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Books 71/102

1590151. The Daredevil of the Army: Experiences as a Buzzer and Dispatch Rider (1918) by Austin Patrick Corcoran
1590154. The Dark Shadow or the Blast: A Tale (1879) by Washbourne R Washbourne
1590157. The Date of Cylon: A Study in Early Athenian History (1892) by John Henry Wright
1590158. The Date of Our Gospels: In the Light of the Latest Criticism (1881) by Jr Samuel Ives Curtiss
1590159. The Dates of the Pastoral Epistles: Two Essays (1900) by William Edward Bowen
1590163. The Dispatches of Sir John French V1: Mons, the Marne, the Aisne, Flanders (1914) by John Denton Pinkstone French
1590164. The Despoilers: Stories of the North Dakota Grain Fields (1920) by J Edmund Buttree
1590165. The Red Lottery Ticket (1887) by Fortune Du Boisgobey
1590169. The Development of Doctrine in the Epistles (1896) by Charles Richmond Henderson
1590170. The Development of Economics, 1750- 1900 (1921) by Oswald Fred Boucke
1590171. The Development of English Theology in the Nineteenth Century, 1800- 1860 (1913) by Vernon Faithfull Storr
1590172. The Development of Federal Reserve Policy (1922) by Harold Lyle Reed
1590173. The Development of Philosophy in Japan (1915) by Tsunezo Kishinami
1590174. The Development of the Chick: An Introduction to Embryology (1908) by Frank Rattray Lillie
1590175. The Development of the District of Columbia: Address (1900) by Henry Brown Floyd Macfarland
1590176. The House Electrical: Being a Brief Description of the Ideal Home and How to Plan and Equip It (1912) by Carroll Westall
1590177. The Development of the Leishman- Donovan Parasite in Cimex Rotundatus: Second Report (1908) by Walter Scott Patton
1590178. The Development of the Philosophy of the Steam Engine: A Historical Sketch (1889) by Robert H Thurston
1590179. The Devil in Mexico (1917) by Gulian Lansing Morrill
1590180. The Devil Reprieved from the Jaws of Death, Etc. : A Heroic Tale, After the Manner of Machieval's Belphegor (1742) by Anonymous
1590182. The Devil's Chaplain (1922) by George Bronson Howard
1590183. The Devil's Cradle (1918) by Cecily Ullmann Sidgwick
1590184. The Devil's Portrait V1 (1885) by Anton Giulio Barrili
1590185. The Devil's Rebellion and the Reason Why (1910) by Charles Fremont May
1590186. The Devil's Wind (1912) by Patricia Wentworth
1590189. The Dewees Family: Genealogical Data, Biographical Facts, and Historical Information (1905) by
1590193. The Dialogue of the Gulshan- I- Raz, or Mystical Garden of Roses of Mahmoud Shabistari: With Selections from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam (1887) by Mahmud Ibn Abd Al
1590197. The Diary of a French Private: War Imprisonment, 1914- 1915 (1916) by Gaston Riou
1590198. The Diary of a Mining Investor (1910) by George E Vigouroux
1590199. The Diary of a Saint (1902) by Arlo Bates
1590200. The Diary of a Sportsman Naturalist in India (1920) by Edward Percy Stebbing
1590202. The Diary of an Actress: Or Realities of Stage Life (1885) by H C Shuttleworth
1590203. The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley, 1787- 1817 (1912) by Richard Edgcumbe
1590207. The Diary of William King: Kept During His Imprisonment in Dublin Castle, 1689 (1903) by William King
1590208. The Dickensian V3: A Magazine for Dickens Lovers and Monthly Record of the Dickens Fellowship (1907) by Bertram Waldrom Matz
1590211. The Difficulties and Improbability of Persons Recovering Their Right, by Civil or Legal Process, Who Do Not Possess the Means to Employ Counsel (1837) by Frederick Bull
1590212. The Difficulties of Belief: In Connection with the Creation and the Fall, Redemption and Judgment (1876) by Thomas Rawson Birks
1590217. The Direct Pedigree of the Barons Eure of Witton, Omitting Branches: Abridged from the Pedigree Printed by a Descendant of the Family (1880) by John Hubbersty Mathews
1590218. The Directory of the Devout Life (1904) by Frederick Brotherton Meyer
1590220. The Dirge of the Sea Children and Other Poems (1913) by Kenneth Rand
1590224. Joshua Reynolds' Discourses (1887) by Joshua Reynolds
1590226. The Discovery and Settlement of Port MacKay, Queensland (1908) by Henry Ling Roth
1590228. The Discovery of the Ancient City of Norumbega: A Communication to the President and Council of the American Geographical Society (1890) by Eben Norton Horsford
1590229. The Discovery of the Future (1913) by H G Wells
1590231. The Diseases of Childhood: With Therapeutic Indications (1882) by B F Underwood
1590234. The Diseases of the Pancreas and Their Homeopathic Treatment (1882) by Amos Russell Thomas
1590240. The Dissemblers (1901) by Thomas Cobb
1590243. The Distribution of Armor in Ships of War: Being the Substance of Two Lectures (1885) by W E Smith
1590244. The Distribution of Products, or the Mechanism and the Metaphysics of Exchange: Three Essays (1885) by Edward Atkinson
1590245. The Diva's Ruby (1907) by F Marion Crawford
1590247. The Divine Afflatus: A Force in History (1875) by
1590248. The Divine Art of Preaching: Lectures (1892) by Arthur Tappan Pierson
1590250. The Divine Authority of the Bible (1884) by George Frederick Wright
1590252. The Eight Circulars of Auguste Comte (1882) by Auguste Comte
1590253. The Fact, Theory and the Argument (1911) by George Edwin Mc Neill
1590256. The Eighth Book of Thucydides' History (1893) by Thucydides
1590260. The Eldorado of the Ancients (1902) by Carl Peters
1590261. The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession (1909) by Adolphus William Ward
1590262. The Electric Propulsion of Ships (1911) by Henry Metcalf Hobart
1590263. The Electro- Magnet and Its Employment in Ophthalmic Surgery: With Special Reference to the Detection and Removal of Fragments of Steel or Iron from th by Simeon Snell
1590264. The Electrolytic Deposition of Antimony (1912) by Newcomb Kinney Chaney
1590265. The Electrolytic Determination of Manganese and Its Seperation from Zinc and Iron (1903) by George Philipp Scholl
1590271. The Elements of Kellgren's Manual Treatment (1904) by Edgar Ferdinand Cyriax
1590274. The Elements of Modern Tactics: Practically Applied to English Formations (1890) by Wilkinson J Shaw
1590277. The Elements of Philosophy, Part 1: The Nature and Problems of Philosophy (1881) by William Hastie
1590280. The Eleventh Commandment V1: A Novel (1883) by Anton Giulio Barrili
1590281. The Eleventh Elegy of Book 5 of Sextus Propertius: With a Verse Translation (1900) by Sextus Propertius
1590282. The Ellwoods (1901) by Charles Stuart Welles
1590284. The Emanation Body (1918) by Julia Seton
1590285. The Emancipation of the Southern Whites and Its Effect on Both Races (1887) by John Warfield Johnston
1590286. The Embellishments of Music: A Study of the Entire Range of Musical Ornaments from the Time of John Sebastian Bach (1894) by Louis Arthur Russell
1590287. The Embryology and Oogenesis of Anurida Maritima (1898) by Agnes Mary Claypole
1590292. The Emigration of Highland Crofters: Under the Auspices of the Imperial Government, Shown to Be Inevitable and Obligatory, in a Letter to the Lord Adv by Rowland Hill Mac Donald
1590294. The Emperor William V1: And His Reign (1886) by Edouard Simon
1590295. The Emperor's Diary of the Austro- German War, 1866 and the Franco- German War, 1870- 71: To Which Is Added Prince Bismarck's Rejoinder (1888) by Friederich
1590299. The Empress Frederick: A Memoir (1913) by Empress Consort Victoria
1590300. The Emptiness and Vanity of a Life Spent in the Pursuit of Wordly Profit, Ease of Pleasure (1767) by Elizabeth Hastings
1590301. The Emu V4, July, 1904- April, 1905: Official Organ of the Australasian Ornithologists' Union (1905) by A J Campbell
1590303. The Enchanted Garden: Stories from Genesis Retold for Young Folk (1920) by Alexander Reid Gordon
1590304. The Enchanted Golf Clubs (1920) by Robert Marshall
1590305. The National Geographic Magazine V8, Year 1897: An Illustrated Monthly (1897) by John Hyde
1590306. The Enchanted Past: True Stories of the Lands Where Civilization Began (1922) by Jeannette Rector Hodgdon
1590308. The Enchanter or Love and Magic: A Musical Drama (1760) by John Christopher Smith
1590312. The End of the Flight (1917) by Burton Kline
1590313. The Endless Story: And Other Oriental Tales Retold (1916) by Violet Moore Higgins
1590314. The Aeneid, Georgics, and Eclogues of Virgil V3: Rendered Into English Blank Verse, Together with Other of His Poems, Not Hitherto Translated (1883) by T Seymour Burt
1590315. The English Reform Bill of 1867 (1920) by Joseph Hendershot Park
1590317. The English Rising in 1450 (1892) by George Kriehn
1590321. The English- Esperanto Dictionary: Based Upon the Fundamento, the Esperanto, the Esperanto Literature, and the National Esperanto Dictionaries Bearing by Joseph Rhodes
1590322. The English- German Vocabulary: Tracing the Affinity Between the Two Languages and Examples of Word- Building by Means of Characteristic Prefixes and A by Augusta Neuhofer
1590324. The Erie Train Boy (1891) by Jr Horatio Alger
1590325. The Errors of Evolution: An Examination of the Nebular Theory, Geological Evolution, the Origin of Life, and Darwinism (1885) by Robert Patterson
1590329. The Escape of the Notorious Sir William Heans, and the Mystery of Mr. Daunt: A Romance of Tasmania (1918) by William Hay
1590333. The Essential Calvinism (1909) by J Selden Strong
1590335. The Essential Life (1908) by Stephen Berrien Stanton
1590337. The Essential Place of Religion in Education (1916) by Charles Edward Rugh
1590338. The Essentials of American Constitutional Law (1917) by Francis Newton Thorpe
1590339. The Essentials of Anatomy, Sanitary Science and Embalming: A Series of Questions and Answers on the Subject of Embalming and Collateral Sciences (1906 by Asa Johnson Dodge
1590340. The Essentials of Elocution (1897) by Alfred Ayres
1590341. The Essentials of Philosophy (1917) by R W Sellars
1590343. The Essex Review V14: An Illustrated Quarterly Record of Everything of Permanent Interest in the County (1905) by Edward Arthur Fitch
1590345. A Digest of Law and Arbitration Cases (1907) by Sidney Wright
1590348. The Esthetics of Motion: With Special Reference to the Psychology of Grace (1917) by Paul Souriau
1590350. The Eternal Rose: A Story Without a Beginning or an End (1910) by Melville Chater
1590351. The Ethical Element in Literature: Being an Attempt to Promote a Method of Teaching Literature (1891) by Richard D Jones
1590352. The Ethical Ideal of Renunciation (1914) by Cordie Jacob Culp
1590355. The Ethics of Conformity and Subscription (1870) by Henry Sidgwick
1590358. The Ethics of Marriage (1895) by H S Pomeroy
1590359. The Ethics of the Fathers (1920) by Alexander Kohut
1590360. The Ethics of the Old Testament (1912) by Hinckley Gilbert Thomas Mitchell
1590361. The Ethics of the Panama Question (1904) by Elihu Root
1590362. The Ethics of Wagner's the Ring of the Nibelung (1906) by Mary Elizabeth Lewis
1590363. The Evolution of Serials Published by Scientific Societies (1890) by W J Mc Gee
1590364. The Evolution of Sex in Plants (1914) by John Merle Coulter
1590365. The Evolution of the American College: An Address Before the Alumni of Rutgers College, June 19, 1894 (1894) by John Bodine Thompson
1590366. The Evolution of the Educational Ideal (1914) by Mabel Irene Emerson
1590367. The Evolution of the English House (1898) by Sidney Oldall Addy
1590368. The Evolution of the Modern Concept of School Discipline (1913) by Quincy Adams Kuehner
1590369. The Evolution of the Teacher (1914) by Francis B Pearson
1590373. The Exegesis of the New Testament: An Inaugural Lecture, Delivered on February 5, 1896 (1896) by Walter Lock
1590379. The Existence of God (1906) by Canon Moyes
1590381. The Expansion of England: Two Courses of Lectures (1909) by John Robert Seeley
1590382. The Expansion of Gases by Heat: Memoirs by Dalton, Gay- Lussac, Regnault, and Chappuis (1902) by Wyatt W Randall
1590383. The Expansion of Religion: Six Lectures Delivered Before the Lowell Institute (1896) by Elijah Winchester Donald
1590384. The Expansion of the American People: Social and Territorial (1900) by Edwin Erle Sparks
1590385. The Expected Rapture of the Church: Or the Analogy of Prophecy and Established Fact (1884) by G Warrand Houghton
1590388. The Expedition of Don Diego Dionisio de Penalosa, Governor of New Mexico: From Santa Fe to the River Mischipi and Quivira in 1662 (1882) by Nicholas De Freytas
1590390. The Experience of God in Modern Life (1918) by Eugene William Lyman
1590393. The Exposition of the Vedanta Philosophy, by H. T. Colebrooke Vindicated: Being a Refutation of Certain Published Remarks of Vans Kennedy (1835) by Graves Champney Haughton
1590394. The Extinction of the Christian Churches in North Africa (1898) by Leonard Ralph Holme
1590396. The Eyes and Subneural Gland of Salpa (1898) by Maynard Mayo Metcalf
1590399. The Face of Carlyon and Other Stories (1875) by Christabel Rose Coleridge
1590401. The Face of Jesus (1901) by J F Taintor
1590402. The Face of the World (1919) by Johan Bojer
1590403. The Factory Manager and Accountant: Some Examples of the Latest American Factory Practice (1903) by Horace Lucian Arnold
1590404. The Facts about Luther (1916) by Patrick F O Hare
1590405. The Facts of Faith (1910) by Charles Edward Smith
1590408. The Failure of Surgery in Cancer, and What Has Medicine Done During the Queen's Reign? (1900) by Samuel Arthur S Kennedy
1590409. The Fair Co- Ed (1908) by George Ade
1590410. The Fair Concubine: Or the Secret History of the Beautiful Vanella (1732) by Anonymous
1590415. The Fairest Flower of Paradise: Considerations on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, Enriched with Examples Drawn from the Lives of the Saints (1922) by Alexis Henri Marie Lepicier
1590417. The Fairies' Menagerie: A Glimpse to Mortal Eyes We Bring of That Strange Life Twixt Leaf and Wing (1903) by Neville Cain
1590418. The Fairy Bride: A Play in Three Acts (1916) by Norreys Jephson O Conor
1590419. The Fairy Changeling and Other Poems (1898) by Dora Sigerson Shorter
1590420. The Fairy Detective (1919) by Rupert Hughes
1590421. The Fairy Islands and Other Poems (1918) by Valley Flower
1590422. The Fairy of the Snows (1913) by Francis James Finn
1590424. The Fairy Tale That Never Ends (1906) by Louie Stacey
1590426. The Faith of Catholics V3: Confirmed by Scripture and Attested by the Fathers of the First Five Centuries of the Church (1885) by Joseph Berington
1590427. The Faith of Japan (1914) by Tasuku Harada