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Books 92/129

2066701. Modern Hinduism: Being an Account of the Religion and Life of the Hindus in Northern India (1887) by W J Wilkins
2066702. Noveller Og Skitser (1906) by Steen Steensen Blicher
2066703. Primitive Consecration of the Eucharistic Oblation: With an Earnest Appeal for Its Revival (1885) by Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes
2066704. Queer Things about Japan (1904) by Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen
2066705. Scriptural Studies: The Creation: The Christian Scheme: The Inner Sense (1838) by William Hill Tucker
2066706. Studien Und Mittheilungen Aus Der Kaiserlichen Oeffentlichen Bibliotek Zu St. Petersburg (1887) by A Harkavy
2066707. The Book of Costume: Or Annals of Fashion from the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1846) by Lady Of Rank
2066708. Leges Ationum Germanicarum V5, Part 1-2: Leges Alamannorum (1888) by Karl Lehmann
2066709. Life and Labors of Henry W. Grady: His Speeches, Writings, Etc. (1890) by
2066711. Lochinvar (1897) by S R Crockett
2066714. Minutes of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge V12, 1875 to 1880: Of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvani by
2066715. Nugae Criticae: Occasional Papers Written at the Seaside by Shirley (1862) by John Skelton
2066716. Penuel: Or Face to Face with God (1869) by A Mc Lean
2066717. Pictures of Old England (1861) by Reinhold Pauli
2066718. Portraits and Backgrounds (1917) by Evangeline Wilbour Blashfield
2066719. Preparatory and College Latin Courses in English: Condensed and Consolidated (1889) by William Cleaver Wilkinson
2066720. Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms of the Roman Empire: Being the Third Series of AIDS to Prophetic Enquiry (1873) by Benjamin Wills Newton
2066721. Reynold's Code (1855) by Charles De Reynold Chauvancy
2066722. Select American Speeches V1: Forensic and Parliamentary, with Prefatory Remarks (1815) by Stephen Cullen Carpenter
2066723. Singlehurst Manor: Or a Story of Country Life (1869) by Emma Jane Worboise
2066725. Labor Laws of Mauritius: Or a Collection of the Laws Specially Relating to Masters and Servants at Mauritius (1869) by W Greene
2066726. Le Coran V2: Traduit de L'Arabe (1786) by Claude Etienne Savary
2066728. L' Esthetique (1878) by Eugene Veron
2066729. Mechanical Testing V1: Testing of Materials of Construction (1922) by Reginald George Cyril Batson
2066731. Modern Eloquence V12: Political Oratory (1903) by Thomas Brackett Reed
2066734. Plays from English History (1883) by Charles Grindrod
2066735. Polynesia, a History of the South Sea Islands: Including New Zealand, with Narrative of the Introduction of Christianity, Etc. (1852) by Michael Russell
2066736. Principles of Criminal Law (1885) by Seymour Frederick Harris
2066737. Problems of Subnormality (1917) by John Edward Wallace Wallin
2066738. Religious Cases of Conscience: Answered in a Most Satisfactory Manner, at the Casuistical Lecture, in Little St. Helen's, Bishopsgate- Street, London by Samuel Pike
2066739. Sermons Preached Before the University: And in Other Places (1843) by Charles Marriott
2066740. Sir Christopher Wren (1908) by Lena Milman
2066741. Great Japan: A Study of National Efficiency (1906) by Alfred Stead
2066743. Il Codice Magliabechiano, CL XVII 17, Contenente Notizie Sopra L'Arte Degli Antichi E Quella de' Fiorentini Da Cimabue a Michelangelo Buonarroti (1892 by Anonimo Fiorentino
2066744. Le Decameron V2 (1879) by Giovanni Boccaccio
2066745. Lectures on Life and Health: Or the Laws and Means of Physical Culture (1853) by William Andrus Alcott
2066746. Catalogue of the Flora of Montana and the Yellowstone National Park (1900) by Per Axel Rydberg
2066747. Mental Science and Methods of Mental Culture: Designed for the Use of Normal Schools, Academies and Private Students Preparing to Be Teachers (1891) by Edward Brooks
2066748. Nantucket Wild Flowers (1921) by Alice Owen Albertson
2066749. Paul and His Epistles (1915) by Doremus Almy Hayes
2066750. Prevailing Prayer: Or the Secret of Soul Winning (1900) by Eli Wigle
2066751. Russia of the Russians (1915) by Harold Whitmore Williams
2066753. Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, 1644-1658 (1901) by Oliver Cromwell
2066754. Swallow Barn: Or a Sojourn in the Old Dominion (1860) by John Pendleton Kennedy
2066756. The Boy Travelers in the Russian Empire: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey in European and Asiatic Russia (1887) by Thomas Wallace Knox
2066757. Inquires in International Law: Public and Private (1851) by James Reddie
2066758. Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society V11 (1889) by D Morris
2066759. Kettner's Book of the Table: A Manual of Cookery, Practical, Theoretical, Historical (1877) by E S Dallas
2066760. Lives of Philosophers of the Time of George III (1855) by Jr Henry Brougham
2066761. Memoire de L' Academie Nationale: Des Sciences, Arts Et Belles- Lettres de Caen (1872) by Julien Travers
2066762. Modern France, 1789- 1895 (1897) by Andre Lebon
2066763. Nordboernes Aandsliv (1878) by C Rosenberg
2066764. Poetical Works of Louis M. Elshemus: First Series (1901) by Louis Michel Elshemus
2066765. Renaissance (1855) by Jules Michelet
2066766. Selected Speeches of Edward Clarke: With Introductory Notes (1908) by Edward Clarke
2066769. Narratives of New Netherland: 1609- 1664 (1909) by John Franklin Jameson
2066770. Lady Rose's Daughter: A Novel (1903) by Mrs Humphry Ward
2066771. Lake Maxinkuckee V2: A Physical and Biological Survey (1920) by Barton Warren Evermann
2066773. Love Alone Is Lord (1905) by Frank Frankfort Moore
2066774. Miejour: Or Provencal Legend, Life, Language, and Literature, in the Land of the Felibre (1877) by John Duncan Craig
2066775. Missale Ad Usum Percelebris Ecclesiae Herfordensis (1874) by W G Henderson
2066776. Orations and Historical Addresses: With a Biographical Essay (1908) by Samuel Furman Hunt
2066777. Klara Du Plessis Un Klairant (1801) by August Heinrich Julius La
2066778. Quis Est Petrus? Seu Qualis Petri Primatus? Liber Theologico- Canonico Catholicus (1790) by Wolfgang Frolich
2066779. Sabrinae Corolla in Hortulis Regiae Scholae Salopiensis Contexuerunt Tres Viri Floribus Legendis (1890) by Henry Holden
2066782. The Remains of the REV. Isaac Beeman V2: Consisting of the Substance of Sermons, and Letters to Various Correspondents (1844) by Isaac Beeman
2066783. The Life of Christ V1 (1877) by Frederic William Farrar
2066784. Medical Commentaries V2: For the Year 1787 (1788) by Andrew Duncan
2066785. New Elocution and Vocal Culture (1911) by Robert Kidd
2066786. Palaeographia Critica, Part 1 (1817) by Ulrich Friedrich Kopp
2066787. Recollections of Massimo D'Azeglio V2 (1868) by Massimo Dazeglio
2066788. The Sea- Board of Mendip (1902) by Francis Arnold Knight
2066789. Sexti Aurelii Propertii V1: Opera Omnia, Ex Editione Ch. Th. Kuinoelis (1822) by Sextus Propertius
2066790. Society in the Country House (1907) by Thomas Hay Sweet Escott
2066791. The Advent Christian Hymnal: A Collection of Hymns and Tunes for Public and Social Worship (1894) by N P Cook
2066792. Books on the Fens: The Camp of Refuge; History of Thorney Abbey; The Fenland, Past and Present; The Fen and Marshland Churches (1881) by Charles Mac Farlane
2066793. The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: For the Service of Song in the House of the Lord (1860) by Lowell Mason
2066794. Instructions Given in the Drawing School Established by the Dublin Society V1: Pursuant to Their Resolution of February 4, 1768 (1769) by Joseph Fenn
2066795. Lancashire Worthies (1877) by Francis Espinasse
2066796. The Life and Persecutions of Martin Boos: An Evangelical Preacher of the Romish Church (1836) by Martin Boos
2066797. Lowe's Edinburgh Magazine and Protestant and Educational Journal: New Series, V1, November 1846- April 1847 (1847) by John D Lowe
2066798. Manual of Composition and Rhetoric (1907) by John Hays Gardiner
2066801. Robinson's New Higher Arithmetic: For High Schools, Academies, and Mercantile Colleges (1895) by Horatio Nelson Robinson
2066803. Spiritual, Ethical and Historical Discourses: Delivered Under Inspiration (1886) by William Juvenal Colville
2066805. The Ayrshire Record, New Series V2: American and Canadian Ayrshire Herd Record, Old Series, V6 (1878) by John Davis Williams French
2066808. L'Armonia Delle Cose V1 (1878) by Augusto Conti
2066809. Lord Mayors' Pageants, Part 1, History of Lord Mayors' Pageants: Being Collections Towards a History of These Annual Celebrations (1843) by Frederick W Fairholt
2066810. Malayan Miscellanies V1 (1820) by William Jack
2066811. Manual of the Education Acts for Scotland (1879) by Alexander Craig Sellar
2066812. Meditationes Hebraicae V1: Or a Doctrinal and Practical Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews, in a Series of Lectures (1855) by William Tait
2066813. Memoirs of Henry the Great V1: And of the Court of France During His Reign (1824) by William Henry Ireland
2066815. Memorable Events of Modern History (1862) by John George Edgar
2066816. Notes Sur Prosper Merimee (1903) by Felix Chambon
2066817. Nyelvtudomanyi Kozlemenyek (1878) by Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia A
2066818. Original Letters Relating to the Ecclesiastical Affairs of Scotland V1: 1603-1614 (1851) by King James Vi
2066819. Our Economic Organization (1921) by Leon Carroll Marshall
2066821. Peach Growing (1918) by Harris Perley Gould
2066822. Poetical Works of Edwin Arnold: Containing the Light of Asia, the Indian Song of Songs, Pearls of the Faith (1882) by Edwin Arnold
2066824. Religious Enthusiasm Considered: In Eight Sermons, Preached Before the University of Oxford, in the Year 1802 (1803) by George Frederick Nott
2066826. Shakespeare's Theater (1916) by Ashley Horace Thorndike
2066827. Some Account of the Alien Priories V1-2: And of Such Lands as They Are Known to Have Possessed in England and Wales (1786) by John Nichols
2066828. Illustrative Cases on Constitutional Law: A Companion Book to Black on Constitutional Law (1914) by James Parker Hall
2066829. Iter Britanniarum: Or That Part of the Itinerary of Antoninus Which Relates to Britain (1799) by Thomas Reynolds
2066830. Prager Deutsche Studien (1908) by Carl Von Kraus
2066831. Meade's Manual for Students Preparing for Medical Examination (1883) by William Meade
2066833. Miscellaneous Essays and Discourses (1847) by Mark Hopkins
2066834. Observations Made in a Journey Through the Western Counties of Scotland V2: In the Autumn of 1792 (1793) by Robert Heron
2066835. On Megrim, Sick-Headache, and Some Allied Disorders: A Contribution to the Pathology of Nerve-Storms (1873) by Edward Liveing
2066836. Pindari Carmina, Ad Fidem Textus Bockhiani, Part 2: Continens Odas Nemeaeas Et Isthmias (1851) by Pindarus
2066837. Questions Sur L'Encyclopedie V6 (1775) by Voltaire
2066839. Sermons Preached at the Temple Church: And Before the University of Cambridge, During the Month of January, 1838 (1838) by Theyre Townsend Smith
2066842. The Baptist Handbook for 1896 (1895) by
2066843. A Treatise on the Doctrine of Presumption and Presumptive Evidence: As Affecting the Title to Real and Personal Property (1827) by John Hubbersty Mathews
2066844. Greece, Ancient and Modern V1: Lectures Delivered Before the Lowell Institute (1867) by Cornelius Conway Felton
2066845. Les Comedies de Terence V2: Avec La Traduction Et Les Remarques (1717) by Madame Dacier
2066848. Prodromus Florae Peninsulae Indiae Orientalis V1: Containing Abridged Descriptions of the Plants Found in the Peninsula of British India, Arranged Acc by Robert Wight
2066850. The British Plutarch V4: Containing the Lives of the Most Eminent Divines, Patriots, Statesmen, Warriors, Philosophers, Poets, and Artists, of by Francis Wrangham
2066851. Masterpieces of British Literature (1895) by Horace Elisha Scudder
2066853. Men of Mark in the World of Sport in New Zealand (1906) by Joseph Chadwick
2066854. Methodism: Memorials of the United Methodist Free Churches, with Recollections of Robert Eckett, and Some of His Contemporaries ( by Matthew Baxter
2066855. Pinney and Arnoult's French Grammar: A New Method, Combining Both the Oral and Theoretic (1861) by Norman Pinney
2066857. Political and Statistical Account of the British Settlements in the Straits of Malacca V1: Pinang, Malacca, and Singapore (1839) by Thomas John Newbold
2066858. Rambles in Normandy (1905) by Francis Miltoun
2066859. Famtlige Skrifter (1854) by Johannes Ewald
2066861. The Birds of Norfolk V1: With Remarks on Their Habits, Migration, and Local Distribution (1866) by Henry Stevenson
2066862. Labor Legislation, Labor Movements, and Labor Leaders (1902) by George Howell
2066863. L Enfer (1879) by Dante Alighieri
2066864. Lombard Architecture V1 (1917) by Arthur Kingsley Porter
2066865. Natural History Transactions of Northumberland and Durham V1 (1867) by History Society Natural History
2066868. Practical Discourses Upon All the Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, to Be Used Throughout the Year, V4, Part 2 (1716) by Matthew Hole
2066870. Sketches of Lynn: Or the Changes of Fifty Years (1880) by David Newhall Johnson
2066871. Teachers Collage Record V23 Numbers 1- 5, 1922 (1922) by James E Russell
2066873. The Australian Crusoes or the Adventures of an English Settler and His Family: In the Wilds of Australia (1853) by Charles Rowcroft
2066875. The Removal of Causes from State to Federal Courts: With a Preliminary Chapter on Jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts of the United States (1893) by Robert Desty
2066876. MacMillan's Magazine V37: November 1877 to April 1878 (1878) by Mac Millan Co
2066877. An International System of Ophthalmic Practice and Medical Ophthalmology (1918) by Walter L Pyle
2066878. Memoirs of the Naval Worthies of Queen Elizabeth's Reign (1845) by John Barrow
2066880. Origines Anglicanae V1: Or a History of the English Church, from the Conversion of the English Saxons Till the Death of King John (1855) by John Inett
2066882. Penelope's English Experiences and Penelope's Scottish Experiences (1917) by Kate Douglas Wiggin
2066883. Political Disquisitions V3: Or an Enquiry Into Public Errors, Defects, and Abuses (1775) by James Burgh
2066884. Pulpit Themes, and Preacher's Assistant: To Which Is Appended the Art of Preaching, Practically Developed in the Confessions of Francis Volkmar Reinha by William Nicholson
2066885. Richard Wagner's Letters to His Dresden Friends: Theodor Uhlig, Wilhelm Fischer, and Ferdinand Heine (1890) by Richard Wagner
2066886. Rig- Veda (1877) by Hermann Grassmann
2066887. Sanctorale Catholicum or Book of Saints: With Notes Critical, Exegetical, and Historical (1880) by Robert Owen
2066888. God in History V2: Or the Progress of Man's Faith in the Moral Order of the World (1868) by Christian Carl J Bunsen
2066889. Istoria Civile E Naturale Delle Pinete Ravennati: Nella Quale Si Tratta (1774) by Francesco Ginanni
2066891. Life in China (1857) by William Charles Milne
2066892. Mahometanism Unveiled V2: An Inquiry in Which That Arch- Heresy, Its Diffusion and Continuance, Are Examined on a New Principle (1829) by Charles Forster
2066893. Manual of the Law of Scotland: The Law of Private Rights and Obligations (1847) by John Hill Burton
2066894. Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia: A Historical Novel (1893) by L Muhlbach