Recently Sold Books

With the advent of online shopping, books have become one of the most selling products. And our voracious readers have started piling up books at their personal libraries. Readers of all age buy and read books from diverse subjects like history, science, economics, business management, Indian cinema, politics, literature, drama, suspense thriller, cricket, spirituality, travel and more. If you want to buy some interesting titles, here is a showcase that displays sold book, i.e. titles already purchased by other readers. These best sold books also allow reviewers and literary critics to gauge trend in book buying and reading.
Of all the products sold online, book is the safest product to buy for any customer. Just select your favorite title, add the same to cart and place your order. With cash-on-delivery option, you can make payment after receiving your book. And perhaps this facility lures book-lovers of India to buy more books than ever. Here is an anthology of sold books for both –culture vultures and casual readers. The collection includes books written by literary grandees like Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat, Preety Shenoy, Durjoy Datta, Shiv Khera, Jeffrey Archer, R K Narayan, Rashmi Bansal, Salman Rushdie, Khushwant Singh, Satyajit Ray, Agatha Christie and others. Take your favourite from the list of most sold books & get book-smart!