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Diamond Jewellery - The incredible passion in India

Gifting diamond jewellery on special occasions has become a custom, so much so that betrothal ceremonies in India are incomplete without the ceremonial swapping of diamond rings. Though diamond jewellery was owned by the elite class in India, not so long ago, today even the common man can afford suitable diamonds of varying brands and designs. What's more... diamond jewellery has become contemporary with an impeccable style and class.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring is an exquisite piece of diamond jewellery that makes excellent gifts for your loved ones. Be it a betrothal ceremony or wedding, Diamond Ring has a pivotal part to play. Diamond ring is also a symbol of undying love and as Diamonds are the strongest among gemstones, they also symbolize integrity and strength of a relationship. Therefore Diamond Ring is the most sought after piece of Diamond Jewellery, during ceremonies that unite people for life.

Diamond Earrings

Have u been an admirer of Diamond earrings that your grandma wears. Kohinoor diamond earrings are synonymous to Diamonds in India. Well most women in earlier days wore a pair of Diamond earrings. It was not merely a status symbol but also considered to be a harbinger of good fortune.

Diamond Pendant

The exorbitant price of diamond jewellery is bothering you? Well how about an exquisite diamond pendant to go with your favorite chain? Diamond pendant with a well chosen design can accessorize any outfit. Indian jewellery designers often come up with new and genuine Diamond pendant which are apt for all occasions.

Diamond Necklace

The string of sparkling diamonds lacing the neck indeed makes a spectacular sight. A diamond necklace is a must have, if you can afford to splurge. The design and make of the diamond necklace may vary depending on individual taste. These are, by far, the best loved diamond jewellery of all time.

Diamond Bracelets

Bangles that clink make your heart sway with glee? Ever wondered how a string of glittering stones placed delicately on a segmented chain would look like? Get hold of stylish diamond bracelets and you will not need any more accessories for the hand. Diamond Bracelets have an innate quality about them which make them unique and much sought after. Diamond Bracelets are contemporary diamond jewellery and go well with western outfits.

Diamond Bangles

Glass bangles are innate to India. Bangles made of gold, silver and other metals do accessorize any traditional wear. A pair of diamond bangles or a dozen of them, to go with your favorite diamond jewellery can add that extra sheen to your attire. Diamond Bangles are often purchased for very special occasions like marriages and anniversaries. Diamond Bangles are also a very good gift option for momentous occasions in life.

Whatever be the type of Diamond Jewellery, there is always something spectacular about them. The varying types of Diamond Jewellery mentioned above undeniably make good gifts for loved ones. Besides, it is one of a kind, jewellery which was once considered rare. They still are most valuable, yet easily obtainable to the masses around the world. Diamonds are very powerful precious stones; therefore make sure you pick the one that is best suited for you.