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For Dummies Books Collection Online

The how-tos, the tips and the self-help books – here is mother of all. Dummies Book publishes a series of self-help books readers can learn many things from. How to knit a sweater, how to carve a turkey, or load your new iPod – Dummies books series can help you master such arts useful at home and office. The popularity of Dummies series rests on its content and the style of writing – simple English without technical jargons. So next time if you are stuck anywhere at your home or office, think of Dummies book!
More than 250 million copies in print and around 1800 titles. No, we are not talking about any bestseller book that has swept all past records, but these are the numbers of Dummies books in print and titles. These books have become so popular that they can be identified from the very cover page – combination of yellow and black. The Dummies series books are available on Infibeam now with guaranteed lower prices.