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Silver Jewellery in Vogue in India

Silver jewellery is apt for all age groups and gender. Silver jewellery is highly versatile and gels with all skin tones. This classic metal can be crafted to suit different occasions. The myriad designs of Silver jewellery in India add to the beauty of the exquisite work of craft.

Silver jewellery is not merely used as a trinket by the young but also the middle aged, old and even men in India prefer to use imperial gear made of silver. However they are more popular as ornaments used to accessorize particular attire. Silver jewellery is also a good gift option for almost all occasions.

Silver Earrings

Silver earrings are ideal gifts for women. The smooth and white texture of the metal coupled with intricate designs make silver earrings a well thought out gift for occasions like birthdays, weddings and Rakshabandhan. The soaring prices of gold have made silver jewellery even more popular. Antique silver earrings are a fad and a timeless fashion statement.

Silver Necklace

Silver necklace is most exotic when worn with earth shade fabric. Silver necklace is often complemented with earrings in similar design. Oxidized Silver necklace, adds time honored elegance to particular attire. Silver necklace embellished with beads and stones make ideal party wear trinkets.

Silver Bracelet

Silver bracelet is a popular accessory and integral to silver jewellery. It is worn by both the sexes. Men prefer simple silver bracelets. The exquisite silver bracelet with floral and other intricate motifs is ideal for women. A thin silver bracelet with light or no design is preferred for a contemporary look.

Silver Pendant

Silver pendant is among the most sought after pieces of silver jewellery. They could be traditional or a contemporary accessory, depending on the design and also the attire it is complemented with. Silver pendant with intricate and traditional motifs is often teamed with a thick chain in the same metal. Silver pendant embellished with crystal or other gemstones are exquisite and a preferred ornament for glamorous outfits.

Spiritual Yantra lockets in silver are available on specific behest. Such a silver pendant is worn by men and women in India who believe in the positive influence of the same.

Silver Sets

For your everyday jewellery fetish, silver sets are best solutions for you. A shining silver jewellery set studded with precious gemstone commensurate with gold jewellery in terms of grabbing a few eyeballs. A silver pendant set enhances your look & personality when you are in parties or other corporate functions. Given the frequent chain-snatching incidents, sterling silver sets are perfect jewellery to wear. Now, buy silver jewellery set for you and your dear ones.

Silver Alphabets Pendants

Diamond studded alphabet pendants are perfect gifts for any occasion. Now impress your loved ones with their initial letter pendants and win hearts of them. If you don't like to burn a hole in your pocket, silver alphabet pendants make nice gifts for your closed ones. Moreover, during wedding seasons, silver initial pendants for brides and grooms are gifts they would like to cherish for long. Get huge discounts on alphabet pendants on Infibeam!

Silver jewellery is an indispensable part of the trinket collection. It could be an antique piece or a delicate artifact of contemporary design. Groom yourself with exquisite silver jewellery and get used to all the admiring stares of onlookers.