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Discussion - Re True Story of Work Culture At LG Electronics India

Post on : Aug 8, 2009 4:13:35 PM Owner : Vibhas


I feel that this book is mis representation of true facts at LG Electronics under Dr Verma . LG is a epitome of corporate politics and disrespect for human dignity. It works on a simple policy of hiring and firing.It believes in physical intimation of employees, lack of human dignity (work hrs are 830 to 6 pm with leave on 1st and 3rd Saturday), bowing in front of Korean Management in a 15 day induction program, verbal abuse in public meetings by the Korean (Mr KR KIm is famous of this style of management), rampant politics in which people are transfered from one department to another without adequate coaching and guidance, with all these mal practices I donot feel anybody should read this book which is full of lies and misfacts.

I would have advised the publishers to first do a check with some ex employees of LG India before publishing this book.

LG Electronics is like British Raj in India, full of opression, the only reason for it to be No 1 in India is that it make low quality products at lower price and pumps the stock at dealer counter. Indians buy it since the product are lowly priced, as far employees are concerned it is the worst employer in India.


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