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Asmi Diamond Jewellery: For the Woman of Spirit

Earlier Asmi diamond jewellery was in the kitty of Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002, but later on, it became a brand of Gitanjali Gems Limited. In Sanskrit, Asmi is "I am", represents the woman with unique personality.

Asmi diamond also signifies individuality of Indian woman, who normally leads a very quiet and compliant life. However, Asmi jewellery reveals the innate strength of Indian women, who have shown their mettle in the times of turbulence. And perhaps therefore, Asmi jewellery's brand mission is to salute Indian women for her various achievements; the brand's values - Authenticity, Affordability and Accessibility - go hand in hand with its mission.

Asmi diamond rings showcase the brand's personality - expression of feminine power, confidence and attitude. Hence, Asmi jewellery India is endorsed by none other than former Miss World and Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra. Asmi diamond jewellery extols women's success and inspires her to achieve more in her life. Really, it's for the woman of spirit...