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Tintin Adventures Books

Have you missed out on reading The Adventure of Tintin Series? If yes, then get started! The adventure of tintin is a series of classic comic by Herge (Georges Remi). The series has created phenomenal success and is one of the most popular European comics of 21st century. This original comic strip has also been adopted in movies and has found amazing success worldwide. Besides movies, the adventure of Tintin has also been adopted as Television Series.
Tintin is a young Belgian reporter who undertakes dangerous cases and triumphs with his heroic acts. In all his adventures he is accompanied by Snowy, a white Fox terrier. It begins with a traditional opening where Tintin is caught up in a misadventure, followed by his hard work in his investigation and triumph at last. Some of the characters that accompany Tintin in his adventure are Captain Haddock (Tintin's best friend), Professor Cuthbert Calculus (an absent-minded professor and half-deaf physicist) Thomson and Thompson (two bumbling detective twins) and Bianca Castafiore (an Opera singer).