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Books 74/67

1652401. Double Standards by James Anthony
1652402. Joy the Power of Your Strength by Keva N E Newbold
1652406. Voice with No Choice by Rebecca Lee Nesbitt
1652407. Different Shades Friends Come in by La Tina Marie
1652408. Fourth of July at the "Grand OLE Oaktree": Starring Red Bovine and the Cowbelles with Rex Critter by Ada F Barker
1652409. Poetic Stories by G Esta Collins
1652412. The Seminole Way by Debbie A Heaton
1652413. Official Visit by Ben Harrison
1652414. My Family and How We Grew by Margaret Sherman
1652419. The Guiding Torch of Life by Generosa T Tubat
1652423. Accepted Practices: And Other Official Terrorism by R L Lacondana
1652424. Accepted Practices: And Other Official Terrorism by R L Lacondana
1652425. Last War of Clent Evans: Private War by Bob Hannon
1652430. Devil's Whirlwind by William Brown
1652432. Journal of a Journey: Peaks, Plateaus, and Potholes by Terri Gilbert
1652435. Dawn at Dusk by Joseph Fleming
1652436. Sirena: Her Search for Aakeode by Correll Pryce
1652439. Mad Minutes by Bob Erikson
1652440. The White Rose of Cuba by Jack Denson
1652444. Landing Was the Easy Part by Edward Pappert
1652445. Choose God's Best: The Best Is Yet to Come by Phyllis A Bowen
1652448. Parables of the Twelve Steps by Bobbie G
1652451. It's Time to Stop by Diane H Mc Morrow
1652452. Marriage Is Ministry-Not Misery: A Wife's Handbook by Donna A Gantt
1652455. The Joining Tree by Clarence Cameron
1652459. Weird Tales I Have Heard by Margaret Rau
1652460. A Day in the Life by Ray Burton
1652461. Til Death by Earl C Scott
1652464. The Faces of Love by Joyce E Anderson
1652466. Hidden Realities by Harley Kelly Flego
1652470. The Power Pop Continuum: Countdown to Armageddon by David Paul Mitchell
1652472. Pharmaceutical/Medical Representatives a Mission for Success: A Handbook for Representatives and Managers by Travis Doss
1652474. Lessons of the Heart by Tammy D Thompson
1652475. Laugh It Up Fuzzball and the Gumbo Gang: A Month in the Life of the "Cajun" Middle Class Circa, 1901 by Malcolm Jude Landry
1652477. The Trail of the Rainbow by Helen Makinster
1652479. C.E.O. by J L Wilkins
1652485. The Call of the Cosmos by Richey Novak
1652486. A Life Remembered by Gloria M Madden
1652490. Noc-A-Churi the Half Breed by John Sterling
1652491. Enemy Family by John H Cary
1652497. Vacancy: A Mother's Book of Loss and Grief by Linda Lee Berndt
1652498. Thunder in the Wind by Curt Orloff
1652499. The Flag: My Story: Kidnapped by Red China by Steve E Kiba
1652502. From the Heart of an Artist: Quiet Storm by Gath
1652506. That Night at Verries by J E Bredice
1652510. Fierce Confrontation by Boris Townsend
1652512. Leaves for the Raking by Henry Swain
1652513. Kin by Kevin Mc Laughlin
1652515. A Personal Chef Cooks: Recipes from a Decade of Lower Fat Cooking by Cheryl Mochau
1652518. Cuqui by David Kilpatrick
1652519. The Tennessee River by Jeremy
1652522. Baptism by Fire: [Supreme Test of a Mayan Skywalker] by Carlos Carias
1652531. Under the House by R S Hill
1652533. Starting Over in Time by Neon Tube
1652534. August in Paradise by Robert A Frey
1652537. Hey!! Don't Drink Anymore of That!! by
1652540. War in Heaven by Matthew E Karbowski
1652542. When the Moon Is High by Walter Aldridge
1652544. Falling in Love with Yourself: Love and the Inner Beloved by Richard Shining Thunder Francis
1652548. Beyond Betrayal: A Story of Kings, Popes, Knights, and a New Faith by Carl E Borders
1652554. Forever Girl: Her Savored Moments by Laona Goater
1652558. Apple Recipes for Apple Lovers by Evon F Freeman
1652559. Lonely Pictures by Donna Franco
1652560. Love by Luegenia Van Buskirk
1652561. The Lost Monster Tales by Julie G Helm
1652562. The Lost Monster Tales by Julie G Helm
1652563. Surviving by C M F Kosai
1652565. Socrates: His Afterlife Odyssey by Robert Verly
1652566. RV Rambling the USA: Travel Memories by Gordie Weymouth
1652568. By the Bed: A Collection of Short Stories by M C White
1652569. Special Thoughts by Jennifer Goldberg
1652570. Today I Saw the Sunrise by Stan Griffin
1652573. A Field of Stars by Frances Heiman
1652574. Guardian Angel: The Arrival by A M Lahrs
1652575. In My Eyes by Phil Manganaro
1652576. Jump Cut: A Novel about Love, Sex, and Electric Guitars by S K Rogers
1652578. Song of the Eagle by Steven Kelley
1652580. Am I Crazy or Something? by Lee Roy Neal
1652583. Soldier*: *Rifleman by Training, Clerk-Typist by Accident. in North Africa, Italy, and Austria by Wallace J Gordon
1652584. It Takes One to Catch One by Kevin Sean Kelly
1652585. Boston's Blues by Art Simas
1652590. Unforgivable by Ray Holmes
1652592. My Mystery Lady by Angela Castillo
1652595. Lost Dreams by Tammy Rose
1652597. Teaching Amidst the Neon Palm Trees by Lee Ryan Miller
1652598. I'm a Big Girl Now by Darlene Canty
1652602. The Papo Lady: Filha the Terra by Elenir Nunes Morse
1652609. Troubled Women God Cares When You Are Hurting by Billie Green
1652610. Tuxedo Bob by Rob Hegel
1652612. A Mighty Collision of Two Worlds by Abdi, Safi
1652619. What Women Won't Do by Ronald Jessy Coleman
1652620. Wheels of Love: Michigan Stories to Warm Your Heart and Lift Your Soul by Dorothy Pitsch
1652622. Second Time Around by Beverly Koester
1652623. Faucet of Tears by Helen Chernisky
1652625. Successful Job Hunting: The Smart Way by Robert Lee Bauer
1652626. Reinvent Yourself: Commit to a Great Work by Dr Richard Lambert
1652628. Straight Talk for Teenage Girls by Annette Fuson
1652629. How to Win a Soccer Scholarship Worth Thousands by William Kirchhoff
1652640. Runner 999: Racing to Disaster by John Ralson Mc Dermott
1652647. The Wigner Cupola Case: A Community Ghost Story by Peter Trumbull
1652657. Somewhere Out in the West: We'll Build a Sweet Little Nest by Leota Korns
1652660. Lavender Blue: Nick Dallas - Private Investigator by P S Elsner
1652661. Falcons of Ormond: A Novel of Medieval England by Barbara J Pond
1652671. Emigrating Home by Yasseen
1652672. The Book of Master Messages: Masters Share Their Knowledge and Wisdom Showing the Way for Those on the Path by Lois Darlene Mitchell
1652673. Asylum: Asylum (N) Institute for the Insane; Alt. Haven, a Place of Safety by Hugo Thal
1652674. America, Our Children, Ourselves: A Quest for Insight/Action by Naomi Brookins
1652679. Swan Tales by Roger H Norris
1652681. The Role of the Economic Community of the West African States: Ecowas -Conflict Management in Liberia by Amos Mohammed D Sirleaf
1652682. The Overlook House: Revelations of an Innkeeper by Marilyn Mac Lean
1652683. Across the Bridge by Nathan Lee Gadsden
1652689. An Eternal Love-Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries by Di Morgese, Don Jyovi Saraswati
1652698. Once Through the Wall by John Berry
1652699. Neon Streets by Vin Smith
1652702. Frosty Frolics by Esther B Glaser
1652708. Once Yer Ded, Asprin Don't Help None by Ray Myers
1652717. Military Wives 101 by Tynisa Gaines
1652724. Necessary Miracles by Penelope Woods
1652725. Reflections of the Future by Joe Scavetti
1652731. The Path of Knowledge by Alexandra Wellington
1652733. Oneness in a Cocoon by S Egroeg Reklaw
1652736. Bert's Big Batch of Poems by Bert Good
1652739. Passage to Ascension: Where the Next Disasters and Terrorism Will Strike in the U.S. by Daniel Masias
1652740. The Interview Chronicles by J Thomas Moore
1652741. Bible Book for People of Color: A Deborah Thornton Story by Deborah Thornton
1652742. Wish They Might: Angels, Elves and Christmas Holly at Brownstone Castle by Montana E Leeman
1652745. Labeled by Bruce Bothwell
1652748. Keep the Secret Alive by Kansas Rae
1652751. Peace Freak by Michael L Maddox
1652752. Catherine's Travels: Book I by Adele Marie Crouch
1652757. The Bear Dance: A Tale from the Dithy Wood by Steven Ruskin
1652768. Whatever It Takes: From Fear to Freedom by Charles Hess
1652771. Teech by James Phillips
1652772. Out of the Shadow by Fredericka Heller
1652778. The Wind Song by Matthew J Jordan
1652782. Caribbean or Caribbean . . . Whatever by Margie Taylor
1652789. West by Handcart by Beatrice Woodbury Warren
1652790. WWII Letters to My Girl Back Home: From Nigeria, Arabia and Turkey by Allan Robert Humbert
1652794. The Breath of Prayer: Praying Scriptually by David Taft
1652801. Thoughts in Silence by Yajaira Colon
1652802. Future Force: Ever Widening Ripples by Wilma A Patrick
1652803. Reaching High by Joe T Massey
1652808. Miss Apple: Letters of a Maine Teacher in Kentucky by Eleanor W Cunningham
1652809. The Councilman by Fred A Johnson
1652810. The Memoirs of a Soul Winner: A Christian's Walk by Jim Gillespie
1652811. Deception & Lies: Dismantling the Myth Machine by David Maharaj
1652818. Finally Free/Compilation of Poetry by Phyllis Pittman
1652820. The Whole Dam Story: The Drowning and Rising of a River City in the West by Ella Marie Rast
1652828. The Snow Turns Red by K V Key
1652829. Iron Shoes: A Personal Journey by Martin Olson