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Discussion - Is inter cast marriage is successful ?

Post on : Dec 19, 2009 3:11:10 PM Owner : deerghi

i don't think so.inter cast marrisge is sucessful because r u directly fight with your parents and relatives.
onces u had done and any type of problem is strated who r d resposible for that?

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Post on : Jan 27, 2010 3:34:17 PM amrit kaur chawla says:

i personally feel that their is no harm in intercast marriages as long as couple are ready to understand this fact that they both are from the different communities and they both have to respect their respective cultures too..I liked the most touching part of this book is when ananya was telling that before getting in to any community we are the indian first and i guess this is truely said that we are indians and we should motivate these inter cast marriages where people will get to connect with new traditions and can get the chance to respect other religion as well...

Post on : May 21, 2010 10:22:13 PM Rahul Kumar says:

Marrige is not a cast senstive case it is love of two hearts. The people who depends upon noodles and maggi they can never make meal for theirself same thing is with inter caste marriage those people who do not respects love they can never thik about inter caste marriage. It tells about the person weather he respects himself or not. No one can say about success and unsuccess of inter cast marriage it depends upon your pont of view how you use to think about your lifestyle if you are such a person that have an idea about your marriage life.

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