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2045903. Black's Guide to the Duchy of Cornwall (1885) by Adam Charles Black Publishers
2045912. Chronic Constipation and Allied Conditions: Pathology, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment (1908) by James Alexander Mac Millan
2045920. Death: With Other Poems (1834) by Robert Montgomery
2045932. England on the Sea V1: Or the Story of the British Navy, Its Decisive Battles and Great Commanders (1885) by W H Davenport Adams
2045934. Episodes of History, Stirring Incidents in the Lives of Men and Nations: A Book for Youth (1880) by
2045944. Four American Patriots: Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant (1898) by Alma Holman Burton
2045989. An English Code, Its Difficulties and the Modes of Overcoming Them: A Practical Application of the Science of Jurisprudence (1873) by Sheldon Amos
2045996. Ballad Book (1890) by Katharine Lee Bates
2046029. Flim-Flams! V1: Or the Life and Errors of My Uncle, and the Amours of My Aunt! (1805) by Isaac Disraeli
2046037. He Fell Among Thieves (1891) by David Christie Murray
2046046. In Togo's Country: Some Studies in Satsuma and Other Little Known Parts of Japan (1908) by Henry B Schwartz
2046055. A Commentary, Grammatical and Exegetical V1: On the Book of Job, with a Translation (1862) by A B Davidson
2046071. Account of the Origin and Present Condition of the Tribe of Ramoossies: Including the Life of the Chief Oomiah Naik (1833) by Alexander Mackintosh
2046074. Ancient Coins of Cities and Princes, Geographically Arranged and Described: Hispania, Gallia, Britannia (1846) by John Yonge Akerman
2046084. Belli Civilis, Book 3 (1898) by Julius Caesar
2046096. Demonstrations in Greek Iambic Verse (1899) by William Henry Denham Rouse
2046109. Gott: Einige Gesprache (1787) by Johann Gottfried Herder
2046138. American Manures: And Farmers' and Planters' Guide (1871) by James Bennett Chynoweth
2046153. Brick-Dust: A Remedy for the Blues, and a Something for People to Talk about (1882) by Mark Mills Pomeroy
2046183. Hvidehus: Roman (1899) by Annie Quiding
2046205. All That Man Should Be Unto Woman (1919) by Susie Champney Clark
2046252. Harriet Monsell: A Memoir (1884) by Thomas Thellusson Carter
2046263. Injurious and Useful Insects: An Introduction to the Study of Economic Entomology (1902) by Louis Compton Miall
2046334. Government Ownership of Railways Considered as the Next Great Step in American Progress (1910) by Anthony Van Wagenen
2046351. A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life (1867) by Adeline Dutton Train Whitney
2046369. Classical Excursion from Rome to Arpino (1820) by Charles Kelsall
2046379. Doing My Bit for Ireland (1917) by Margaret Skinnider
2046384. Dynamics for Beginners (1887) by John Bascombe Lock
2046400. Graecae Grammaticae Rudimenta; In Usum Scholarum (1844) by Charles Wordsworth
2046423. A Manual of Public International Law (1895) by Thomas Alfred Walker
2046433. A Selection of One Hundred of Perrin's Fables: Accompanied with a Key (1843) by John Perrin
2046451. Broken Shackles (1920) by John Gordon
2046505. A First Book in Business Methods (1903) by William Pierre Teller
2046515. A View of the Various Editions of the Greek and Roman Classics: With Remarks (1778) by Edward Harwood
2046562. Enameling: A Comparative Account of the Development and Practice of the Art (1907) by Lewis Foreman Day
2046602. Among the Moths and Butterflies (1890) by Julia P Ballard
2046615. Camp Kits and Camp Life (1906) by Charles Stedman Hanks
2046648. Henrik Ibsen's Episke Brand (1907) by Henrik Ibsen
2046659. A Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies V2 (1728) by Marie Catherine Aulnoy
2046700. Practical Psychology and Psychiatry (1921) by C B 1856 Burr
2046729. Henri Perreyve and His Counsels to the Sick (1881) by Kathleen O Meara
2046746. A Theoretical and Practical Italian Grammar (1857) by Enrico Lemmi
2046770. City Types: A Book of Monologues Sketching the City Woman (1916) by Marian Bowlan
2046775. Compendium of Human Histology (1861) by Charles Morel
2046791. Havelock's March and Other Poems (1861) by Gerald Massey
2046817. Aeschylus Ex Novissima Recensione (1867) by Aeschylus
2046820. Amerigo Vespucci (1907) by Frederick Albion Ober
2046848. Henri de Rohan: Or the Huguenot Refugee (1865) by Francisca Ingram Ouvry