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Books 80/50

1784851. Military Recruiters by
1784852. Prom Dates from Hell by
1784853. Seen and Unseen: Discovering the Microbes of Yellowstone by
1784854. Standardized Testing by
1784855. Teen Alcoholism by
1784856. The United Nations by
1784857. Volunteerism by
1784858. Year-Round Schools by
1784860. This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women by Allison, Jay
1784862. Greatest Generation by Brokaw, Tom
1784863. D-Day by Brook, Henry
1784864. Ghosts by Allan, Tony
1784865. 1870: Not with Our Blood: A Novel of the Irish in America by Massie, Elizabeth
1784866. Vocabulary Cartoons II, SAT Word Power: Learn Hundreds of SAT Words with Easy Memory Techniques by Burchers, Sam
1784869. Song of the Wanderer by Coville, Bruce
1784870. Beet Queen by Erdrich, Louise
1784871. Usborne Book of Explorers by Everett, Felicity
1784872. Same-Day Resume: Write an Effective Resume in an Hour by Farr, Michael
1784873. Dictionary of Business Terms by Friedman, Jack P.
1784874. How to Write a Screenplay by Schwartz, Mark Evan
1784875. True to the Game by Woods, Teri
1784877. Shunning by Lewis, Beverly
1784878. NFL Record and Fact Book 2007 by National Football League
1784880. Don Juan Tenorio by Zorrilla, Jose
1784883. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Brian Stone
1784884. Heart of Darkness/The Congo Diary by Joseph Conrad
1784887. Kickoff! by Barber, Tiki
1784888. Raiders of the Lost Ark by Windham, Ryder
1784889. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by Luceno, James
1784890. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by Windham, Ryder
1784891. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by Weyn, Suzanne
1784893. Beyond the Horizon by Brooke, Lauren
1784894. New American Webster Handy College Dictionary by Morehead, Albert
1784895. Bossy Gallito/ Gallo de Bodas (Bilingual: English Spanish) by Gonzalez, Lucia
1784896. After the Dinosaurs by Brown, Charlotte Lewis
1784897. Blood and Memory: The Quickening Book Two by McIntosh, Fiona
1784898. Snowed in by Hawthorne, Rachel
1784899. The Awakening and the Struggle by L J Smith
1784900. Indigo Blue by Cassidy, Cathy
1784901. CAM Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries by Adler, David A.
1784902. Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Hepler, Heather
1784903. Child of the Prophecy by Marillier, Juliet
1784906. Bass Ackwards and Belly Up by Fain, Sarah
1784907. Soul Stealer by Booth, Martin
1784908. Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show by Bonk, John J.
1784909. The Foretelling by Hoffman, Alice
1784910. High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil by Brooks, Terry
1784911. Weird Planet #4: Attack of the Evil Elvises by Greenburg, Dan
1784912. Playing It Cool by Dorfman, Joaquin
1784913. Tagus the Night Horse by Blade, Adam
1784914. Tartok the Ice Beast by Blade, Adam
1784915. Danger! Boys Dancing! by Weeks, Sarah
1784916. Pirate's Plot by Miles, Ellen
1784917. Cowgirl's Luck by Miles, Ellen
1784918. Penguin Adventures by Miles, Ellen
1784919. Crime Files: Four Minute Forensic Mysteries by Brown, Jeremy
1784920. Shadow of a Doubt by Brown, Jeremy
1784921. Snowball by Miles, Ellen
1784922. Shadow by Miles, Ellen
1784923. Rascal by Miles, Ellen
1784924. Sleeping Beauty, the One Who Took the Really Long Nap by Mass, Wendy
1784925. Playing with Fire by Blake, Emily
1784926. Little Secrets by Blake, Emily
1784927. Twin Gifts by Sander, Sonia
1784928. What Makes the Light Bright, Thomas Edison? by Berger, Gilda
1784929. Did You Invent the Phone All Alone, Alexander Graham Bell? by Berger, Melvin
1784930. Did It Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? by Berger, Melvin
1784931. Beware Ofthe Haunted Eye by Barnes, Dawn
1784933. Blood and Sand by Graves, Damien
1784934. End Game by Graves, Damien
1784935. Happy Go Lucky by Earhart, Kristin
1784936. The Cat Lady by Graves, Damien
1784937. Liar by Graves, Damien
1784938. I Can See You by Graves, Damien
1784939. Happy's Big Plan by Earhart, Kristin
1784940. Dwayne Wade by Smallwood, John
1784941. Scout by Ford, Christine
1784942. Pure Dead Batty by Debi Gliori
1784943. Girl with the Destructo Touch by Sniegoski, Thomas E.
1784944. Spanish Missions by Ditchfield, Christin
1784945. Math Tools by Chrismer, Melanie
1784946. Oregon Trail by Landau, Elaine
1784947. Mormon Trail by Landau, Elaine
1784948. Pony Express by Landau, Elaine
1784949. Life and Times of the Apple by Micucci, Charles
1784950. Beneath the Stone: A Mexican Zapotec Tale by Wolf, Bernard
1784951. Women's Right to Vote by Landau, Elaine
1784952. Rosy Cole: She Grows and Graduates by Greenwald, Sheila
1784953. Winter Knights by Stewart, Paul
1784954. Gender Blender by Nelson, Blake
1784955. Fetch by Humphreys, Chris
1784956. Skate by Harmon, Michael
1784957. Scholastic Encyclopedia of Sports in the United States by Osborn, Kevin
1784958. Ring of McAllister: A Score-Raising Mystery Featuring 1,046 Must-Know SAT V by Marantz, Robert
1784959. Salem Falls by Picoult, Jodi
1784960. Double Twist by King, Donna
1784961. Flight of the Fire Thief by Deary, Terry
1784962. Blood Brother by Rose, Malcolm
1784963. Sophie Pitt-Turnbull Discovers America by Sheldon, Dyan
1784964. Under the Wolf, Under the Dog by Rapp, Adam
1784965. Dark Mirror by Marillier, Juliet
1784966. Birth of the Pack by Popescu, Petru
1784967. Frozen Face by Schraff, Anne E.
1784970. Johan Santana by Zuehlke, Jeffrey
1784971. Dave Mirra by Savage, Jeff
1784972. Dallas Friday by Savage, Jeff
1784973. Albert Pujols by Savage, Jeff
1784974. Tiger Woods (Revised Edition) by Savage, Jeff
1784975. Silent in an Evil Time: The Brave War of Edith Cavell by Batten, Jack
1784976. Stars and Sparks Onstage by Sharon Mills Draper
1784978. Dad Goes to School by McNamara, Margaret
1784979. Dumped by Popular Demand by Kain, P. G.
1784980. Wild Science: Amazing Encounters Between Animals and the People Who Study Them by Miles, Victoria
1784981. Hayley Wickenheiser: Born to Play by Etue, Elizabeth
1784982. The Triple Chocolate Brownie Genius by Sherman, Deborah
1784983. Fire of Origins by Dongala, Emmanuel
1784984. Mars on Earth (PB Reprint) by Zubrin, Robert
1784985. After Life by Ehrenhaft, Daniel
1784987. Random House Roget's Thesaurus by Ballantine
1784988. Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Part One: Millennium Appro by Kushner, Tony
1784989. Hunting by Lewis, Joan
1784990. Short Shorts by Howe, Ilana W.
1784991. Fizz, Bubble & Flash!: Element Explorations & Atom Adventures for Hands-On Scien by Brandolini, Anita
1784993. Staggerford by Hassler, Jon
1784996. Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, John
1785000. Star Pilot by Buller, Laura
1785001. Ttyl by Myracle, Lauren
1785002. Elvis Lives!: And Other Anagrams by Agee, Jon
1785003. Wish (Rack) by Levine, Gail Carson
1785004. Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb? by Cleary, Brian P.
1785005. Meg: Primal Waters by Alten, Steve
1785006. Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. by Rodriguez, Luis
1785007. V for Vendetta by Moore, Steve
1785008. Jump-Off Creek by Gloss, Molly
1785010. Kingfisher First Thesaurus by Beal, George
1785011. Scooby-Doo and the Cactus Creature by Gelsey, James
1785012. Midsummer Night's Dork by Gorman, Carol
1785013. Dead of Night by Marsden, John
1785014. Killing Frost by Marsden, John
1785015. Blades, Boards and Scooters by Thomas, Keltie
1785016. Is Your Mama a Llama? by Guarino, Deborah
1785019. Corvette by Mueller, Mike
1785020. Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure by Byng, Georgia
1785021. Always Inventing: A Photobiography of Alexander Graham Bell by Matthews, Tom L.
1785022. My Father's Dragon by Gannett, Ruth Stiles
1785023. Stravaganza by Hoffman, Mary
1785026. Sorcerer by Abbott, Tony
1785027. Blue Djinn of Babylon by Kerr, Philip
1785028. Darkness Be My Friend by Marsden, John
1785029. Burning for Revenge by Marsden, John