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Books 9/25

183603. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases by William Hesterly
183615. College Algebra: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities by Pearson Prentice Hall
183617. The Economic Way of Thinking by David L Prychitko
183618. The Economic Way of Thinking by Paul Heyne
183622. Social Problems with Paperback Book by John J Macionis
183643. Bible-NRSV by Prentice Hall
183655. Business Math Brief Edition with CDROM and Book(s) by Cheryl Cleaves
183669. Bader Reading and Language Inventory by Bader, Lois A.
183678. Economics Student Access Kit: Principles and Tools by Arthur O Sullivan
183680. Economics Student Access Kit: Principles and Tools by Pearson Prentice Hall
183683. Business Statistics: A Decision-Making Approach and Student CD Update Package with CDROM by Phillip C Fry
183692. Your Student Study Pack: Basic College Mathematics with CDROM and Book(s) and Other by Jeffrey Slater
183697. Society: The Basics Study Guide by Macionis, John J.
183699. Chez Nous: Branche Sur Le Monde Francophone by
183701. Chez Nous Student Access Kit for Use with Coursecompass: Branche Sur Le Monde Francophone by Albert Valdman
183702. Chez Nous: Branche Sur Le Monde Francophone by
183703. Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language by Pearson Prentice Hall
183720. Go! with Business Data Communications with Paperback Book by Allen Dooley
183729. Business Statistics: A First Course with CDROM by Mark L Berenson
183730. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts by William Hesterly
183738. Society Student Access Kit for Use with WebCT: The Basics by Pearson Prentice Hall
183750. Student Study Guide: Elemental Geosystems by Christopherson, Robert W.
183751. Mapping Workbook for World Regional Geography, 9th Edition by Byrand, Karl
183752. Study Guide for Places and Regions in Global Context: Human Geography by Pearson
183778. Basic Marketing Research: A Decision-Making Approach with CDROM by Naresh K Malhotra
183807. Intermediate Algebra and Student Study Pack with Video and Other by John Tobey
183813. Intrm Alg & Alg Coll SSP by Blitzer
183915. Student Study Pack for Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities by Sullivan III, Michael
183916. Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities with CDROM and Video by Sullivan, Michael
183943. Cognition by Ashcraft, Mark H.
183944. Cultural Anthropology by
183947. Cultural Anthropology by
183966. Marketing: Real People, Real Choices by Pearson Prentice Hall
183985. Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World by Larson
184005. Operations Management & Student CD Package by Jay Heizer
184006. Principles of Operations Management and Student CD by Jay Heizer
184037. Microeconomics with Paperback Book by Robert S Pindyck
184039. Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society & Exploring Diversity Package with CDROM and Other by Gollnick, Donna M.
184046. The Job Searchers Handbook by Robbins, Carolyn R.
184219. Government by the People Practice Tests: National, State, and Local Version by Richard Wilcox
184228. Business with Free Web Access by Ronald J Ebert
184255. Abnormal Psychology by
184256. Abnormal Psychology by
184262. Essentials of Paramedic Care by
184280. Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics and Student Study Pack with Fbd Package with Other by Hibbeler, Russell C.
184316. MyMedTerm Lab- Medical Language Student Access Kit by Turley
184323. Study Guide for Essentials of Economics by Noble, Nicholas
184326. Principles of Economics and Myeconlab and eBook 2-Sem Package by Case, Karl E.
184351. Countries& Concepts& Atlas of World Geo Pkg by
184361. College Accounting: A Practical Approach: Chapters 1-12 by Slater, Jeffrey
184405. MyMedTerm Lab/Medical Language Student Access Kit for Use with WebCT by Pearson Prentice Hall
184416. Exceptl Lives Spec& Inclsv Clssrm VID& S/Stdy by
184531. Suprvision Today Student Access Kit by Pearson Prentice Hall
184590. Microsoft Office Access 2003: Comprehensive with CDROM by Grauer, Robert T.
184594. Wants, Wishes, and Wills: A Medical and Legal Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family in Sickness and in Health by Wynne A Whitman