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Books 92/95

2061601. Old Paths of Honor and Dishonor: A Story on the Beatitudes (1870) by M Seeley
2061602. On Diet and Regimen in Sickness and Health: And on the Interdependence and Prevention of Diseases and the Diminution of Their Fatality (1875) by Horace Dobell
2061603. Oriel College (1900) by David Watson Rannie
2061604. Philip II: A Dramatic Romance (1880) by John Elford
2061605. Poems of an Interval (1863) by Alfred Saxelby West
2061606. Poems, Odes, Prologues, and Epilogues, Spoken on Public Occasions at Reading School: To Which Is Added Some Account of the Lives of Mr. Benwell and Dr by Richard Valpy
2061607. Poetical Works of John Oldham (1854) by John Oldham
2061608. Practical Lessons on the Comparative Construction of the Verb in the French and English Languages (1863) by Jules Festu
2061610. Prisons of Air (1891) by Moncure Daniel Conway
2061611. Rambla- Spain: From Irun to Cerbere (1883) by William Morrison Bell
2061612. Rambles in the Rocky Mountains: With a Visit to the Gold Fields of Colorado (1864) by Maurice Oconnor Morris
2061613. Redstone's Guernsey and Jersey Guide: Or the Stranger's Companion for the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey (1843) by Louisa Lane Lane
2061614. Reliquiae Divi Andreae: Or the State of the Venerable and Primitial See of St. Andrews (1797) by George Martine
2061615. Reminiscences of a Frontier Armed and Mounted Police Officer in South Africa (1866) by Edward Wilson
2061616. Robbin's New Plane Geometry (1915) by Edward Rutledge Robbins
2061617. Rosabel (1904) by Esther Miller
2061618. Rowe's Bookkeeping and Accountancy, Complete Text: Presenting the Art of Bookkeeping in Accordance with the Principles of Modern Accountancy (1921) by Harry Marc Rowe
2061620. San Juan Capistrano Mission (1922) by Zephyrin Engelhardt
2061621. Saturarum (1904) by Persius
2061622. W. A. W. : A Souvenir of the Fourth Annual Convention, at Warsaw, Indiana, July 9- 12, 1889 (1890) by L May Wheeler
2061623. Catalogue of English Porcelain, Earthenware, Enamels, Etc. : Collected by Charles Schreiber, and the Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber (1885) by Museum Kensington Museum
2061625. Selections from Tennyson, Part 1- 2 (1893) by Alfred Tennyson
2061628. Simple Thoughts on Bible Truths (1873) by Theodora Grosvenor
2061629. Sir Walter Ralegh in Ireland (1883) by John Pope Hennessy
2061630. Sketches from Nature: With Pen and Pencil (1877) by Frances Parthenope Verney
2061631. Slavery Discussed in Occasional Essays, from 1833 to 1846 (1846) by Leonard Bacon
2061632. Social Evils and Their Remedy V1: The Mechanic, the Lady, and the Lady's Maid (1837) by Charles Benjamin Tayler
2061633. Spelling and Letter Writing: For Use in Commercial Schools, Normal Schools, Colleges, Academies and High Schools (1902) by Henry Thomas Loomis
2061635. Studies in the Early Church: A Year's Course of Twenty- Five Lessons, Providing a Daily Scheme for Personal Study Adapted Also to Class Work (1907) by Charles Herbert Morgan
2061636. Studies in the Life of Jesus Christ (1904) by Edward Increase Bosworth
2061637. Submarine Mines and Torpedoes: As Applied to Harbor Defense (1889) by John Townsend Bucknill
2061638. Sugar Beet Seed, a Work for Farmers, Seedsmen and Chemists: Containing Historical, Botanical and Theoretical Data (1898) by Lewis Sharpe Ware
2061639. Suggestions for the Improvement of Our Towns and Houses (1843) by Thomas J Maslen
2061640. Sympathy: Or Words for the Weak and the Weary (1862) by David Alfred Doudney
2061641. The Bailey Twins and the Rest of the Family (1914) by Anna C Chamberlain
2061642. The Bellum Civile of Petronius (1911) by Petronius Arbiter
2061645. Ferns, British and Exotic V1: Containing Gymnogramma; Nothochlaena; Niphobolus; Polypodium, in Part (1856) by Edward Joseph Lowe
2061646. For the Right: Essays and Addresses (1918) by Of The Fight For
2061647. Great Porter Square V1: A Mystery (1885) by B L Farjeon
2061648. In the Brooding Wild (1905) by Ridgewell Cullum
2061649. Jesus College (1902) by Arthur Gray
2061650. Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the Year 1821: With Graphic Illustrations (1823) by George William Manby
2061651. Knights of Today: Or Love and Science (1881) by Charles Barnard
2061652. Kostumkunde Fur Sammler (1921) by Hans Mutzel
2061653. Laboratory and Field Manual of Botany (1907) by Joseph Young Bergen
2061654. Leonora D'Orco V1: A Historical Romance (1857) by George Payne Rainsford James
2061655. Letters of Major Jack Downing of the Downingville Militia (1864) by Jack Downing
2061656. Life of Joseph Cowen, M. P. for Newcastle, 1874- 86: With Letters, Extracts from His Speeches, and Verbatim Report of His Last Speech (1904) by William Duncan
2061658. Manual of Experimental Botany (1912) by Frank Owen Payne
2061659. Maria V2: A Novel (1785) by Elizabeth Blower
2061661. Mechanical Stokers: Including the Theory of Combustion of Coal (1922) by Joseph G Worker
2061662. Memoir of Ebenezer Fisher (1880) by George Homer Emerson
2061663. Memoir of James P. Walker: With Selections from His Writings (1869) by Thomas Bayley Fox
2061664. Merchant Vessels (1921) by Robert Riegel
2061665. Monks Norton V2: A Tale of English Country Life (1874) by Anne Manning
2061666. More about Our Coffee Room (1878) by Elizabeth Reid Cotton
2061667. Mr. Dide: His Vacation in Colorado and Other Sketches (1890) by Lewis B France
2061668. Narrative of the Surrender of Buonaparte: And of His Residence on Board H. M. S. Bellerophon, with a Detail of the Principal Events That Occurred in Tha by Frederick Lewis Maitland
2061669. Natural Taxation: An Inquiry Into the Practicability, Justice and Effects of a Scientific and Natural Method of Taxation (1898) by Thomas Gaskell Shearman
2061670. Notebook on Practical Solid or Descriptive Geometry: Containing Problems with Help for Solutions (1880) by Joseph Haythorne Edgar
2061671. Nursing Ethics: For Hospital and Private Use (1900) by Isabel Adams Hampton Robb
2061672. O Brazil E as Colonias Portuguezas (1880) by Joaquim Pedro Oliveira Martins
2061673. Offthoughts about Women and Other Things (1888) by Samuel Rockwell Reed
2061674. On Asthma: Its Pathology and Treatment (1878) by Joseph Isidor Bernard Berkart
2061675. Oranges and Alligators: Sketches of South Florida Life (1887) by Iza Duffus Hardy
2061676. Our Little Ann (1886) by Evelyn Whitaker
2061678. Outlines of General Pathology (1838) by George Freckleton
2061679. Pathological Aspects of Religions (1906) by Josiah Moses
2061681. Pointblank V1: A Novel (1884) by Pamela Sneyd
2061683. Precept and Practice (1857) by Harry Hieover
2061685. Problems of Educational Readjustment (1913) by David Snedden
2061686. Public Education in Kentucky: A Report by the Kentucky Educational Commission (1921) by Education Board General Education
2061687. Ready Guide to French Composition or the French Grammar by Examples: Giving Models, as Leading Strings, Throughout Accidence and Syntax (1849) by A P Le Page
2061688. Reason, Faith and Authority in Christianity: Being the Paddock Lectures for 1901- 02 (1902) by Alfred Magill Randolph
2061690. Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England V1: 1620-1651 (1861) by David Pulsifer
2061692. Romance in Religion: A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Swander's Life (1915) by John I Swander
2061693. Saint Cuthbert: With an Account of the State in Which His Remains Were Found Upon the Opening of His Tomb in Durham Cathedral, in the by James Raine
2061694. Saunters in Social Byways (1878) by Malcolm Doherty
2061696. Select and Remarkable Epitaphs on Illustrious and Other Persons V2: In Several Parts of Europe (1757) by John Hackett
2061697. Stories from Plato and Other Classic Writers: Hesiod, Homer, Aristophanes, Ovid, Catullus, and Pliny (1894) by Mary Elizabeth Burt
2061698. The Air and Ventilation of Subways (1908) by George Albert Soper
2061699. The Beau-Philosopher: Or the History of the Chevalier de Mainvillers (1751) by Genu Soalhat De Mainvilliers
2061700. The Beloved (1915) by James Oppenheim
2061701. The Book of the Chronicles V1: Or Winter Evening Tales of Westmorland (1842) by J Close
2061702. The Love of Parson Lord: And Other Stories (1900) by Mary Eleanor Wilkins
2061703. The Making of Manhood (1894) by William James Dawson
2061704. The Restoration of All Things: Or a Vindication of the Goodness and Grace of God (1779) by Jeremiah White
2061705. A Treatise on Painting (1844) by Cennino Cennini
2061706. Fickle Fortune V2 (1881) by E Werner
2061707. How to Cook in Casserole Dishes (1912) by Marion Harris Neil
2061708. Introduction to Agriculture: Practical Studies in Crop Production (1916) by Clarence Moores Weed
2061710. Introduction to the Study of Theology (1884) by James Drummond
2061712. Jack's Cousin Kate V2: A Novel (1883) by Edith C Kenyon
2061713. Josh Billings on Ice: And Other Things (1868) by Josh Billings
2061714. La Tiorba a Taccone (1783) by Felippo Sgruttendio
2061715. Last Gleanings (1864) by Frank Fowler
2061716. Letters on Cavalry (1893) by
2061717. London Poems (1866) by Robert Williams Buchanan
2061718. Lovers, the Free Woman, They: Three Plays (1915) by Maurice Donnay
2061722. Mathematical Manual V1: For the Use of Colleges and Academies (1807) by L I M Chevigne
2061723. Meditations and Contemplations (1813) by James Hervey
2061724. Memoirs of Robert-Houdin V2: Ambassador, Author, and Conjuror (1859) by Jean Eugene Robert Houdin
2061725. Memoirs V2: Including Letters and Select Remains of John Urquhart (1828) by William Orme
2061726. Merry England V1: Or Nobles and Serfs (1874) by William Harrison Ainsworth
2061728. Montagu Wycherly (1921) by Lizzie Allen Harker
2061730. My Holiday, How I Spent It: Being Some Rough Notes of a Trip to Europe and Back in the Summer of 1866 (1867) by James Newson Matthews
2061731. Natural Elements of Political Economy (1855) by Richard Jennings
2061732. No Condemnation, No Separation: Lectures on the Eighth Chapter of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans (1885) by Marcus Rainsford
2061733. Notes and Problems on the Elements of Mechanism and the Transmission of Power (1895) by William Bradford Homer
2061734. Notes on Metallurgical Mill Construction (1906) by Walter Renton Ingalls
2061735. Nutting Genealogy: A Record of Some of the Descendants of John Nutting, of Groton, Massachusetts (1908) by John Keep Nutting
2061736. Obeying the Call (1878) by Pansy
2061737. On Chinese Currency: Coin and Paper Money (1877) by W Vissering
2061738. Only Three Weeks V2: A Novel (1872) by Geraldine Penrose Fitzgerald
2061739. Paradise Farm (1911) by Katharine Tynan
2061740. Pele and Hiiaka: A Myth (1915) by Nathaniel Bright Emerson
2061742. Pieces of the Game: A Modern Instance (1915) by Clara Longworth De Chambrun
2061743. Poems by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats (1911) by James Weber Linn
2061745. Poetarum Philosophorum Fragmenta (1901) by Hermannus Diels
2061746. Portrait of an English Churchman (1859) by William Gresley
2061747. Portraits from the Bible: New Testament Series (1863) by Ashton Oxenden
2061748. Power and Health Through Progressive Exercise (1905) by George Elliot Flint
2061749. Practical Hints to Believers in the Gospel of Universal Grace and Salvation (1840) by John Greenleaf Adams
2061751. Remains of William S. Graham: With a Memoir (1849) by William Sloan Graham
2061752. Remarks on the Country Extending from Cape Palmas to the River Congo: Including Observations on the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants (1823) by John Adams
2061753. Reminiscences of Dollar, Tillicoultry and Other Districts Adjoining the Ochils (1883) by William Gibson
2061755. Rome: Pagan and Papal (1846) by English Resident In That
2061757. Savage Island: An Account of a Sojourn in Niue and Tonga (1902) by Basil C Thomson
2061759. Science of Theocratic Democracy (1920) by Du Bois Henry Loux
2061760. Scottish Poetry of the Sixteenth Century: Sir David Lyndsay, John Bellenden, King James the Fifth, Sir Richard Maitland, Alexander Scot, Alexander Mon by David Lyndsay
2061761. Scripture Difficulties: Four Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge, in April, 1853 (1853) by John Hulse
2061762. Selected Fragments of Roman Poetry: From the Earliest Times of the Republic to the Augustan Age (1891) by William Walter Merry
2061764. Shakespeare's Morals: Suggestive Selections, with Brief Collateral Readings and Scriptural References (1880) by William Shakespeare
2061765. Stars of Earth: Or Wild Flowers of the Months (1868) by Leigh Page
2061766. The Happy Ship: Setting Forth the Adventures of Shorty and Patrick, U. S. S. Oklahoma (1913) by Stephen French Whitman
2061767. The Hungry Forties, Life Under the Bread Tax: Descriptive Letters and Other Testimonies from Contemporary Witnesses (1904) by Mrs Cobden Unwin
2061768. The Pedagogy of Physical Training: With Special Reference to Formal Exercises (1922) by Charles Ward Crampton
2061769. Master Francis Rabelais V2: Five Books of the Lives, Heroic Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and His Son Pantagruel (1904) by Francois Rabelais
2061773. Internal Ballistics (1889) by James Atkinson Longridge
2061776. Jess of the Rebel Trail (1921) by Hiram Alfred Cody
2061777. Jewish Perseverance or the Jew at Home and Abroad: An Autobiography (1851) by Moses Lissack
2061778. Jimmy Kirkland of the Shasta Boys' Team (1915) by Hugh S Fullerton
2061779. Kin of Ktaadn: Verse Stories of the Plain Folk Who Are Keeping Bright the Old Home Fires Up in Maine (1904) by Holman F Day
2061780. Le Bon- Sens Ou Idees Naturelles Opposees Aux Idees Surnaturelles (1772) by Paul Henry Thiry Holbach
2061781. Led by the Spirit: Memoirs of Mrs. Caroline Eliza Walker (1882) by Caroline Eliza Walker
2061782. Lent Readings from the Fathers: Selected from the Library of the Fathers (1852) by William James Early Bennett
2061783. Little Lady Linton V3: A Novel (1884) by Frank Barrett
2061784. Man and His Money: Its Use and Abuse (1855) by William King Tweedie
2061785. Mexico Old and New: A Wonderland (1897) by Sullivan Holman Mc Collester
2061786. Mignonette V1: A Sketch (1858) by Ernest Richard Seymour