Best History Books Online

It was none other than Sir Francis Bacon who said history makes men wise, and history itself proves the wisdom there is in this saying. Therefore, a history book is an absolute necessity in our world if it is to step into the future. And the history book is a record of momentous moments or events in context of time. And when it comes specially to deal with India, the Indian history books become all the more important. There are a good deal of Indian history books here, written both from Indian and foreign point-of-view.
As you can well see, the history books you see here are written by as influential personalities of past world history as Julius Caesar, Herodotus and Flavius Josephus. These books on history also includes such renowned authors like Lytton Strachey, Bertrand Russell, Jawaharlal Nehru and eminent contemporary authors like Xaviere Gauthier, Richard L Harris and Saul David. Among these are some new authors who promise to set history in the right perspective for you. To make it brief, you have here the best history books.