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Check Used Cars Value

Planning to buy a used car, or rather sell your car but, is hesitant as you are not aware of the used cars value? Do not worry, if you want to know the latest used cars value, then just fill in this form with your specifications and there you are! Now, you can get all the details of used cars price in your city with just the click of a mouse.

Car Information
  1. (e.g. Toyota)
  2. (e.g. Innova)
  3. (e.g. 2.5 G4 (Diesel) 7-Seater)
  4. (e.g. Mar 2007)
  5. (e.g. Ahmedabad)
  6. (e.g. 7851)
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Make Car Manufacturer / Brand. e.g. Toyota
Model Car Model from a particular manufacturer. e.g. Innova
Variant Specific version of a Car Model. e.g. 2.0 G2
Your Buying Price Original price at which a car was bought
Registration City Name of the city where the car is registered
Individual Price The price you expect to receive for your car when you sell it to a private party or to an individual customer. This value also applies, if you are the buyer.
Dealer Purchase Price This value is the price you can expect to receive for your car when you sell it to a car dealer. This value is usually lesser than the individual price.
Dealer Selling Price This value refers the amount you can offer to a dealer for the car. Dealer's sale price is usually higher than Individual's sale price due to maintenance cost.
Excellent Condition A car is said to be in excellent condition when it looks new, and requires no maintenance work at all. It should be free from dents, wear and tear. The engine compartment should be clean, with no defects. All the papers pertaining to the car's insurance, road-tax and others are available.
Good Condition A car is said to be good condition if it is free of any major defects except for minor blemishes in paint, body and interiors. It should have no major mechanical problems and the tires should have considerable life left. It might need some reconditioning to be resold.
Fair Condition A car is in fair condition if it is in reasonable running condition despite mechanical or cosmetic defects, and needs some servicing from a professional mechanic.