Best Health & Fitness Books Online

Ask Anil Ambani about the importance of health and he would immediately reply that one can buy all luxuries of the world but not health. Very true in his statement, he sincerely pursues his health plans & works out vigorously every day. But before you fix your fitness regimen, here are some books on health you just can’t afford to avoid. The reason why one should get an insight from a book on fitness is that the expert advices on the pages burst many myths about health & fitness prevailed in India. Browse through the pages of each health book and follow the fitness plans charted in the books. A book on fitness is as essential as healthy food.
Obesity is one of the fast-growing menaces India is facing today, and the only way to fight this menace is to keep your body fit and healthy. But the million-dollar question is how to stay fit? Start with these health books showcased here. These fitness books elaborately speak about different health regimen you can follow: aerobics, yoga, power yoga, energy medicine, fitness during pregnancy, healthy diet, pranayam, deep breathing and more. Take a fitness book that you find fit for you and follow the rules. Have a healthy life!