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2182054. Environmental Protection and Economic Well-Being: The Economic Pursuit of Quality by Thomas Michael Power
2182059. United Nations in Action by David J Whittaker
2182060. United Nations in Action by David J Whittaker
2182072. Democracy: A Short Analytical History by Roland N Stromberg
2182097. The Irish Experience: A Concise History by Thomas E Hachey
2182116. Taiwan: A New History by Murray A Rubinstein
2182117. Lives and Works in the Arts: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century by M E Sharpe
2182118. Mass Immigration and the National Interest by Jr Vernon M Briggs
2182120. East- West Dialogue in Knowledge and Higher Education by Ruth Hayhoe
2182126. Todai: Gods and Humans in the Japanese Empire: Gods and Humans in the Japanese Empire by Robert L Cutts
2182137. The Modern Political Campaign: Mudslinging, Bombast, and the Vitality of American Politics by Richard K Scher
2182140. In the Path of the Masters: Understanding the Spirituality of Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad by Denise Lardner Carmody
2182153. Philosophical Perspectives on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict by Tomis Kapitan
2182154. Philosophical Perspectives on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict by Tomis Kapitan
2182156. Being Good and Being Logical: Philosophical Groundwork for a New Deontic Logic by James W Forrester
2182165. Economics for a Civilized Society, Revised Edition by Greg Davidson
2182167. American Trade Laws After the Uruguay Round by Greg Mastel
2182171. Health Care Policy Reform in America: Innovations from the States by Howard M Leichter
2182179. A Holy Alliance? : The Church and the Left in Costa Rica, 1932- 1948 by Eugene D Miller
2182183. Bit by Bit: Building a Transatlantic Partnership for the Information Age by Robin Gaster
2182188. Annual Survey of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Building Democracy by Open Media Research Institute
2182189. Annual Survey of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Forging Ahead, Falling Behind by Open Media Research Institute
2182194. Quisqueya La Bella: The Dominican Republic in Historical and Cultural Perspective by Alan Cambeira
2182204. Social Philosophy by Gerald F Gaus
2182213. The World and a Very Small Place in Africa by Donald R Wright
2182223. Modernization and Revolution in China by June Grasso
2182238. Moral Controversies in American Politics: Cases in Social Regulatory Policy by Raymond Tatalovich
2182239. Moral Controversies in American Politics: Cases in Social Regulatory Policy by Raymond Tatalovich
2182240. My Russia: The Political Autobiography of Gennady Zyuganov by Gennady A Zyuganov
2182241. Gender and Political Economy: Incorporating Diversity Into Theory and Policy by Ellen Mutari
2182243. Double Ghosts: Oceanian Voyagers on Euroamerican Ships by David A Chappell
2182244. Double Ghosts: Oceanian Voyagers on Euroamerican Ships by David A Chappell
2182257. 5s for Operators Learning Package by Productivity Development Team
2182269. Visual Feedback Photog Wall Charts by
2182273. 5s Video Series: Workplace Organization and Standardization by Productivity Press
2182299. Fundamentals of Lean Spanish Vhs by
2182301. Toyota Production System on Compact Disc: Beyond Large-Scale Production by Taiichi Ohno
2182302. Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production by Taiichi Ohno
2182309. Winning Score: How to Design and Implement Organizational Scorecards by Mark Graham Brown
2182310. Winning Score: How to Design and Implement Organizational Scorecards by Mark Graham Brown
2182311. Fast Track to Waste-Free Manufacturing: Straight Talk from a Plant Manager by John W Davis
2182312. Fast Track to Waste-Free Manufacturing: Straight Talk from a Plant Manager by John W Davis
2182318. Value Stream Draw: Assembly of 6 Components by
2182355. Value Stream Management DVD Set: Eight Steps to Planning, Mapping and Sustaining Lean Improvements by Productivity Press
2182372. Vsm for Lean Healthcare by Shelagh Holmes
2182379. The Pocket Guide to the Baldrige Criteria by Mark Graham Brown
2182387. The Burning Platform and the Watering Hose: Adaptation of Performance Improvement Methods in Healthcare by Mary J Swanson
2182399. Eliminating Minor Stoppages on Automated Lines by Suehiro, Kunio
2182407. National Correct Coding Guide (Formerly Medicare Unbundling Guidebook) by St Anthony
2182408. Hospital Chargemaster Guide, 2002: Accurate Billing, Systems Integration, CDM Team Development (Book with Diskette) by St Anthony
2182409. ICD-9-CM Compact Expert for Physicians, Volumes 1 and 2, 2002 International Classification of by Medicode
2182411. ICD-9-CM Professional for Hospitals, Volumes 1, 2, & 3, 2002 by St Anthony
2182412. Medicare Part B Billing Guide, 2003 by Delmar Publishers
2182413. Napoleon's Lost Fleet: Bonaparte, Nelson, and the Battle of the Nile by Ellen Blue Phillips
2182414. Discovery Channel: Reptiles & Amphibians: An Explore Your World Handbook by F Wayne King
2182415. Raiders of Gor by John Norman
2182417. Chargemaster Analyzer- Updateable by Ingenix
2182418. Encoder Pro Expert- Updateable: Single User by Ingenix
2182419. Encoder Pro Updateable: Single User by Ingenix
2182420. National Fee Analyzer: Charge Data for Evaluating Fees Nationally by Ingenix
2182421. RBRVS Plus 2.6.0: Updateable: An RBRVS-Based Fee Calculator by Ingenix
2182429. Finding Their Voice: Peruvian Women's Testimonies of War by Kristin Herzog
2182432. Not Every Spirit by Christopher Morse
2182462. Subversive Scriptures: Revolutionary Christian Readings of the Bible in Latin America by Leif E Vaage
2182470. Secular Experience of God by Kenneth Cragg
2182471. Mary and Human Liberation by Tissa Balasuriya
2182493. Ascetics, Society, and the Desert by James E Goehring
2182505. Windows on Jesus by Wim Weren
2182559. Exploring Christianity by James C Howell
2182586. Irish Jesus, Roman Jesus T: He Formation of Early Irish Christianity by Graydon F Snyder
2182613. Dykes to Watch Out for: The Sequel by Alison Bechdel
2182631. The Wolf Ticket by Caro Clarke
2182633. To Be Continued... by Tulchinsky, Karen X.
2182643. The Women Who Hate Me by Allison, Dorothy
2182645. Rightful Termination: Defensive Strategies for Hiring and Firing in the Lawsuit- Happy 90's First Edition by James Walsh
2182646. What Do You Mean Not Covered-1 by James Walsh
2182649. OSHA in the Real World: How to Maintain Workplace Safety While Keeping Your Competitive Edge First Edition by John Hartnett
2182650. True Odds: How Risk Affects Your Everyday Life First Edition by James Walsh
2182652. How to Insure Your Car: A Step- By- Step Guide to Buying the Coverage You Need at Prices You Can Afford First Edition by Merritt
2182655. Wars of Succession: How Businesses Survive Generations by Roger Fritz
2182659. You Can Do It! by Harry Turner
2182660. Hassle- Free Health Coverage by The Silver Lake
2182663. Get Your Claim Paid: Making Sure the Insurance You've Bought Works When You've Suffered a Loss by The Silver Lake
2182665. It's a Disaster: The Money and Politics That Follow Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Other Catastrophic Losses by David T Russell
2182666. Medicine and Money by Christina Blackett Schlank
2182667. Taming the Lawyers: What to Expect in a Lawsuit and How to Make Sure Your Attorney Gets Results Second Edition by Kenneth Menendez
2182675. Smart Wheels and Hot Deals: A Lay Person's Guide to Buying, Leasing and Insuring the Best Car for the Least Money by The Silver Lake
2182679. Insurance Dictionary: What Means What When It Comes to Life, Health, Business, Home, Auto and Other Coverages by The Silver Lake
2182680. Adwatching: Lifting the Lid on the World of Advertising by Giles Lury
2182687. The Survivor's Guide: What You Need to Know and What You Need to Do When Someone Close to You Dies by V K Thornton
2182688. Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Name, Your Credit and Your Vital Information- - And What to Do When Someone Hijacks Any of These by The Silver Lake
2182692. Credit Scores, Credit Cards: How Consumer Credit Works: How to Avoid Mistakes and How to Manage It Well by The Silver Lake
2182693. The Elements of Small Business: A Lay Person's Guide to the Terms, Concepts and Forms That Every Business Person Needs by John Thaler
2182694. Scams and Swindles: How to Recognize and Avoid Internet Era Rip-Offs by The Silver Lake
2182695. Shroud of Silence by Feldinger, Frank
2182700. Making It as a Freelance Writer: A Seasoned Pro Shows You How to Skip Common Mistakes and Build the Career That You Want by Sue Elliott Sink
2182702. So You've Been in an Accident. . . Now What? : A Practical Guide to Understanding Personal Injury Law by Daniel C Cuppett
2182705. A Slight Epidemic: The Government Cover- Up of Black Plague in Los Angeles: What Happened and Why It Matters by Frank Feldinger
2182714. Juan Wesley: Su Vida y Su Obra by Mateo Lelivre
2182717. Por Que Soy Evangelico by C William Fisher
2182722. Vers La Saintete by Samuel L Brengle
2182727. La Santidad Cristiana by George Allen Turner
2182730. Manual 2005- 2009 Iglesia del Nazareno (Manual, Church of the Nazarene, Spanish) by Del Nazareno Iglesia Del
2182731. Formacion Espiritual by Wesley D Tracy
2182732. Bienvenue A L'Eglise Du Nazareen by Neville Bartle
2182738. Mes Premiers Pas Avec Christ by Thodore Esselstyn
2182740. An N Dekouvri Legliz Nazareyen by Neville Bartle
2182743. Fondements de La Thologie Wesleyo- Arminienne (Foundations of Wesleyan- Arminian Theology) by Mildred Bangs Wynkoop
2182748. Manual de Capacitacion Basica de Discipulado (English: Basic Training Manual for Discipleship) by Ramon Sierra
2182749. Pastor. . . No Se Desanime! by C Neil Strait
2182754. Nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures by Anthony N Palazotto
2182756. Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics by John J Bertin
2182764. Introduction to the Control of Dynamic Systems by Smetan
2182769. Propulsion Techniques: Action & Reaction by Peter J Turchi
2182770. Structures Technology by Noor
2182771. Tactical Missile Propulsion by Gordon E Jensen
2182772. Computing Aerospace Conferences by
2182773. AIAA Raes Aerodyn Decel Sys Tech by
2182774. AIAA Guidance Nav Contrl Conf by
2182776. Colloquium on Law Outer Space by
2182778. AIAA GD Utility Connect Interf Ser by
2182782. Space Biology and Medicine by Huntoon
2182783. Recent Advances in Spray Combustion V-171 by Kuo
2182786. Intl Space Cooperation by Aiaa American Institute Of
2182792. Proceedings 16th International Communications Satellite by Aiaa American Institute Of
2182795. Liquid Rocket Thrust Chambers: Aspects of Modeling, Analysis, and Design by Vigor Yang
2182802. Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation by Averil B Chatfield
2182804. Conventional Warhead Systems Physics & Engineering by Richard M Lloyd
2182807. The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution by Frank White
2182810. Flying Qualities and Flight Testing of the Airplane by Stinton, Darrol
2182813. Proceedings of the 40th Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space by
2182814. Advanced Tactical Fighter to F-22 Raptor: Origins of the 21st Century Air Dominance Fighter by David C Aronstein
2182819. Scramjet Propulsion by E T Curran
2182822. The History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines by Richard A Leyes
2182823. An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics Revised Edition by Richard H Battin
2182830. Mathematical Methods in Defense Analyses by J S Przemieniecki
2182835. Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical, and Avionics Subsystems Integration by Ian Moir
2182836. The Design of the Airplane by Darrol Stinton
2182837. Fixed and Flapping Wing Aerodynamics for Micro Air Vehicle Applications by Thomas J Mueller
2182842. The Airplane: A History of Its Technology by John David Anderson
2182849. Advanced Hypersonic Test Facilities by Frank K Lu
2182851. 100 Years of Flight: A Chronicle of Aerospace History, 1903- 2003 by Frank H Winter
2182852. Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems by Hanspeter Schaub
2182853. Flight Testing of Fixed- Wing Aircraft by Ralph D Kimberlin
2182854. Dynamics, Control, and Flying Qualities of V/Stol Aircraft by James A Franklin
2182855. Stol Progenitors: The Technology Path to a Large Stol Transport and the C-17 by Bill Norton
2182857. Helicopter Test and Evaluation by Cooke, Alistair K.
2182858. The Future of Satellite Communications: New Services and Technologies by Takashi Lida
2182859. Finite Element Multidisciplinary Analysis by K K Gupta
2182860. Effective Risk Management: Some Keys to Success by Edmund H Conrow