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Mothers Day Books Collection

George Herbert, one of the famous Metaphysical poets in England rightly said: One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. God cannot be everywhere, and therefore, he created mother. Infibeam salutes all mothers of the world and commemorates sacrifices of mothers to their children. Here is a showcase of books on mothers; each mother book extols the role & significance of a mother in our life. You can also buy some books for mother as Mother’s Day gift. This showcase on book for mothers has books on strong mothers like Goddess Durga, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and other women of substance.
Whenever we call our mother, the instance implies several meanings: sweet lullaby, thousand sacrifices, unconditional love, protection, pampering and more. Mother is the most charming character in our life; there is no substitute for mother in a life of every child. Infibeam honours all mothers and dedicates this showcase full of books on mother. Take any book for mother and you will find pages full of appreciation for mothers. All mothers book are carefully chosen to make this showcase a good read for all readers.