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1792353. Evolution and Its Relation to Religious Thought by Joseph Conte
1792354. Experimental Researches in Electricity Part One by Michael Faraday
1792356. Experimental Researches in Electricity Part Three by Michael Faraday
1792363. On the Senses, Instincts and Intelligence of Animals with Special Reference to Insects by John Lubbock
1792364. Pre Historic Times as Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages by John Lubbock
1792366. The Ministry of Nature by Hugh Mac Millan
1792372. The Laws of Heredity with a Diagrammatic Representation by George Reid
1792374. The Origin of the Aryans an Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilization of Europe by Isaac Taylor
1792377. The Threshold of Science: A Variety of Simple and Amusing Experiments by Charles Wright
1792379. The Works of Edmund Burke Part One by Iii Edmund Burke
1792385. Pioneer Women in Victoria's Reign by Edwin Pratt
1792394. Music and Morals by Hugh Haweis
1792395. Borderland of Psychical Research by James Hyslop
1792396. Psychical Research and the Resurrection by James Hyslop
1792400. Oracles on Man and Government by John Morley
1792401. The Insanity of Genius and the General Inequality of Human Faculty by John Nisbet
1792402. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis V1: Soils by Harvey W Wiley
1792405. Lectures on the Early History of the Kingship by Sir James Frazer
1792407. The Waste and Conservation of Plant Food by Harvey W Wiley
1792410. The Wilderness Hunter: An Account of the Big Game of the United States and Its Chase with Horse, Hound and Rifle by Theodore Roosevelt
1792413. Seas and Lands by Edwin Arnold
1792423. Walks in Palestine by Henry Harper
1792426. Practical Organotherapy: The Internal Secretions in General Practice by Henry R Harrower
1792429. Through Hidden Shensi by Francis Nichols
1792433. Through Samaria to Galilee and the Jordan: Scenes of the Early Life and Labors of Our Lord by Josias Porter
1792434. America and the American People by Friedrich Raumer
1792435. African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter, Naturalist by Theodore Roosevelt
1792437. Men and Manners in America One Hundred Years Ago by Horage Scudder
1792443. Letters of a Diplomat's Wife 1883 to 1900 by Mary Waddington
1792444. In Scripture Lands: New Views of Sacred Places by Edward Wilson
1792445. Of the Most Highly Blessed Trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost by Jacob Boehme
1792447. The Anwar-I-Suhaili or Lights of Canopus Commonly Known as Kalilah and Damnah Being an Adaptation by Mulla Husain Bin 'Ali Wai'z-Al-Kashifi of the Fab by
1792448. The Woman Who Did by Grant Allen
1792452. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Louis Conte
1792456. South Sea Idyls by Charles Stoddard
1792460. The Doctrines of the Salvation Army Prepared for the Training Homes by General William Booth
1792464. Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms by Fa Hsien
1792465. A Commentary on the Book of Psalms Part Two by
1792466. The Dramatic Works of Edward Bulwer Lytton: Richelieu and Money! by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton
1792467. A Plea for Polygamy: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Anonymous
1792470. A Marvelous Work and a Wonder: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Legrand Richards
1792473. The Mormon's Mistake or What Is the Gospel? by Henry A Ironside
1792478. Mysteries of the Rosy Cross: The History of That Curious Sect of the Middle Ages Known as the Rosicrucians by Anonymous
1792482. Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research: A Further Record of Mediumistic Experiments 1925 by James H Hyslop
1792483. Life and Action: The Great Work in America Part One 1914 by Leroy F Spurlin
1792485. Of the Creation of the Holy Angels an Instruction or Open Gate of Heaven by Jacob Boehme
1792488. Gilles de Rais: The Original Bluebeard 1926 by A L Vincent
1792489. The Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky 1876 by General A J Pleasonton
1792491. Planets and People 1897 by F E Ormsby
1792492. Foreign Mud: Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton 1947 by Maurice Collis
1792495. Fate, Free Will and Providence by Leonard Bosman
1792497. Astrological Indications for Your Own Horoscope 1922 by Trix Devos
1792503. A to Z Horoscrope Maker and Delineator 1928 by George Llewellyn
1792504. The Meaning of the Zodiac 1941 by Francis J Mott
1792505. Birthday Horoscopes: Character Readings 1908 by J R Phelps
1792506. Simultaneous Altitudes and Azimuths of Celestial Bodies 1919 by Secretary Of The Navy
1792509. Perin's Science of Palmistry 1902 by Carl Louis Perin
1792513. The Arcana of Astrology 1890 by W J Simmonite
1792521. Yoga Navajivan: Path to New Life and Divine Realization 1947 by Sri Deva Ram Sukul
1792528. Romance and Legend of Chivalry by A R Hope Moncrieff
1792530. The Cyclopaedia of Card and Table Games (1891) by Professor Hoffmann
1792531. Of the Court, Place, Dwelling and Government of Angels by Jacob Boehme
1792535. Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia 1891 by Maxime Kovalevsky
1792538. A Classical Dictionary: Containing the Principle Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors Part One by Charles Anthon
1792542. Teutonic Myth and Legend by Donald A Mac Kenzie
1792543. Prophecies about the War in Europe 1941 by Clarence Reed
1792544. Of the Nativities of the Angelical Kings and How They Came to Be by Jacob Boehme
1792547. The Antiquary's Books: Remains of the Prehistoric Age in England 1904 by Bertram C A Windle
1792549. Digging for Lost African Gods 1926 by Byron Khun De Prorok
1792554. The Secret of the Pacific: A Discussion of the Origin of the Early Civilizations of America 1912 by C Reginald Enock
1792558. The Discovery of Witches: A Study of Master Matthew Hopkins Commonly Called Witch Finder General 1647 by Montague Summers
1792559. The City of the Sacred Well: Being a Narrative of the Discoveries and Excavations of Edward Herbert Thompson in the Ancient City of Chichenitza 191 by T A Willard
1792562. Terra Firma 1901 by David Wardlaw Scott
1792564. Gypsy Witch Fortune Teller 1930 by Carleton B Case
1792574. Everyday Experiences 1916 by F W Sears
1792577. Chinese Symbols and Superstitions 1942 by Harry T Morgan
1792581. The Philosophy of Handwriting 1879 by Don Felix De Salamanca
1792587. Essene School of Abundant Life by Of Kosmon Essenes Of
1792590. Sun Sealed: Over One Hundred Poems 1893 by George P Mc Intyre
1792591. The Eternal Ones of the Dream: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Australian Myth and Ritual 1945 by Geza Roheim
1792594. The Wrath: Or the Original Hellfire by Jacob Boehme
1792601. The Faith of Ancient Egypt 1913 by Sidney G P Coryn
1792607. An Elementary Grammar of the Ancient Egyptian Language in the Hieroglyphic Type 1875 by P Le Page Renouf
1792609. Queer Things about Egypt 1911 by Douglas Sladen
1792610. Tutankhamen and the Discovery of His Tomb by the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Mr. Howard Carter 1923 by G Elliot Smith
1792612. Below the Cataracts 1907 by Walter Tyndale
1792622. Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita 1912 by T Subba Row
1792624. Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola: The Very Elegant Speech on the Dignity of Man 1940 by Charles Glenn Wallis
1792625. Buddhism: A Study of the Buddhist Norm by Mrs Rhys Davids
1792626. The Life or Legend of Gaudama the Buddha of the Burmese 1866 by Right Reverend P Bigandet
1792634. Cheiro's Year Book for 1930 by Cheiro
1792639. Magazine Articles on Astrology 1922 by H L Cornell
1792640. Planting by the Moon 1939 by Dr Clark Timmins
1792642. Confucius and the Chinese Classics or Readings in Chinese Literature 1867 by Reverend A W Loomis
1792644. Confucius the Great Teacher: A Study 1890 by
1792645. The Life and Teachings of Confucius 1877 by James Legge
1792647. Confucianism and Its Rivals 1915 by Herbert A Giles
1792649. Chinese Religion Though Hindu Eyes: A Study in the Tendencies of Asiatic Mentality 1916 by Benoy Kumar Sarkar
1792651. Studies in Chinese Religion 1910 by E H Parker
1792653. Saturn: The Reaper 1916 by Alan Leo
1792654. The Powers of Healing by Anonymous
1792655. Temple Treasures of Japan 1914 by Garrett Chatfield Pier
1792658. The Secrets of the Self: A Philosophical Poem 1944 by Muhammad Iqbal
1792659. The Esoteric Tradition Part One 1935 by G De Purucker
1792661. The Mohammedan World of Today 1906 by S M Zwemer
1792663. Historic Doubts as to the Execution of Marshal Ney 1895 by James A Weston
1792664. A History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings Part One 1845 by J M Lappenberg
1792668. The Zodiac Messages: A New Revelation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Part One 1920 by By Christ Inspired By
1792669. A History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second 1808 by
1792671. Your Own Path 1920 by Anonymous
1792673. English Folk Rhymes 1892 by G F Northall
1792674. Fancies and Phantasies 1926 by Rodman Westcote
1792675. The Alexandrian Philo Judaeus: The Platonizing Hebraist's Complete Message 1909 by Kenneth Sylvan Launfal Guthrie
1792676. Various Revelations with an Account of the Garden of Eden by Anonymous
1792678. A System of Phrenology 1834 by George Combe
1792680. Regeneration: The Gate of Heaven 1897 by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie
1792681. Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations: Demonstrating the Existence of Spirits and Their Communion with Mortals by Robert Hare
1792683. Psychic Science April 1931 to January 1932 by Stanley De Brath
1792693. Corpus Meum: This Is My Body 1911 by James Leith Macbeth Bain
1792707. A Song of Life 1922 by Margaret Warner Morley
1792714. The Basis of Morality 1915 by Annie Wood Besant
1792721. Directions and Directing 1910 by H S Green
1792722. The Story of Astrology 1933 by Manly P Hall
1792723. Oriental Manuscripts of the John Frederick Lewis Collection 1937 by Muhammed Ahmed Simsar
1792725. Buddhist Logic Part One 1930 by Theodore Stcherbatsky
1792727. Hans Christian Andersen's Correspondence 1880 by Hans Christian Andersen
1792729. Magica Sexualis 1934 by Emile Laurent
1792732. Something to Hope for 1942 by Robert Gordon Collier
1792736. The Idea of the Holy: An Inquiry Into the Non Rational Factor in the Idea of the Divine 1926 by Rudolf Otto
1792750. Immortality Triumphant: The Existence of a God and Human Immortality Practically Considered and the Truth of Divine Revelation Substantiated 1 by John Bovee Dods
1792752. Offices of Mystical Religion 1927 by William Norman Guthrie
1792754. The Essenes: A Brief Historical Review of the Origin, Traditions and Principles of the Order by Adolph S Schutz
1792762. The Heart of It: A Series of Extracts from the Power of Silence and the Perfect Whole 1897 by Horatio W Dresser
1792766. Esoteric Christianity and Mental Therapeutics 1886 by W F Evans
1792778. The Source of Power 1922 by Theodore Clinton Foote
1792782. The 20th Century Age of Reason 1906 by S B Goff
1792793. Seven Lamps for the Teacher's Way 1904 by Frank A Hill
1792796. The Problem of the Soul 1918 by Edmond Holmes
1792799. The Secret of the Zodiac 1930 by Julian Sterne
1792809. Anti Christian Cults 1898 by A H Barrington
1792813. ABC of Metaphysics 1935 by Will H Kindig
1792814. Where Dwells the Soul Serene 1907 by Stanton Davis Kirkham
1792825. The Mystic World: A Popular History, Explanation and Expose of Occult Phenomena 1927 by Konradi Leitner
1792826. Soul Powers and Possibilities 1910 by L W Rogers
1792829. The Buddha and the Christ: An Exploration of the Meaning of the Universe and the Purpose of Human Life 1933 by Burnett Hillman Streeter
1792830. Of the Birth or Descent of the Holy Angels as Also of Their Government and Joyous Life by Jacob Boehme
1792831. Magic and Mysticism: Studies in Bygone Beliefs by H Stanley Redgrove
1792837. A Plain Statement of What Is Taught in the Church 1827 by Emanuel Swedenborg
1792839. The Threshold of the Unseen: Some Romances Relating to the Other World 1913 by Knox Little
1792840. Swedenborg: Life and Teaching 1938 by G Trobridge