1889) by Julius Hoffory
1565002. Edelsteine: Six Select Stories by Baumbach, Seidel, and Volkmann- Leander (1901) by Richard Alexander Minckwitz
1565005. Edinburgh University: A Sketch of Its Life for 300 Years (1884) by University Edinburgh University
1565006. Edippo a Colono: Dramma Per Musica in Tre Atti (1817) by Antonio Sacchini
1565007. Edith Merton and Her Mother: Or Never Grow Weary (1854) by Anonymous
1565008. Edith Percival: A Novel (1893) by May Agnes Fleming
1565012. Edmund Burke: Apostle of Justice and Liberty (1905) by T Dundas Pillans
1565015. Eduard Douwes Dekker, Multatuli (1900) by J B Meerkerk
1565016. Eduardo Fabbri Ricordi (1887) by Teodolinda Franceschi Pignocchi
1565018. Effeitos Do Hypnotismo: Comedia Original Em 1 Acto (1891) by A Armando
1565019. Efficiency Methods: An Introduction to Scientific Management (1919) by M Mc Killop
1565020. Efficiency of Life at One Hundred Years and More (1921) by Andrew Malcolm Morrison
1565024. Egitto (1897) by Manfredo Cagni
1565025. Egmont, a Tragedy by Goethe (1893) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
1565034. Scarabs: An Introduction to the Study of Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings (1906) by Percy Edward Newberry
1565038. Eight Ballets and Madrigals, 1598 (1895) by Thomas Weelkes
1565039. Eight Four- Part Songs for S. A. T. B. (1898) by C Hubert H Parry
1565040. Eight Friends of the Great (1910) by William Prideaux Courtney
1565042. El Costume de Le Donne: Con Un Capitolo de Le XXXIII Bellezze (1889) by Salomone Morpurgo
1565043. El Dictador Linares: Biografia (1877) by Carlos Walker Martinez
1565044. El Dr. Francia (1907) by Julio Llanos
1565045. El Escadalo: Novela (1880) by Pedro Antonio De Alarcon
1565046. El Espanol Comercial (1915) by Maximilian Delphinus Berlitz
1565049. El Extrano (1897) by Carlos Reyles
1565050. El Gobierno Municipal (1900) by Alfred Ronald Conkling
1565051. El Gran Poeta Peruano (1900) by Jose Augusto De Izcue
1565056. El Maghreg: 1200 Miles' Ride Through Morocco (1886) by Hugh Edward Millington Stutfield
1565059. El Misticismo Ortodoxo En Sus Relaciones Con La Filosofia (1886) by Marcelino Gutierrez
1565060. El Mulato Placido O El Poeta Martir: Novela Historica Orijinal (1875) by Joaquin Lemoine
1565062. El Novelismo (1908) by Juan Castillo
1565063. El Nuevo Servidor: Humorada (1905) by Serafin Alvarez Quintero
1565065. El Parnaso Argentino: Poesias Selectas (1904) by Jose Leon Pagano
1565066. El Peregrino Ilusionado (1921) by Gregorio Martinez Sierra
1565067. El Poder Legislativo V1 (1906) by Justino Jimenez De Arechaga
1565068. El Presupuesto Nacional (1890) by Alberto B Martinez
1565073. El Trabajo: Oda (1868) by Joaquin Lorenzo Luaces
1565077. Elder Logan's Story about the Kirks: A Book for the Young (1884) by John Strathesk
1565078. Eleanor Dayton (1903) by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson
1565079. Electa (1881) by Jennie Maria Drinkwater
1565081. Electro- Chemistry: With Positive Results (1859) by Charles Chalmers
1565082. Electro- Homoopathische Heil- Methode (1880) by Cesare Mattei
1565085. Elegiae Selectae (1906) by Sextus Propertius
1565086. Elegiarum Libri Duo: Accedunt Pseudotibulliana (1878) by Tibullus
1565088. Elegies on the Deaths of Several of Her Valuable Friends: Affectionately Inscribed to Their Memory (1805) by Jane Chapman
1565089. Elekcya (1877) by Aleksander Bronikowski
1565096. Elementare Algebra (1904) by Eugen Netto
1565097. Elementary Course of Christian Philosophy: Based on the Principles of the Best Scholastic Authors (1893) by Louis Of Poissy
1565100. Elementary History of Music (1882) by N D Anvers
1565101. Elementary Manual for the Deviations of the Compass in Iron Ships (1875) by Frederick John Evans
1565111. Elements of Bond Investment (1921) by Aaron Morton Sakolski
1565117. Elements of Glass and Glass Making: A Treatise Designed for the Practical Glassmaker (1899) by Franklin Biser Benjamin Franklin
1565121. Elements of Military Sketching and Map Reading (1917) by John Bryson Barnes
1565122. Elements of Military Sketching: Arranged for Use of the Organized Militia of Vermont (1913) by John Bryson Barnes
1565124. Elements of Navigation; Chart, Lead, and Log: Deviation and Compass Compensation; Piloting; Dead Reckoning; Nautical Tables (1909) by
1565125. Elements of Pharmacology (1887) by Oswald Schmiedeberg
1565129. Elements of Unity in the Homeric Poems (1900) by Edward Farquhar
1565130. Elena: Poema Lirico, 1893- 1897 (1901) by Diego Garoglio
1565131. Elenchus: Plantarum Hor. Botanici J. Car. Dinegro, Observationibus Quoad Novas, Vel Rariores Species Passim Interjectis (1802) by Domenico Viviani
1565132. Eleven Letters from the East to My Bible Class (1885) by Cordelia J Hawksley
1565135. Eli and Sybil Jones: Their Life and Work (1889) by Rufus Matthew Jones
1565136. Elia, Elisa, Jona (1907) by Wilhelm Erbt
1565137. Eliab Alden, of Middleborough, Massachusetts, and Cairo, New York: His Alden Ancestors and His Descendants (1905) by Charles Henry Alden
1565141. Elijah the Reformer, a Ballad Epic: And Other Sacred and Religious Poems (1885) by George Lansing Taylor
1565144. Eliscuah (1896) by Albert Lantoine
1565145. Eliza Orzeszkowa: Jej Zycie I Pisma (1907) by Jadwiga Marcinowska
1565146. Eliza Radziwillowna I Wilhelm I (1896) by Terea Z Potochkich Wodzicka
1565147. Elizabeth Cooper: A Comedy in Three Acts (1913) by George Moore
1565148. Eljaras a Hazassagi Perekben (1896) by Kornel Sztehlo
1565152. Ellen Key: Een Levensschets Naar Het Zweedsch Van Louise Nystrom- Hamilton Door D. Logeman- Van Der Willigen (1905) by Louise Nystrom Hamilton
1565159. Elliptic Integral (1917) by Harris Hancock
1565160. Elementary Remarks on Church Architecture (1841) by John Medley
1565164. English and American Poems (1888) by Albert Joseph Edmunds
1565165. English and French in England, 1066- 1100 (1921) by Percy Van Dyke Shelly
1565170. English Children as Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds: An Essay on Some of the Characteristics of Reynolds as a Designer (1884) by Frederic George Stephens
1565171. English Composition: Adapted to the Wants of High Schools, Preparatory Schools, and Academies (1889) by Alfred Hix Welsh
1565172. English Composition and Essay Writing: With Model Essays, Outlines, Etc. (1910) by James William Miller
1565175. English Diction, in Song and Speech: A Textbook for Singers and Speakers (1912) by Clara Kathleen Rogers
1565176. English Essayists: A Reader's Handbook (1916) by William Hawley Davis
1565178. English Furniture Designers of the Eighteenth Century (1905) by Constance Simon
1565180. An English Handbook to the Paris Medical School (1903) by Archibald Adam Warden
1565181. English History Analyzed: Containing a Rapid Review of English History Topically Arranged, to Be Used in Conjunction with an Extended Course of by Alexander Snell Cantlay
1565183. English History in Shakespeare's Plays (1894) by Beverley Ellison Warner
1565185. English Lands Letters and Kings: From Celt to Tudor (1889) by Donald G Mitchell
1565187. English Literature, and Its Place in Popular Education: An Essay (1873) by Francis Henry Underwood
1565188. English Liturgical Color: Observations on Notes on the History of the Liturgical Colors by J. Wickham Legg (1882) by Herbert George Morse
1565191. English Monastic Libraries, a Catalogue of the Library of the Priory of Bretton, in Yorkshire: Notices of the Libraries Belonging to Other Religious H by Joseph Hunter
1565192. English Municipal Institutions: Their Growth and Development from 1835 to 1879, Strategically Illustrated (1879) by John Richard Somers Vine
1565193. English Opportunities and Duties in the Historical and Comparative Study of Law: An Inaugural Lecture (1883) by Frederick Pollock
1565194. English Political and Constitutional History, 1600- 1900 (1902) by George Elliott Howard
1565195. English Political Philosophy in 1600 (1907) by Lucius Walter Elder
1565196. English Politics in Early Virginia History (1901) by Alexander Brown
1565199. English Report, Translated from Urdu, of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Punjab C. M. S. Native Church Council (1880) by Church Council Native Church
1565200. English Satirical Writers in Prose and Poetry: Since 1500 (1897) by Arthur John Sargent
1565202. History of England: From the Roman Period to the Wars of the Roses (1882) by Thomas J Livesey
1565203. English Towns in the Wars of the Roses (1921) by James Edward Winston
1565205. English Verses Set to Hindu Music: In Honor of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (1875) by Sourindro Mohun Tagore
1565207. English- Hungarian Dictionary, Part 1 (1886) by Franz De Paula Bizonfy
1565210. Englishmen's Liberties, Rights, and Duties: Described in a Clear, Rational Manner (1816) by Anonymous
1565212. Enniana (1902) by Wiechert Werff
1565215. Ensaios Economicos E Apreciacoes Practicas Sobre O Estado Financeiro Do Brazil (1883) by Francisco Amyntas De Carvalho
1565220. Entlegene Culturen (1877) by Wilhelm Goldbaum
1565236. Ephesus: Being a Lecture Delivered at the Smyrna Literary and Scientific (1863) by Hyde Clarke
1565239. Epigramas Latinos: Con Su Version Castellana, En Celebridad del Nacimiento del Infante (1771) by Casimiro Gomez Ortega
1565240. Epigrammata, 1520 (1892) by Euricius Cordus
1565241. Rector Universitatis Litterarum Turicensis (1876) by Karl Dilthey
1565244. Epigramy (1911) by Karel Havlicek Borovsky
1565245. Jahresbericht Des Stadtgymnasiums Za Halle (1882) by Otto Nasemann
1565250. Episcopacy: An Abridgment of Part of a Dissertation Upon the Christian Ministry (1872) by Joseph Barber Lightfoot
1565251. Episodes of the Sea in Former Days, Records of Suffering and Saving: A Book for Boys (1880) by Blackie Son Publishing
1565252. Episodio Do Gigante Adamastor (1898) by Jose Benoliel
1565253. Epistel an Herrn M. Panzer: Eine Bisher Ganz Unbekannte Und Vergessene (1781) by Matthias Jacob A Steiner
1565254. Episteln (1901) by Jospeh Viktor Von Scheffel
1565255. Epistles, Translated from the French of Mr. Voltaire, on Happiness, Liberty, and Envy (1738) by Voltaire
1565256. Epistola Critica Ad J. Gul. Thompson Graece Conscripta: Elogium Memoriae Sacrum Joh. Rogers (1750) by John Burton
1565259. Epistola Gratulatoria: Ad Praenobilem Et Amplissimum Virum Comitem de Nottingham, AB Episcopo Cicestrensi Conscripta (1721) by Thomas Manningham
1565270. Epitres Sur Le Bonheur, La Liberte, Et L'Envie (1738) by Voltaire
1565271. Epochs in the Life of Jesus: A Study of Development and Struggle in the Messiah's Work (1907) by A T Robertson
1565272. Epochs of the Papacy: From Its Rise to the Death of Pope Pius IX in 1878 (1881) by Arthur Robert Pennington
1565274. Equal Rights in Religion: Report of the Centennial Congress of Liberals, and Organization of the National Liberal League, at Philadelphia, on Ju by Liberal League National Liberal
1565275. Equality in Christian Worship: A Charge, Delivered at the Visitation of the Diocese of Carlisle, May, 1885 (1885) by Charles James Burton
1565278. Eranus: A Collection of Exercises in the Alcaic and Sapphic Metres (1882) by Francis Warre Cornish
1565279. Erasmus and Luther: Their Attitude to Toleration (1920) by Robert Henry Murray
1565280. Erasmus of Rotterdam (1921) by Maurice Wilkinson
1565281. Erasmus: His Life, Works, and Influence Upon the Spirit of the Reformation (1875) by Arthur Elley Finch
1565283. Erchomenon: Or the Republic of Materialism (1879) by Henry Crocker Marriott Watson
1565286. Eric's Book of Beasts: Done in Watercolors and Accompanied with Appropriate Jingles (1912) by David Starr Jordan
1565287. Erie Cemetery: A Handbook, Historical, Biographical, and Descriptive (1903) by Cemetery Erie Cemetery
1565288. Erik Rathlau (1906) by Olaf Benneche
1565290. Erindringer Fra Mit LIV (1900) by Vilhelm Beck