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Books 92/75

2058601. Longmans' Briefer Grammar (1908) by George James Smith
2058602. Loves of the Flowers, Etc. (1878) by Frederick James Whishaw
2058603. Mammon and His Message: Being the Second Part of God and Mammon (1908) by John Davidson
2058604. Memories of a Musical Life (1909) by Hugh Reginald Haweis
2058605. Mentally Defective Children (1914) by Alfred Binet
2058607. Militarism (1917) by Karl Paul August Friedrich
2058608. Military Explosives (1919) by John A Marshall
2058611. Natal Plants V1, Part 1: Descriptions and Figures of Natal Indigenous Plants, with Notes on Their Distribution, Economic Value, Native Names, E by John Medley Wood
2058613. Notes of Cases Extracted from the Manuscripts of Sir Samuel Romilly, Part 1: With Notes (1872) by Samuel Romilly
2058614. Notes on the Famine Tour (1901) by Maharaja Gaekwar
2058615. OCCAM's Razor: The Application of a Principle to Political Economy, to the Conditions of Progress, to Socialism, to Politics (1890) by Francis William Bain
2058616. On the Necessity of a More Effectual System of National Defense: And the Means of Establishing the Permanent Security of the Kingdom (1808) by Thomas Douglas Selkirk Selkirk
2058618. Personal Reminiscences of James A. Scrymser: In Times of Peace and War (1915) by James Alexander Scrymser
2058620. Poems for Young People (1851) by Library For Young People
2058621. Practical Investing (1914) by Franklin Escher
2058622. Preparation for Church Membership: Methodist Probationers Trained (1903) by James Eleazer Gilbert
2058623. Priestcraft (1867) by Frank Robertson
2058624. Private Theatricals: Being a Practical Guide for the Home Stage (1881) by Old Stager An Old
2058625. Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Children (1818) by Ann Taylor
2058626. Recollections of Rugby (1848) by
2058628. Roorda's Pandji-Verhalen in Het Javaansch (1896) by J G H Gunning
2058629. Sacerdos Sanctificatus or Discourses on the Mass and Office: With a Preparation and Thanksgiving Before and After Mass for Every Day in the Week (1846 by Alfonso Maria De Liguori
2058630. Sanity of Mind: A Study of Its Conditions, and of the Means to Its Development and Preservation (1900) by David Francis Lincoln
2058634. Statue of Stephen Girard: City Hall Plaza, Philadelphia, May 20, 1897 (1897) by George P Rupp
2058635. Stories from Animal Land (1891) by Annie E Chase
2058636. Studies in the English Mystery Plays (1892) by Charles Davidson
2058637. Poet Lore, a Quarterly Magazine of Letters: Autumn, 1905 (1905) by Charlotte Porter
2058639. The Ballad of Manila Bay and Other Verses (1900) by Horace Spencer Fiske
2058640. The Charm School (1919) by Alice Duer Miller
2058641. The North and the South: At Antietam and Gettysburg (1908) by William Edward Spear
2058642. How to Speak: Designed as a Textbook for the Business Man and Woman (1918) by Edwin Gordon Lawrence
2058643. Inner Africa Laid Open: In an Attempt to Trace the Chief Lines of Communication Across That Continent South of the Equator (1852) by William Desborough Cooley
2058644. John Ruskin, Preacher: And Other Essay (1921) by Lewis Herbert Chrisman
2058645. Jottings of Travel in China and Japan (1888) by Simon Adler Stern
2058646. La Passione in Canavese (1895) by Costantino Nigra
2058647. Legis Duodecim Tabularum Reliquiae (1866) by Rudolfus Schoell
2058648. Lessons on Prescriptions and the Art of Prescribing (1875) by William Handsel Griffiths
2058651. Letters of John Cockburn of Ormistoun to His Gardener, 1727- 1744 (1904) by John Cockburn
2058652. Loci Velleiani (1836) by Johann Christian Moritz Laurent
2058656. Memorials of the Honorable Joshua S. Salmon of Boonton, New Jersey (1904) by Andrew M Sherman
2058657. Military Observation Balloons: Captive and Free (1917) by Emil Joseph Widmer
2058658. Monaco: The Beauty- Spot of the Riviera (1882) by Thomas Henry Pickering
2058659. Monetary Systems of the World: A Study of Present Currency Systems and Statistical Information (1895) by Maurice Louis Muhleman
2058661. Norwegian Special Catalogue for the International Exhibition at Philadelphia, 1876 (1876) by Christiania
2058663. Objections to the Doctrine of Endless Punishment (1860) by Edwin H Lake
2058664. Occasional Lectures: Political, Social, and Religious (1877) by Joseph Sidney Tomkins
2058665. Our Dishonest Constitution (1914) by Allan Louis Benson
2058666. Our Study Meeting: Or the Offering of Isaac by Abraham, Considered by a Body of Sunday School Teachers (1881) by Joseph Hornsby Wright
2058667. Papers on Godliness: Being Reports of a Series of Addresses Delivered at James's Hall, London, W. , During 1881 (1896) by Catherine Mumford Booth
2058668. Papers on the Female Perineum, Etc. (1879) by James Matthews Duncan
2058669. Poems, Local, Lyric and Miscellaneous: By James S. McCulloch (1885) by James S Mc Culloch
2058670. Poetry in Song and Some Other Studies in Literature: With a Few Pieces of Verse (1907) by Thomas Emmet Dewey
2058672. Rambling Sketches in the Far North: And Orcadian Musings (1883) by Robert Menzies Fergusson
2058673. Random Recollections of Exeter Hall: In 1834- 1837 (1838) by Of The Protestant Party
2058674. Random Recollections of the Midland Circuit (1873) by Robert A Walton
2058675. Reading for Training Classes (1906) by Rose M Libby
2058677. Revised List of Books and Prices: Issued by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1917, in Accordance with the Provisions of the Law (1917) by Fred L Keeler
2058678. Samson Marrying, Samson at Timnah, Samson Hybristes, Samson Blinded: Four Dramatic Poems (1905) by Edwin Thomas Whiffen
2058679. Second Book in English for Foreigners: In Evening Schools (1917) by Frederick Houghton
2058680. Sharpshooting for Sport and War (1900) by William Wellington Greener
2058681. Short French Review Grammar and Composition Book: With Everyday Idiom Drill and Conversational Practice (1920) by David Hobart Carnahan
2058682. Silvester (1841) by Von Wurzburg Konrad
2058683. Skinner's Dress Suit (1916) by Henry Irving Dodge
2058685. Some Short Stories, Second Series (1906) by Blanche Atkinson
2058687. Songs of Beranger (1837) by John George Hamilton Bourne
2058689. Student Life at Edinburgh University (1884) by Norman Fraser
2058690. Tales from English History, in Prose and Verse: Selected from the Works of Standard Authors (1888) by William James Rolfe
2058691. Tanulmanyok a Katonai Bunteto Jogbol (1901) by Gyula Gabor
2058692. The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years (1811) by Nicolas Appert
2058695. The Home Library of Law V6: Domestic Relations and Wrongs (1905) by Albert Sidney Bolles
2058696. The Homes of Tennyson (1905) by Arthur Paterson
2058697. The Imp and the Angel (1901) by Josephine Dodge Daskam
2058698. The Life and Character of Stephen Girard of the City of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Mariner and Merchant (1886) by Henry Atlee Ingram
2058699. The Maxims, Experiences, and Observations of Agogos (1844) by Charles William Day
2058700. The Melodic Method in School Music: A Manual for Teachers and Supervisors (1918) by David Clark Taylor
2058701. The Personality of the Teacher (1910) by Charles Mc Kenny
2058703. Imitations from the German of Spitta and Terstegen (1873) by Emily Augusta Durand
2058704. Interest and Saving (1906) by Edward Carter Kersey Gonner
2058705. Is Darwin Right? or the Origin of Man (1881) by William Denton
2058706. Ivy Chimneys (1885) by Edith Cornforth
2058707. Kentuckians in History and Literature (1907) by John Wilson Townsend
2058708. Kidnapping in the Pacific: Or the Adventures of Boas Ringdon, a Long Yarn in Four Lengths (1879) by William H G Kingston
2058709. Leadership and Military Training (1918) by Lincoln Clarke Andrews
2058711. Little Lives and a Great Love (1874) by Florence Wilford
2058713. Manual of Method: For the Use of Teachers in Elementary Schools (1856) by W F Richards
2058714. Manual of Style Governing Composition and Proof Reading in the Government Printing Office: Together with Decisions of the Board on Geographic Names (1 by Printing Office Government Printing
2058715. Marriage and Parenthood: The Catholic Ideal (1911) by Thomas J Gerrard
2058717. Moral Freedom Reconciled with Causation: By the Analysis of the Process of Self-Determination, the Moral Basis of Social Science, with a PostScript on by Henry Travis
2058718. Red- Nosed Frost (1886) by N A Nekrasov
2058719. Muhlenbergia V3: A Monthly Journal of Botany (1907) by Amos Arthur Heller
2058720. Muscular Work: A Metabolic Study with Special Reference to the Efficiency of the Human Body as a Machine (1913) by Francis Gano Benedict
2058721. Mushroom Culture: Its Extension and Improvement (1870) by William Robinson
2058722. My Queen (1879) by Mrs G W Godfrey
2058723. My Sunday Companion: Hymns and Poems for Sunday Reading (1869) by Mrs Hawtrey
2058724. The National Pronouncing Speller (1858) by Richard Green Parker
2058726. Notes and Sketches of Lessons on Subjects Connected with the Great Exhibition (1852) by Of General Literature Committee
2058727. Notes on Military Hygiene: For Officers of the Line, a Syllabus of Lectures Formerly Delivered at the United States Infantry and Cavalry School ( by Alfred Alexander Woodhull
2058728. Notices of the Jews and Their Country by the Classic Writers of Antiquity (1872) by John Gill
2058729. Nouvelles Guepes (1853) by Alphonse Karr
2058730. Occasional Hymns: Original and Translated (1862) by Herbert Kynaston
2058731. Odes Modernas (1875) by Anthero De Quental
2058732. Our Domestic Fowls (1799) by William Charles L Martin
2058734. Poems and Songs, and Lecture on Poetry: With a Brief Memoir of the Author (1866) by Robert Duthie
2058737. Queer Little People (1867) by Harriet Beecher Stowe
2058738. Railways in Their Medical Aspects (1867) by James Ogden Fletcher
2058739. Recollections of the Reign of Terror (1870) by Louis Dumesnil
2058740. Recreations of a Merchant: Or the Christian Sketchbook (1836) by William A Brewer
2058741. Rheumatism and Sciatica (1892) by John Henry Clarke
2058746. Serious Enquiries: Or Important Questions Relative to This World and That Which Is to Come (1815) by Charles Buck
2058747. Short German Plays for Reading and Acting: With Notes and a Vocabulary (1900) by E S Buchheim
2058748. Simplified Grammar of Hindustani, Persian, and Arabic (1885) by Edward Henry Palmer
2058749. Soap- Bubbles: Their Colors and the Forces Which Mold Them, Being the Substance of Many Lectures Delivered to Juvenile and Popular Au by Charles Vernon Boys
2058750. Songs from Edgewood (1902) by Stephen Henry Thayer
2058751. Songs of the Wilderness: Being a Collection of Poems, Written in Some Different Parts of the Territory of the Hudson's Bay Company (1846) by George Jehoshaphat Mountain
2058752. Spiritual Instructions on the Holy Eucharist (1870) by Thomas Thellusson Carter
2058753. Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) by Thom Alexander Thom
2058754. Stories of Patriotism: A Patriotic Reader for the Intermediate Grades (1918) by Norma Helen Deming
2058756. Sunday School Service and Hymn Book (1870) by
2058757. Sunshine and Shadow (1896) by Caroline Edwards Prentiss
2058758. Talks about the Bible: To the Young Folks (1881) by John Greenleaf Adams
2058760. The Authority of Tradition in Matters of Religion (1838) by George Holden
2058761. The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford, Dissenting Minister (1881) by Mark Rutherford
2058762. The Beharistan, Abode of Spring (1887) by Jami
2058763. The Brown Papers (1866) by Arthur Sketchley
2058764. The Business Letter (1914) by Ion Edric Dwyer
2058765. The Child (1912) by Hope Farm Man The
2058766. The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Greeks (1910) by Plutarch
2058769. A Universal Language: Formed on Philosophical and Analogical Principles (1829) by James Ruggles
2058771. Herbert Manners, and Other Tales (1880) by Florence Montgomery
2058772. Hunting Journal Kept by Viscount Newport at Newport Lodge, Melton Mowbray: During Various Years Between 1845 and 1866 (1880) by Orlando George C Bridgeman
2058773. Is Consumption Contagious? and Can It Be Transmitted by Means of Food? (1882) by Herbert Codman Clapp
2058774. Jacob at Bethel: The Vision, the Stone, the Anointing (1899) by Abram Smythe Palmer
2058775. Jottings on Some of the Objects of Interest in the Stonehenge Excursion (1882) by Edward Thomas Stevens
2058776. Journal of a Residence Among the Negroes in the West Indies (1861) by Matthew Gregory Lewis
2058777. Journal of a Visit to India and the East (1877) by James Mc Clelland
2058778. Just Jemina (1919) by John Joy Bell
2058779. Land and Marine Surveying: In Reference to the Preparation of Plans for Roads and Railways, Canals, Rivers, Towns' Water Supplies, Docks, and Har by William Davis Haskoll
2058780. Laws and Properties of Matter (1893) by Richard T Glazebrook
2058782. Letters and Conversational Remarks (1811) by John Newton
2058783. Life of Mary Monholland: One of the Pioneer Sisters of the Order of Mercy in the West (1894) by Member Of The Order
2058784. Little Seal-Skin and Other Poems (1874) by Eliza Keary
2058785. The London Homeopathic Hospital Reports V3 (1893) by George Burford
2058786. London: Past, Present and Future (1858) by John Ashford
2058787. Longevity: The Means of Prolonging Life After Middle Age (1875) by John Gardner
2058788. Love in Idleness: A Volume of Poems (1883) by Henry Charles Beeching
2058790. Manning the Navy: A Statement, in Which the Evils and Losses Arising from the Present System Are Set Forth (1849) by Arthur Parry Eardley Wilmot
2058791. Manual of Clinical Diagnosis (1887) by Otto Seifort Seifert
2058792. Manual of Instructions for Quartermasters Serving in the Field (1900) by Daniel E Mc Carthy
2058795. Medals, Coins, Great Seals, and Other Works of Thomas Simon (1780) by Thomas Simon
2058797. Memoranda Medica: Or Notebook of Medical Principles (1860) by Henry Hartshorne