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Books 92/82

2059651. A Philosophical and Practical Grammar of the English Language: Dialogically and Progressively Arranged, in Which Every Word Is Parsed According to I by Isaiah J Morris
2059652. Mrs. Snow's Practical Cook Book: For Home and Schools (1903) by Mary B Snow
2059653. My Life with Stanley's Rear Guard (1891) by Herbert Ward
2059654. Nanny's Adventures: The Tale of a Goat (1879) by N Danvers
2059655. New Poems by James I of England: From a Hitherto Unpublished Manuscript, Add. 24195, in the British Museum (1911) by Allan Ferguson Westcott
2059656. Notices of the Churches of Warwickshire V1: Deanery of Warwick (1847) by Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
2059657. Nugae Indicae Selected from Zechariah Oriel's Note Book (1873) by Philip Stewart Robinson
2059658. Opisthophorus or the Man Who Walked Backward: A Book of Modern Life (1909) by Caleb Jones
2059659. Ordinances Promulgated by the Governor General of the Sudan: Together with Selected Proclamations Notices Rules and Orders Issued with Reference There by
2059660. Organized Self-Help: A History and Defense of the American Labor Movement (1901) by Herbert Newton Casson
2059661. Our Land Revenue Policy in Northern India (1876) by Charles James Connell
2059662. Our Mountain Garden (1904) by Rose Fay Thomas
2059663. Patriotism and Empire (1899) by John Mac Kinnon Robertson
2059664. Plain Talk to the Sick: With Directions for Homeopathic Treatment and General Rules for the Preservation of Health (1879) by Adam Miller
2059665. Plays for Young People: With Songs and Choruses, Suitable for Private Theatricals (1880) by James Barmby
2059666. Poems and War Letters by William James Leach (1922) by William James Leach
2059667. The Practice of Cookery and Pastry: Adapted to the Business of Everyday Life (1854) by I Williamson
2059668. Private Life V1: Or Varieties of Character and Opinion (1829) by Mary Jane Mac Kenzie
2059669. Protection in Canada and Australasia (1904) by Charles Henry Chomley
2059671. Reminiscences of School and Army Life, 1839 to 1859 (1875) by John Arthur Bayley
2059674. Samlade Vitterhetsarbeten (1871) by Goran Stjernhjelm
2059675. Scenes in Palestine or Dramatic Sketches from the Bible: To Which Is Added the Fair Avenger or the Destroyer Destroyed, an Academic Drama (1825) by John Fitzgerald Pennie
2059677. Selections from Mesonero Romanos (1913) by Ramon De Mesonero Romanos
2059680. Soldier Stories (1899) by Rudyard Kipling
2059681. Some Account of Llangollen and Its Vicinity: Including a Circuit of about Seven Miles (1827) by W T Simpson
2059682. St. George's, Edinburgh, a History of St. George's Church 1814 to 1843 and of St. George's Free Church 1843 to 1873: Two Addresses (1876) by David Maclagan
2059684. Suggestions for the Future Provision of Criminal Lunatics (1854) by William Charles Hood
2059686. The Beauties of Henry Kirke White: Consisting of Selections from His Poetry and Prose (1827) by Henry Kirke White
2059687. The Broken Looking- Glass: Or Mrs. Dorothy Cope's Recollections of Service (1880) by Maria Louisa Charlesworth
2059689. The Hygiene of the Soul: The Memoir of a Physician and Philosopher (1910) by Gustav Pollak
2059691. A View at the Foundations or First Causes of Character: As Operative Before Birth, from Hereditary and Spiritual Sources (1865) by Woodbury Melcher Fernald
2059692. Five Messages to Teachers of Primary Reading (1913) by Nettie Alice Sawyer
2059693. History of the Kingdom of Judah: From the Death of Solomon to the Babylonish Captivity (1859) by Frances M Wilbraham
2059694. India and Tiger Hunting (1885) by Julius Barras
2059695. Is the Copernican System of Astronomy True? (1888) by W S Cassedy
2059696. Johnnykin and the Goblins (1877) by Charles Godfrey Leland
2059698. Lectures on the Progress of Civilization and Government, and Other Subjects (1851) by John Chase Lord
2059699. Lenten Thoughts: Drawn from the Gospel for Each Day of Lent (1873) by Francis Kerril Aucherst
2059701. Letters on Slavery: Addressed to the Cumberland Congregation, Virginia (1833) by John D Paxton
2059702. Life and Death: Being Reports of Addresses Delivered in London (1890) by Catherine Mumford Booth
2059705. Lyra Doctorum: Carmina Lyrica a Viris Doctis Recentiorum Temporum Composita (1886) by Ioannes Draheim
2059706. Man's Miracle: The Story of Helen Keller and Her European Sisters (1913) by Gerard Harry
2059707. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (1885) by Elizabeth Robins Pennell
2059708. Materials for Object Lessons (1885) by Charles Mc Rae
2059709. May's Garden, and Where the Flowers Went: A Tale (1873) by Anonymous
2059710. Memoirs of Captain James Wilson (1822) by James Wilson
2059711. Memoirs of Mr. Matthias D'Amour (1836) by Matthias Damour
2059712. The Middle English Penitential Lyric: A Study and Collection of Early Religious Verse (1911) by Frank Allen Patterson
2059713. Modern Practice in Mining V1: Coal, Its Occurrence, Value, and Methods of Boring (1908) by Richard Augustine Studdert Redmayne
2059716. Mother Stories (1900) by Maud Lindsay
2059717. Music in the Public Schools: A Manual of Suggestions for Teachers (1909) by Elbridge Ward Newton
2059718. Mwo Sasu Lun Jisus Kraist Leum Las, Ma Mattu El Sim (1871) by B G Snow
2059720. New England Bygones (1880) by E H Arr
2059721. New Guide to Modern Conversations in French and English: Or Dialogues on Ordinary and Familiar Subjects (1866) by William A Bellenger
2059722. New Nightcaps Told to Charley (1868) by Frances Elizabeth Barrow
2059723. New York to the Orient: A Series of Letters Written During a Brief Trip Through Europe to Palestine, Returning Via Egypt, Italy, France, and E by Jesse Milton Emerson
2059725. Notes of Lessons on Moral Subjects: A Handbook for Teachers in Elementary Schools (1906) by Frederick William Hackwood
2059730. Original Sketches and Poems by Henry House (1874) by Henry House
2059731. Our Church and Her Services (1866) by Ashton Oxenden
2059732. Our Trade in the World in Relation to Foreign Competition, 1885-1895 (1897) by William Shaw Harriss Gastrell
2059733. Outlines of Veterinary Homeopathy: Comprising Horse, Cow, Dog, Sheep, and Hog Diseases, and Their Homeopathic Treatment (1857) by James Moore
2059734. Parsons on the Rose: A Treatise on the Propagation, Culture, and History of the Rose (1869) by Samuel Parsons Jr
2059735. Personal Salvation: A Treatment of the Doctrines of Conversion and Christian Experience (1903) by Edward Norton Cantwell
2059736. Physiological Observations on Mental Susceptibility: The Influence of Education on the Varieties of the Human Race and the Brute Creation (1837) by Thomas Burgeland Johnson
2059737. Poems and Translations by William Lipscomb (1830) by William Lipscomb
2059738. Poetry Explained: For the Use of Young People (1821) by Richard Lovell Edgeworth
2059739. Portraits D'Artistes (1905) by Sander Pierron
2059740. A Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland: From Fergus the First, to James the Sixth, in the Year 1611 (1830) by John W Mac Kenzie
2059742. Principles of Plutology (1876) by Wordsworth Donisthorpe
2059743. Proofreading and Punctuation (1907) by Adele Millicent Smith
2059744. Purcell's Manning Refuted: Life of Cardinal Manning with a Critical Examination of E. S. Purcell's Mistakes (1897) by Francis De Pressense
2059745. Reading and the Mind: With Something to Read (1903) by John Francis Xavier Oconor
2059746. Record of a School: Exemplifying the General Principles of Spiritual Culture (1835) by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
2059747. Reflections on Death (1815) by William Dodd
2059748. A Full Refutation of the Doctrine of Unconditional Perseverance, in a Discourse on Hebrews II, 3 (1818) by Thomas Olivers
2059749. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Civil War: With an Introduction (1914) by Mabel Macilvaine
2059752. Royer-Collard (1895) by Eugene Spuller
2059753. Rural Records: Or Glimpses of Village Life (1845) by James Smith
2059754. Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures: Or Helping the Dormitory Fund (1916) by Alice B Emerson
2059755. Sanctified Spice: Or Pungent Seasonings from the Pulpit (1893) by Madison Clinton Peters
2059756. Second Book of Sanskrit: Being a Treatise on Grammar, with Exercises (1881) by Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar
2059757. Sermons on Interesting Subjects (1819) by Robert Balfour
2059758. Sermons to Students and Thoughtful Persons (1881) by Llewelyn David Bevan
2059759. Six Lectures Upon School Hygiene: Delivered Under the Auspices of the Massachusetts Emergency and Hygiene Association to Teachers in the Public School by Frank Wells
2059760. Sketches of Rulers of India V2, the Company's Governors: Clive, Hastings, Munro, Malcolm, Elphinstone, Metcalfe, Thomason, and Colvin (1908) by George Devereux Oswell
2059761. Ilchester Lectures on Comparative Lexicography: Delivered at the Taylor Institution, Oxford (1883) by Carl Abel
2059762. Socialism and the Drink Question (1908) by Philip Snowden
2059763. Soul Spur (1914) by Richard Wightman
2059764. Specimens: Poetical and Critical (1867) by William Alexander
2059766. Stories in Attic Greek: Forming a Greek Reading Book, for the Use of Junior Forms in Schools (1878) by Francis David Morice
2059768. The Aggressive Character of Christianity (1878) by William Unsworth
2059770. The Art of Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams: Comprising a Complete System of Fishing the North Devon Streams, and Their Like (1883) by H C Cutcliffe
2059771. The Bride of Omberg (1853) by Emilie F Carlen
2059777. Ironwork, Part 2 (1896) by John Starkie Gardner
2059778. John Webster: The Periods of His Work as Determined by His Relations to the Drama of His Day (1905) by Elmer Edgar Stoll
2059779. Key to the Acts of the Apostles: Or the Acts of the Apostles Historically, Chronologically, and Geographically Considered (1869) by Francis Bowen
2059780. La Roche Aux Mouettes (1907) by Jules Sandeau
2059781. Light on the Law: A Reference Book on the ACT to Regulate Commerce (1887) by Railway Age Publishing C
2059782. L'Infanterie Au Dix- Huit Siecle (1907) by Louis Hippolite Bacquet
2059783. Lord Lawrence: And the Reconstruction of India Under the Crown (1905) by Charles Umpherston Aitchison
2059787. Modernizing the Monroe Doctrine (1916) by Charles Hitchcock Sherrill
2059789. Music and Its Masters (1901) by Otis Bardwell Boise
2059792. My Travels and Adventures in Alaska (1914) by Florence Lee Mallinson
2059793. New South Wales and Queensland (1874) by Anthony Trollope
2059794. Old Tales of a Young Country (1871) by Marcus Clarke
2059795. One Hundred Songs (1866) by James Ballantine
2059796. Outlines of the Law of Agency (1903) by Floyd Russell Mechem
2059797. Parliamentary Costs (1864) by Edward Webster
2059798. Peter's Journey: And Other Tales (1873) by May Ramsay
2059799. Plain Educational Talks with Teachers and Parents (1869) by Albert Newton Raub
2059800. Pleasant Waters: A Story of Southern Life and Character (1888) by Graham Claytor
2059801. Practical Essays on Various Branches of the Fine Arts: To Which Is Added, a Critical Inquiry Into the Principles and Practice of the Late Sir David Wi by John Burnet
2059802. Prayers and Maxims (1858) by Anonymous
2059803. Prospectus of a Dictionary of the Language of the Aire Coti: Or Ancient Irish, Compared with the Language of the Cuti, or Ancient Persians (1802) by Charles Vallancey
2059804. Questions of Socialists and Their Answers (1908) by William Stephens Kress
2059805. Recollections of the Two St. Mary Winton Colleges (1883) by
2059806. The Derby School Register, 1570- 1901 (1902) by B Tacchella
2059807. The Rise and Fall of the United States: A Leaf from History, A. D. 2060 (1898) by Diplomat A Diplomat
2059808. Rockford Parish: Or the Fortunes of Mr. Mason's Successors (1856) by John Nicholas Norton
2059811. Cormac's Glossary (1868) by Cormac
2059813. Secretary Baker at the Front (1918) by Ralph A Hayes
2059814. Selections from Mr. Parker's Historical Photographs of Rome and Italy: Arranged in Systematic Order (1879) by John Henry Parker
2059815. Selections from the Poems of Arthur Hugh Clough (1904) by Arthur Hugh Clough
2059816. Sermons on the Lord's Prayer (1854) by Henry Martyn Bacon
2059817. Seven British Classics: Addison, Scott, Lamb, Campbell, Macaulay, Tennyson, Thackeray (1880) by William Swinton
2059818. Shoemakers' Village V1 (1871) by Henry Holbeach
2059819. Sights of London, Illustrated: And Metropolitan Handbook, for Railways, Tramways, Omnibuses, River Steamboats, and Cab Fares (1883) by Henry Herbert
2059822. Socialism and the Social Movement in the Nineteenth Century: With a Chronicle of the Social Movement, 1750- 1896 (1898) by Werner Sombart
2059823. Soldiers Record of the Town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont: In the War of the Rebellion, 1861- 1865 (1883) by Albert G Chadwick
2059824. Some Ethical Phases of the Labor Question (1902) by Carroll Davidson Wright
2059825. Songs for Catholic Schools and AIDS to Memory for the Catechism (1860) by Jeremiah Williams Cummings
2059826. The Story of Iron and Steel (1908) by Joseph Russell Smith
2059828. Summer at the Lake of Monteith (1866) by P Dun
2059829. Sylvian: A Tragedy and Poems (1885) by John Philip Varley
2059830. T. Macci Plauti Mostellaria: With Notes Critical and Exegetical and an Introduction (1884) by Titus Maccius Plautus
2059831. Teacher's Manual, Part 1, Books 1-2, Third Year: For the Prang Elementary Course in Art Instruction (1898) by John Spencer Clark
2059833. Terse Talk on Timely Topics (1884) by Henry Varley
2059834. The Bishop's Niece (1905) by George Henry Picard
2059835. The Book of Daniel: Or the Second Volume of Prophecy (1884) by James G Murphy
2059836. The Filipino Martyrs: A Story of the Crime of February 4, 1899 (1900) by Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan
2059837. The Last Days of the Ruskin Cooperative Association (1902) by Isaac Broome
2059838. The Man's Hands: And Other Stories (1908) by Richard Philip Garrold
2059839. The Philosophy of Government (1898) by George W Walthew
2059840. The Rented Earl (1912) by Edward Salisbury Field
2059842. Italy Revisited: A Series of Pictures (1884) by Emily Susan G Saunders
2059843. Japanese Flower Arrangement, Ike- Bana: Applied to Western Needs (1913) by Mary Averill
2059845. John Hookham Frere's National Poems (1867) by John Hookham Frere
2059846. Katie Johnstone's Cross: A Canadian Tale (1870) by M M A M
2059847. L'Entente Cordiale: A Self- Interpreting Guide to Paris, for the Exhibition, 1855 (1855) by M B De Valency
2059849. Mary Jane, Her Visit (1918) by Clara Ingram Judson