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Books 83/70

1855351. The Bacon Cryptogram in Love's Labour's Lost by Isaac Hull Platt
1855352. The Shakespeare Monument, Bust and Portrait by Edwin Durning Lawrence
1855353. Promus of Formularies and Elegancies by Francis Bacon
1855361. William Blake and the Psychology of His Symbols by Emily S Hamblen
1855365. William Blake and the Book of Urizen by Emily S Hamblen
1855366. William Blake and the Book of Los by Emily S Hamblen
1855367. William Blake and the Book of Ahania by Emily S Hamblen
1855368. William Blake and the Song of Los by Emily S Hamblen
1855369. William Blake and the Everlasting Gospel by Emily S Hamblen
1855370. The Child Bride and the Young Bride Growing Into the Fullness of Her Charms by Dom Savinien Louismet
1855371. The Canticle of Canticles by Dom Savinien Louismet
1855372. What Is Theosophy? by Annie Wood Besant
1855376. The Law of Action and Reaction by Annie Wood Besant
1855377. Man's Life in the Three Worlds by Annie Wood Besant
1855378. English Cathedrals: Their Architecture, Symbolism and History by E W Boyd
1855384. Hermeticism and the New Birth of Western Science by Alfred H Henry
1855385. Occult Vibrations and the Unit of Consciousness by Alfred H Henry
1855386. Occult Polarity and Transmutation by Alfred H Henry
1855387. Mystical Rhythm by Alfred H Henry
1855388. Spiritual Causation by Alfred H Henry
1855389. The Attitude of the Spiritual Enterer by Alfred H Henry
1855396. General Characteristics of Mysticism by W R Inge
1855397. The Mystical Element in the Bible by W R Inge
1855399. Practical and Devotional Mysticism by W R Inge
1855402. Mysticism and the Doctrine of Deification by W R Inge
1855413. The Christian Cross, Crescent, and Great Conflict by John R Bennett
1855414. The Medieval Philosophies and History by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855415. Deviations from Piety and the Sect of the Free Spirit by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855416. Exposition of the Doctrine of Ruysbroeck by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855417. Neoplatonism by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855418. The Originality and Influence of Ruysbroeck by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855419. The Great Scholastics of the 13th Century by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855420. Neoplatonism in Ruysbroeck Through the Intermediary of St. Augustine by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855421. Pantheistic Neoplatonism by A Wautier D Aygalliers
1855422. St. Augustine and the Confessions by F W Drake
1855423. Julian of Norwich and Revelations of Divine Love by F W Drake
1855424. Thomas a Kempis and the Imitation of Christ by F W Drake
1855425. Lorenzo Scupoli and the Spiritual Combat by F W Drake
1855426. Francis de Sales and the Devout Life by F W Drake
1855432. The Definition of Mysticism and the Early Mystical Writers by C F E Spurgeon
1855435. Philosophical Mystics by C F E Spurgeon
1855436. Devotional and Religious Mystics by C F E Spurgeon
1855437. Of the Nature of Mystical Knowledge by Dom Savinien Louismet
1855438. Mystical Elevations on the Lord's Prayer by Dom Savinien Louismet
1855439. The First and Second Book of Esdras: From the Apocrypha Printed in 1611 by
1855440. Judith: From the Apocrypha Printed in 1611 by
1855441. The Wisdom of Solomon: From the Apocrypha Printed in 1611 by Nonesuch Edition The Nonesuch
1855442. Ecclesiasticus: From the Apocrypha Printed in 1611 by Nonesuch Edition The Nonesuch
1855443. The Book of the Maccabees: From the Apocrypha Printed in 1611 by Nonesuch Edition The Nonesuch
1855444. Christianity from St. Paul to Justinian by Salomon Reinach
1855445. Christianity from Justinian to Charles V by Salomon Reinach
1855447. Pantheism and the Indian Religions by John Hunt
1855448. Pantheism of the Persian Religion by John Hunt
1855449. Pantheism of the Greek Philosophy by John Hunt
1855450. Pantheism and the Philosophy of the Jews by John Hunt
1855451. Pantheism and Neoplatonism by John Hunt
1855455. Pantheism and Modern Idealism by John Hunt
1855456. Pantheism and Transcendentalism by John Hunt
1855457. Pantheism and Poetry by John Hunt
1855458. Pantheism and Modern Theologies by John Hunt
1855459. Pantheism and Nature by John Hunt
1855460. Pantheism and Christian Theology by John Hunt
1855464. What Is Mysticism? by W K Fleming
1855465. The Mystical Element in the Gospels and Epistles by W K Fleming
1855466. The Montanists, the Gnostics, and the Alexandrines by W K Fleming
1855470. English and Italian Mystics by W K Fleming
1855471. Spanish and French Mystics by W K Fleming
1855472. Post Reformation Mysticism in England by W K Fleming
1855473. Puritan Mystics: Bunyan and Fox by W K Fleming
1855475. Modern Mysticism by W K Fleming
1855476. The Mystery of Evil by John Fiske
1855477. The Cosmic Roots of Love and Self-Sacrifice by John Fiske
1855478. The Everlasting Reality of Religion by John Fiske
1855479. Can It Be That the Cosmic Process Has No Relation to Moral Ends? by John Fiske
1855480. The Four Tokens of a Mystic by Holden Edward Sampson
1855482. The Mysticism of Jesus Christ and His Apostles by Holden Edward Sampson
1855483. The Historical and the Mystical Christ by Holden Edward Sampson
1855484. Gnosticism and Christianity by Holden Edward Sampson
1855485. Mysticism and Healing by Holden Edward Sampson
1855486. The 12 Fundamental Principles of Mysticism by S T Cargill
1855488. The Fundamental Process as Illustrated by the Graeco- Latin Gods and the Solar System by S T Cargill
1855489. The Psychology of Mathematics by S T Cargill
1855490. The Arts and the Fundamental Processes of the Mind by S T Cargill
1855491. Geology and the Genesis Story of Creation by S T Cargill
1855492. A Summary View of the Doctrine of Justification by Rev Daniel Waterland
1855493. Regeneration Stated and Explained According to Scripture and Antiquity with a Summary View of the Doctrine of Justification by Rev Daniel Waterland
1855495. The Coming of King Arthur by Alfred Tennyson
1855496. Pellas and Ettarre by Alfred Tennyson
1855497. The Passing of King Arthur by Alfred Tennyson
1855501. The Intensity of Psychic States by Henri Louis Bergson
1855502. The Multiplicity of Conscious States and the Idea of Duration by Henri Louis Bergson
1855503. The Organization of Conscious States of Free Will by Henri Louis Bergson
1855505. The Planetary Chain by C Jinarajadasa
1855507. Races and Sub-Races by C Jinarajadasa
1855508. Cosmic Origins by C Jinarajadasa
1855509. Science by C Jinarajadasa
1855510. Ethics and Philosophy by C Jinarajadasa
1855522. Art and Ritual of the Ancients by Jane Ellen Harrison
1855524. Periodic Ceremonies: The Spring Festival by Jane Ellen Harrison
1855527. Ancient Ritual, Art, and Life by Jane Ellen Harrison
1855529. The Wide Prevalence of Phallic Worship by Anonymous
1855537. Esoteric Symbolism of Noah and the Flood by Harriet Tuttle Bartlett
1855538. Moses and Esoteric Symbolism by Harriet Tuttle Bartlett
1855541. The Esoteric Visions of Ezekiel by Harriet Tuttle Bartlett
1855542. A Short Introduction to Mythology by Lewis Spence
1855543. The Progress of Mythic Science by Lewis Spence
1855545. The Various Types of Deity by Lewis Spence
1855548. Paradise and the Place of Punishment by Lewis Spence
1855550. The Written Sources of Myth by Lewis Spence
1855551. The Great Mythic Systems of the World by Lewis Spence
1855552. Popular Literature of Ancient Egypt by A Wiedemann
1855553. How Evil Destroys Itself by Frank L Riley
1855554. Love, the Fulfilling of the Law: From a Key to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God by Frank L Riley
1855555. The Seven Aspects of Man by Frank L Riley
1855556. The Way by Frank L Riley
1855560. The Grecian Mysteries and the Roman Bacchanalia by Otto Henne Am Rhyn
1855561. The Pythagorean League and Other Secret Associations by Otto Henne Am Rhyn
1855563. The Knights Templar by Otto Henne Am Rhyn
1855564. The Secret Femgerichte by Otto Henne Am Rhyn
1855567. Secret Societies of the 18th Century by Otto Henne Am Rhyn
1855571. Dream Life by Rudolf Steiner
1855573. The Disassociation of Human Personality During Initiation by Rudolf Steiner
1855575. Selections from Meister Eckhart by Meister Eckhart
1855576. Selections from Tauler by Johannes Tauler
1855577. Meditations on the Seven Words from the Cross by W R Inge
1855578. Selections from Suso by Suso
1855579. Selections from Ruysbroek by Jan Van Ruysbroeck
1855580. Suso and His Spiritual Daughter by Suso
1855581. Character Building Through Art by C Jinarajadasa
1855582. Help Nature and Work with Her by C Jinarajadasa
1855583. Music as the Synthesis of the Emotional and Intellectual Activity by C Jinarajadasa
1855586. The Hidden Work of Nature by C Jinarajadasa
1855587. The Orphic Origins by G R S Mead
1855588. Orphic Qabalistic Works by G R S Mead
1855589. General Remarks on Orphic Theology and Symbolism by G R S Mead
1855590. A General Outline of Orphic Theogony by G R S Mead
1855591. Some Orphic Cosmogonical Powers by G R S Mead
1855592. The Orphic Pantheon by G R S Mead
1855593. On the Mysteries and Symbolism of Orphism by G R S Mead
1855594. Orphic Discipline and Psychology by G R S Mead
1855595. Zoroastrianism by James Hope Moulton
1855596. The Parsis by James Hope Moulton
1855597. The Teaching of Zarathushtra by James Hope Moulton
1855598. After Zarathustra by James Hope Moulton
1855599. Zarathustra and the Outside World by James Hope Moulton
1855600. Fire Temples and Towers of Silence by James Hope Moulton
1855601. Parsi Piety by James Hope Moulton
1855602. The Parsis and Christian Propaganda by James Hope Moulton
1855603. The Crown of Zoroastrianism by James Hope Moulton
1855616. The Inner Mysteries of Isis and Osiris by C W Leadbeater