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Books 76/89

1700705. Travels in France During the Years 1814- 1815 by Archibald Alison
1700706. An Essay on the Antient and Modern State of Ireland by Henry Brooke
1700708. A Young Man in a Hurry by Robert W Chambers
1700709. The Crown of Thorns by E H Chapin
1700712. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion by Emil Coue
1700715. Vera by Richard Harding Davis
1700716. Appearances by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
1700719. A Soldier in the Philippines by Needom N Freeman
1700720. The Woman in the Alcove by Anna Katharine Green
1700723. Malvina of Brittany by Jerome K Jerome
1700726. The La Chance Mine Mystery by Susan Carleton Jones
1700727. Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany by Gerald Featherstone Knight
1700728. Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson
1700730. The Pagan Madonna by Harold Macgrath
1700732. Little Brothers of the Air by Olive Thorne Miller
1700733. Personal Friendships of Jesus by J R Miller
1700734. Royalty Restored by J Fitzgerald Molloy
1700736. Wagner, the Wehr- Wolf by George W M Reynolds
1700739. The Foot- Path Way by Bradford Torrey
1700742. A Woman's Will by Anne Warner
1700743. The Slave of Silence by Fred M White
1700744. The Lost Ten Tribes, and 1882 by Joseph Wild
1700745. Two Penniless Princesses by Charlotte M Yonge
1700747. Wilderness by Roddy Doyle
1700762. Differential Persistence of Wariation in Prehistoric Milling Tools from the Middle Rio Puerco Valley, New Mexico by Jesse B Murrell
1700764. Collectanea Antiqua: Essays in Memory of Sonia Chadwick Hawkes by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes
1700765. de Antiguos Pueblos y Culturas Botnicas En El Puerto Rico Indgena: El Archipilago Borincano y La Llegada de Los Primeros Pobladores Agroceramistas by Jaime R Pagan Jimenez
1700766. Lithic Raw Material Variability and the Reduction of Short-Term-Use Implements: An Example from Northwestern New Mexico by Harry Joseph Lerner
1700767. Archaeology of the Oasis: Domesticity, Interaction and Identity in Antofalla, Puna de Atacama, Argentina by Alejandro F Haber
1700768. From Stonehenge to the Baltic: Living with Cultural Diversity in the Third Millennium BC by Larsson, Mats
1700769. Late Roman African Urbanism: Continuity and Transformation in the City by Gareth Sears
1700770. Il Territorio Calatino Nella Sicilia Imperiale E Tardoromana by Elisa Bonacini
1700773. Bronze and Early Iron Age Archaeological Sites in Armenia I: Mt. Aragats and Its Surrounding Region by Rouben S Badalian
1700775. Jerusalem Before Islam by Zeidan Abdel Kafi Kafafi
1700776. Mesure Du Passe: Contributions a la Recherche En Archeometrie 2000- 2006 by Allison Bain
1700778. Paliochora on Kythera: Survey and Interpretation by G E Ince
1700780. Early Enkomi: Regionalism, Trade and Society at the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age on Cyprus by Lindy Crewe
1700781. Cultural and Visual Flux at Early Historical Bagh in Central India by Archana B Verma
1700782. Management of Archaeological Sites and the Public of Argentina by Mara Luz Endere
1700783. Charsadda: The British- Pakistani Excavations at the Bala Hisar by Robin Coningham
1700785. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology by
1700786. Arqueologia Colonial En El Rea Maya: Siglos XVI y XVII: Tecoh (Yucatn, Mxico): Un Modelo de Estudio del Sincretismo Cultural: Registro Material y Docu by Juan Garca Targa
1700787. Iron Making During the Migration Period by Vasco La Salvia
1700788. The Late Roman Army in the Near East from Diocletian to the Arab Conquest: Proceedings of a Colloquium Held at Potenza, Acerenza and Matera, Italy by
1700789. Produccion Tecnologica y Cambio Social En Sociedades Agricolas Prehispanicas Bar Is1723 by Mariana Fabra
1700790. Ancient Settlement in the Zammar Region Volume 2 Bar Is1724 by St John Simpson
1700791. Raw Material Supply Areas and Food Supply Areas Bar Is1725 by Marie Helene Moncel
1700793. Cities on Hills: Classic Society in Mesoamerica's Mixteca Alta by Verenice Y Heredia Espinoza
1700795. The Late Neolithic Tell Settlement at Polgr-Csoszhalom, Hungary: The 1957 Excavation by Eszter Bnffy
1700796. The Romano-African Domus: Studies in Space, Decoration, and Function by Margherita Carucci
1700797. Patterns of Imports in Iron Age Italy by R N Fletcher
1700798. Archaeological Investigations of Iron Age Sites in the Mema Region, Mali (West Africa) Bar Is1736 by Tereba Togola
1700802. L'Introduction Et La Diffusion de La Technologie Du Bronze En Syrie- Mesopotamie by Virginia Verardi
1700806. Socio- Economic Aspects of Chalcolithic Societies in the Levant Bar Is 1744 by Sorin Hermon
1700807. Aegean Bronze Age in Relation to the Wider European Context Bar Is1745 by European Association Of Archaeologists
1700809. Chasser Les Cheveaux a la Fin Du Paleolitique Dans Le Bassin Parisien Bar Is 1747 by Olivier Bignon
1700810. El Estudio Arqueologico del Proceso Coevolutivo Entre Las Poblaciones Humanas y Las Poblaciones de Guanaco En Patagonia Meridional y Norte de Tierra by Gabriela Lorena L Heureux
1700811. Debuts Du Paleolithique Superieur Dans L'Est Des Balkans Bar Is1752 by Tsenka Tsanova
1700812. Practicas Alimentarias En El Mundo Iberico by Luuis Garcia Petit
1700813. Fish- Eating in Greece from the Fifth Century B. C. to the Seventh Century A. D. Bar Is1754 by Dimitra Mylona
1700817. Hoards from the Neolithic to the Metal Ages Bar Is1758 by Caroline Hamon
1700819. Plant Processing from a Prehistoric and Ethnographic Perspective =: Prhistoire Et Ethnographie Du Travail Des Plantes by Valerie Beugnier
1700820. Investigating Ethnic and Gender Identities as Expressed on Wooden Funerary Stelae from the Libyan Period (C. 1069-715 B.C.E.) in Egypt by Heidi Saleh
1700825. Civitella D'Arna (Perugia, Italia) E Il Suo Territorio by Luca Donnini
1700826. An Expatriate Community in Tunis 1648- 1885: St George's Protestant Cemetery and Its Inscriptions by Denys Pringle
1700829. Bibliografia Archaeologica, Speleologica E Tecnica Delle Cavita Artificiali Italiane Ed Estere by Luigi Bavagnoli
1700830. Pot/Potter Entanglements and Networks of Agency in Late Woodland Period (C. Ad 900- 1300) Southwestern Ontario, Canada by Christopher M Watts
1700836. Couteau Au Sabre Bar Is1764 by Tristan Arbousse Bastide
1700838. Anthropologie Des Manifestations Esthetiques Du Mesolithique Europeen de La Fin Du Tardiglaciaire Et Durant Le Postglaciaire Bar Is1766 by Florence Bouvry
1700839. Ceramica Eoliana Della Facies del Milazzese Bar Is1767 by Gianmarco Alberti
1700840. Investigacion de La Actividad Metalurgica Durante El III Milenio A. N. E. En El Suroeste de La Peninsula Iberica Bar Is1769 by Moises Rodriguez Bayona
1700843. Peninsule D'Oman de La Fin de L'Age Du Fer Au Debut de La Periode Sassanide (250 AV. - 350 AP. Jc) by Michel Mouton
1700846. Etude Iconographique Des Sculptures Du Nord de La Peninsule Du Yucatan A L'Epoque Classique by Julie Patrois
1700849. New Perspectives on the Ancient World Bar Is1782 by Pedro Paulo A Funari
1700852. Use of Land in Central Southern England During the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age by David Field
1700854. Fluvial Dynamics and Cultural Landscape Evolution in the Rio Grande de Nazca Drainage Basin, Southern Peru by Ralf Hesse
1700855. Stable Isotopic Analysis of Carbon and Nitrogen as an Indicator of Paleodietary Change Among Pre- State Metal Age Societies in Northeast Thailand by Christopher A King
1700856. Recherches a la Grotte Walou a Trooz (Belgique) (Second Rapport de Fouille) / Studies in Walou Cave in Trooz (Belgium) (Second Excavation Report) by I Crevecoeur
1700858. Arqueologia E Historia del Mundo Antiguo: Contribuciones Brasilenas y Espanolas by Pedro Paulo A Funari
1700859. Burning Bulls, Broken Bones: Sacrificial Ritual in the Context of Palace Period Minoan Religion by Robert James Cromarty
1700864. The Medieval Town Wall of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: A Geological Perlustration by John F Potter
1700865. Arquitectura Sagrada Iberica Bar Is1800 by Jesus Bermejo Tirado
1700866. Time to Quarry Bar Is1801 Ay Trudy Doelman by Trudy Doelman
1700868. Poca 2005 Postgraduate Cypriote Archaeology Bar Is1803 by Giorgos Papantoniou
1700871. Bronze Age and Early Iron Age in the Margiana Lowlands by Sandro Salvatori
1700872. Charcoals from the Past: Cultural and Palaeoenvironmental Implications Proceedings of the Third International Meeting of Anthracology, Cavallin by Girolamo Fiorentino
1700874. Dance, Dancers and the Performance Cohort in the Old Kingdom Bar Is1809 by Lesley Kinney
1700875. Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes of Cumbria Bar Bs463 by Helen Evans
1700876. Rise of the Cotton Factory in Eighteenth- Century Renfrewshire Bar Bs464 by Stuart M Nisbet
1700877. Current Research in Sasanian Archaeology, Art and History by Derek Kennet
1700879. Les Enceintes Pre- Et Protohistoriques de Corse: Essai de Comparaison Avec Quelques Sites de Toscane by Sylvain Mazet
1700880. Bucket- Shaped Pots: Style, Chronology and Regional Diversity in Norway in the Late Roman and Migration Periods by Asbjrn Engevik
1700881. Jebel Bishri in Context: Introduction to the Archaeological Studies and the Neighbourhood of Jebel Bishri in Central Syria by Minna Lonnqvist
1700883. Wooden Mosques of the Samsun Region, Turkey by
1700884. Development of Social Complexity in the Liaoxi Area, Northeast China by Xinwei Li
1700886. Homosexualite Et Imaginaire Sexuel Chez Les Azteques by Nicolas Balutet
1700891. Performance and Agency: The Dgb Sites of Northern Cameroon by Nicholas David
1700892. Space and Time: Which Diachronies, Which Synchronies, Which Scales? /Typology Vs Technology by Thierry Aubry
1700897. A Critical Exploration of Frameworks for Assessing the Significance of New Zealand's Historic Heritage by Sara Donaghey
1700901. A Narrow View Across the Upper Thames Valley in Late Prehistoric and Roman Times by Tom Wilson
1700902. Estudio Historiografico de Las Investigaciones Sobre Ceramica Arqueologica En El Noroeste Argentino (Spanish) by Paola Silvia Ramundo
1700907. L'Area Ionico- Tarantina Nel Quadro Della Diffusione Neolitica: Problematiche E Analisi Dei Rapporti Con Le Culture Coeve Dell'italia Sud- Orientale E d by Patrizia Lorusso
1700908. Vulvae, Eyes, Snake Heads. Archaeological Finds of Cowrie Amulets by Laszlo Kovacs
1700912. Amun Temples in Nubia: A Typological Study of New Kingdom, Napatan and Meroitic Temples by Caroline M Rocheleau
1700913. Wine in Ancient Egypt: A Cultural and Analytical Study by Maria Rosa Guasch Jane
1700917. Tardiglaciale in Italia- Lavori in Corso Bar- S1859 by Margherita Mussi
1700919. Breaking the Mould: Challenging the Past Through Pottery Bar- S1861 by Ina Berg
1700920. Engendering Social Dynamics: The Archaeology of Maintenance Activities Bar- S1862 by Sandra Monton Subias
1700921. Conceptualization of 'Xihuitl': History, Environment and Cultural Dynamics in Postclassic Mexica Cognition Bar- S1863 by Mutsumi Izeki
1700922. Chalcolithic Cult and Risk Management at Teleilat Ghassul: The Area E Sanctuary Bar- S1864 by Peta Seaton
1700924. Bronze Priests of Ancient Egypt from the Middle Kingdom to the Graeco Roman Period Bar- S1866 by Barbara Mendoza
1700929. Australia and the Origins of Agriculture Bar- S1874 by Rupert Gerritsen
1700931. Reconstruction of the Bronze Age of the Caspian Steppes Bar- S1876. Life Styles and Life Ways of Pastoral Nomads by N I Shishlina
1700932. Archaia: Case Studies on Research Planning, Characterisation, Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites Bar- S1877 by Nicolo Marchetti
1700933. Befestigungsanlagen Im Griechischen Raum in Der Bronzezeit Und Ihre Entwicklung Von Neolithischer Bis in Archaische Zeit Bar- S1878 by Georgios Kalogeroudis
1700938. Bronze Age Field System at Tower's Fen, Thorney, Peterborough: Excavations at 'Thorney Borrow Pit' 2004- 2005 by Andrew Mudd
1700950. Caribou Inuit Traders of the Kivalliq Nunavut, Canada S1895 by Matthew Walls
1700995. Hide and Seek Bear! : Soft- to- touch (Flocked Board Books; Soft to Touch) by Parragon
1701031. Blood in the Water by Gillian Galbraith
1701032. Blood in the Water by Gillian Galbraith
1701033. Searching for Tilly by Susan Sallis
1701034. Searching for Tilly by Susan Sallis
1701035. By the Mast Divided by David Donachie
1701036. By the Mast Divided by David Donachie
1701037. Bless This House by Norah Lofts
1701038. Bless This House by Norah Lofts
1701039. Hester Roon by Norah Lofts
1701040. Hester Roon by Norah Lofts
1701041. Folly Du Jour by Barbara Cleverly
1701042. Folly Du Jour by Barbara Cleverly
1701043. Sand Daughter by Sarah Bryant
1701044. Sand Daughter by Sarah Bryant
1701045. Brilliance by Rosalind Laker
1701046. Brilliance by Rosalind Laker
1701047. Cobweb by Margaret Duffy
1701048. Cobweb by Margaret Duffy
1701049. A Place Beyond Courage by Elizabeth Chadwick
1701050. A Place Beyond Courage by Elizabeth Chadwick
1701051. Murder in Steeple Martin by Lesley Cookman
1701052. Murder in Steeple Martin by Lesley Cookman
1701053. My Lady Judge by Cora Harrison
1701054. My Lady Judge by Cora Harrison
1701055. Where the Wild Thyme Blows by Jeannie Johnson
1701056. Where the Wild Thyme Blows by Jeannie Johnson
1701057. Summer of the Hawthorn by Anne Doughty
1701058. Summer of the Hawthorn by Anne Doughty
1701059. A Few Late Roses by Anne Doughty
1701060. A Few Late Roses by Anne Doughty
1701061. The Riddle of the River by Catherine Shaw
1701062. The Riddle of the River by Catherine Shaw